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December 31, 2007 2007 General Cicada Questions August 10, 2007 Archive of Magicicada Discussions from 2007 – Brood XIII August 27, 2006 Archive of Magicicada Discussions 2005-2006 Comment by Brandi — August 27, 2006 [AT] 7:02 pm Comment by Sherry Vanditta — August 14, 2006 [AT] 3:31 pm Comment by Bea Maurer — July 24, 2006 [AT] 10:22 pm Comment by Donna Denson — July 8, 2006 [AT] 7:32 am Comment by M. 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Howdy Leonardo Milhomem – Brasilia, Brazil Cicada Photos July 27, 2005 Cicada Pie Recipe June 8, 2004 May 25th to June 8th 2004 Cicada Comments Cicadas Numbers Declining No more bird talk cicada’s after dark Enough with the birds? To Grace in Abingdon, Md. No Cicadas! Enough with the birds-This is a cicada board They have landed in Georgia… Birds and “fung-cadas” I hate cicadas! I HATE THEM!!!!!!!!! Flying Like Mad Squirels Enjoy Cicaras Terrible Practice Cassinis are still in full swing Invasive Species Killing Birds Killing birds, are you? SO SAD! Cicadas are fewer and fewer! Another location: Valley Forge Mt. Yellow Eyes Still eagerly awaiting Ryan in Towson The Cicadas are here….still On their way out They’re back… cicada destruction I drove 500 Miles to see them!! Cicada`s Lots of Them, AND a Bonus cicada sightings Have seen them in northern surburb of Philadelphia Reply to “West Michigan Cicadas?” Cicadas in Long Island A few show up on S.I. NOTHING Cicada sighting Still waiting….. Cicada`s Where are they? cicada noise near towson drooping branches Canton Michigan cicada sighting cicadas Emergence in Ann Arbor Scared Sister Will be OK lol Today’s Golf and Cicadas in southern IN Cicada Hypothermia Michigan/Ann Arbor Cicadas Where Are the Eggs? Why All the Dropped Branchlets? Dexter-Ann Arbor cicadas cicadas around here? It looked like a cicada, Come Back Cicadas!!! loudest area around baltimore county? no cidadas yet cold affecting cicadas bluebird eating cicada nearest Cicada site Light-eyed cicada! Cicadas on a golf course in China why still nothing and happy about it To Fred in Alexandria and anyone else being invaded by the Cassini None here… Cicadas still with us! No Bugs Lasting New cicada pics! Here in force CIcadas in Long Island THE MARTIANS HAVE LANDED GONE!!! damn PGA Golf Cicadas ZOOOOOOMMMMMM! Enfin! Les cigales sont voisines ! Things I have learned about cicadas They Are Here! They are here Performing Outdoors with cicadas To Priscilla from Smithville The Cicadas scared my pet WHen ?????? Still no sightings Investigation on Long island Fascinating no cicadas here either concert in Indiana Black colour is definitely kind of protection Not here, thank GOD! Still none Near Philly? Cicada location in Princeton and feelings about the buggers We went to Princeton… Not a single Cicada in site! what is that? Scared of them Will they be here? Cicada locations in MD Cicada airplane with two cicada engines Missin hind quarters possible answer washington crossing Just go to Princeton already! performing with cicadas in Washington’s crossing? Where Will They Be? Alive & missing hind ends….???? cool weather and cicadas Have arrived here!! NOT A SIGHTING: NEED YOUR HELP! 17 year cicadas at Haverford College June 1 still nothing NOT A SIGHTING: NEED YOUR HELP! Noise level theyre everywhere To Chelsea in Ellicott City…..Got Wings? Don’t Give Up on Long Island Nationalistic Cicadas For you folks near Philly: Green Lane is the place! They’re All Over Princeton, NJ We are moving in 15 years! I have now seen 2 species in my brood X emergence wonderful occassion No Cicadas Sightings on Long Island Found A Nymph Skin! They’re everywhere! Blue eyed Cicada Splat Now we’re seein ’em Cicada Love Close up in Va. Nowhere to be seen in Jenkintown Pa. Finally! To Holly in Indy to Lisa Hornel from ny I’m Overwhelmed!!! Woo Cicada Hoo!! The Howard County Swarm Cicadas attempting to leave Baltimore! cicada behavior None in Philly region = predation or delayed emergence? Milky White on my wall Do they sing only when it is warm? Scared Sisters Friendly cicadas… To Bob in Baltimore Cicadas are Princeton’s school colors 🙂 The Party Has Resumed Pesky Cicada Critters Where are they? my beagle and kids love them New Englanders: Go To Princeton To See Them! Good Riddance! Cicada Calendar Can hear them from the mountains For folks in DC area Cicada infestation wrecks havoc on HVAC well where are they??? Loads of them here! Are Cicadas Blind Where are they? Invasion of the cicada’ s (while on riding mower) Maryvale Castle Events m.cassini Washington DC Cicadas emerging in Michigan I had the ride of my life! blue eyed cicada Where to find cicadas in Indianapolis North of the Turnpike, Dinosaur Rock cicada sightings I Have Heard of them before – Finally saw them! Cicada Count: Zero Not here but tons in in southern West Virginia Not a Sound! Kind treatment of Cicadas and egg laying. Cincinatti is loaded with Cicadas! Bike Riders Beware! Another bathroom cicada encounter! Any in Long Island Yet? Pssing Through No Cicadas here ! Can anyone explain this?? Located in North Georgia Mountains – Amicalola Falls Protect your ears A lot of Cicadas Are they gone already? WARNING: Cicada’s and Skirts New photos of Terpnosia vacua Cicada Panic They are in Gettysburg…I heard them today! VDOT Against Cicadas? in my neighborhood, finally! To “Unique Blue Eyed Cicada” Cicadas South Jersey cicadas None In Hagerstown… Bummin’ None in Rochester but alot in D.C. None here but plenty there! Found Them!! Plenty on the Mountain To Kelly in Columbus, Dated May 24- White Cicada I HATE CICADAIS When will they arrive? Not here yet…. So fascinating to watch them up close AGGGGGGG To Priscilla of Smithville still waiting TO CHRIS, Carlsbad, CATO They’re here! my new friend Where are they??? 1987 Cicadas For Kim at Smithville School May 23, 2004 May 19th – May 23rd 2004 Cicada Comments None Yet!!!! Where are they Awaiting the Wonderous Cicadas airport invation TN Cicadas… Cicadas are still awake even at night Noise is peaking here in southern Indiana epicenter in princeton new jersey OMG I still haven’t seen any cicadas!!! Strange cicada emergence in new jersey Green Lane Park PA–They’ve Arrived! None here. Do cicada’s smell? Can’t wait to see you! Tey’re everywhere, they’re everywhere Pump up the volume Millions!!! Cicada What is so awesome about these ugly things??! Small emergence-Delaware They’re here None here! So loud There here Finally!! Big emergence ’round here kevin rasmussen, where exactly? Thank God!!!… They’re FINALLY here! Cicada Invasion Stonewall Manor filled with cicada crooning Cicadas are Here & Noisy!! Cicadas on key. I haven’t seen any here.. How much longer???? You can have mine, I have plenty!!! cicadas everywhere Noisy Cicadas Cicadia Sighting ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT BUFFET Tool using cicadas?? They’re Here None Yet? Cicadas in Dandridge Cicadas on South Mountain Clusters See what? cicadas are weird Sitting Ducks Dead cicadas everywere they are everywhere Woo-hoo!!! At last they are here! I’ve seen a few, but mostly just wings… Cicada Shells spotted at Miami University grounds No Cicadas yet 🙂 they’re here …. Nothing to report When are they coming? None Yet Whre can I find Cicada’s in Ohio They’re here, too Think I might have seen my first… Waiting patiently and hoping Haven’t seen one! Cicada eater! Coming out in moderate numbers in Valley Forge Still no Cicadas They are all over They’re here Ode To The Cicada are we gonna get some of this X I WISH THEY WOULD GET HERE!! Cicada free Brood X in da house Heard them but yet to see them… first cicada im still waiting……… Cicadas have taken over my yard! hatching on the rivers edge Why Are People Happy About Cicadas? No cicadas yet Any Delaware sightings yet? Cicadas None yet…. Here But Not Hear Locations ground zero? cicadas 10 miles south of here, but not here….yet cicadas in New York THERE COVERING MY HOME for Debbie in Seattle Fairfax…yes….Lessburg…no Any one in NYC see then yet? Memorial Day Weekend in Darien, CT Memorial Day Weekend in Darien, CT they’re coming! THIS IS UNREAL (PLEASE READ) and comment! those things are everywhere only one lonely cicada……. cicads crawling everywhere!!!!! Update From North Springfield, Virginia None here People, if you don’t get them – consider yourselves lucky Will we be effected Cicadas have hatched disgusting cicadas first sighting It’s raining cicads in KY When Are They Coming To Long Island? It’s raining cicads in KY No Bugs Here Yet! Brood X Emergence Current Status WHERE ARE THE LITTLE RASCALS Cicadas in Indianapolis They have finally emerged here! Still nothing here… WHERE ARE THEY?? First Sighting This Morning! Cicada Lots Of Shells But No Cicadas? Under Siege found set of cicada wings Double ugh Brood X Spotted our first one! Emergence Finally! Milford, NJ Our first sighting of the cicadas Ed’s cicada pics Nothing yet Cicada sitings Picture of Cicada first cicada They’re here! They’re Finally Here! Here they come! Watch Out! None in Pasadena yet, but hoping First Cicadas No sighting yet Finally they arrive today. Hoping this is a good sign….. Nothing Here Yet Ugh. Coastal Cicadas? Out in force in Towson, Md. My Bullfrog’s Gonna Explode! saw one ED: Please only submit cicada sightings. If you have a question — email us instead. Any Emergences in GA Yet? PLEASE NO! Any answer Thousands and Thousands!!! None Here Yet They just keep coming! we’ve seen our first my cicada emergence picts Hills are Alive with the sound of CICADA’S Is this Normal??? May 11, 2004 May 1st – 11th 2004 Cicada Comments Was planning to mulch… Cicadas are finally here! They’re heeeeeeeeeere!!!! Not in Central KY Any Kentucky sightings yet? How far north do these things make it? They’re here Have seen them for a week now! If you’re still waiting, here’s a tip! No cicadas as yet BUTTTTT Hordes of Cidadas Spotted Two This Morning Little Freaked Out!! They’re heeeere they’re heeeeere ! Recipes First sightings squirrels Holes Hmmmm INCOMING!!!!! We’re hearing them now They’re here Anxious my dog is digging for them!! Cicada invasion Cicadas on the porch they’re here!!!!! Shell in my drive way Brood X Emergence am observations They’ve Arrived!! They’re here Sqealed with delight A few! They’re in our yard! hundreds and hundreds up First sighting I’m jealous netting Cicada Hole Siting BUG JUICE Silver Spring Sighting Wire Mesh Faulty eclosion They are here More then a 1000 Arrival last night Many Emerging I miss the cicads!! I won! No ugly bugs here! Saw my first yesterday they’re here Holes and Wings These poor guys, by the thousands Cicada sighting in DC sstillll waiting Nothing yet…. Saw first one yesterday I think this will be the week! Bring ’em on! Spotted in Arlington, VA Green Cicadas??? a spotting They are here Cicada Sighting None yet….. Aftermath of Hurricane Isabel At Last! Cicada YIKES!!! AHH Cicadas on the porch A real odditie… The Cicada have finally emerged in the nations Capitol adult cicadas Emerging in Rockville, MD Two in my backyard right now First sighting Adult cicadas Saw one this morning They are here! Good snakes They are out in full force here Nymph sightings Saw my first brood x cicada No longer waiting in Bethesda First sighting (for me anyway) Waiting in Bethesda Waiting and dreading awaiting emergence Not here yet….. Cicada video – emergence from shell! How can I preserve cicadas? Emergence in Fort Aberdeen first sighting in DC? question Do these cicada’s come to Massachusetts? Protective Cicada Gear Cicadas at night Run for your life me so scuuurreedd First Cicada Cicada Image from 17 Years ago. Cicada Function Sighting Do they sing at night? What is the purpose? Hurry up, cicadas! RE: DON’T SPRAY DON’T SPRAY! Spraying cicadas poisons cats and dogs! just a question Won’t be long now! Harm to Plants turrets Mud Chimneys Time of Cicada arrival How bad will they be in Dayton? Incoming cicadas Magi-cicada pronounce “magicicada” please Their pinchers My first cicada and UM T-shirts Non-periodic cicadas Location Question Cicadas Oh my, could it be? cicada sighting The Message Board is back up March 31, 2004 Cicada Comments from March 2004 for PG Residents Bee Keeper Outfit (Plastic) Periodical Cicada Broods Cicada Facts Noises Pools Should I delay opening my swimming pool? Location, Location Yuck Nasty little creatures Help for Those Who are Afraid 1998 cicadas in Tennessee sound name of circadia’s sound Say It Ain’t So cicadas Flight Those Creepy Critters Wouldn’t want to miss it Terrified of Cicadas opening swimming pools Protection from Cicada broods How will gardens weather? My tree not there anymore.. Yes, you can work outside To Christy in Maryland Bugs is good to feast on..i reckon Can i work outside Cicadas I Can’t wait till these once in a life time flying noisy bugs arrive Magicicada’s For goodness sakes Temperature Help! cicadas cicadas May 22nd, wedding Bob from London, England say it aint so To Christy Eicher say it aint so To Christy Eicher Swimming Pools? New to cicadas! Noisiest Insect Formula for Temperature Anyone know how bad this can get???? Tennessee Will they ruin my wedding (at Farnsley Moreman Landing, Louisville, KY)? Cicadas and ambient temperature reply Stop The Cicada! Are they coming here this year Motorcycle Downtime When did the cicadas swarm in the 1950-1960’s? Several things about Cicadas Memories of last emergence you’ve been fooled DAMAGE AND PREVENTION Rarotongan cicadas?? WILL THEY BE IN THE ALEXANDRIA VA NJ Cicada Schedule First Cicadas showing up can’t wait Eaten Alive Cicada spotting circa 1963 Baltimore, Cicadas Cicadas Are Comin’! Cicadas and ambient temperature HELP HELP HELP!!! FISHING can cicadas see? Cicada summer? Vineyard cicadas at the shore When exactly are the expected sounds of cicadas August 30, 2002 Cicada Comments from August 2002 IT’S INPORTAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JZ responds to Rebecca from VA Thank you ? what are the bindi like features on a cicada’s head? T. linnei now abundant in the evenings Australian cicada website Looking for their husks The Cicada killer wasps What brood would be emerging in MA this year? Found One! cicada found Cicadas and hot weather Answering questions Gonna be a hot one Dog is eating cicadas Relationship of “Singing” and Temperature? cicadas and drought CICADAS UNDER MY DECK Found two! New Cicada Enthusiast !!! Live Adult Cicada Found please answer is the 17 year cicadas here? cicada Response …. Cicadas everywhereeeeeee….. All the cicadas live in my yard! Is it dead? Large amounts of Cicadas Cicada Killer Wasps Cicada picture Tyler from PA Raising Cicadas Attention: Brian J. Prichard 2nd sighting of cicada Found a stange bug Definately not Giant Ticks sighting male or female Silver Spring and Brooklyn Cicadas Re:Killer Wasps i just now at age 37 held my first live cicada slakers up in the piece! Brood IX stragglers? cicadas in Maryland Cicada Thanks for having the web site cicada singing heard lots of ’em – first sighting last night… an old Ojibwe tale about the cicada Cicada Killer Wasps Information Please Lots of em Tibicen linnei Cicadas in 2003 Cicadas attracted to Lights at night! T. robinsoniana now locally abundant, T. davisi is now common & N. hieroglyphica is finished for the year. Find Tibicen auletes Cicada Sighting Wasps Cicadas make me scared-y! Scary Cicada Story Sighting Cicada Sighted too many cicadas messing up my lawn! Green cicada Cicada sightning Cicada sightning Cicada Killer Wasps cicada killers hibrination I saw a cicada on my porch How long are cicadas around for each year? Rachel from Texas Cicada? Cicada in my apartment… June 30, 2002 Cicada Comments from June 2002 CICADA Cicadas in the north They’re here! Invasion of Cicada Tibicen cicadas beginning to get more numerous… Tibicen auletes joins the crowd! A bug that appears to look like it is a small dragon fly Is there a 8 yr varitey of this bug Periodical Cicadas in eastern PA Cicadas in the far North Spit Spit roadkill Two More Annual Cicada Species have begun calling in Maryland! Can cicada’s cause brances to seep sap? Daugher loves “Locust Hunting” Time to Leave! Cicada Population Still going strong Reno cicadas What is the life cycle of the cicada in Nevada? cicads found on luggage a airport Cicada grub found in Michigan WHERE? Cicada in our sage brush Near Car Cicada accident Cicadas are Popular oh my god there here Azaleas Nick, Cicadas of Arkansas I’ll Miss Them When Gone My backyard Sorry We found a pupa of something…. cicada leaving Shrub damage Shrub Damage attacked baby I heard them… Brood XXIII wrapping up in Arkansas They were cute at first… none here, but are they there? Getting quieter… Amazing 13 Year Cicada has arrived! Indiana Brood VIII Don’t worry, they’re all W’s When are they coming? The bugs are ruining my research Large invastion Outer Limits Answer to PLF, Periodical Cicadas in DC Are there Cicadas in Wassington , DC Cicada Sighting Brood XXIII Cicadas with “holes” Can I look forward to them here? Cicada’s Hello Siting in Mingo Creek Park, near Finnleyville, PA o.m.g. They are here but have holes! They look like hummingbirds everywhere! First Annual Cicada of Season Calls in Maryland Cicada activity near Pittsburgh Cicada Surprise! W = war They are every where!!!!! Mothra ATTACKS! It’s over in Clinton Locusts Markings Indicating War or Peace? nature seems cruel Amazing Noise when are they leaving?? awesome Millions of these things How do you kill these things? brood xxiii It was like a horror movie! Where I’ve seen them The latest 17 year cicadas We got tons where in Ohio they’re all over! The noise, the noise,aaahhhhhhhhhhh me again they’re back Singing Times? I Saw 1 HAHA Catch one i have seen them Crazy thousands of cicadas Sighting So Many Bugs! They are here. They are here! FAQs

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December 31, 2007

2007 General Cicada Questions

Filed under: Brood XIII | — Dan @ 1:01 am

These questions come from the old General Cicada Questions message board. They are from 2007, so there is a good chance there are Magicicada Brood XIII questions interspersed. The questions and answers are in reverse order. URLs found in comments are old and likely do not work.

I know the American species usually last 4 to 6 weeks. Rain won’t kill them, but it will silence them. And Australia doesn’t have 17 year cicadas — you’re just having a particularly hearty crop this year.

