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Title TypeVol.Score

Konna Mirai wa Kiitenai!! add Manga 7 6.90

My Mother add

1-3. Revenge 4. "N" 5. My Mother 6. Midara 7. Kamen 8. Bojou 9. Replay 10. Dear

Manga 1 -

Netore!: Tonari no Mejirizuma add

1-5. Touyou (Young Peach) 6. Yokubari 7. For Yourself...

Manga 1 -

Milk Cat add Doujinshi 1 -

Cheat Kusushi no Slow Life: Isekai ni Tsukurou Drugstore add

One day, a corporate slave Reiji, suddenly got transported to another world. He made the best of his skills to make better potions which earned him lots of money and with that money, made a drugstore! more.

Manga - 6.55

Hige wo Soru. Sosh*te Joshikousei wo Hirou. add

Office worker Yoshida has been crushing on his coworker, Airi Gotou, for five years. Despite finally scoring a date with her, his confession is promptly rejected. Drunk and disappointed, he stumbles more.

Manga - 7.23

Sleeping Beauty add Manga 1 -

Seiteki Koui add One-shot - -

Seitenkan add

Anthology by various mangaka dealing with male-to-female gender benders.

Manga 6 -

Nui ni Koish*te Ii desu ka? add

The senpai she admires is cursed to become a plushy...!? Ikumi is a high school girl whose hobby is making plushies. She presents a handmade plushy as a thank-you to Ayato-senpai, the popular more.

Manga - -

Look at Me add

Silent manga about a good looking girl and the guy that never looks at her.

One-shot - 5.90

Miko ni sh*te Ageru add

A class representative decides she wants to be a shrine maiden and love occurs between her and another classmate.

One-shot - -

99-banme no Kyuuketsuhime add Light Novel 1 -

Kokoro wo Hadaka ni sh*te add

A collection of Shinjo Mayu's earlier (and less smutty) short romance stories. 1) Bare the Heart (Kokoro wo Hadaka ni sh*te). Mina is a high school freshman with a crush on her math teacher...who more.

Manga 1 6.51

Oniichan e add Light Novel 1 -

Apocalypse add

Influenced by two of their friends, a pair of female high school students, Natsu and Kumiko, begin playing the popular MMORPG "Apocalypse Online." When they log in for the first time, they find they' more.

Manga - 6.51

Death of the Steel add

A biography of Michael Wittmann.

Manga 1 -

Hazure Skill "Mapping" wo Te ni sh*ta Shounen wa Saikyou Party to Dungeon ni Idomu add

For his 15th birthday, Note is gifted an inferior version of the skills "World Map" and "Area Map." In other words, a trash skill. Soon after, Note's childhood friend obtains extremely powerful more.

Manga 3 6.12

Mono Kuro add

Kuro is a high school student who leads a gloomy life - has no friends and no girlfriend. But one day he gains the ability to put his soul into any inanimate object, and thus his glorious peeping more.

Manga 1 6.23

Wakeatte, Hensou sh*te Gakuen ni Sennyuu sh*teimasu add

Cesia, a mere servant, is attending the Royal Academy in place of the lazy, pampered daughter of the viscount she works for, all for a massive monetary reward upon her successful graduation that more.

Light Novel - -

Oni no Hanayome wa Taberaretai add

When she was young, Mashiro's life was saved by an oni. Turning 17, the ripe age to be eaten, she goes to marry him. However, he ends up doting on her excessively and has no intention to eat her?! more.

Manga - 6.93

Onigiri Stabber add Light Novel 1 -

Boku no Kanojo wo Netotte Kudasai add

1-3. Koukan 4-5. OL NTR 6. Watashi no Kanojo wo Netotte Kudasai

Manga 1 -

Kuro no Souzou Shoukanshi add

Due to a god's mistake, high schooler Tsuguna died before his time. In exchange, the god agreed to do him a favor in his next life. Tsuguna is reborn to a noble household in a world with magic. He more.

Light Novel - -

Lost: Ikai no Kemonotachi add

Yui Kiryuu is a street performer who relies on (and takes pride in) her beauty and dancing skills. In order to save her friend Cecille, she makes a contract with a creature from another world - a more.

Manga 3 -

Okite Kudasai, Kusakabe-san add

This is a story about a girl who wants nothing more but to sleep in on her holidays, Kusakabe, and her boyfriend who wants nothing more but to get her outside, Saneomi. His attempts to use more.

