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Title TypeVol.Score

Gisou Kekkon nara Okotowari desu! Do S na Shachou no Himitsu no Iitsuke add Light Novel 1 -

Hakunetsu Nihonshu Kyoush*tsu add

Are you interested in sake but don't know which one to choose? The Educational Japanese Sake Class is for you! (Source: Seikaisha, translated)

Manga 3 -

Kintoki: Kinmezoku no Toki add

Once upon a time, the Kinme Clan were an extraordinary tribe best known for their incredible physical strength and golden eyes. Because of that they were revered as gods of war, but now the clan is more.

One-shot - 6.55

Ao ni Rakurai add Manga - -

Reide Fusai no Naresome add Light Novel 5 -

Unknown no Madousho add

Unfortunate accidents and strange occurrences are mostly devils' work. People might not realize this, but the world is full of devils. Professor Sakakibara and the devil Unknown solve cases between more.

Manga 1 -

Seirou Koushaku no Chouai: Hanayome wa Midara na Mitsu ni Torawareru add Light Novel 1 -

Genjitsu de Love Comedy Dekinai to Dare ga Kimeta? add

"I want to have a romcom-like experience." Haven't all romcom lovers who enjoy light novels thought this before? Being all lovey-dovey with the heroine, and leading a fulfilling high school life more.

Manga - 6.79

Marginal Taylor add

"The Planet of Squirming Insects" is another name for the arid planet Lilythea. In its wastelands dominated by the ecosystem called "insects" Primabella, a "bee," saves Lamritta, an "ant," who is more.

Manga - -

Akasaka Buchou no Prince Boy Ikusei Keikaku add Manga 1 -

Sex Friend to nanka Koi ni Ochinai add

Kyou can't turn a blind eye when he sees his delicately pretty college senior Asahi in an argument with another man, but when Asahi holds him down and takes him to bed, he realizes he's been more.

Manga 1 -

Super Comic Gekijou: Koukidou Gensou - Gunparade March add Manga 6 -

Wakaokusama no Midara na Nayami: Otto no Ikisugita Ai ni Komatteimasu add Light Novel 1 -

Otouto wa Ningyou no Naka ni add

A certain young man has always longed to see the doll his deceased little brother, Rio, wanted to create before he passed. One day, while rummaging through a closet, he discovers an old book more.

One-shot - -

Monaco no Sora e 2: Alas add Manga 11 -

Kominato Ryousuke Special Bangai-hen: Face add

Side story of Diamond no Ace that was collected in Diamond no Ace: Guide Book - Ura.

One-shot - 7.39

Municipal Force Daitenzin add

This title is an adult-only, sentai dōjinshi and manga from the author of Excel Saga. Essentially, it is the basis of Excel Saga: Many of the characters designs that appeared in Excel Saga more.

Doujinshi 1 -

Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei sh*teshimatta... Girls Patch add

An anthology of female-cast-oriented stories set in the Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei sh*teshimatta... universe.

Manga 1 6.83

Fierce Fighting! EXE Siblings Rockmen! add

The manga is about the life of the twin brothers Netta and Neiji Rokuta, two players of Mega Man Battle Network games. (Source: MegaMan Wikia)

Manga 2 -

Dakimakura to wa Kekkon Dekinai! add

My hugging pillow turned into a really beautiful girl?! (She's not fake, she's human!) And apparently, this girl wants to marry me! I-I'm sure everything will turn out fine. There's nothing to worry more.

Manga 1 5.97

Dungeon Sherpa: Meikyuu Michisaki Annainin add

Dungeon Sherpa: a specialized support class that helps carry luggage and guides adventurers to explore and conquer a dungeon. Follow Rou, a young but skilled sherpa who operates in the Tyros more.

Manga - 6.99

Mahiru no Junketsu Mayonaka no Yuuwaku add

A collection of short stories: 1. Mahiru no Junketsu Mayonaka no Yuuwaku 2. Love Virgin 3. A~n sh*tai-! 4. Nidome wa Unmei 5. 2190kai no kiss

Manga 1 -

Night Blue add

An H-manga about a boy who likes to be dominated by others, regardless of the person’s gender. (Source: MU)

Manga 1 -

I Raised the Nine-Tailed Fox Wrongly add

One day, I met a spirit. And it wasn't just anyone, but a gumiho puppy. As I worried about the little one's fate, I met a priestess from the eastern continent, who told me to raise him until he more.