Comment by Dan — December 3, 2007 [AT] 9:05 pm


cicadas have invaded all of our gum trees on our property, it started about 5 days ago they just started up it’s strange because we have never had them before, The sound is horrific and they only stop at night then start up again about 9 am.

I live in Victoria, Australia in the north east and was wondering when will these things die ?
Does rain kill them ?
Am i experiencing a 17 yr cycle thing ?

thank you for your time

Comment by tim — December 3, 2007 [AT] 1:11 am


I really new to the realm of cicadas and am really here just to ask a single question (though I have had fun perusing piccies).

I’m in Adelaide, South Australia, to the south of the Adelaide Plain, at the base of the foothills of the Adelaide Hills. For the first time in my memory, this year, we have had an abundance of cicadas of one particular type in the area. Calling from the tree tops in suburbia are these loud single click calls. And there are plenty of them. We’ve even seen a few flying around. The clicks occur all day during warm weather, but increase at dusk during those lovely warm summery evenings we get here.

I tend to associate the sound with coastal sand dunes and tend to think that this is where I’ve heard them before…just never near my house. (I live approximately 3 to 4 miles from the beach).

Now I can give you a pretty lousy description from a chance sighting one afternoon. The cicada we saw was black with orange or red eyes and an orange stripe on its abdomen. Sorry for the vagueness, but it was a chance sighting. If I had anything between my ears I would have grabbed the camera, because the identity of these insects have been bugging me ever since.

Now I’m hoping that someone can poke me in the right direction to identifying this cicada. As far as I can see online, there are very few cicadas in South Australia compared to the other states (Queensland seems to be a noisy place cicada-wise) so I’m hoping the search can be fairly narrow (in a huge family such as this one).

Any help greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,
(determined to discover that bug’s identity)

Comment by Gumnut — November 24, 2007 [AT] 6:29 pm

Sure it is okay for your kid to keep a cicada as a pet, though it won’t last long in captivity.

Comment by Dan — November 21, 2007 [AT] 6:02 am

Is it ok for my mature 12 year old daughter to have a cicada as a pet?

Comment by BJ — November 21, 2007 [AT] 1:31 am

Cicadas and Moonlight—

I too am an observer. Tell me if anyone else noticed that the Cicadas gravitate toward the moonlight when they come out of the ground for their first walk on the surface. The moment they emered from the ground, there was a uniformity, almost like soldiers, when the walked up our hill. The cicadas found on the trees and telephone poles were on the moomlit side…always. Anyone notice this as a pattern?

Comment by lynn — October 12, 2007 [AT] 4:54 pm

Lauren: red this FAQ

Comment by Dan — September 5, 2007 [AT] 5:17 am

NYC has killed so many insects spraying for “west nile”!

It’s a total scam!

Comment by Billy — September 4, 2007 [AT] 11:42 am

Today I noticed that this is the first year I have not heard one cicada… and I strongly believe that NYC has killed them & alot of other vital insects necessary to our eco system… how can we stop this destructive spraying which is mainly to make money!

Comment by Billy — September 4, 2007 [AT] 11:41 am

My daughter would like to know how the cacada make it’s noise. Thanks

Comment by Lauren — September 4, 2007 [AT] 8:08 am

andyru712: yes, it’s called the New Forest cicada.

Comment by Dan — September 3, 2007 [AT] 8:13 am

please can anyone tell me if england has cicada. i am having trouble finding any info!

Comment by andyru712 — September 3, 2007 [AT] 6:29 am

Some co-workers and I have been marvelling at the buzzing of the cicadas in the small forested area outside of our workplace. We hadn’t actually seen one until the other day when one appeared on the outside of the building. It did not move however and stayed there for three days. I figured it probably died so i nudged it gently with a stick. It fell to the ground where I gave it another poke and it moved its leg. Okay, so it is not dead but probably dying. A day later it was back on the wall. It had traveled about two feet on the ground and three feet up the building. What is it doing? Is it going into some sort of hibernation? For reference it is late August in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Thanks

Comment by Ben — August 20, 2007 [AT] 11:23 am

I am noticing a steady decline in the amount of cicada calls I hear daily. Recently they did aerial spraying of pesticides to kill the mosquitoes that carry the West Nile Virus. Is it possible that the pesticide is killing the cicadas, or is it normal for them to start dying off in August?

I live in Sacramento, California. Our cicadas seem to be Okanagana-something(rimosa?).

Comment by Phoebe — August 19, 2007 [AT] 1:23 pm

our litte buddies are gonme 🙁 🙁 what an incredible natural event….what a ethereal sound and so harmless…..I will miss them until next time…

Comment by Bill — August 16, 2007 [AT] 9:58 pm

The Cicadas have invaded NJ early according to the charts. These past few weeks we’ve noticed them and also holes in our yard (which we didn’t realize were from them-we thought they might have been moles or the like.) We’ve had enough problems trying to grow grass lately, and now we have these holes…what a mess! We had trees removed last year and I guess they’re feeding on the roots that are left.Looks like we’ll be having a project in the spring fixing up the damage. My dog & I have already hurt ourselves in the ruts. Glad they won’t be around for much longer.

Comment by Carmel — August 15, 2007 [AT] 8:09 am

Debbie — no they won’t hurt your house plants — cicadas like trees.

Comment by Dan — August 15, 2007 [AT] 5:02 am

A cicada landed on my leg on my back porch. I caught it and brought it inside to be able to show my grandkids, but it got away. Will it hurt my house plants? Will it lay eggs in them? I can’t find it anywhere.

Thank you, if you reply. I’ve been searching for someone who may be able to tell me.


Debbie Nickerson

Comment by Debbie Nickerson — August 14, 2007 [AT] 10:37 pm

Hello, first I’d like to say, I never knew so many people liked Cicada’s. My question is this:

“Are there any rumors or legends about Cicadas?”

In times could they be seen as a bad omen? a good omen?

Comment by Nymph — August 8, 2007 [AT] 8:58 pm

Why hasen’t the editor of this site seen fit to post the news article (submitted & received by editor)that included a photo of the Cicada powered airplane my son & I built & tested?
Also, you might want to read an Internet site on Grasshopper Glacier in Montana & the giant gresshoppers that are found frozen into it!

Comment by Dick Bolt — August 2, 2007 [AT] 9:21 am

Hey Scott,
The photo on the front page are individual eggs taken from a small eggnest in an ash tree branch. Apparently cicada eggs get moisture from the live branches because these took about a week to dry up after being removed.


Comment by Roy troutman — July 28, 2007 [AT] 5:18 am

Are the eggs in the photo shown on your website indivdiaul egges, or is each one a sac/cluster of eggs?
Thanks for a great website!

Comment by Scott Williams — July 24, 2007 [AT] 1:00 pm

Hey…i have one of these little gems …i have the shell…and the bug…I live in Ontario Canada….Hamilton…
I am 45 years old…and have never seen one…im thrilled to finaly see what all the fuss is about!!

Comment by Nancy — July 21, 2007 [AT] 6:45 pm

Cicada Mania: I just wanted to say thanks and ask you one question is the magicicadas the cicadas that only come to north america?
– Thanks in advance,

Comment by Courtney — July 16, 2007 [AT] 10:31 am

You found a magicicada over there? I could hear but not see any and didn’t find any exit holes; nothing. Just heard the singing, re-re-re-re-re-reeeeeee.

I live not too far from there and we have had the same type for about a week or two now. I’m enjoying the singing! =O)

Comment by Caerann — July 13, 2007 [AT] 9:46 am

Hey John,
What you ae seeing is the damage done by cicada females that have laid their eggs into each branch. They use a sharp needle like appendage called an ovipositor that will cut into a twig & deposit eggs. The act of piercing a branch will weaken the structure & sometimes stop the flow of sap causing broken branches & browned leaves.

Hope this helps, Roy T.

Comment by Roy Troutman — July 10, 2007 [AT] 1:40 pm

All the trees in our area, and we are next to a forest preserve, have large tips turned brown and are dead. The large dead branches fall from the trees onto the street and lawns, this especially during the storm of yesterday.
Some say the cicada have sucked the sap from these tips. What, in fact, is causing the tips to die like this?

Comment by John Powers — July 10, 2007 [AT] 8:41 am

Seems like the Kimball/Elston area is a late bloomer, huh. I found a lone one on the sidewalk near Kimball and Montrose today. Scurried up my arm looking for a place to emerge from it’s shell.

Put it in a fish tank with climbing twigs, and just as I finished it’s home the little thing checked out the branches and found one to settle on. It immediately began emerging.

Wow. I spent the last couple of hours watching it’s transformation.

Nature is wonderful. This is what life is about!

Now I must find a safe place with other cicadas so the cycle can continue.

Who still have some in their yard? Want another?

Comment by Alex — July 7, 2007 [AT] 8:59 pm

They are still plentiful and very active in Blue Star Memorial Forest Preserves on Lake Avenue in Glenview as of today, July 3rd. They seem to be a later group than those in Schiller Woods as there are barely any dead bodies in the Glenview preserve. Hurray!!!! Had much fun playing with the little darlings. =0)

Comment by Caerann — July 3, 2007 [AT] 2:21 pm

Is it possible our 17 Year friends are just emerging in the city near Kimball and Elston? I heard but didn’t see some kind of cicadas today, July 2nd in 3 or 4 very tall trees.

Cheerio then.

Comment by Caerann — July 2, 2007 [AT] 7:44 pm

I found a bug on the sidewalk in my backyard this evening, and it caught my attention b/c it looked just like a cicada. I thought they only came out every 17 years, stayed for a while, then died off. He was huge! Bigger than the average bettle and he was just slowly walking around. He seemed to be following the flashlight as we stared at him in aww. He looked very old didn’t appear to have any wings. Is it normal for them to still be around since the last time they were here? And if so, do they loose their wings and just walk around?

Comment by Briana — June 29, 2007 [AT] 9:15 pm

hey i am a student going into 9th grade and i have to find 6 legged bugs and if i get a rare one i will get an A+ and i think they will be around for a lil while longer

Comment by randie potter — June 29, 2007 [AT] 4:34 pm

I’m in Oak lawn and have only spotted a small handful of cicada’s by my house and it was only for one day.We had a storm that was blowing in from the south all day last week on tuesday the 20th and that’s the only time they were here.I took pictures,held them,and was just excited to see them again.I was only 4 years old the first time I experienced them way back in 1973 at Brookfield Zoo and at that time I was horrified of them.Now at 38 I’m fascinated by them but have to travel to other areas to find them.Does anyone know if more will emerge in Oak Lawn before they are gone?

Comment by Bob — June 28, 2007 [AT] 7:36 pm

I was surprized to see an cicada in Lillooet British Columbia this year, I never seen one before but maybe they could have been here all the time…. I would think i would have noticed them before as it was pretty big 26mm long. I have pictures and I will try and post at least one on this site.

Comment by Randy James — June 27, 2007 [AT] 10:43 am

I live in central Oak Park. I walked around the neighborhood on Memorial Day weekend several times in order to determine whether the nymphs were emerging. I saw one newly emerged adult cicada on 25 May on 200 block of N. Kenilworth-and then nothing for a couple of weeks. Now, in the past two weeks, I’ve seen quite a few cicadas-mostly confined to the parks, though-just a few in the neighborhoods. I wonder why the late-emergence here in Oak Park? River Forest and Maywood lie immediately to the west and they’ve had them for some time-now rapidly dying off. I think cicadas are fascinating as bugs go but I can empathize with folks who have to deal with that constant buzzing.

Comment by Rick — June 27, 2007 [AT] 8:44 am

Do a Google Image search “Cicadas Eggs”. There are a bunch of photos.

Comment by Lucy — June 26, 2007 [AT] 8:39 am

Many of the trees near me have brown leaves. I have read it’s because the females have laid eggs in those branches but why would the leaves turn brown? Do the eggs kill the tree branches? I would love to see a picture of the eggs in a branch but can’t seem to find one.

Comment by Cathy — June 23, 2007 [AT] 4:45 pm

Are all of the cicadas out or are there any areas that are still waiting for them to come out?

Comment by Peggy — June 20, 2007 [AT] 3:35 pm

Some of you will be happy. I just came back from the Lagrange woods. As I turned from joliet rd onto Lagrange rd, there was nothing but silence. I drove through the entrance into the woods, and to my surprise, there were only a few pockets in the woods, where the cicadas were still singing. There were many on the ground that were dying. I actually had 1 cicada drop on the hood of my car backwards on his back. I did try to turn him over on his feet so he could fly away, but he could not even stand. But the whole time he was watching me as if to say thanks for trying. Remember,we are ALL Gods creatures.

Comment by rob — June 20, 2007 [AT] 12:37 pm

Jill — Gerry Bunker says “An aggregation of cicadas.”

Comment by Dan — June 19, 2007 [AT] 1:42 pm

I know this group of cicadas are known as Brood XIII, but do groups of cicadas have a name like “gaggle of geese”, “murder of crows”, “pack of dogs”, etc.?

Comment by Jill — June 19, 2007 [AT] 12:34 pm

Living in the western suburbs near Lombard, cicada heaven. Work near Elmhurst, more cicado heaven.

Any idea when they will be gone? I am tired of running to the car and avoiding outside. I’ve had them landing in my food, on my shoulders, hit me in the eyes. I don’t mind the yearly ones, since they seem to stay in the trees.

Any idea? I know they are a wonder of nature, but enough already.

Comment by LL — June 18, 2007 [AT] 11:25 pm

In most places, the cicadas will die off by early July. The southernmost Illinois populations are already beginning to wane.

Comment by Dave Marshall — June 18, 2007 [AT] 8:52 pm

Is there any way I can get rid of these things? I own a 16 acre area in Wisconsin, and nearly all of it but our large yard is trees. Swarms of them make noises so loud I find it impossible to go outside because I get horrible headaches, and they swarm all over when I am out. How long until they naturally leave the aera (south WI)?

Comment by frank — June 18, 2007 [AT] 12:54 pm

I was amazed when a 17 year cicada landed on my leg. I have not seen any cicada’s in St. John until today, June 17, 2007

Comment by Sherry G. — June 17, 2007 [AT] 5:17 pm

At our Cub Scout Webelos overnighter, my son decided to spear, roast and eat a cicada. He told the other boys that it tasted like peanut butter. This encouraged other scouts to try them, including one boy who put one on a smore and ate it.

Comment by Colleen Gammon — June 17, 2007 [AT] 12:45 pm

Are female cicada’s bigger then male’s?

Comment by Diane — June 15, 2007 [AT] 5:08 pm

how long have the 17 year cicada been around northern illinois doing their ‘cycling’?

Comment by mike t — June 15, 2007 [AT] 1:20 pm

Just Arrived I live in Berwyn,il. There were none at all until today June 14 flag day. I travel these roads everyday,but today I was surpised when driving right by mcneal hospital,I saw several fly past. Then you could hear them. They are not as loud as in other areas, but I think they got a late start because it was so quiet.So this may extend their welcome far past july 1st.If Svengoulie reads these messages, then maybe he will do a show on Cicadas in Berwyn.

Comment by rob — June 14, 2007 [AT] 2:16 pm

WHEN WILL THEY BE GONE? So many people have asked and no answers. I’ve heard everything from 3 weeks to 10 weeks. It’s a total nightmare where I live and causes me great anxiety.

Comment by Cathy — June 14, 2007 [AT] 6:47 am

Try this link. It shows maps where they’ve been sighted:,0,1315785.htmlstory

Comment by Lucy — June 14, 2007 [AT] 5:36 am

I am in Aurora IL and have not seen a single cicada! I’m looking for an emergence map that shows abundant sightings as close to home as possible … Any suggestions?

Comment by Patty — June 13, 2007 [AT] 8:18 pm

When will they stop flying?!? I am fine with them cozied up in their trees but I can’t wear a windbreaker, hood pulled tight, for another 90 degree day. I think they’re cool and I like looking at them and learning about them, but… how many more days someone give me a countdown for my own state of mind. By the way… I live in Lombard (emerged May 21 in force in my yard) and I work in Hinsdale (cicada mecca) I need a break. Thanks and buzz on boys, buzz on.

Comment by Jenny — June 13, 2007 [AT] 4:42 pm

Perhaps with so many cicadas overcrowding certain trees, they move away from the competition to have a chance to get noticed and get the girl, so to speak. Who knows?

Comment by Lucy — June 13, 2007 [AT] 4:37 pm

Thanks Lucy. That’s what I was thinking too. It’s just weird. It seems more than just wind-blown randomness. There’s a lot, but not hordes. Almost like they’re purposely migrating. And I’m noticing increasing amounts everyday. At a time where I expected them to be dying, they seem pretty lively overhere all of the sudden. Thanks for responding.

Comment by Dan — June 13, 2007 [AT] 4:28 pm

I watched the “Return of the Cicadas” documentary a few weeks ago, and it said they can be blown around by strong winds/rain. We had a couple of really windy days a week of so ago; maybe some ended up in trees away from where they were “born? Or maybe they move to trees that are not so conjested. Just a guess.

Comment by Lucy — June 13, 2007 [AT] 4:12 pm

I work in Wheaton and live in Aurora. Both locations are ‘newer’ developments, where I didn’t expect to see Cicadas. Only since June 11th, have I started seeing/hearing Cicadas. I now see them constantly at work and they are buzzing in the trees all over by my house, and everywhere in between. I know they did not ’emerge’ here, but alas, here they are. I thought they didn’t fly very far. I’m wondering if anyone has any thoughts as to how/why they’ve arrived seemingly everywhere I go now. Any know?

P.S. I will miss them when they’re gone.

Comment by Dan — June 13, 2007 [AT] 3:59 pm

I just came back from the lagrange ill forest preserves. While I was driving down lagrange rd, I decided to turn in to the forest preserves. Although while driving in the area it was very loud,it was almost like a horror movie on tv when I turned into the woods.There must be millons in the woods.I plan on going back several times to hear and see this part of nature.I suggest if you can,go see and hear for yourself.It is truly a remakable part of nature and earth.PS dont be afraid because they are not.

Comment by rob — June 13, 2007 [AT] 1:05 pm

When is the madness going to end?? I have dead cicadas all over my patio and sidewalks yet there seem to be three times as many flying around then before. Everytime I leave my house and walk, more like run to my car I have to go through swarms of cicadas. For those of you who keep complaining about not seeing any you would have a different viewpoint if you had to live with it everyday and have fly into your face, hair, grocery bags, car, etc..

Comment by Kelli — June 13, 2007 [AT] 9:07 am

i just finally saw some cicadas in my neighborhood not to many but the sound was loud from what i heard i did not see them come out of the ground are they just flying near my house or are they getting a late start on it cause i heard they should be starting to die off soon

Comment by kev — June 12, 2007 [AT] 7:48 pm

I live on the North Side of Ottawa, Illinois, and I’ve seen only one cicada! He [or she] was on the ground on the side of my house. Marseilles, on the other hand, is full of them! I am so jealous. Where are they? Will we even get them here, or what? I’m not completely sure if there are cicadas on the other sides of Ottawa, though. I’ve heard the answer is no. Anyone enlighten me?

