Celestial War Tank v1.1.6 (2024)

Celestial War Tank v1.1.6 (1)

Adds a tank, which is customizable in hundreds of many ways. A physics-based survivor that is capable of using environments and armor to its advantage!

What you might see in the future
• Bug fixes, and QoL changes.
• New unlockable weapons and bodies.
• Better mod compatibility, and other mod item additions.
• Some silly configs.
• A new slot of selectable horns...?

ScrollableLobbyUI mod is highly recommended.

Incompatible Mods
• SkinTuner

I will fix these eventually.

If you find any bugs or exploits, please contact h_hyper#6070 on discord (you must be on the Risk of Rain, or Risk of Rain 2 Modding server).

CheeseWithHoles Developer of this mod.

H_Hyper Playtester and making certain skill icons.

• Removed extra cannon skill. (It wasn't suppose to be reveiled yet).
• HP scaling with light builds is now better and accurate.
• Visions of Heresy no longer makes tank body aim at crosshair. (sort of works. It twitches everytime the primary is used.)

• Fixed speed from going to fast after successful landing after a stunt. (only affected non-host players)

1.1.4 QoL
• Grenade Launcher damage increased to 4x250% (from 4x200%).
• Knocker Cannon damage increased to 1350% (from 1300%).
• Self-Destruct radius increased to 30m (from 25m).
• Power diminish stat (thruster + utility) now 0 (from 0.5). You can now jump thrust with utility combo.
• All cooldown items (non-mod) now affect Minigun.
• Howitzer when failing to charge now spews out a silly useless shell.
• Weapons effects now have visual lighting.
• Minigun and Piercing Cannon now get slight knockback on use; Crit Cannon and Basic Cannon knockback slightly stronger.
• Landing stunts now grants you temporary speed.
• Now able to disable gauges in config (Risk of Options).
• Added/fixed descriptions for M1s, now giving accuracy and miscellaneous text.
• RiskOfOptions mod now a required dependency.

• French gun can now hold to fire.
• Alien Head now affects Minigun's fire-rate.
• Reworked AA Cannon - now deals 300% base damage; projectile explosion only detects air targets, dealing 3.5x base damage. Fixed detection and damage consistency issues.
• Reworked Artillery Cannon - can now hold to aim like REIGN (doesn't require charge).
• Fixed issue where tank doesn't land on the ground when activating thrusters in-air at the last second.
• Fixed issue where tank may not land when using thrust for less than a second.
• Fixed issue where holding down thrusters without tilt can send tank into the stratosphere.
• Fixed REIGN from resetting the cooldown of a 2nd charge when possessing Lysate Cell.
• Fixed REIGN and Artillery Cannon from not shooting when hugging an enemy.
• Thruster velocity now matches the mass of the vehicles more accurately.

• Mod now compatible with RiskUI.
• Added config to change the keybind of the horn (can change via Risk of Options).
• Note: ImprovedUI did not conflict with the Celestial War Tank; RTAutoSprintEx no longer conflicts with the tank.

• Fixed certain tank physics from not working.
• Super Jump non-sprint effect lowered.

• Super Jump damage now 1500% (from 1000%)
• Super Jump, when not sprinting, no longer flails your tank. You can activate your thrusters meanwhile (not applied to sprint activation).
• Bulldozer speed boost increased to 70% (from 65%).
• Howitzer penalty is now only 5 seconds (instead of full 16 seconds).
• Shotgun can now hold to fire; Shotgun reload per shell slightly decreased (from 1 second to 1.5 seconds).
• Fixed an issue where your tank may freeze in the air.
• Fixed and optimized thruster velocity consistency.
• Fixed a small issue where mass was highlighted green for lighter weight and vice versa (colors are now swapped to proper).
• Fixed Howitzer from resetting the cooldown of a 2nd charge when possessing backup magazine.
• Fixed issue where tank body failed to operate after a respawn.
• Fixed Goobo Jr. AI.
• Fixed REIGN from cancelling charge while sprinting.

1.1.0 - Party Patch
Celestial War Tank v1.1.6 (2)
• MAJOR FIX: Fixed a netcode issue when there was 3+ tanks in the game. Parties should no longer have great latency issues.

• Mini Mines damage increased to 6x750% (from 6x550%); increased cooldown to 10 seconds (from 8 seconds).
• Bulldozer constant damage increased to 125% (from 100%).
• Grenade Launcher projectile gravity fixed.
• Piercing Cannon projectile slightly faster.
• Passive: Armor stat increased to 25 (from 15).
• Barreling impact damage now deals 250% (from 100%).
• Backup magazine effect nerfed for Minigun's overheat (from 100% to 33%).
• Flamethrower hitbox tripled.
• Max thrust strength for lighter builds slightly increased.
• Crash recovery is now a total of 0.55 seconds (from 1.25 seconds). Sliding while crashed is not affected.
• Hopoo feather + Wax Quail now give more fuel (30 -> 35; 20 -> 25).
• Corrected spelling/descriptions for the following: Missile Launcher; REIGN; Passive Armor.
• Descriptions for M2s/M4s affected by cooldown now list cooldowns. M2s now list accuracies and blast radius.
• Fixed REIGN not properly shooting projectiles when aimed to the sky.
• Fixed tank body/turret stats not showing on client-side (when host has not selected the tank).
• Added fall damage negation on successful stunts.
• Celestial War Tank more optimized for framerate and multiplayer.

Known issues within this patch:
• Excessive launch of thrust after properly landing a Super Jump.
• Tank freezes in place against walls and out of bounds, while still being "in the air" (caused by extreme high velocity).
• Goobo Jr. AI/Artifact of Vengeance AI not working properly. (aka. being stupid)
• Thruster sound may still play in lobby after a run. (Rare occurrence)

• Jump thruster sound returned. (I borked it somehow but it's now working again)

• Shotgun idle reload is now faster. (from 5 to 3 seconds)
• REIGN cooldown increased (from 25 to 30 seconds); damage increases slower overtime.
• Minigun proc doubled.
• Added a purple paint.
• Fixed bugs/exploits with passive selections.
• Fixed exploit with REIGN.

• Fixed required dependency.

• Release.

Celestial War Tank v1.1.6 (2024)
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