Manhwa - -

Shinzou ga Tarinai add Manga 1 -

Aka no Cardinale add Light Novel - -

Wana Love: Wanna Be the Honey Trap. add

Mayuko is a model. She's acting like a beauty in front of guys but in fact she's suffering of an unrequited love with the cameraman Nagumo...Will she reveal her true nature through his lens...? ( more.

Manga 1 6.88

Gakkou e Ikenai Boku to 9-nin no Sensei add

The young Masatomo is a normal schoolboy, but during his first year of primary school he got slapped by his teacher. After that, he loses confidence and is unable to go back to school. His parents more.

Manga 1 6.99

Sisfina add Light Novel 2 -

Isekai de Saikyou Maou no Kodomotachi 10-nin no Mama ni Nacchaimash*ta. add

In the world of Abilfia, war rages between humans and demons. The hero Albert leads his army into Demon Lord Gran's territory, the kingdom of Zodia. In order to save the demon race and win the war, more.

Manga 10 6.98

Stage S add

Meguru Ukiyo has fallen for his childhood friend, Sara Tatsumi. One day, he stumbles across a white snake that...says it can see the future?! (Source: MANGA Plus)

Manga - 6.41

Ibara no Majinai-shi add Light Novel 3 -

Henkutsu Pianist no Kirihara-san wa, Elevator de Koi ni Ochita you desu add Light Novel 1 -

Afurete Koborete, Gaman Dekinai add

The host club's number one, Reiji, has a certain fetish where he gets excited by watching a man pee. However, he was even sexually unsatisfied even after watching his sex friend peeing amazingly. In more.

Manga 1 6.49

Majo Reena Majo Riina add

Sorata is an everyday boy, who loves a girl called Futatsugi. When he was in elementary school he saw a girl in his dream, and on the very next day Futatsugi, who looked just like that girl, more.

Manga 1 -

Secret x Siblings add Manga 3 -

Minami no Shima no Love Hunter add Manga 1 -

Hoshi no Hayasa de Kaketeku add

A collection of one-shots by Tanikawa Fumiko. Hoshi no Hayasa de Kaketeku: Shinobu and Kanta are childhood friends and a couple off to college in Hokkaido in the fall. But a chance encounter with more.

Manga 1 -

Watashi no Kishi-sama wa Minaraichuu! add

A handsome apprentice "knight" with a stoic personality chooses to protect a clumsy 16-year-old maid for his 3 months of training. What's a knight to do when his maid gets in trouble? Can you guess more.

One-shot - 6.61

Shuumatsu no Kohinata-san add Manga 3 -

Daifugou no Gosan add Manga 1 -

Clover no Kuni no Alice: Shirousagi to Tokeijikake no Wana add

Manga adaptation of the otome game Clover no Kuni no Alice that focuses on Peter and Alice.

Manga 3 7.00

Tensei sh*te Goushou Musume datta no ni Koukyuuiri desu ka!? add Light Novel 1 -

Minami-kun wa Sono Koe ni Jirasaretai add

The untalkative and constantly placid Karasuma Koudai is a college student who streams ASMR once or twice a week. However, recently, his views are not growing, so he is thinking of quitting. One day, more.

Manga - 6.96

Wai Wai☆Hey! Say! JUMP add

A manga about the ten members from the j-pop band "Hey! Say! JUMP" and short stories about their everyday life.

Manga - -

Konya no Okazu wa Renji de Marine add

Renji is a uni student, living a peaceful life. One day, he meets two people, one is a princess of the devil world who ran away from the devil world because she doesn't want to marry him and another more.

Light Novel 1 -

Yankee to Yandere no Karera ni wa Tomodachi ga Inai add

One is a delinquent-looking pervert, the other is a haraguro yandere. Place them together. This is their daily comedy school life. (Source: Batoto) Included one-shot: Volume 1: Yamada to Yamada to

Manga 3 7.03

Kawaii Kouhai dato Shinjita Ore ga Baka desh*ta add Manga 1 -

Hinatsugimura add Manga 1 -

Junjou de Tajou na Kankei add Light Novel 1 -
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