Comment by Courtney — June 12, 2007 [AT] 9:50 am

hey this rebecca i just wanted to know how long do cicadas live?

Comment by rebecca — June 11, 2007 [AT] 10:35 pm

I am so jealous of all the folks that have cicadas in their town. Wheaton has virtually none. I feel so left out. We actually went to Glen Ellyn to import some to our trees. I’m so sad…

Comment by Kirsten — June 11, 2007 [AT] 8:39 pm

at camp i saw a bout 1 thousang ciadas on one tree, it’s crasy

Comment by megan — June 11, 2007 [AT] 6:42 pm

at camp i saw a bout 1 thousang ciadas on one tree, it;s crasy

Comment by megan — June 11, 2007 [AT] 6:42 pm

Can Cicadas be born, well, mutaded like siamese twins? like a 2 headed cicada? or born without wings or somthin. or 15 legs??

Comment by Elijah — June 9, 2007 [AT] 8:16 pm

Jordan — I keep hearing they should be gone by July 4th.

Comment by Andie — June 9, 2007 [AT] 9:42 am

A couple more weeks.

Comment by Dan — June 9, 2007 [AT] 9:39 am

i live in Illinois. how long will the cicadas be around?

Comment by jordan cin — June 9, 2007 [AT] 9:37 am

I have a bunch of dead cicadas on my patio. Are these cicadas dead from other causes or are they the ones who have already mated? How long does it take for a cicada to die after it mates? I really, really hate these things but on the other hand I feel they should really live it up since it’s the last few weeks of their lives!

Comment by Andie — June 9, 2007 [AT] 6:09 am

Patti — they certainly don’t like cold, and torrential rains pouring into their holes. I hope they make it up to Milwaukee.

Comment by Dan — June 8, 2007 [AT] 10:10 am

Hey Cicada Guy — Love the website. I check it daily here at my corporate headquarters. We are so anxious for the cicadas to hit our town (Milwaukee). We had wicked weather last night. Heavy rains, winds and tornados all around us in the suburbs. Do you think this will keep the cicadas from visiting us? Is is possible they can die off before they ever get a chance to live?

Comment by Patti — June 8, 2007 [AT] 6:23 am

Put them up on Flickr!

Comment by Dan — June 8, 2007 [AT] 4:48 am

i have great pictures about cicada, i want to share them, how can i do that here?

Comment by Merci Yangco — June 7, 2007 [AT] 9:05 pm

It is just past dusk and I just returned from inspecting the fence pickets in my back yard. In years past the annual cicadas have used the pickets as much as the trees to pop out of their shells. But, alas, still no activity in northeast Oak Park. All the conditions for emergence have been met including temperature, moisture and expediency (time is running out). Does anyone know if the subterranean nymphs sometimes bump into one another down there and actually communicate? Might they be saying “two more days to D-Day” (actually yesterday June 6) or “the big break is tonight, pack your bags”?

Comment by Joseph Brady — June 7, 2007 [AT] 7:04 pm

I need to record the sound of cicadas somewhere near New York City, ideally somewhere accessible from public transportation. Any suggestions on where to do this?


Comment by Tom — June 7, 2007 [AT] 6:51 pm


Comment by JAMES — June 7, 2007 [AT] 3:08 pm

We had a great emergence of Cicadas on our property in Midlothian on 5/23-24, but today 6/7, there appears to be a second emergence greater than the first! Scads of them on the trees and VERY active in the air. I know they are affected by tempurature and it’s hot today, but there are more cicadas today than in the last 3 weeks. Does anyone know what’s up?

Comment by Colleen — June 7, 2007 [AT] 2:21 pm

I too am terrified of them. I have daily panic attacks becuase they are EVERYWHERE. I live in Brookfield where they seem to live too. Can you tell me when this madness will end? Also, when will I stop seeing new ones? I cant handle it much longer. Though I found out if my fiance turns the sprinkler on….I can run to my car and I havnet been nailed yet.

Please, when will they stop?

Comment by Sue — June 7, 2007 [AT] 8:54 am

Do we have an end date for these little buggers? I’m terrified of this whole “phenomenon.” I live in a wooded area and there are massive amounts. They are all over the sidewalks, the trees right outside my door, my car etc. They fly and land on me, I’m having anxiety attacks, this is a nightmare.

Comment by Andie — June 7, 2007 [AT] 8:12 am

This morning on my way to work, i was driving with my window half way open, when all of a sudden i feel something hit me on the head. I looked to the backseat and happened to find a Cicada. The little fracker hit me on da head! lol….

Comment by Miguel A. Beltran — June 6, 2007 [AT] 4:22 pm

Depends on how old the plumb tree is. Older trees do just fine — in fact fruit trees are know to produce more fruit the following year after a cicada emergence.

Comment by Dan Mozgai — June 6, 2007 [AT] 3:17 pm

Texas, and most states, get annual cicadas every year. Texas has plenty of cicadas.

Comment by Dan Mozgai — June 6, 2007 [AT] 3:16 pm

In my Mothers’ purple leave plum tree there are little holes in straight lines going around the trunk and up several of the larger branches, are these cicadas, and will they kill the tree, if so how can we stop them? My Mother and Father planted that tree when we were small, now he’s gone and we are grown, she would hate to lose the tree

Comment by cassandra riddell — June 6, 2007 [AT] 3:03 pm

Here in South Texas, we comment about cicadas every summer. I saw what I thought was one a couple of days ago, but it doesn’t look like the cicadas I’ve seen on this site, and since they arrive every summer without fail, I am wondering whether or not they truly are cicadas. What can you tell me about their occurrence in South Texas, specifically San Antonio?

Comment by Christine — June 6, 2007 [AT] 1:57 pm


Comment by JOE PEPETONE — June 6, 2007 [AT] 8:51 am

As of June 5, I have only seen one cicada shell on my daily run throughout Northeast Oak Park. I mistakenly thought the full moon would pull them out, but I was wrong. In the last few days it has been either too cold or too rainy. Why OP is two weeks behind the western burbs and one week behind the north shore, I do not know. Maybe it is the collective concentration of people in Oak Park trying to will them into action. Then again, it may be Oak Park’s heavy clay soil that I suspect may be providing a cooler than ideal 64 degree emergence trigger. These are all just guesses.

Comment by Joseph Brady — June 5, 2007 [AT] 7:04 pm

THe cicadas emerged Sunday evening May 27th in our backyard in Glenview. We could see them come out of the grass and watch as the grass moved with them. We watched them crawl up anything including my leg as they began their ascent. It was truly amazing to see them crack their shells an transform before our eyes. THe next morning HUNDREDS were on hostas, tree trunks, fence posts, our deck. They crawled and practiced short flights. This ritual continues even tonight, eight nights later. The numbers may be slightly fewer but all in all, we can’t believe SO many keep appearing!!!!!!!

Comment by Sharon TIerney — June 4, 2007 [AT] 8:11 pm

Cicadas are prone to fungal infections. Sometimes the fungus expands until the abdomen falls off. I’ve seen walking cicada heads quite a few times. Male abdomens are also pretty much hollow, so that makes the situation more likely.

Comment by Dan Mozgai — June 4, 2007 [AT] 7:48 am

We were at The Grove in Glenview this past Saturday with our kids. We found about a dozen cicadas in the same location without bodies, just heads. They were alive and walking, and they were fully coordinated. I’m not talking about muscle twitches after an insect it killed, I’m talking fully alive cicadas walking with full motor coordination. They might have been able to fly, too, although I didn’t see them fly. They looked perfectly healthy and their wings were flawless, but they had no abdoman or thorax at all. We asked the experts at The Grove. They said that they had never seen cicadas like that, and said it must be a mutation of some sort. To me it didn’t look like they were born without bodies, and it didn’t look like an animal or insect ripped the bodies off because the wings were not torn up. It looked like they had simply dropped their bodies. You could see into their heads through their necks. There was dried light brown stuff that sealed the neck hole. The hole looked identical in all of the cicadas we found. Does anyone know if this is indeed a mutation or something else…perhaps a disease or parasite that makes the bodies fall off?

Comment by Amy Warlick — June 4, 2007 [AT] 6:27 am

Sugar Grove Il here,
about 40 miles west of Chicago.
I have not seen a single cicada as of yet. Even went to the forest preserve [bliss woods] not a darn cicada in sight. Are they not coming? I was planning on serving them to my inlaws for dinner this weekend, hee.. hee!

Comment by Deb — June 1, 2007 [AT] 11:43 am

Hey…um….Buster, just wait until the cicadas die off in a few weeks. You will get plenty of stinky “cicada mulch” then. BTW if anyone on the board fishes the nymphs are great fish bait. The kids & I caught a few dozen catfish with them several years back.

Comment by Roy troutman — June 1, 2007 [AT] 11:18 am


Comment by JOE PEPETONE — June 1, 2007 [AT] 9:36 am

I wrote a couple of days ago, thanks for your comment regarding cicadas in Texas.
You said Texas does not have 13/17-year, can you tell what species (Dallas), problem being our condo has an open (wrought iron gate) facing a creek, one can literally hear right through the garage area up 2-3 levels, sounds coming through walls, earphones do not work. My reposed question, isn’t it unusual to hear 24/7? Also, how long before these non-13/17-hear species cease noise (most always hot, as you know, in Texas)…thanks again.

Comment by Pat — June 1, 2007 [AT] 7:19 am

I don’t get it. I live in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. The neighborhood is loaded with Cicadas. I went to the Forest Preserve (untouched for 40 years) and not one. Why?

Comment by Mitch — June 1, 2007 [AT] 7:15 am

I live in Roscoe (on the Wisconsin border, north of Rockford) and we have thousands and thousands of cicadas. We do live in the woods with many older oak trees. There is probably a 2 to 3 inch ring of “cicada mulch” around most of the trees, not to mention the driveway will need to be shoveled soon. The kids & dog are having a blast.


Comment by Buster Hymen — May 31, 2007 [AT] 2:24 pm

I live in the south end of Glenview Illinois and there are 10′s of thousands of ciadias around our house. Not as many on the east side of our street as on the west side and even a few blocks away there are very few. It’s worse for us this time than last. The neighbors tree has so many at the base, that you could shovel them up into a small bucket. They are crawling up anything mostly dark… but even lighter objects, too. They seem to be selective where they choose to sit. Our two evergreen shrubs in front have few, while the small baby evergreen tree only 10 feet away is packed with the bugs on every spare spot. They started popping out a few days ago. So, I think they’ll be other reports coming soon from northern Illinois.

Comment by diane — May 31, 2007 [AT] 11:38 am

My blog below is about Cicada Powered air planes, not paper cicada look-ah-like planes!

Comment by Dick Bolt — May 31, 2007 [AT] 9:51 am

I like Cicadas. We had them here (Eastern MD) in 2004.None reported in Western MD as I remember.
I & my son built cicada powered air planes & got into the local newspapers with photo. I did engine tests (throwing cicadas forward to see if they flew & how hard)first & had kids collecting for me and working as if a science fair was going on. As I remember, females flew down & males flew up when released. So I chose only male engines. I built several 1 engine & two engine planes. Planes were from dollar store balsa cheep.I super glued the engines to the wings! I never got much out of flights. I guess if your but was glued to a board, you would not want to fly either! As I will not be alive next time around in 15 yrs, it might be another to hitch them correctly to fly! It was done with house flys, so why not cicadas.
*** in Bowie MD

PS, I have photos stored from 2004 somewhere.

Comment by Dick Bolt — May 31, 2007 [AT] 9:29 am

cicads are some wired creatuures!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Myarra — May 30, 2007 [AT] 11:23 am

I wish cicadas were flooding my front porch! I haven’t seen one yet!

Comment by Anna in plainfield — May 30, 2007 [AT] 8:22 am

As of 5-29 at 12 noon no sightings yet on ten hundred block of Mapleton. Not many in the general area either, but pockets in River Forest.

Wednesday and Thursday will be the big days. The attraction of the moon, big right now, but full as can be on Thursday (5-31)may play a big part, but also may be a coincidence.

What do you think?

Have counted 2 to 3 mud patch holes per sq ft in between bricks on patio. But maybe these are from real big worms.

Comment by joseph brady — May 29, 2007 [AT] 10:43 am

Is it true that there are no cicadas, annual or otherwise, native to the Pacific Northwest?

Comment by Melanie Wilson — May 29, 2007 [AT] 9:24 am

I live in Huntley, IL and I have not seen one cicada yet!!
I am very sad becasue my daughter is 2.5 years old — the same age I was at my first Cicada year in 1973ish — Does any one know if they will be coming to McHenry Co??

Comment by Karen L — May 29, 2007 [AT] 8:11 am

Cicadas are flooding my front porch. Can anyone tell me of their dislikes. Something I can use to prevent them from infesting my home.

Comment by Cheryl Ferguson — May 29, 2007 [AT] 5:40 am

Wildlife should be seen, heard, but not fed by humans.

Comment by Dan — May 28, 2007 [AT] 9:07 am

Actually, Lake Michigan is probably cleaner than it used to be. In the past few years the gulls have moved inland. They can probably find more food in parking lots and garbage dumps than by Lake Michigan. I’ve even seen people feeding them in the parking lots. That’s probably why they are more abundant in the neighborhoods this year than 17 years ago.

Comment by Sue — May 28, 2007 [AT] 8:52 am

Texas doesn’t have periodic/17/13 year cicadas, but you do have other species. They should be making their presence heard soon enough if the weather stays hot.

Comment by Dan — May 28, 2007 [AT] 12:07 am

Are cicadas hitting Texas this year? If so, are these the 13-year or 17-year brood? Have never heard them here before. The noise has been truly incessant today, especially (hot, muggy) after recent storm. Have heard for the past two weeks (24/7), please advise your prediction how much longer before noise may cease, and isn’t it unusual to hear 24/7? Thanks.

Comment by Pat — May 27, 2007 [AT] 11:39 pm

I wonder why the gulls aren’t haging out by the lake? Maybe the lake is so polluted now, that they have to go inland for food — unfortunately for the cicadas.

Comment by Dan — May 27, 2007 [AT] 10:38 pm

The cicadas have been out in my neighborhood for a week now. We have had an enormous number of seagulls coming and eating them. Flocks of sometimes 50 gulls and more come down the street stopping to devour whatever they can. I know there were not this many gulls 17 years ago. Will this increase in the gull population affect the number of cicadas 17 years from now?

Comment by Sue — May 27, 2007 [AT] 5:57 pm

That’s a good question. They lay their eggs in the branches of trees. The females have an instrument called a terebra that that they use to dig out a slit in the branch and that’s where they lay their eggs. The eggs hatch and the cicada larvae flop to the ground, and start burrowing. They don’t die from the fall because they have a low terminal velocity — like cats and other small creatures.

The egg laying in the branches is what kills the branches.

Comment by Dan — May 26, 2007 [AT] 3:56 pm

You have a great site. I found it very informative.

I have been trying to find out where they lay their eggs? Do they climb trees to eat, then return to the ground to bury their eggs? Or are the eggs left in the trees and the larvae crawl down and into the ground?

I aplogize if you answered this question already. I looked and looked and looked and didn’t see anything about this.

Thank you.

Comment by Von — May 26, 2007 [AT] 3:36 pm

kgmoney1 [AT]

Please don’t kill cicadas in order to find out if they’re sick. There’s plenty of dead ones lying around, you could dissect those instead.

Comment by Mike — May 25, 2007 [AT] 12:12 pm

I went out to my car and found a baby cicada sitting on the trunk. So i let it crawl on my finger and brought in side.

Comment by anita — May 25, 2007 [AT] 8:45 am

My husband and I were in Lombard a couple of days ago and saw many Cicada holes and a couple of live ones. I am out in Carol Stream and live behind a park and pond with many old tree, but not a single Cicada or even a hole yet from what I have seen. I am starting to doubt if we are going to get them in Carol Stream at all. I hope we do, I have been telling my daughter about it for weeks. Anyone know of an emeregence in Carol Stream or if they even emerge here at all?

Comment by Jess — May 24, 2007 [AT] 2:36 pm

Hi everybody,
I am a college student doing research on the 17 year cicada. I am trying to find out if the cicadas are parasitized by anything like pin worms, nematodes, or anything like that. I have collected some nymphs and dissected them to see if I can find any parasites. I have not found anything yet, but I plan to catch some adults as soon as they emerge. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about cicadas and parasites. If you do anything that may be able to help my research please send me an e-mail at kgmoney1 [AT] Thanks to all and have fun with the cicadas.

Comment by Kenny Glassman — May 24, 2007 [AT] 1:53 pm

I live in deerfield Illinois. I was walking around looking for cicada shells (in my yard) to look at in my microscope when I heard a buzzing noise. I looked over and saw a upside down cicada flapping its wings like crazy. I picked it up on a stick and took it over to a tree. Immediately, it started crawling up the tree until I couldn’t see it, so I climbed up myself (I made sure not to step on any other cicadas). Then, I saw it stop at nearly the top of the tree and then started laying its eggs! It was so cool!

Comment by Ethan — May 23, 2007 [AT] 6:15 pm

why do they come into certain areas? I haven’t seen any yet in my niegborhood but I know they are there.

Comment by Katie — May 23, 2007 [AT] 5:58 pm

why do they come into certain areas? I haven’t seen any yet in my niegborhood but I know they are there.

Comment by Katie — May 23, 2007 [AT] 5:58 pm

We’re aware of cicada in Arizona, but people rarely ask about them or contribute content, so there isn’t much mention on the site. You might disagree, but they aren’t as exciting as periodic cicadas. There is some Arizona info buried on the site, including this link*optera/azhom*optera.htm
that lists dozens of species with pictures.

Comment by Dan — May 23, 2007 [AT] 4:49 am

I live west of Phoenix in Arizona in the desert. There is no mention of cicadas here even though we definately have the cicada visits. Annually.

Can you tell me why they don’t mention any in Arizona?

Their verticle burrow holes are very noticeable. Along with their music.

Our trees did suffer quite a bit of damage the last couple of years from them. My brother lost a number of small ones, where ours were larger ones. There are many trees here in the desert(palo verdes) for them.

I do not wish the cicadas any harm, but it you have a tree you would like to save from harm, I found a method that works. At the area where the bark is disturbed and sap is flowing, I use a stick to scrape of as much as possible. I then spray the area with a spray paint. The cicadas or other insects do not return to the spot and the tree is saved.

Thank you!

Comment by Lisa Bilinski — May 23, 2007 [AT] 12:09 am

I’ve never heard of them damaging conifers, but if they’re desperate enough, they might.

It’s safe to mow. The emergence in Michigan should be minimal.

Comment by Dan — May 22, 2007 [AT] 5:47 pm

Maybe 100 decibels or so.

Comment by Dan — May 22, 2007 [AT] 5:46 pm

how loud are they? like all of them together not just one?