Manga 2 6.74

Kagakuteki ni Sonzai shiuru Creature Musume no Kansatsu Nisshi add

Whether they're part cat, part horse, or part spider, Daisuke has always been fascinated with the uniquely exotic beauty of monster girls. When he finds himself whisked away to a fantastic world more.

Manga - 6.96

Graphite add Doujinshi 1 6.37

Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica: Cardinal Crimson add

In a place called Polyphonica, humans and spirits live side by side. Young musicians create magical sounds with their music, which binds the spirits to them. A struggling student named Phoron more.

Manga 9 -

Jounetsu Michimichi add

1-2. Mako wa Genki ni Yattemasu (Mako's Doin' Fine) 3. Shuukaku Hime (Harvest Princess) 4. Yoshino-hime: Kyoushi-hen (Princess Yoshino: Teacher) 5-6. Dokusen Space (Exclusive Space) 7. Noroi more.

Manga 1 -

Nobelu add Manga 8 -

Bamboo Blade C add

Third installment of Totsuka-sensei's series about high school girls practicing Kendou.

Manga 7 -

Ore no xxx ga Genki ga Nai Ken ni Tsuite add

Tiny!! Impotent!! Boring!! That's what Tomoya's girlfriend said when she dumped him. Since he's worried that he's limp because of exhaustion, Tomoya consults his big brother, who introduces Tomoya more.

Manga 1 6.86

Hatsukoi Chronicle add

Mustuki Yoneya, a high schooler, feels insecure and jealous because her constant companion and best friend, Nishio Kyuteki is starting to pay attention to a beautiful upperclassman. Seeing the senpai' more.

One-shot - 6.97

Doko e mo Yukenai Ki ga sh*teta add

Two students, one popular and the other an antisocial loner seemingly unconnected except by the window's reflection but looking past the surface perhaps they have more in common than either thought. ( more.

Manga - 7.28

Hanaoni Tobira no Sakaimeya-san add

Each demon have their own personal desire to become a part of human society, but what's a demon to do if one is so powerful he's too worried to touch anyone. Or a bird demon who can't walk but wants more.

Manga 4 -

If You Save an Immoral Beast add

Asha, a count's maid, dreams of earning money for her sick mother's medicine and opening a small animal hospital. One day, while living an ordinary life, Asha is sent on an errand to the darkest and more.

Manhwa - -

Dungeon ga Arawarete 5-nen, 15-sai de Dungeon ni Idomu Koto ni sh*ta. add Manga - -

Time Slot add One-shot - -

Meikyuu Toshi no Antique Shop add Light Novel 3 -

Choppiri Toshiue demo Kanojo ni sh*te Kuremasu ka? add

A high school boy, Kaoru Momota, saved a high school girl named Hime Orihara as she was getting molested on the train one day. The two of them fell in love with each other, but she has a secret that more.

Manga 8 6.59

Bartender 6stp add

Shun Sakai, a young man who has wandered across the world, comes to work at a bar run by Ren Sajima.

Manga 4 -

Body Crawl add

A girl hasn't been swimming as well recently as she usually does, but her instructor thinks he knows what she needs to do to improve.

One-shot - -

Star★Right add

Volume 1: Maxime is Japan's top pop group right now, gaining fans everywhere. Mari and Kyouhei are idols, band mates, and sex friends... or is it more than that? Volume 2: Kyouhei and Mari enjoy more.

Doujinshi 5 6.83

Hanazakari de Koi sh*teru add

1. Hanazakari de Koi sh*teru 2. I love You 3. Sweet de Ikasete 4. Natsu to Otome to Kedamono to (Summer & Virgin Girl & Beast) 5. Sounan Candy (Disaster Candy)

Manga 1 6.95

Dungeon Musume to Harem sh*tai! add Light Novel - -

Ninku add

The story in Ninku is about an odd-looking 12-year-old boy named Fuusuke, who is a powerful warrior from the Ninku school of martial arts, a style that mixes ninjutsu and karate. It is explained more.

Manga 9 6.77

Real Onigokko JK add

Based on the novel Real Onigokko and Sion Sono's movie version, changing the original story from people with the family name of "Satou" becoming targets to JK (female high school students). (Source: more.

Manga 1 -

Hatsujou Souchi add

1-2. Aniki no Motokano 3. Arikitari no Hibi 4. Hanazono no Ingoku 5-6. Toshiue no Hito (An Older Woman) 7. Ane Haha 8. Oneechan no Ka·ra·da 9. Time Will Tell 10. Chouritsu Lesson 11. Haru no Mezame

Manga 1 -

Sei Shojo no Konin add Light Novel 1 -
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