Comment by Jenna — May 22, 2007 [AT] 4:26 pm

i live in the corner of southwest michigan, but have been out of state for a week. when i go home, the lawn is going to need tending- is it safe for me to mow? will i disturb 17 year cicadas beneath my lawn? will i harm them or start a swarm? when is it safest to mow?

Comment by kayla — May 21, 2007 [AT] 9:28 pm

Can Cicadas damage smaller conifers, or is it only small deciduous trees that we need to protect?

Comment by Angie — May 21, 2007 [AT] 7:42 pm

Cicadas drink tree fluids, and they do metamorphize. The final stage (instar) of their metamorphosis is called imagination, which is when the nymph becomes the adult (imago).

Comment by Dan — May 21, 2007 [AT] 5:31 pm

What do cicadas eat?
Do they have metamorphisis?

Comment by hailey — May 21, 2007 [AT] 4:32 pm

Hello Kristina,
I have a decent sound byte you can use of a Magicicada cassini.
I also have cicadas chorusing but don’t have good recordings of the other 2 species. e-mail me [AT] sbpstudios [AT]

Comment by Roy Troutman — May 15, 2007 [AT] 1:20 pm

My 7 year old is doing a project on cicadas for his 1st grade class. Is there a good sound byte of the cicada “songs” that he can play?

Comment by Kristina — May 15, 2007 [AT] 11:51 am

Hi Matt –

The key words in that text are “serious noise”. There will still be cicada sound after the choruses start to decline, perhaps still loud by many standards. It will be more like a month (after things first get loud) before things seem normal again. Those words are only a rough estimate.

It really depends on where you are too, in part because the chorusing centers tend to slowly shift location. If you get stuck with a really dense Magicicada cassini chorus in your backyard, in a tree right outside your favorite window, it will be longer than average before things seem quiet again.

Comment by David Marshall — May 14, 2007 [AT] 8:45 am

I’ve seen one specific reference about how long the cicada Brood XIII noise will last only 2 weeks (even though the cicadas may be around for longer than that). Can someone confirm? I’d like to know if the noise lasts longer or shorter so I can make travel plans, because the noise will drive me nuts after the novelty of it wears off.

Here’s the reference:

and an excerpt:

“How long will the cicadas be out in my yard/neighborhood/city?

About 4-6 weeks after they first start emerging. Most individual cicadas live only a few weeks, but since they emerge over a period of two weeks or so the whole event lasts longer. The serious noise will get going about a week and half after you first notice them and will last about two weeks more. After that things get a lot quieter.”

Comment by Matt — May 11, 2007 [AT] 5:14 pm

Do you know exactly the next emmergence or brood of magicicada in Illinois? Is it about 25 of May or later..
Thanks a lot for your answer

Comment by Gerard — May 3, 2007 [AT] 7:39 am

are you supposed to paint the exterior of your home during the cicadas? Will they spoil the paint job by attaching to the house? I would so appreciate an answer to this question!

Comment by iz reidy — April 30, 2007 [AT] 3:37 pm

They’ll aerate the areas around the trees, so you could still have the non-shaded areas done.

Comment by Dan — April 25, 2007 [AT] 2:13 pm

I was thinking of having my yard aerated this year, but since this is the year for cicada’s in my area, I wonder if I still need to. Will they do a good job of aerating the soil or should I hire someone to do this for me? Will this damage them if I do decide to aerate?

Comment by Beth in Chicago — April 25, 2007 [AT] 1:45 pm

My 10-year-old daughter has chosen the periodic cicadas as her school project subject. What she plans to do is attempt to calculate the number of cicadas that will emerge in our town. I am helping her with her math model, but she/we need a little help.

She needs to find the average number of cicadas that live under a single tree and a single bush. Also, the survival rates during the 17-year dormancy.

Any information source for this would be greatly appreciated.

Comment by scott johnson — April 24, 2007 [AT] 12:16 pm

We intend to visit Chicago during June 2007. Please let us know whether we can joy our stay there? Whither Cicadas affect our stay & feel discomfort?

Comment by R.SRINIVASARAAGHAVAN — April 17, 2007 [AT] 6:05 pm

the cicada is a japanes bug.

Comment by khalid — April 17, 2007 [AT] 8:53 am

I had a large tree removed down to the roots about 8 years ago. Will the cicadas still come out of the ground and, if so, where will they go?

Comment by Joe — April 10, 2007 [AT] 10:41 am

It’s 2 months away…we’re about to be hit in June with the 17 year breed here in the Chicago area. I plan to take many pictures and post them on
This will be the third time I can remember seeing these creatures (I was four years old the first time and can’t recall 🙂
So stay tuned.

Comment by John — March 31, 2007 [AT] 3:55 pm

False alarm on cicadas in Fayetteville,NC. I went over to see what I could find, and it turned out to be thousands of frogs mating.

Comment by Laura — March 25, 2007 [AT] 9:51 am

March 25, 2007
I am in Fayetteville, NC and last night the buzz/chirping started across the lake. I’m walking over today to see if I can spot some cicadas.

Comment by Laura — March 25, 2007 [AT] 7:52 am

I have found in March 2007 a died couple (M & F) of cicada from the root of plant in desert of Thar(Pakistan)
rehman_azeemi [AT]

Comment by Anjum — March 22, 2007 [AT] 3:22 pm

hello all 5 pieces cicadas of 2 speces are avail able for reserchers contect rehman_azeemi [AT]


Comment by Anjum — March 22, 2007 [AT] 3:15 pm

Cold blooded. All insects are cold blooded.

Comment by Dan — March 12, 2007 [AT] 7:59 pm

I have a question and answer sheet that i have to do for science and i was wondering if Cicadas are cold or warm blooded

Comment by Ari — March 12, 2007 [AT] 7:19 pm

The same questions on the life cycle and lifespan. please check FAQs on this website for ALL the answers

Comment by david — March 8, 2007 [AT] 6:52 pm

How long do cicadas live and what’s there lifecycle?

Comment by bob — March 5, 2007 [AT] 4:12 pm

That question again… Cicadas are cicadas and locusts are grasshopper. They are not the same.

Comment by Dan — March 1, 2007 [AT] 9:40 am

Are cicadas and locust the same or are they different and if they are how so?

Comment by billy — February 28, 2007 [AT] 5:57 pm

The advantage is predators don’t have time to adapt to their behavior.

Comment by Dan — February 25, 2007 [AT] 3:13 pm

What possible survival advantage can a 17 year life cycle have?

Comment by Chris Gladstone — February 25, 2007 [AT] 1:31 pm

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rehmany2k64 [AT]

Comment by Anjum — January 17, 2007 [AT] 1:10 pm

hi all cicada lovers do you need any audio vedio or dry cicada of many speces for resersh only reserchers will be oblized

Comment by Anjum — January 17, 2007 [AT] 1:08 pm

Comments (0)

August 10, 2007

Archive of Magicicada Discussions from 2007 – Brood XIII

Filed under: Brood XIII | Magicicada | | Periodical — Dan @ 1:36 pm

This page represents 171 sightings, comments and questions about the Brood XIII emergence in 20007. The next emergence happens in 2024.

Jennifer — what you have isn’t Magicicadas, but another species like Tibicen. Tibicen emerge in late summer and not in broods.

Comment by Dan — August 10, 2007 [AT] 9:21 am

I live in Pleasant Grove, Alabama near Birmingham. We’ve evidentally got a large brood of cicadas here. I heard them in the trees the other day while out for my walk. It was deafening. I had no idea what they were. Last night one flew in the house and scared me half to death. I did a little research and found out what this bird-sized insect was. Now I am fascinated.

Comment by Jennifer — August 10, 2007 [AT] 8:41 am

Hello JK Fuller

I live in New York and could send you a dead specimen of a cicada if you so desire! Are you looking for a Periodical Cicada or Tibicen species?

Comment by Elias — July 10, 2007 [AT] 5:00 pm

I forgot to mention, I am in the middle of Dallas — Fort Worth metroplex in Texas.

Comment by Shelley — July 7, 2007 [AT] 9:01 pm

ok — I think I have cicada’s in my yard. I realize this is a board for cicada lovers, and I am not. I don’t go kill things, because I believe they are here for a purpose. However, they are scary the crap out of me while I am trying to weed. I realized today that the gigantic junebugs were only the shell of a bug… and that got me to thinking — where is the live one? I don’t know how to post a picture, but I do have two… is there someone I can email? I think if I knew what they were… then they wouldn’t be so scarry. Thanks — sunriseh2o [AT]

Comment by Shelley — July 7, 2007 [AT] 9:00 pm

Anybody aware of any Cicada groups around Chicago that might be expected to still be around in the next 5 days or so? I’d love to get one last look at a good-size group before they disappear for the next 17 years!

Comment by pat — July 6, 2007 [AT] 11:49 pm

They are still plentiful and very active in Blue Star Memorial Forest Preserves on Lake Avenue in Glenview as of today, July 3rd. They seem to be a later group than those in Schiller Woods as there are barely any dead bodies in the Glenview preserve. Hurray!!!! Had much fun playing with the little darlings. =0)

Comment by Caerann — July 3, 2007 [AT] 6:31 pm

The cicadas are ebbing but still going strong in the forest preserves just east of O’Hare. Here’s some of my photos:


Comment by ramon — June 30, 2007 [AT] 12:53 pm

Can anyone send me a (dead) Cicada?

A few years ago I took my wife, a California girl, to Virginia where she heard cicadas for the frist time and was completely facinated. We happened to find a great cicada specimin but I managed to let the birds get it and she was heartbroken.

Can anyone supply me with an American (I know I can get them from China on Ebay)?

(remove the zz from my email)

Comment by JKFuller — June 29, 2007 [AT] 8:03 am

You say it was fun, but you’re trying to kill off the next generation — some people…

Comment by Dan — June 29, 2007 [AT] 6:50 am

Hey,well.,looks like their pretty much gone,here on the west side of Wonder Lake.weekend of 6/16,they where still quite loud and active,but also dropping off the tree tops,by 6/20,they where dropping by the shovel full,and their sing was becoming much softer,by the weekend of 6/24,only the slightest sound,and dropping from the trees.Now 6/29 ,theirs no sound and only afew have dropped from the where left with the cleanup and hope they didn’t damage my English Oak,which I started from a acorn, to badly,The tree is on its 4th year,and it got alot of little slits,I’am hoping that by spraying small areas of the tree,it will kill the eggs.It was alot of fun while it lasted.

Comment by j.mayer — June 29, 2007 [AT] 3:13 am

I thought it was slowing down,but today I decided to go back to the Lagrange woods one more time. As I turned left on to Lagrange rd from joliet rd,I started hearing more and more Cicadas from both sides of the road while driving. I turned into the woods and there were many pockets of Cicadas still singing. I got out of my car and was watching them fly everywhere. One Cicada landed on the top of my hand, then we watched each other for ten minutes and he flew off to join his friends. If you have time,go see for yourself because 17 years is a long time to wait. They are also still strong at the forest preserves at Harlem av and Joliet Rd.

Comment by Rob — June 25, 2007 [AT] 6:53 pm

Are they dying yet? I have had enough of them in River Grove,Il.

Comment by Kathy — June 25, 2007 [AT] 10:33 am

Well they are pretty much gone in Brookfield, the din and the chirping have drastically stopped.

You can see the evidence of the egg-laying by the browning of the trees all over the place.

I still see a few stragglers here and there, but they are few and far between.

I believe Brookfield was one of the first emergence areas so not suprizing they have checked out here early.

Comment by Pablo — June 22, 2007 [AT] 5:17 pm

If your around the forest preserves on harlem ave and joliet rd, they are still singing loudly. I posted yesterday on the Lagrange woods, but put it in the question section. It was very quiet with only pockets of Cicadas still singing. Maybe they were one of the first to emerge.Last week, it was very much louder.If anyone seen todays wgntv news at noon,then you heard what Tom Skilling said about Cicadas. I sent him an email,but I know it will never get answered.

Comment by rob — June 21, 2007 [AT] 6:52 pm

In my area of Wheaton it’s definitely much quieter over the past few days.

Comment by Lucy — June 21, 2007 [AT] 10:38 am

cicadas really seem to be dying off. Has anyone else noticed this? Not nearly as loud or prevalent….

Comment by jb — June 21, 2007 [AT] 7:09 am

Sorry for the last two entries (shows I dont know what im doing). Here are the links to the pic and the video:

Search Results for “what are cicadas purpose” – Page 3 – Cicada Mania (2)

Comment by Maria — June 18, 2007 [AT] 11:04 am

Sorry, I didnt tell you we were there Saturday and Sunday June 16/17.

Comment by Maria — June 18, 2007 [AT] 10:20 am

We were at Lake Geneva at Aurora University and the Cicada were EVERYWHERE. When we got there, as soon as we opened our windows, WOW… what a sound!! I managed to get a couple of great pictures and even recording their song. Not sure how to post it on here, but would be glad to.

Comment by Maria — June 18, 2007 [AT] 10:17 am

I’m heading to Lake Geneva, WI, the weekend of June 23-25. Could anyone tell me a good place to look for the caicadas? I would really love to see them or at the very least see the remains of a hatch and hear the songs.

Comment by Sheilah — June 18, 2007 [AT] 7:01 am

Have all of the cicadas emerged already? I live in Grayslake and still haven’t spotted any. Is it possible the soil around here still isn’t warm enough for them to emerge?

Comment by Gramps — June 17, 2007 [AT] 5:36 pm

Saw a few dead ones in Wheaton this morning, although the trees were full of singing cicadas yesterday.

Comment by Lucy — June 17, 2007 [AT] 4:52 am

Palos Heights is crawling with these things. I can’t cut my grass without dozens of them dive-bombing my face and getting caught in my hair. So many are now dying around my trees that it looks like Cicada mulch. The smell isn’t pretty either. Their wings are pretty, but I’m not a big fan

Comment by Colleen — June 17, 2007 [AT] 3:52 am

June 16 — Northeast side of West Chicago — No sign of any cicadas here until yesterday (Fri June 15), we saw & heard a few Friday, lots more heard today.

Not sure where they are emerging from, there are no signs of exit holes anywhere, but it sure sounds like they are FINALLY starting to show signs of life around here, although not in the huge numbers I have seen elsewhere.

Comment by Dave — June 16, 2007 [AT] 4:42 pm

Found one in my yard in Georgia this week

Comment by Susan Williams — June 15, 2007 [AT] 7:16 pm

Today I was boating down the Cedar River near Atalissa, Iowa. When we reached a portion of the river near the Wiese Slough Wildlife Management Area, my friend and I heard the cicadas singing. We found a cicada floundering around in the river, pulled it out and let it fly away. After we got back to my parents cabin we could hear more cicadas in the woods but due to the horrendous amounts of mosquitoes we didn’t go and check it out. But I can definately say in this part of Eastern Iowa, the cicadas are out, although apparently not in the huge numbers they are in Illinois.

Comment by Joel — June 14, 2007 [AT] 5:47 pm

Here are some photos of one that literally followed me out to my car in the parking lot of Hewitt building 3OP in Lincolnshire. I walked past it, it turned around and followed me.. I picked it up and took it home in my car’s glove box and then proceeded to take photos of it.

Comment by Andrew Keyser — June 14, 2007 [AT] 4:23 pm

Cicadas are all around Lincolnshire (esp. around the area of Hewitt buildings; they’re trying to get in through the revolving doors… unfortunately for them, it doesn’t work so well)

They’re also in Vernon Hills (near Westfield mall), and a VERY audible drone is coming from the MacArthur Woods Forest Preserve across rt. 21 from the mall.
This is somewhat close to the Old School Forest preserve (which I reported on last week)

Still waiting for them to show up in Gurnee next to the intersection of 45 & washington where my house is..

Comment by Andrew Keyser — June 14, 2007 [AT] 10:19 am

June 7, Large emergence in Big Foot Beach State Park (southern Wisconsin next to Lake Geneva). They emerged on the 7th and were still sitting low on the bushes the 8th and the morning of the 9th. As the day warmed up on the 9th they began to fly up into the trees. There was some singing, but it was not deafening yet.

I also visited a business park in Chicago, IL (Hewlitt?). Very loud with lots of fungus infected individuals.

Magicicada do not seem to sing as loud as other cicada species (as individuals). Is that true?

Comment by Douglas — June 14, 2007 [AT] 10:07 am

Valerie: its normal not to hear then at night. The only time you’ll hear them at night is if there’s enough artificial light present to made them think it’s daytime. It isn’t unusual to have small numbers of the insects in some areas.

Comment by Dan — June 14, 2007 [AT] 6:21 am

I live in south Wheaton. I hear the cicadas during the heat of the day but not at night. Is this normal? Also, there seem to be very few of them. I’ve only actually seen four bugs and I spend a lot of time outside.

Comment by Valerie McIntyre — June 14, 2007 [AT] 5:07 am

Coming into work this morning the side patio was littered with dead Magicicadas which I was surprised to see since we are in a fairly new industrial park, we’re at I55 and Weber Road in Romeoville. Do you think they emerged from this location or traveled here?

Comment by Mary B — June 14, 2007 [AT] 4:23 am

Well, I haven’t seen a single Magicicada until today. In Aurora,IL, they pretty much emerged today. I have only seen and heard Magicicada cassinis so far. No M. septendecim. Many of them are still very small. One landed on my neck and began to sing a song.

Comment by Daniela — June 13, 2007 [AT] 7:40 pm

You will not believe this. First of all, we live in Plainfield, in a subdivision that is only 10 years old. Yesterday morning, my 8 yr old son found a cicada at the bottom of the swimming pool. We got it out, it was stiff as a board, but my 6 yr old daughter wanted to keep it. We put it in a tupperware container, and this morning, IT WAS ALIVE! It sat at the bottom of our pool for at least 12 hours, and in a sealed container for another 12, and still lived!! We don’t know what to do with it, as it can’t move it’s wings enough to fly away. We don’t want any animals to eat it. These are amazing creatures!

Comment by Jill — June 13, 2007 [AT] 5:25 pm

I finally got to see some! One of the guys I work with brought some to work (in a cicada house) and they are so cool! Smaller than I imagined, but it sure made my day. I released them under a big tree, and they climbed right up and started singing.

Comment by Lucy — June 13, 2007 [AT] 3:56 pm

I am a long-time resident and nature photographer in Chicago, and remember the last invasion in ’90 (when I was 22). This time, it seems like there are even more.

I also drive a lot for work, and this gives me the unique opportunity to travel to/enjoy the surrounding suburbs. As the weeks have gone on, I noticed an increasing amount of cicadas until yesterday (the 12th), which I would estimate is the absolute peak for their numbers out in Elmhurst, where they are all over the downtown, and…

An incredible visual and auditory experience can be had if you head straight to the Des Plaines River Forest Preserves on Lake Ave., just east of River Road. There are tons, and the noise is so loud it is almost deafening.. after even 10 minutes of it, you almost have in your head what happens when you leave a loud rock concert!

I highly recommend to anyone who hasn’t experienced this relatively-rare nature phenomenon to get out and do it (and obtain photographic or video evidence)… for too many people simply take it for granted, and we won’t have this opportunity here again for 17 more years!

It is truly remarkable.

Thank you.

Comment by Bob Collins — June 13, 2007 [AT] 5:37 am

Brookfield is infested with them, went for a bike ride in the forest preserve near the zoo and the noise was deafening.

Comment by Tony — June 12, 2007 [AT] 2:09 pm

I live in Ottawa, Illinois and I’ve seen only one! Ottawa is near Marseilles, which is full of them, so I’m thinking the little guy (or girl) got lost. Here’s a picture of my little buddy sitting on my hand:


By the way, can anyone give me any information pertaining to Ottawa’s cicadas, or lack thereof?

Comment by Courtney — June 12, 2007 [AT] 9:59 am

check out the forest preserve just south of the tollway and the cumberland exit. The noise is so loud, that even with the car windows rolled up, ac on, and in traffic, you can hear the cicadas as you drive on the nw tollway! They are very active here, flying low.

Comment by S.Jensen — June 12, 2007 [AT] 6:26 am

They might be — they might be running out of steam.

Comment by Dan — June 11, 2007 [AT] 8:50 pm

New question Dan. I noticed today that the cicadas are flying lower than they have been the last few weeks. Are they wearing out? I really don’t want to get covered in them so I run to my apartment!!

Comment by Michelle — June 11, 2007 [AT] 7:34 pm

Tons of cicadas near the Purdue-North Central campus in Westville. Other than the area in Valparaiso at the intersection of US 6 and state route 49, not to many other spots in Laporte / Porter counties in Indiana.

Comment by Tbone — June 11, 2007 [AT] 4:53 pm

I was driving on Lorraine Rd. in Wheaton and, finally, heard the cicadas singing. It wasn’t deafening, but I hope they’ll be more the warmer it gets this week. I’m so anxious to see one.

Comment by Lucy — June 11, 2007 [AT] 4:18 pm

Sat JUN 09 2007 LOTS of cicadas flying across North Ave in Elmhurst between York Rd & Rt 83, also southside of I290 on the way to Oak Park & on Irving Park Rd in the Forest Preserves in Schiller Park. Even with the windows up, the noise is deafening.

Comment by PlantLust — June 11, 2007 [AT] 12:40 pm

I live in an old section of Lombard and they are out in force here! The noise is ear-splitting! For awhile it seemed as though it wouldn’t be as heavy an infestation as in 1990, but then the heat hit—and so did they! Some have even managed to crawl inside the netting I put on some of my shrubs. Amazingly, they are also out in the parking lots at Wannemakers on Ogden and the Trader Joe lot, also on Ogden!

Comment by Pat — June 11, 2007 [AT] 10:19 am

The forest preserves along the Desplaines River in Schiller Park are loaded with cicadas now. We went to a parking area on Irving Park Rd right along the river yesterday. The sound of their calls was louder than I’ve heard it yet and the trees are loaded with them flying among the branches and over the road. One even flew into our car window while we were driving! I think he was kind of mad that we wouldn’t let him out until we stopped the car near a tree (we didn’t want him getting hit by a car in the heavy traffic). He kept buzzing while we held him until we let him fly away.

I have a question about the sound they make. When we hear it in some areas where it is the loudest we actually hear two pitches. One is the buzzing that you expect to hear and the other is a higher pitched buzz sort of like the sound a jet makes when it is off in the distance and coming towards you. Is this change in pitch the sound of the cicadas coming from a distance? Or is it an echo of the sound? Or is one species making the lower sound and one species making the higher sound?

Comment by RH — June 10, 2007 [AT] 10:47 am

Rykk’s photos below are of a Pandora Sphinx moth.

Comment by T. Paul Wrobel — June 10, 2007 [AT] 3:51 am


I saw this yesterday at work here in Virginia Beach. I walked back to the office and took this picture with my camera phone before it moved too far away. It looks just like a cicada, except the wings are solid, not clear and veiny. I’m posting both my original picture and my amateur attempt to brighten it up. The green is a very bright green, and the dark green is very dark. It also had it’s wings splayed out instead of backwards.

If it is a cicada, what kind is it?


Comment by Rykk — June 9, 2007 [AT] 11:30 pm

The woods are loaded with them at Rt 6 and Old 49 north of Valparaiso,IN but not much else to the west. I did hear one for a short time in my tree in the front yard, but it was soon silent and no exoskeletons in my yard. Strange how they can be loaded in one area and absent in another adjacent area. Too much development I guess.

Comment by Dan — June 9, 2007 [AT] 9:02 pm

OH my gosh in the burbs of chicago in a forest preserve near the last exit on the tollway. by o’hare airport, ,MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF CICADAS!!! (literally im not kidding) my freind was right next to me and i had to yell for him to hear me 2 feet away over the 90 decible sound of cicadas. there were literally clouds of them. I cought about 200 in this bucket and let them go at a local forest near my house. you can see the whole life cycle!!! the nymphs, the mating, the shedding skin, a jet flew over and they got louder to OVERPOWER THE JET ENGINE 150 FEET ABVOVE US!!!! when we left my ears were aching from the sound. anyway you got the messege. lots of cicadas! TOLL WAY NEAR O’HARE!!! ROLL WINDOWS DOWN AND LISTEN> THEYRE IN SOME WOODS> THERES SO MANY YOU CAN SEE EM FLYIN AROUND!!!

Comment by Elijah — June 9, 2007 [AT] 7:20 pm

If you go straight west on 290, go to Elmhurst or Villa Park, you won’t have to do any hunting, they are everywhere here, i can’t find a way to get away from them in Villa Park.

Comment by jb — June 9, 2007 [AT] 4:51 pm

Hi, anyone know where the best place to go cicado hunting is? I’m new to the chicago area and want to see these bugs. Willing to drive out the ‘burbs, but unsure where to go. Thanks for any tips.

Comment by Amy — June 9, 2007 [AT] 11:49 am

Reporting about 10 (ten) Cicadas spotted in the Old School Forest Preserve in Libertyville, IL.

Pics up on flickr, here:

Search Results for “what are cicadas purpose” – Page 3 – Cicada Mania (3)

Comment by Andrew Keyser — June 8, 2007 [AT] 8:34 pm

I just wanted to report that I’ve heard cicadas in the forest preserves on Thornton Lansing Rd in Thornton, IL
as well as Lansing, IL in the area of Stony Island Ave.

I drive through Homewood, IL every day on the way home from work
and it’s quite noisy so I do know what they sound like.
They’re not swarming but I did feel like I wanted to
roll the windows up in my car as I was traveling
down 183rd St in Homewood.

Comment by Judy W. — June 8, 2007 [AT] 1:42 pm

Thanks Dan for for the answer, the drone is back again! I started out terrified by these little fellas and now I’m kind of taken by them, how weird is that!! I’m still kind of scared of them, but don’t tell anyone!! I still visit this website every day despite my reservations.

Comment by Michelle — June 8, 2007 [AT] 11:41 am

Yes- they need to dry out and be reasonably warm to sing.

Comment by Dan — June 8, 2007 [AT] 10:07 am

It’s so weird, all of the sound of cicadas is gone after the storms last night. I live in Downers Grove and we have a large amount in the trees outside our apartment. This morning there is no droning sound and I looked out the window and it looks like they’re all hanging on the trees sleeping or something. Anyone knows what’s up?

Comment by Michelle — June 8, 2007 [AT] 8:45 am

I live in Lombard and they’re HORRIBLE!! I think with today’s heat they decided to be really active. They are flying all over the place. The trees are full of constantly moving cicadas. I cannot safely make it to my car in the driveway. Neither the front or rear entrance is safe. A few rogue cicadas have made it inside by riding on my husband’s shirt and shoe. Ugh. My mom is in La Grange and we argue about who has it worse. My husband works in Oak Park and seen very few. I don’t mind the noise, I just can’t stand them flying all around.

Comment by Ellen — June 7, 2007 [AT] 10:10 pm

I live in a heavily wooded area in Lisle, not far from the Arboretum. We haven’t seen ANY here. You might hear a single one up in a tree now and then, but that’s it. I’m wondering if they are going to miss us, or if they will be here late. Anyone out there with answers????

Comment by Robin — June 7, 2007 [AT] 7:54 pm

West Nile Virus spray? Maybe. If they sprayed when the cicada were out and laying eggs. Normally pesticide is inert by the time in gets deep into the ground where they live.

Comment by Dan — June 7, 2007 [AT] 5:15 pm

We live on River Road — across from Schiller Woods in Schiller Park Illinois along the DesPlaines River….17 years ago the cicadas were so heavy in the DesPlaines — Oak Park area along River Road…they sounded like hail hitting the window when you’d drive through the woods…this time…nothing….we’ve seen a few half dead ones crawling on the ground — and on trees….but nothing at all like last time…is it over? Did they skip us? What gives? I know they sprayed the woods very heavily the past few years because of the West Nile Virus hitting alot of locals — I’m wondering if this coulda’ killed ’em off….any input would be appreciated.

Comment by John Vilona — June 7, 2007 [AT] 11:39 am

This morning on my way to work, i was driving with my window half way open, when all of a sudden i feel something hit me on the head. I looked to the backseat and happened to find a Cicada. The little fracker hit me on da head! lol….

Comment by Miguel A. Beltran — June 6, 2007 [AT] 4:25 pm

Oh my gosh they are everywhere! Massive amounts, we’re talking thousands upon thousands in Villa Park. They are flying into my car while driving and swarms flying about everywhere.

Comment by Sheri — June 6, 2007 [AT] 11:01 am

live in Crystal Lake and have been looking for 2 weeks, if they aren’t here already will they never be here, do i need to do some searching in other areas or just wait longer? Anyone know anything?

Comment by stephanie — June 6, 2007 [AT] 10:21 am

They truly are an incredible phenemonom of nature….none to very few in Libertyville but are in numbers in Lake Forest and I went to the western suburbs Saturday and it was unreal…..literally trillions in Western Springs Hinsdale La Grange The Morton Arboretum etc…..thye have to be sen and heard to be believed !

Comment by Bill — June 5, 2007 [AT] 10:55 am

Okay, I’m trying to find the miraculous wonder and intrigue that you guys have been delighting in with these cicadas.

Although it’s been facinating reading about them, as I travel through Chicago’s Beverly area on my way to work and see legions of cicadas swarming tree’s to my left and to my right, up and down both 99th and 103rd street I know in my heart what is true.I will probably still raise my car windows with the sincere belief that if one of these things were to touch me I’d go into cardiac arrest, pass out and ultimately die.

Forgive me.

Comment by Melissa — June 4, 2007 [AT] 6:07 pm

Another fantastic site to view the magicicadas is the campus of Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, IL. We had a wonderful time with the kids listening and watching all phases of cicada life!!! Very scenic, easy to park and walk around. Check it out!

Comment by S.Jensen — June 4, 2007 [AT] 4:44 pm

incredible,thousands upon thousands flying thruout the trees,sing,kind of a bummer cleaning up after the empty shell casings.7:30 PM the backyard was boiling with another batch of nymph’s.W. side of Wonder Lake.Il.

Comment by j.mayer — June 4, 2007 [AT] 2:57 am

Amazingly I just heard an (unmistakable) septendecim from my backyard here in Bloomington, Indiana (south central part of the state). Is this a Brood XIII cicada way out of its territory or a Brood X straggler (3 years late)?

Comment by Mike Gasser — June 3, 2007 [AT] 8:14 am

JUST UPDATED my site. Check it out. Lots of images of the Midwest magicicadas.

PS Please put a link on your homepage.

Comment by John — June 2, 2007 [AT] 11:45 pm

We went to Goodrich Park in Naperville, IL today and my what a sight! We were driving to another location to see the cicadas but as we drove past Goodrich we heard the deafening buzz of the cicadas even though we had the windows rolled up and music playing. We got a few pictures that I uploaded on Flickr, but I have to say that several hours later my ears are still ringing! I’m thrilled I got to experience this.

My fave pic: Search Results for “what are cicadas purpose” – Page 3 – Cicada Mania (4)
Comment by Tonya — June 2, 2007 [AT] 8:25 pm

Went to McKinley Woods in Channahon today to see the cicadas, and lots of exit holes and shells, but they’re all way up in the trees so on the way home, near the I&M Canal and Rt. 6 heard the unmistakeable buzz and pulled over only to be surrounded by many Magicicadas! I gotta tell you that they get kinda ticked off when you try and pick them off a branch and let you know so. I think they know they’ve got a job to do and don’t detract them from it!
What a beautiful work of art this insect is and what a shame they’re with us only once every 17 years.

Comment by Mary B — June 2, 2007 [AT] 5:35 pm

I live in Alsip, IL and I haven’t seen any cicadas yet, but I can hear them in the woods along the Cal Sag Channel.

Comment by Julie B — June 2, 2007 [AT] 2:26 pm

Sugar Grove, Il

I have not seen a single cicada as of yet in my area. Even went to the forest preserve [Bliss Woods], not a thing. When do we giv up looking for them?

Comment by Deb — June 1, 2007 [AT] 11:39 am


Comment by JOE TEPE — June 1, 2007 [AT] 9:17 am

A friend of mine spotted two cicadas at the McBride Raptor Center outside of Iowa City, Iowa last night.

Comment by Joel — June 1, 2007 [AT] 6:18 am

I volunteer at the Macbride Raptor Center in Solon, IA, and spotted at least 2 cicadas in the woods there last night. I almost stepped on one, but was careful to navigate on my way to the nature center. I’ll keep my eye out for further sightings.

Comment by Dawn — June 1, 2007 [AT] 6:16 am

Nothing so far in the Cary area. Does anyone think the weird weather this year has anything to do with the inconsistency? Haven’t seen or heard one at all.

Comment by TJ — June 1, 2007 [AT] 5:38 am

I was at the Rogers Lakewood park in Valparaiso and saw thousands upon thousands of shedded skins at the bases of trees and clinging to the lower branches. Saw a few unsuccessful emergences stuck dead in their shells too. Many, many gulls were picking through the grass and eating them. Hopefully the gulls didn’t make a dent in the adult numbers as I don’t think gulls this far inland is a natural thing….they are scavengers.

Comment by Dan — June 1, 2007 [AT] 4:04 am

one of these SOB’s fell in my orange juice cup this morning. they’re getting out of control. i can’t wait til they’re gone. how much longer do we have to deal with them?

Comment by jb — May 31, 2007 [AT] 1:29 pm

Highland Park, IL
Went outside this morning and there was no mistaking the cicada’s chorus that greeted me. There definately emerging on a consistant basis in our area, but if it’s going to be anything like it was in 1990, I would have to say that the majority of them are still underground. Can’t imagine how loud they will be when the rest of them arrive! Looking forward to it though, as I think it is a very cool sound.

Comment by DV — May 31, 2007 [AT] 8:47 am

day by day where seeing more,our backyard,as hundreds of empty shells,with more showing up every day.incredible yet odd,they showed up on 5-24,by sat.5-26 we could here them in the distant s,everyday it sounds a bit closer / louder yet our trees are silent,yesterday the sound appeared to be a couple blocks away,yet our trees and the neighbors are silent,has anyone else came across this?i know their still in the trees,when the birds land on the branches,the cicada’s scatter,odd.i have also noticed cicada’s with deformed wings or have died while shedding their shell. W.side of Wonder Lake.

Comment by j.mayer — May 31, 2007 [AT] 7:19 am

I’m way up in northern IL, in the easternmost corner… Has anyone seen or heard any up near me (Winthrop Harbor/Zion area)? I’ve taken my son to Van Patten woods on several days over the past couple weeks, but we’ve only found mosquitos!

Anything up near us???

Comment by Linda — May 31, 2007 [AT] 6:11 am

The emergence is on just east of Portage, IN. Just when I thought we wouldn’t get any, I heard a lone cicada in the tree a few doors down. I was working in my garden and noticed the ground just under the surface was riddled with holes a bit bigger around than a pencil. I have yet to find some skins, but they will turn up. I remember them here as a kid in 1973 and am glad they have not been wiped out by development.

Comment by Dan — May 30, 2007 [AT] 7:20 pm

I posted in the wrong spot!! They are the Magicicada cicadas up in McHenry! They are on Chickaloon Drive, and some can be found on Curran Road. Once you turn onto Chickaloon, start looking at the trees, amilboxes, telephone poles, whatever… they are on it!! Once you turn onto Chickaloon, if you drive about 1 block, you will start to see them. There are newly hatched ones, the “ghost” ones, and adults are flying, singing and buzzing around! There are so many empty shells littering the ground as well! It was an awesome spectacle of nature!! This was at 6:30 pm today, 5-30-07!

Comment by Kathryn — May 30, 2007 [AT] 5:51 pm

I haven’t seen any in Chesterton, Indiana or in the Indiana Dunes. I wonder if the sandy soil keeps them away. But yesterday (May 29) after work I drove to the Moraine Nature Preserve just south of Highway 6 and just east of Calumet Ave. (Old 49). As I approached my usual parking spot, I spotted empty skins on the trees, a hopeful sign. I parked at the edge of the forest and the beginning of a prairie, stepped out, and immediately heard the hummmmm. It wasn’t deafening, but it was very apparent and it seemed to come from all directions. A few steps from my car and there they were in all their buggie red-eyed glory: perched on trees, climbing up blades of grass, and, pretty quickly, climbing up me. I’m used to the skittish annual cicadas, so was a bit surprised (despite all I’d read) at how docile these little critters really are. What an amazing the force of nature! I’m definitely coming back here again to enjoy the “show.”

Comment by Steve — May 30, 2007 [AT] 12:11 pm

If you get a chance to see the cicadas shedding their shells, don’t miss it. Its a beautiful sight! It happens sometime between 9 pm -11 pm, maybe also as late as midnight. We don’t have cicadas naturally in our backyard, but we saw a yard where all of the trees had their trunks wrapped in plastic to keep the cicadas from climbing them, so we took about 30 of them home, let most of them go on a tree in our backyard and kept a few in a terrarium. It was amazing watching them come out of their shells! They are completely white except for 2 little black stripes on the top of their heads that look like bushy eyebrows above their red eyes. Their wings are shriveled up little stubs but after they are totally out of the shell, their wings start to unfold and they look like they are wearing white lace wedding dresses as they spread out their wings to let them dry.

The heaviest gathering of cicadas that we’ve seen so far is in La Grange and Countryside, but I’ve heard that Brookfield Zoo has a lot of them too.

Comment by RH — May 30, 2007 [AT] 7:25 am

They are emerging in Franklin Park as of a couple hours ago. It’s like hundreds came out of no where. I have not seen any in Melrose Park, Northlake,River Grove. Oak Park or Forest Park.

Comment by Franklin Park IL — May 29, 2007 [AT] 9:37 pm

Northbrook. I think I might have begun to hear the cicada’s songs this morning. Maybe?! I was sitting on my porch and, suddenly, all the squirrels and chipmunks started acting totally nuts! I then noticed a sort of background humming noise that seemed to be getting louder. I dunno…maybe it was a truck! The cicadas are in full force a couple blocks over and are now coming out in droves every night in my block.

Comment by Shelly — May 29, 2007 [AT] 7:32 am

My parents live in Forest Park and as of Saturday the cicadas had not yet emerged. People I know in Western Springs and Park Ridge have both had emergences already.

Comment by Bruno Cattivabrutto — May 29, 2007 [AT] 7:07 am

I live in wilmette and have a seen a few dead carcasses on the sidewalk so far. I grew up in a ciccada-free location, though we did have gang violence. any idea how much of this is going to hit wilmette? I haven’t heard of any wilmette/evanston/winnetka sightings. do they come to the lakefront as much as western suburbs?

My wife is really terrified and she was 13 the last time around and she describes the ciccadas like a zombie movie — crunch, crunch, crunch.

Comment by briand — May 28, 2007 [AT] 7:10 pm

their threw out are neighborhood now,early mornings,backyard has youngster that cracked out during the nite,we can hear them afew blocks away ,but not a sound is coming from our backyard yet.Wonder Lake,Il.

Comment by j.mayer — May 28, 2007 [AT] 7:18 am

Saw a ton of shells yesterday on trees and lightposts driving through part of River Forest (Forest Park?) by Chicago Ave and Thatcher.
Went back today to the nature center at the forest preserve at that intersection, and saw alot of adults hanging out, and empty shells. More of them than I’d expect had deformed wings. Got to see one of them hatch out of its shell, a recently hatched one with unfurled wings, still white, and another nymph getting started. Took a lot of pictures, which I’ll send along. They are so cool! This is my first time seeing the magicicadas. Where I grew up in Detroit we only ever got the annual ones.

Comment by Melanie — May 27, 2007 [AT] 8:05 pm

I have seen lots of cicadas in my neighborhood. This evening my husband and I were out on the driveway and yard around our house and we saw dozens of nymphs coming out of the grass, crawling across our driveway, heading for trees. I went to look for molting nymphs in my neighbor’s garden, and eureka! I saw several in various stages of molting, including one with new wings, another with growing wings, and another literally hanging from its shell. I felt something on my leg while I was standing there, and saw nymphs crawling up my leg!
In the mornings, we see newly grown adults just resting on our house and our deck. They are easy to pick up and I brought a few to school the other day to show my students.
I expected lots of cicadas here (Des Plaines), because seventeen years ago they were very prevalent when I lived just two blocks from where I live now!
However, I haven’t really HEARD them yet!

Comment by Katy Berman — May 27, 2007 [AT] 8:05 pm

We saw thousands at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL. It’s fair to say the ground was crawling with them.

I’m sending a few pictures to the webmaster.

Comment by Bob Aldaz — May 27, 2007 [AT] 3:48 pm

I didn’t actually see any cicadas, but while driving through Elmhurst & Glen Ellyn this afternoon their unmistakable singing was very loud.

Comment by Lucy — May 27, 2007 [AT] 1:09 pm

I drove to Illinois from Detroit this morning to photograph the cicadas. I didn’t find the numbers I was hoping for but did see a few hundred. I found them in DuPage county at Fullersburg Woods, Maple Grove and York Woods Forest Preserves but the majority were on trees in the Hinsdale business park.

Comment by T. Paul Wrobel — May 26, 2007 [AT] 9:01 pm

I haven’t seen a single Cicada. I Live in Michigan City, Indiana. I was really looking forward to at least hearing a few. Per the Brood 13 map, we are supposed to be getting some, anyone know?

Comment by Michael Hodge — May 25, 2007 [AT] 10:22 pm

Well, I guess Naperville is not old enough for the cicadas. I grew up in Downers Grove and we had many many Cicadas as a kid. Too many corn fields around here. I have not seen one cicadas. Where have all the cicadas gone?? 🙁 🙁

Comment by Ray — May 25, 2007 [AT] 8:29 pm

I live in Flossmoor and I have been in this area all my life, so I’ve seen the ’56, ’73, and ’90 cicadas but I have never seen so many seagulls eating cicadas! It’s amazing! They fly down the street in large groups of about 50 birds and devour any cicadas on the ground or on the bottom of the tree trunks.

Comment by Sue — May 25, 2007 [AT] 5:16 pm

We’re in Elmhurst. They first showed up on the morning of the 23rd. There were 11 on our small tree in the front yard. Today, the same tree has over 100! But we’ve got a lot of big trees in our backyard, and holes every 6 to 8 inches in the lawn, and none have emerged there yet, so I think three’s plenty more to come… yikes!

Comment by Mike — May 25, 2007 [AT] 12:05 pm

For those of you that are missing out, come to Villa Park, there are thousands. Most still in shells but in a few days they will all be out. It’s going to be a nightmare, like a Hitchco*ck movie.

Comment by Sheri — May 25, 2007 [AT] 10:49 am

I found a newly emerged adult cicada coming out of it’s shell this morning in the 200 block of North Kenilworth in Oak Park. This is the first live cicada that I’ve seen this year. I brought it home to let my cats observe and one of my cats, Dino, ate it.

Comment by Rick Pavia — May 25, 2007 [AT] 8:35 am

New Lenox, IL
Finally got a nice showing at dawn (much to our surprise). Our 7 year old old was able to bring in the largest nymph we found getting ready to crawl up a tree along with an adult (in seperate jars) to school. Never seen a crowd of kids gather so fast to check them out! 🙂 3 year old also enjoyed showing the neighbors a nymph she’s going watch shed.

There were approx. 75 around around our elm tree and many shed skins on most trees we observed in neighboring yards.

Comment by Chrissie — May 25, 2007 [AT] 8:26 am

Highland Park, IL
It has begun…
just before dusk last night we spotted several shells near the trees in our yard. Went back outside after dark and you couldn’t walk in the grass without stepping on them. It was quite an amazing site to see all of them navigating their way through the grass towards the nearest tree.

Comment by DV — May 25, 2007 [AT] 7:20 am

we now have 25/30 open shells in the backyard,and around 15 crawling around the house,hope this isn’t all will see.

Comment by j.mayer — May 24, 2007 [AT] 3:19 pm

Elmwood Park, IL.
Saw 3 shells on trees yesterday. Saw about 20 live cicadas on sidewalk at about 10 p.m. They seem to bask in the light of the streetlamp. Saw many shells on the sidewalks in E.P. while driving to work this morning!

Comment by Sandy — May 24, 2007 [AT] 8:56 am

I live in Highland Park. Last night we found 3 cicadas crawling out of their holes. With the warm weather we have been having, I was sure that the major emergence in our area would have occurred last night, but it didn’t. Still waiting…

Comment by DV — May 24, 2007 [AT] 7:00 am

Unfortunately, we won’t see any in Wilmington, even though I live along the river with huge old trees. My neighbors told me the cicadas don’t like Wilmington 🙂
Guess I’ll have to travel back to my old neighborhood in Westchester to visit with the grandkids of the cicadas I saw back in ’73.

Comment by Mary B — May 24, 2007 [AT] 6:36 am

I’m also still (impatiently) waiting in Lisle. I practically live in a forest, and I haven’t seen ONE here!

Comment by RG — May 24, 2007 [AT] 5:24 am

I want to see the Cicadas. No sign of them in downtown Naperville yet. Is tonight the night?

Comment by Ray — May 23, 2007 [AT] 9:22 pm

They’re here…..on Glenview, at least. I walked out the back door this morning — there were cicadas and shells everywhere. On the deck, the patio and all of the plants. I turned around and walked right back in! Our neighbor’s lawn had so many in it is looked like the lawn was moving. And I understand the big emergence isn’t until tonight and tomorrow. Ughhh!

Comment by Clare — May 23, 2007 [AT] 1:12 pm

Saw my first-ever magicicada on the Dominican University campus in River Forest just a few minutes ago, on the patio near the library. Haven’t seen any others yet, on campus or at home in Franklin Park.

Comment by Christine — May 23, 2007 [AT] 11:32 am

There were 11 on our tree yesterday. Today, my wife (who was in England in 1990) says she’s trapped in the house… They’re everywhere!

Comment by Mike — May 23, 2007 [AT] 10:28 am

They have just started emerging in Des Plaines, IL. Some shells on sidewalk and saw about 20 on one tree while walking dog. However, not everywhere YET!!
Very exciting!

Comment by Jan — May 23, 2007 [AT] 9:53 am

Noticed first shell on my driveway this AM. Belvidere, IL. I’m in a new sub division without any old trees so this guy had to travel more than 2-3 blocks.

Comment by B.Cihak — May 23, 2007 [AT] 7:35 am

They’re everywhere! Naperville, IL. I spotted thousands in the grass while I was walking my dogs.

Comment by Ben — May 23, 2007 [AT] 7:20 am

I was in the backyard yesterday,05-22.planting some day lillies,dug three small holes,about 8 deep,found five,young’ins just under the surface,west side of wonder lake,il.

Comment by j.mayer — May 23, 2007 [AT] 3:33 am

They were out, just as predicted, this morning in Elmhurst.

Comment by Kristi — May 22, 2007 [AT] 6:32 pm

We live in Orland Park and went on a cicada hunt last night and were able to find 6! By the time we were going in the house, they were coming out. We could hear the lava rocks in front of our house shifting as they emerged from the ground.

Comment by Kristen — May 22, 2007 [AT] 9:33 am

Thank God! I have not seen them… Lake Station, IN

Comment by Conni — May 22, 2007 [AT] 9:19 am

The last emergence I have seen of Brood XIII was in 1956 (moved from NW Indiana in ’71). I will be back in the Crown Point, IN area the second weekend in June and am looking forward to meeting the Great-grand children of the Magicada I met in 1956.

Comment by Richard Berg — May 22, 2007 [AT] 9:14 am

My students just took a field trip around our school to see if we could find any. We didn’t! We can’t wait. We are in Joliet, Illinois.

Comment by Jill Kelley — May 22, 2007 [AT] 8:59 am

I wish you guys would stop whining about the cicadas. They are beautiful creatures that only grace us with their presence every once every 17 YEARS! I, for one, can’t wait to get home from work so that I can sit outside and take in the beauty of these lovely creatures.

Comment by jt — May 22, 2007 [AT] 8:54 am

Lots started coming out yesterday and today here in Crown Point, IN. All stages. I grew up in Downers Grove and remember my dad shoveling them off the sidewalks with a snow shovel last time they emerged. Was curious to see if we’d see them here, and sure enough, our woods are full : )

Happy watching!

Comment by Crown Point IN — May 22, 2007 [AT] 8:52 am

My wife just called to tell me the cicadas are really starting to come out in Villa Park. She was taking my son for a walk and saw them beginning to cover the trees. I don’t think i want to come home from work today.

Comment by jb — May 22, 2007 [AT] 8:40 am

There are several in our backyard in Homewood (south suburbs) flying around. We saw the first two adults here Saturday, when it was 52 degrees! They almost seemed to have come out early by accident, they were pretty sluggish. I can’t wait to see the emergence really get going here, we had a LOT last time.

Comment by Vera — May 22, 2007 [AT] 8:33 am

Cicadas are so cool! I love finding them in my backyard and I love holding them. How do U know when they r gonna come out next? I totally love there colors and sounds they make so many of my friends hate these things but I don’t see y they aren’t harmfull!! See ya

Comment by Shawna Baker — May 22, 2007 [AT] 8:26 am

Sheri, I’m sorry that you don’t like these things. I find it simply amazing that they do this every 17 years. I wonder how long they’ve been doing this and how they got started. Millions of years??? Anybody know???

I lived in Cicero for the ’73 Cicada emergence. We really didn’t have any coming out of the ground or on trees where we lived. However, we did have a massive swarm one day that was like a black cloud that came through. A friend & I were playing wiffle ball when it happened, so we spent an hour swatting Cicada’s…kids!!!

I live in Westmont. I saw a bunch Sunday in our back back yard. A cold rain put the dampers on them and I saw NONE yesterday after work. NOT SO TODAY!!! They’re coming up out of the ground all over my yard. They’re on trees. They’re coming out of their shell, spreading their wings, and are white at first. I can only imagine the invasion when I get home from work tonight…looking forward to it.

Comment by Mike from Westmont, IL. — May 22, 2007 [AT] 6:56 am

My dog and I saw a few shell casings on our morning walk in Elmhurst, Illinois. Also, she found a still-blonde one in the grass — and ate it!

Comment by Ellen — May 22, 2007 [AT] 5:44 am

My daughter counted 13 in downtown Geneva, IL yesterday (Sunday) while working. 12 shells and 1 flying.

Comment by Bob Aldaz — May 21, 2007 [AT] 7:41 pm

Found a few on a sunny construction fence near my home in Elmhurst, IL — Saturday morning (5/19/2007).

Comment by Vincent Hradil — May 21, 2007 [AT] 10:58 am

None near the Kishwaukee river yet, but expect many as there are forest lands and parks with old trees. Looking for them in Dekalb county.

Comment by Debb — May 21, 2007 [AT] 10:48 am

Saw about 3 doxen cicadas while walking the dog this morning. I’m sure there’s more to come.

Comment by BonnieH — May 21, 2007 [AT] 9:33 am

I moved to Wilmington, IL, just over two years ago and live in a 50+ year old house with 50+ year old trees along the Kankakee River near the Des Plaines Conservation Area. I am sooo looking forward to having the cicadas in my yard, but I’m not sure if I’ll get any. I remember them from the spring of 1973 in Westchester and our yard was covered with them. I hope to see them soon (keeping my fingers crossed).

Comment by Mary B — May 21, 2007 [AT] 7:33 am

I went golfing today (Sunday May 20th) and as I went searching through the woods for my ball, I saw a Cicada sitting on a leaf near a small oak tree. The golf course is located near Henry, IL about 35 miles north of Peoria, IL…

Comment by Derek Scott — May 20, 2007 [AT] 8:33 pm

We live in a home built in 1923 with oak trees all over our front lawn just as old. While gardening on the 5th & 6th of May I noticed wholes appearing in the ground and saw a couple of dead cicadas sitting in them. By the next Monday I had counted over 100 holes in the ground. Today May 20th I saw 4 cicadas already. I think we are getting them WAAAAAY earlier then most, or so it’s sounds like.
Lombard, Illinois

Comment by Kimberly — May 20, 2007 [AT] 7:41 pm

We recently moved to MI and was wondering what parts of the state will see the Cicadas. We had them in WV and they totally freaked me out. We are in the middle of Michigan. Is there any way to check and see when they plan to attack our area? Thanks!

Comment by Carol — May 20, 2007 [AT] 7:39 pm

It’s not cool Mike, it’s terrifying, I’m already starting to hyperventilate. How can you guys be so calm about this, oh yeah, you’re guys. Personally, I don’t want cicadas getting caught in my hair and sticking to my clothes, in the car, etc..

Comment by Sheri — May 20, 2007 [AT] 7:10 pm

I live in Westmont, Illinois. The Cicada’s are coming up in sunny areas. My back backyard is LOADED. I see some coming up here and there in the areas of my property that are mostly shady. The birds are having a treat. And I’m seeing variety of birds that I rarely see going after them. Pretty cool!!!

Comment by Mike — May 20, 2007 [AT] 2:15 pm

A single Magicicada flew into me while I was gardening in my backyard this afternoon in Wheaton, IL. There are no obvious cicada chimneys in my yard, so I’m not sure where he/she came from.

Comment by Cheryl — May 20, 2007 [AT] 12:57 pm

Emergence has begun in Palos Heights, IL. The Forest Preserve accross the street is loaded with cicado. They have already shed their exoskelton and are everywhere. It’s great.

Comment by Sandy — May 20, 2007 [AT] 12:40 pm

Emergence has begun in LaGrange. As of this morning (5/20), we have a sprinling of split shells and adults in various parts of our yard. Expecting many more over the next couple of days. They look great on the salvia and iris!

Comment by Rene — May 20, 2007 [AT] 10:59 am

Mari, In 2004, we had set up 15 sites with different orientations such as south sunny, south shade, north shade, …. The cicadas emerged at the south sunny sites before the shady locations. Also, once the emergence started it continued for several days.

Comment by Gene Kritsky — May 20, 2007 [AT] 6:05 am

On a walk this evening we saw cicada nymphs emerging in Brookfield, IL south of the tracks and west of Prairie Ave. but when we crossed north of the tracks and east of Prairie into Kiwanis Park there were no nymphs emerging. Can the ground temperature be that different just blocks apart?

Comment by Mari — May 19, 2007 [AT] 9:54 pm

I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the 17 years cidadas. The Magicicadas began emerging in my yard this morning in Flossmoor, IL. I am located about 25 miles south of Chicago. I live in an older area of Flossmoor and expect a large number to emerge. It’s pretty exciting!

Comment by Sue — May 19, 2007 [AT] 7:51 pm

I thought I was the only cicada nut around! I’ve been talking about these criters since I was pregnant with my first child, summer of 1974. Driving throught Elmhurst in a VW beetle with a manual-control sunroof was quite exciting…expecially down Poplar where there is a canopy of old huge trees over the street. Seventeen years later, I was walking near Elmhurt Hospital when the cicada emerged. Seems like they covered the grass as they marched in unison toward tree trunks. As I recall, each hole was only a few inches from one another. Eventually, every tree trunk in town was litterally covered with cicada. My daughter was a highschooler. Now she’s teaching biology and working toward her PHD. Hope I can plan having the grandkids over at the “special moment” when the cicada emerge again in Elmhurst.

Comment by Kathy — May 18, 2007 [AT] 10:07 pm

I am moving this weekend to the western suburbs of Chicago. I am expecting to see lots and lots of them. I have asked a neighbor of mine if I can borrow her cats for a few weeks. The kitties will have the time of their life with the lil guys. I have their songs playing on my computer all day. Driving my co-workers absolutely nuts.

Comment by Erin — May 17, 2007 [AT] 1:34 pm

We have found a few nymphs while gardening (Northbrook, IL) but have not seen any chimneys yet… they are supposed to arrive May 22. I am obsessed with cicadas!

Comment by Kristina — May 15, 2007 [AT] 11:55 am

snapping off chimneys may decrease their viability.

Comment by Dan — May 14, 2007 [AT] 1:17 pm

As i mow my lawn i have no way of avoiding the chimneys, i step on them and crack them all over the place. does this mean they will die before they emerge?

Comment by jb — May 14, 2007 [AT] 1:06 pm

I say not to snap them off because you don’t want to prematurely expose the nymphs. The tunnels protect from from weather and predators.

Comment by Dan — May 10, 2007 [AT] 2:59 pm

David — the posts from California and Sharon, PA were from last year.

Dan, why shouldn’t we crack off the top of the mud tunnels? I haven’t seen any to do it, but I’d like to know why we shouldn’t (so I can pass along to the kids I work with). Thanks!

Comment by Robin — May 10, 2007 [AT] 2:52 pm

The California cicadas are from an entirely different genus (probably Okanagana) that emerges each spring. They are not periodical, although they are dark-colored with orange like Magicicada. They should not have red eyes.

The Sharon, PA emergences are interesting because there is not supposed to be brood XIII there — if those really are periodical cicadas then they are perhaps very late Brood VIII cicadas?

Comment by David Marshall — May 10, 2007 [AT] 7:35 am

Don’t crack off the top!

Comment by Dan — May 9, 2007 [AT] 4:47 am

We have the empty holes. We have some holes that raccoons seem to have dug up. But I can’t find a cicada anywhere. I’m starting to think its aliens. Where have they gone?

Comment by Kath — May 8, 2007 [AT] 10:29 pm

We’re in Downers Grove, IL. Our entire yard is covered with these little mounds of dirt. If you crack the mound off, you’ll see the cicada sitting there staring up at you. And where there are not mounds, you can scrape the top half inch of dirt off and find tons of holes! We’ve got them EVERYWHERE!!!

Comment by MW — May 8, 2007 [AT] 7:15 pm

It’s actually beneficial to your lawn because they’re aerating it for you! People pay landscaping services $100s of dollars for aerating — the cicadas will do it for free!

Comment by Dan — May 4, 2007 [AT] 7:21 am

Does anyone know if these “chimneys” in my yard will affect my grass? I am 26 years old and don’t really remember the last cicada emergence. I’m in the midst of preparing my house to sell and I’m afraid that these cicadas will ruin my lawn before we sell.

Comment by jb — May 4, 2007 [AT] 6:53 am

After a month of searching, we finally dug up a Periodical Cicada nymph in our own garden in Oak Park, Illinois! We posted information and a photo on our blog:

Thanks to all the other folks who found cicada nymphs and burrows and inspired us to try again.


Comment by Eric Gyllenhaal — May 2, 2007 [AT] 9:01 pm

Thank you JB in Villa Park — I live in Homewood, south of the city and I was totally upset yesterday when I saw about 30 or more 1/2inch holes in my back yard — as you noted they are like aerations! Didn’t even cross my mind they could be cicadas. I’m still hoping so, as I’m reading about cicada wasps (eat the cicadas) leaving these type holes also.
What an interesting spring/summer we are going to have!

Comment by CJ — May 2, 2007 [AT] 8:33 am

I’m in Wilmette, IL. Was gardening yesterday (Monday) and lifted a path stone. Underneath were about 17 fat wiggling cicadas right under the surface of the stone. Lifted another stone, same story. Also found them in the compost pile. I have also noted some exit holes near the foundation of the house under the shrubbery on the north side.

Comment by Martha Hellander — May 1, 2007 [AT] 9:41 am

I’m in Villa Park, IL and noticed that my lawn had finally been aerated. Upon further inspection, they had not come to aerate yet, but my lawn was full of mounds of dirt and holes. I’ve learned that these cicadas are on their way up. My front yard is FULL of these things.

Comment by jb — April 30, 2007 [AT] 6:21 am

I’m in Chicago Western suburbs, and I was working the garden. There were 10 that I saw less than 1 inch below the surface and I was working in a 6 inch diameter circle. Lots of holes in the dirt as well. I was working in a southwest facing garden, and the sun was very warm today. These guys are raring to go, I think!! I brought me son out to see it and he thought it was totally cool.

I don’t know if I’m ready for them quite yet. I’m supposed to be camping in a few weeks, as well as kayaking. I may have to bring the dental floss!

Comment by HueyGirl — April 28, 2007 [AT] 10:25 am

Ok i just found a magicada! Full size as my daughter was playing with it! lol. I am in Delavan Wisconsin so they are defiently here!

Comment by Jennifer — April 25, 2007 [AT] 8:38 am

A cicada is the fruit of the land. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, sautee it. There’s, um, Cicada kebabs, cicada creole, cicada gumbo, pan fried, deep fried, stir fried. There’s pineapple cicada and lemon cicada, coconut cicada, pepper cicada, cicada soup, cicada stew, cicada salad, cicada and potatoes, cicada burger, cicada sandwich… That’s, that’s about it.

Comment by Jerry — April 24, 2007 [AT] 1:06 pm

Great news Rene!

Comment by Dan — April 24, 2007 [AT] 10:12 am

Today, while gardening in a friend’s yard in SE Elmhurst, I noticed several nickel-sized holes around me. I peeked into one and saw two red eyes staring back at me! This part of her garden is mostly barren, dry clay in a full-sun location. There were no chimneys, just exit holes. I found a dozen of these holes in a 5 x 5 area and the residents were all about 4-6 from the surface. In a spadefull of soil, I found many more active magicicadas near the surface and I carefully replanted them.

Comment by Rene‘ — April 23, 2007 [AT] 8:02 pm

Eric — looks that way to me. Looks like a nymph and a mud chimney.

Comment by Dan — April 10, 2007 [AT] 4:28 am

Hi, Dan,

Thanks for all your work spreading the word about cicadas!

My kids and I are trying to beat the late spring rush by finding the earliest periodical cicadas in the Chicago area. Could you help us out by (1) confirming that the live nymph we found last weekend was annual, not periodical, and (2) telling us if you think the burrows we found this weekend are early examples of perioidcal cicada burrows?

The photos are on this page:



Comment by Eric Gyllenhaal — April 10, 2007 [AT] 3:37 am

Hi Im from St Charles, MO. I have a bunch of dead cicada’s on my front porch. I hear them day and night in our trees.

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August 27, 2006

Archive of Magicicada Discussions 2005-2006

Filed under: Magicicada | | Periodical — Dan @ 1:29 pm

Comment by Brandi — August 27, 2006 [AT] 7:02 pm

I am from Sharon, Pennsylvania. My cat has brought 2 Magicicadas in my house . We have been hearing them sing the last few days . They were big and black with clear wings .

Comment by Sherry Vanditta — August 14, 2006 [AT] 3:31 pm

I live in Sacramento, California. In the past two weeks my cat has been bringing in cicadas. There have been about 10 of them so far. I’ve had three “delivered” in the last two days. I’ve done a little research on the web and this doesn’t appear to be the norm. I don’t see any outside, but pretty sure I hear them up in my huge tree. None of my neighbors hve this problem either.

Isn’t this unusual? They look like they are Magicicada cassini or Magicicada septendecula. Any enlightenment will be appreciated.

Comment by Bea Maurer — July 24, 2006 [AT] 10:22 pm

Our location is 38.2 N, 86.2 degrees W. This is a little neighborhood off of Blanton Lane and Dixie Hwy in Louisville, KY. This morning I was cleaning my pool and I heard a splash in it. This poor creature had landed in it. Not sure what it was, I got it out and came in to check on the web. From what I found on,it must be a straggler. My cam is not working so no picture can be taken. I will try to get a pic before I let it go if anyone is interested. I hear them occasionally at night, but first time I’ve actually seen one since I was a child. My grandson has found shells over the past 2 yrs, but we never found one till now. Just thought I’d let ya know for those who are interested.

Comment by Donna Denson — July 8, 2006 [AT] 7:32 am

June 17, 2006
Our dog found a Okanagana rimosa cicada in our backyard. This was in Edmonton Alberta Canada off the revine in the Capilano area. Very cool never seen anything like it. A black star with an orange circle just behind its head on a plate of some sort. It has since been taken to the University 0f Alberta; Strickland Entomological Museum.

Comment by M. Valgardson — June 22, 2006 [AT] 10:57 am

Some very late notes on brood xxiii in central Mississippi, May, 2002.
In the Jackson, MS area tridecassini was probably the most numerous species, with tridecim next, and tridecula a very distant third. M. tridecassini is the one that makes a ticking sound followed by a buzz like a weedeater revving up. There were so many that the sound was really deafening, and the intensity would rise and fall, like waves crashing on a beach. I think that each species aggregated with its own kind, but I have no proof. The much quieter tridecim—the one with the “pharaoh” song was in smaller groups. I noticed that very early in the morning, before the sun came up, the tridecims were singing, but none of the others. I also noticed that when I was going home on my bicycle after dark, my bicycle light elicited buzzes and partial songs from a few of the cicadas as I went by. The rather scarce tridecula were in small groups, and they tended to be where the trees were not tall—basically in fields where the trees were just moving in.
In 2003, 2004, and 2005, each May, I heard a few tridecassini stragglers singing. Before the big spring 2002 brood, I heard one tridecassini that jumped the gun in October, 2001!

Comment by Paul Krombholz — September 20, 2005 [AT] 9:34 pm

August 23, 2005

Went out on my deck this morning to enjoy a cup of coffee. When I went to sit down I had a visitor resting on my chair. It’s the first Cicada I’ve seen up close since the 80s. I’ve heard them humming in the trees all summer. They’re loud and they’re here in Rocky Hill, CT.

Comment by Marilyn — August 23, 2005 [AT] 6:30 am

I am in Rockville, MD and we had a HUGE emergence last year — HUGE. I didn’t realize that there would be any this year but I have been hearing the buzzing sound for a little over a week and wasn’t sure what it was. Well, when 2 were swarming around me last evening, I then realized it. I found 3 dead ones on the ground today while gardening and as I type this, every once in awhile, there is a “knock” on the window from one when they run into the glass. Nothing like last year but there are definately some in this area!

Comment by Susan — August 22, 2005 [AT] 10:38 pm

A friend of mine also has them in Mansura, La.
I had taken pics, but I think I deleted them, will try again

Comment by iluvmykhalil — August 15, 2005 [AT] 4:13 pm

8/15/05—-There are alot in Princeton, Illinois.
I have seen one on my porch about every other day. There dead skin or what ever you call it, well let’s just say in my front yard I found at least 20 of them, it feels like we are infested with them, ok maybe I am over exaggerating. I don’t like them, they are big, ugly and scare me!

Comment by iluvmykhalil — August 15, 2005 [AT] 4:10 pm

I saw 2 Magicicadas in Camden, NJ in 2 days. On August 12th, I saw a dead one laying on the walkway in front of Cooper Hospital. Then on August 14th I saw one on the screen of my front door in Cramer Hill, NJ. When I opened the door it tried to fly away but banged into the post and into the grass. Very big insect!! I have alot of trees in my yard and live close to a wooded area so if I see one on one of my trees, I will try to take a picture. It’s hard though since I am afraid of insects. Also,on my way to Wildwood, NJ I heard them singing the entire way through the Atlantic City Expressway on August 13th as well.

Comment by M Casiano — August 14, 2005 [AT] 9:15 am

The Cicadas are here un the Upstate of South Carolina. I live in a little town southwest of Greenville SC called Honea Path. We have Oak and Chesnut Trees and the are singing wonderfully all day like I used to hear them in Southern France.
Now here I need an expert for answers? I heard the same noise last year. Not quite as prominent then this year but still I could hear them well every day.
This year I have been looking around and found some dead Magicicadas.
I am a little lost about this 17 year cicle. How could I have heard some last year and this year.
Are they other types of cicadas that live every year and make a similar noise?
Also as I go about enjoying these wonderful creatures of nature I hear being closer some high pitch singing less loud and frequent?
I would be thankful if anybody can give me more information. Suggestions of site with information and an excellent book about cicadas.
I feel in heaven, romantic and this wonderful noise while reading a book under a tree is an awesome feeling.
Edmond Schafeitel
Honea Path SC

Comment by Edmond Schafeitel — August 14, 2005 [AT] 8:38 am

The Cicadas are here in Charlotte, NC in droves. I am on the southwest side of Charlote, near the SC border. The oak trees are ringing loudly. Now the starlings are showing up in flocks for the buffet. I have never been glad to see starlings until now. I didn’t see any Cicadas in my neighborhood last year, and if they were here, there weren’t very many of them. This is the third time I have witnessed them during my lifetime.

Comment by Dr.Volts — August 14, 2005 [AT] 6:16 am

I saw one two days ago, and I squished them in between my toes, ohh how I love the feeling. Anyone know when more are comming in, I did this two times so far, there blue eyes, turn red when you moosh them!

[Moderator: don’t moosh cicadas.]

Comment by Ceerie — August 13, 2005 [AT] 8:09 pm

Seattle WA, Aug 8, 2005, 2 pm 80 degrees.
I had to have my wife tell me what the hell that noise was. I have never seen or heard anything like this before, though i only moved to Seattle in 1988.
I grew up in eastern Montana, and have never heard them.


Comment by lloyd — August 7, 2005 [AT] 8:35 am

Cicadas are buzzing heavily in Narberth, Pa. Actually spotted a live one on a chair in my yard. Found several shells in a tree and on the ground. Thought they only emerged every 17 yrs? Although their sound is soothing to myself, my young child is terrified of their noise. How long should we expect them to be around? Thanks!!

Comment by Heather G. — August 6, 2005 [AT] 4:22 pm

I know nothing about cicadas but they are in my yard. I live in Waukesha WI and they have been here for a couple of weeks, yet a friend who lives 1/4 mile away does not hear them in his yard. We only hear them at night as soon as the sun goes down they start singing and are quite loud. Tonight they are not as loud and it doesn’t sound as if there are as many as there have been in the last few weeks. Are these what you call stragglers? I found 1 shell in our driveway but did not realize what it was until I started ready about them on you website

Comment by gundi davis — August 5, 2005 [AT] 7:40 pm

Location: Boone, NC, right on the TN/NC/VA border. Last year I eagerly awaited Brood X, but was terribly dissapointed. I might have heard 2 at my home, at the most. While rafting on the Nolichucky River in TN (2004), they were deafening! This year, my home is surrounded by them. We have been having some unusually hot weather breaking a long standing record by hitting 90deg last week, maybe that’s why they are so active. I have been stalking the woods with my camera trying to get a pic, but they are everywhere except for where I am! Camera shy little suckers….

Comment by Shannon K — August 1, 2005 [AT] 9:36 am

I live in Freeport, NY (Long Island) I have about 10 shells in front of my home with a new one on my front door everyday. I also see the holes in the dirt. Don’t expect me to take pictures I am deathly affraid of insects of all kind. The noise is annoying..

Comment by Tiarra T. — July 28, 2005 [AT] 10:38 am

I’ve been hearing the very distinctive sound for several weeks now in nothern Virginia. Thought sure it was cicadas. I believe we have them in large numbers. Last night, the cat brought one in the house. We were able to get it out, but there is no mistaking that it was a cicada.

Comment by Dawn W — July 23, 2005 [AT] 7:28 am

A brood has emerged in Central Texas, the top of the bug looks like the face of a grasshopper, smiling. I guessed it was a cicada, heard about it, never saw it. Recently we have been seeing bizarre looking bug shells around the home, now I know what it was. Our kid spotted it clinging from it’s recently hatched shell on our screen. They sure are not scared, didn’t fly away and moved pretty slowly when nudged. No wonder they are hard to see. Ours was a light green with transparent wings that were brown tiped, so it blends in WELL witht the tree. The nymph phase seems to be universal looking ashy brown/tan. We are in Copperas Cove, TX, north of Austin.

Comment by James G — July 22, 2005 [AT] 8:43 am


Comment by Shay C — July 20, 2005 [AT] 9:06 pm

Yeah, yeah. I know I’m late with this.

I’m a PGRC member, and on a Saturday Morining run in late May (the 28th, I believe) I’m certain I heard a lone, Brood-X cicada somewhere in the middle of Greenbelt Park (Greenbelt, MD).

Comment by Tim Holtz — July 18, 2005 [AT] 7:05 pm

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Wow, we’ve never seen these before but in the last 24 hours we’ve found two of these guy’s (or gals) perched up on the brick wall directly outside the front door. The first one had a very long abdomin, even longer wings, and generally light brown all over.
Today’s find looks much more like the photos we have seen. It has a very large/wide green/brown head, green collar, green and mostly light brown wings, and brown body with a dark stripe going almost the entire lenth of the underside.
What a racket they make! Very interesting.

Comment by James Fyvie — July 14, 2005 [AT] 11:31 am

I live in Perth County (Ontario Canada) and have just heard quite a few in the tree outside my window. It is somewhat soothing to know that they are here again.

Comment by Cathy — July 12, 2005 [AT] 6:35 pm

I heard them a few days ago (just one or two), then silence due to rain and cooler weather here in Bayside, Queens. This mornining was warm and sunny and heard the same one or two once more. Pretty early for these parts I think. I usually do not hear them until mid august. I hope that does not mean they will be plentiful cause I hate them!!

Comment by Mindy — July 10, 2005 [AT] 1:06 pm

Today, while out walking my dogs, I heard the definite music of cicadas. I couldn’t tell you what kind they were as they all sound alike to me.

I’m in northwest Nassau county (Long Island). Has anyone else heard them around here?

Comment by Marilyn — July 9, 2005 [AT] 12:20 pm

It saddens me with the extinction of brood XI. I bet if you looked on old trees you my be able to see the scars from a cicada brood that no longer exists. Perhaps we could have done some sound mapping to see if there where any existing chorusing areas left. Who knows, maybe there is small pockets left.

Comment by Matt — June 29, 2005 [AT] 3:53 pm

I live in Jacksonville, Florida and we are cursed with Cicadas. In Jacksonville they don’t come out every 17 years, 7 years, or 3 years. They show up every year! Their “song” sounds like a high voltage power line. I am not aware of any studies but my guess is Cicadas are a major cause of depression and anxiety. I hate them.

Comment by Randy Ross — June 25, 2005 [AT] 7:01 am

Found a mature female Brood X straggler yesterday (15 June 2005) in Falls Church, VA. We had huge numbers last year, especially on the 50-yr-old maple tree in our yard, but I didn’t realize there would be 1-year stragglers. Haven’t heard any singing in the neighborhood so far.


omment by Pete Jennings — June 16, 2005 [AT] 1:57 pm

They are back this year (2005) in Forest Park Ohio! YUCK!! Thankfully not in the same numbers as last year. I estimate I’ve seen about 50 shells in the yard. Thank goodness I haven’t seen any of them flying around. I can hear them in the trees. Last year, I would barely leave the house and when I did, I did it in the evening. Hopefully I will be in a cicada free town before they come out again.

Comment by Linda — June 15, 2005 [AT] 5:09 pm

The search for Brood XI is on. The “lost” brood was located in CT, MA and RI but hasn’t been seen in over 50 years. Unlike the massive Brood X which we all heard about last year, this was a small and vulnerable brood. John Cooley from UConn and I would like to enlist the help of anyone in these three states. Sorry Midwesterners, but any periodical cicadas you see are probably stragglers from Brood X. Especially if you had them in large amounts from the previous year. To fully understand our problem, you have to read the original location descriptions from 50 years ago. Basically, all that is written is a county reference such as “Hartford County.” Street locations, landmarks or any other points of reference just aren’t listed too often or may even have changed. It will be different for the next generation thanks to the GPS, but for now we have some legwork (and cyberwork) to do. Obviously, the best case scenario would be to have a live specimen. But lacking this, we ask if you could please ask your older relatives or friends if they remember anything detailed. Someone might have a journal page or photograph that could really help us hone in on a specific location. Even a memory, as long as it can provide times and locations, would be helpful. It’s already happened to us once, as a farmer was able to direct us to a previous location. (Sadly, there was a construction crew literally starting to build a house on it, but John and I think the cicadas were long gone.)
Counties that had records are Hartford in Connecticut. Bristol, Franklin, and Hampshire in Massachusetts. Providence (near Tiogue Reservoir) in Rhode Island. Brood XI’s expected cycle in the last century was 1988, 1971, 1954, 1937, 1920 and 1903. “No cicada” sightings or “negative records” are helpful from these areas as well. So if you are planning a hike in any of these locations in the next month and don’t see anything, shoot me an email. It may help us to cut down on places we need to search. Thanks for your help.

Mike Neckermann
castle10 [AT]

Comment by Mike Neckermann — June 10, 2005 [AT] 1:26 am

oh and i just wanted to say that i am in pierre part louisiana wwayyyyy down south about 30 min. southwest of new orleans it was a brite lime green color so fresh very very flimbzy!!!!!!!!!1

Comment by cody leonard — June 7, 2005 [AT] 9:40 pm

i w

i watched one crawl out of its shell tonite june 5 2005 at11.05 at nite
the wings were flopy and soft it climbed up my rocker i was sitting in so i put it on the brick wall and put an aqurium over it took some pics to

Comment by cody leonard — June 7, 2005 [AT] 9:35 pm

At Green Lane Park PA I went to the most popular Magicicada tree from last year. Saw maybe 20 or 30 shells on the ground. I wondered if they were left over from last year’s hatching but my daughter didn’t think shells would last a whole year. So we concluded that these must be Stragglers! I didn’t see any live cicadas though. However, a bit later I began hearing the call of one single Cassini among the trees!


Comment by Laura Woodswalker — June 5, 2005 [AT] 6:28 pm

I can hear 1 or 2 magicicada cassini singing in my back yard.

Comment by Matt — June 5, 2005 [AT] 7:52 am

Caught another magicicada on the same tree. Thats 3 on one tree. In Loveland Ohio.

Comment by Matt — June 4, 2005 [AT] 4:03 am

found 2 magicicada shells on a tree in Loveland, Ohio.

Comment by Matt — May 30, 2005 [AT] 7:14 pm

Stragglers in Pohatcong Twsp. (Warren County, NJ)! Heard them (decim) today and I was so excited although I would flip if we could actually see them here. Last year I heard a few but only saw large populations a bit South of here in Holland Twsp. Think I will ride down there tomorrow and see if I find any of our little friends buzzing around.

Comment by LPK — May 29, 2005 [AT] 7:21 pm

Great: take a photo and send email it to the site — if you can get a picture of a cicada next to a newspaper (for dating purposes) that would be awesome.

Comment by Administrator — May 29, 2005 [AT] 10:03 am

Hey, I know this sounds unusual but i found 11 magicicada shells on a tree in my grandmas yard in terrace park ohio

Comment by Mat — May 28, 2005 [AT] 11:11 am

Awesome. I’ll let you know (and everyone else) if I hear about anything in Princeton.

Comment by Administrator — May 11, 2005 [AT] 7:32 am

I have a friend in Silver Springs MD which had a fantastic emergence last year. He will be checking for any stragglers this week as warm weather is expected shortly. I may go to Princeton NJ in a couple of weeks myself.

Comment by AJay — May 8, 2005 [AT] 10:18 am

re: why they sing in summer

Date: Wednesday, Apr/27/2005

> If so, does >it mean that they mate only in >Summer? So what do they do in >Winter? — Som, Thailand Som, let’s just say they spend a lot of time “getting in shape” for mating season. — bissel spilkes, town, state

Largest Cicada?

Date: Tuesday, Apr/26/2005

Wow! This message board has been dead for awhile! I would like to know what the largest type cicada in America is. Here in Virginia, We have several species, some of which I don’t know the names of. First ones I hear each summer are the standard T. Pruinosa, always in old-tree neighborhoods. Next to be heard are my favorites, T Lyricen. Near the beginning of the season they are heard near dusk, but as the summer progresses, they’re heard all day. They have the sweetest, mellowist song: It starts like any other tibicen song, a rising buzz, then suddenly it changes to a soft whirring, like a rotating electric motor. A single specimen’s drums often go slightly ‘out-of-sync’, and you hear a harmonic beating in the whirring sound. Next to appear is the ‘morning cicada’, T. Chloromera <-spelled wrong! These are strange looking: VERY flat, wide heads, the most 'classic-looking' Tibicen type, powdered entiry bright white underneath, and with long, bend-down opercula. We also have the 'watch-winder', which looks outwardly like T pruinosa, but has uprasied ridges on the abdomen that meet and seal with the opercula, the chamber. Their song sounds like someone winding a clock. Later in the summer, appears (never very common) T Auletes, which I thought was the biggest. Their song has a hollow, sound, like a chorus of frogs, a long steady whistling drone, with a regular beating 'tocking' sound. These appear around here in old-tree areas, and often sing well after the sun has gone down. Latest cicada in the season, is a very small one, definately a Tibicen, has a very shrill scream that lasts for only 5 or 6 seconds. I've seen these in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where they're more common, but they also appear here in the DC area. Other unknown one that I've caught, have a song like a cross between T. Pruinosa, and T. Lyricens, and these are a bit smaller, similar color like Pruinosa, but have a black stripe down the powdered white underside of the abdomen, and black opercula. What American Cicada is the largest though? Fred -- Fred Berry, Virginia

why they sing in summer

Date: Tuesday, Apr/19/2005

Hi there. I’m fron Thailand and I wonder is it true that cicadas love to “sing” in Summer? If so, does it mean that they mate only in Summer? So what do they do in Winter? — Som, Thailand

Web de entomologia

Date: Tuesday, Mar/15/2005

web de entomologia ——entomology web in spanish — Juan, Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, M�xico

More Japanese Cicadas!

Date: Wednesday, Feb/23/2005

These are my favorites! I spent many years studying and collecting them. From tiny ones less than an inch long, to those that are among the largest (and loudest) in the world (listen to a Kuma Semi, their unearthly song travels for miles and stands right out from among the millions of other cicadas singing all around you. In full swing its call sounds like an ominous, inhuman voice, very clearly saying the word ‘HISS’ quickly, over and over again! To this day, no other cicada song impresses me as much! This type and its close and equally huge/loud relative the Yama Semi have tremendous drumheads and exotically shaped opercula. From above they look like giant versions of our dogday cicadas, with very wide heads, but their bodies are polished shiney black with powdered white line behind the drumheads, and covered with sparse golden hairs/dust that easily rubs off. In flight, they are very fast and agile, looking all the world like small birds! Love my semi!! — Fred, Virginia


Date: Wednesday, Feb/16/2005

Howdy Dan and all the rest of the cicada watchers! 8>- x — cicada x, In

Leonardo Milhomem – Brasilia, Brazil Cicada Photos

Date: Monday, Feb/14/2005

Quesada Gigas can also be found in the United States. It sings at dusk and has a very interesting sound I would descibe as a tea kettle or a long high pitched whine. The location and time I have personally heard them is mid July at the San Antonio Texas KOA. — Mike, Columbia CT

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July 27, 2005

Cicada Pie Recipe

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These sort of things disgust me, but I’m posting it anyway.

Four cups of chopped rhubarb, 1 cup of fresh cicadas, washed and any hard parts removed; 1&1/3 cups white sugar, 6 tablespoons all-purpose flour, 1tablespoon butter, and a 9-inch double crust pie crust.

You’ll find the rest of the recipe in this article from the Arizona Republic: Answering bug query is easy as pie.

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June 8, 2004

May 25th to June 8th 2004 Cicada Comments

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Cicadas Numbers Declining

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
The cicadas have been declining here. They are about 60 percent peak as near as I can tell. George, Elkridge, Md, USA

No more bird talk

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
We’re ending the bird thread for now. I do encourage everyone to educate yourselves about invasive species. Dan, Cicada Mania

cicada’s after dark

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Saturday, June 5 we went on a cicada hunt near Augusta WV and spotted cicada’s that glowed in the dark, only much larger and brighter than any firefly. Has anyone else observed this
phenomenon ? Marie Chibirka, Dalton, PA

Enough with the birds?

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
This is for Brad, from Birmingham. I don’t think its ever inappropriate to discuss cruelty to animals, be it birds or insects, as has been discussed here. Yes, this is a cicada board, but Fred from VA was killing birds to protect the cicadas, so the connection is not that remote. And, I think decisions on what we should be allowed to talk about here should be left to the creators of this board, not to just any poster.

I don’t know the solution to dealing with unnatural, invasive species, but I do know that the existence of those of us who are not Native Americans might be considered unnatural here in North America, and we certainly have been invasive. Should we be killed off now, too?

And, yes, I am a devout cicadaphobe, but I still wouldn’t hurt the little guys…they just scare me, rationally or not. Cicadaphobe, McLean, VA

To Grace in Abingdon, Md.

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Hi Grace
I wish I could go with you this weekend, I’d love another opportunity to study them again. Out of the 20 cicada’s I captured most have died. 🙁 I contacted UMASS Amherst’s Entomology Dept and asked them if they’d be interested in my specimens for study and they jumped at the chance. They are sending me a box of dry ice to perserve the little bugger’s to ship them back to. They also want copies of my videos and pictures. It made me feel pretty good that I was able to contribute these to a respected University up here.
I strongly suggest I81 South from the Maryland border. Take the exit for Route 901 Spring Mill Road. It won’t be far once you cross the Patomac River.
When you come to the top of the off ramp, you will see a shell station straight ahead. Go right. Follow 901. Not only is it a very nice drive, the road is very windy with a lot of old standing trees. Please remember to open your windows and you will start to hear the Septendeculars singing. They sound like a giant weed-wacker. I followed 901 about half-way through and stopped by a big church that has an old graveyard next to it on the left there is an old colonial style brick building on the right where they are doing some construction to rebuild it. Park in the church parking lot and wonder the little graveyard. I spent an hour here. There were tons of Septendeculars and Septendecims taking turns chorusing. I talked to a lot of the locals and it seems that anywhere along 901 seems to be the biggest concentration of cicada’s. Once you get back in your car continue on 901, you will come to some orchards and go over a set of railroad tracks, the road get’s really windy and hilly, your kids will like this area as it’s like riding a roller-coaster. Eventually, 901 ends and you will come to a stop sign. At this stop sign is rte 9 and you will be in the center of Hedgesville.

Good luck and please post your experience once you come back.
Gerry Gerry, Northern Massachusetts

No Cicadas!

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Are we too far north for Cicadas? We haven’t seen anything up here! Sharon, Pequannock, NJ, USA

Enough with the birds-This is a cicada board

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Everybody is welcome to his or her opinions. Please do educate yourself about invasive species before posting such sharp responses. There are many websites devoted to invasive species and the damage they cause. English Sparrows and Starlings do not belong in the US and have devastated natural bird populations. Bluebirds, native sparrows, and woodpeckers are just a few that are becoming endangered as a direct result of competition with these invasive species.
Now lets hear about those CICADAS!! I am taking the whole family (wife, 3 and 7 year-old daughters, and myself) for an hour-long drive to Ann Arbor, MI in hopes of finding Brood X. Everybody is very excited about the outing. Brad, Birmingham,MI

They have landed in Georgia…

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Three years ago I moved from the city to a home near 500 acres or preserved forest…I had never seen these things before. They are loud and trying to land on or near me whenever I am working in the yard in the evening.

Last night I had to stomp one FOUR times before it stopped moving…I thought moving to the country was supposed to be peaceful?!?!?

Tamara, Douglasville, GA

Birds and “fung-cadas”

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Hi Deborah, Your message was very polite and I liked your wording. I’m sorry about the sparrows and starlings. I treasure our natural bird life, and these two species are wiping them out. This is why I destroy them. They are unatural to this country. Take another example: the common Grackle. This species as multiplied to the point where towns are starting to destroy them with chemical warefare. I have never harmed a grackle and never will. This is a NATIVE species, and they are multilpying for reasons that are above me. I have watched Robins, Catbirds, mockingbirds, song sparrows, white throated sparrows, common crows, bluejays and even gray squirrels eating cicadas. Although I hate to see ANY cicada destroyed, this is nature at work and I’ll not interfere with that. English sparrows are NOT nature (in this country, anyway)and they are UNBALANCING nature here. I could kill MILLIONS, but it would not interfere with their growing populations. I see your point about life and karma. I just value our natural species of ALL life over invaders. I am seeing quite a few “Fung-cadas” (cicadas with the cicada fungus), around here. Both sexes. I have watched males singing with only half an abdomen! The song is quite a bit louder and ‘buzzier’ without the enclosed sound-chamber needed to make their true song. I am seeing quite a few more than in 1987. Fred Berry, Alexandria, VA

I hate cicadas!

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Why are all you weirdos so infatuated with these ugly bugs? They are ruining my life, i can’t go anywhere without them diving at my head. They are the stupidest creatures I have ever seen. They have no comprehension on how to fly which is the only thing they do with their lives other than breed and die. I can’t wait till they all die. All i know is that in 17 years i will not live anywhere that these bugs could possibly show up again. P.S. For all you people who eat them, you’re disgusting, I wonder if you eat their huge beady red eyes. sammy, Bloomington,IN

I HATE THEM!!!!!!!!!

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
The stupid things dive bomb my head so I have to take a text book everywhere with me to swat them away. I hate them. Only a week or two left before they all die and I am SO glad!! Oh, and Mrs.Cahill, are you here?!? Christine Croke, Baltimore, MD

Flying Like Mad

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
The noise level in my neighborhood has dropped some since last week. Well at least the decim anyway. I am definitly hearing more from the cassini now. My husband makes tons of “friends” when using the weedwhacker. Now I know why. The cassini sound alot like it and they must think it is a giant cicada. Even though the cicadas aren’t making as much noise now, they are flying about like crazy. Guess they are trying to fit in as much bug lovin’ as they can before their time is up. THANX TO GERRY IN NORTH MASS.-I am heading to Hedgesville this weekend to visit my sister and was glad of the bug report from there. Grace, Abingdon,MD

Squirels Enjoy Cicaras

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
When the cicadas first emerged, my family & I watched the squirels campure the cicada & eat them. We have approx 100 trees on our land & from our house windows we could see several squirels scooping the cicada from branches & munching on them.
You knew when the squirel moved to another branch, as you could see just the two wings slowly fluttering to the ground.
Dick in Bowie MD Dick Bolt, Bowie MD

Terrible Practice

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
To Fred of Alexandria,Va: Your practice of killing Sparrows and Starling is just plain Wrong!! You love the Cicadas (as I do and am awaiting the emergence of the wonderful creatures here S.E. Mich) yet hate these birds. An obvious contradiction…and a fraud.
How horrible to take a life of one of Earths creatures. Who are you to condem them to death? How would you feel if some entity judged your life worthless?
You are in fact no different than the stupid people who go around harming the beautiful Brood Xers.
I feel pity for you and your resultant Karma…and hope you find it in your heart to stop this awful practice. Deborah, Westland, Mich

Cassinis are still in full swing

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Yesterday, I drove to nearby Fall Church, VA. for an errand. The Cassinis and ‘deculas’ are still in full numbers. They were flying accross the roads, landing on the traffic lights, my car’s hood when I was stopped, and in the road! This is great! I stopped and watched the Cassinis in a 12 foot tall tree next to the road. Again, these guys were ‘doin the Cassini Caper’ by singing all at one time, flying to the next twig, (all at one time) and then laying down another chorus. I aggree, the Cassinis are my favorites too. Alot of ‘deculas’ are mixed in with these. Their ending ‘Tick, tick, tick, tick’ stands out from the Cassinis’ shrill buzzes. The deculas sound very much like a South Eastern species of Annual cicada which inhabits the scrub and scrub plants on the beaches/dunes of South Carolina. These guys’ songs are the same steady ‘tick tick’ such as heard at the end of Decula’s song. Anyway, todaze weather is very hot and muggy, and the 17 year cicada still persists to my pleasure!
Fred Fred Berry, Alexandria, VA.

Invasive Species

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
To follow up on Fred’s post, here’s more info about the Euro starting, and invasive species: Dan, Cicada Mania Headquarters

Killing Birds

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
To Elena from “Farfax” VA:

I have forgotten more about birds than you’ll ever learn. The English Sparrow (European Weaver Finch, scientific name PASSER DOMESTICUS) has no business being in this country. A few individuals were introduced by some IDIOT back in the 1800’s along with the notorious starling (Sternus Vulgarus) because he/she/it/they desired to have all the birds from Shakespere’s time in this country. These two species have devastated our native species, especially the precious Eastern Bluebird. English Sparrows have devastated populations of periodical cicadas mainly because the sparrows are UNATURAL to this country! There are laws in place concerning the English Sparrow: They may be hunted, trapped and killed in unlimited numbers all year around in all fifty states also including our territories. I have killed countless thousands of English Sparrows and starlings with the blessing of this state. I submit: The cicadas are natural and are true natives of this country. You are NOT. Fred Berry, Alexandria, VA.

Killing birds, are you?

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
I never heard anything more disgusting than that – killing birds to save insects!!! And how CLEVER is that – just think how much he’ll achieve, does he think those creatures’ miserable few weeks life time is a good enough reason to start murdering the NORMAL NATURE? Thanks God, they’ll be dead in a month anyway – birds or no birds.
Besides – when we are talking about Nature’s performance, we should remember that everything that Nature does is BALANCED. This cicadas’ invasion may as well have a purpose of multiplication of OTHER SPECIES.
Such people should be punished by law – that’s my opinion.
Elena, Farfax VA

SO SAD! Cicadas are fewer and fewer!

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
Feeling rather blue today….the number of cicadas have diminished in our back wooded area dramatically. Although I heard some in the hottest heat of the afternoon, the numbers are down dramatically. Lots of deceased ones lying on our porch etc. I will really miss them when they are all gone, and feel blessed that we were able to witness such an amazing event in our lifetime. Makes me acutely aware of the passage of time, and how brief life really is. Cheryl VanDaalen, Falls Creek, Louisville, KY

Another location: Valley Forge Mt.

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
There is a small grove of -decim at the top of Valley Forge Mt. in Chester County PA. It is a wooded, wealthy suburban-type neighborhood–the vicinity of High Point Drive and N. Forge Mt. Drive. (you’ll need a map of Chester County.) The cicadas were singing softly and I could pick out individual singers. I saw few live ones, and I did see a lot of “flagging” on trees. I wonder if they are they already starting to diminish? I’ve been going to see/hear them every chance I get–who knows if I’ll ever experience this magic again? Laura, Oaks PA

Yellow Eyes

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
I found two cicadas with yellow eyes in my yard today. One’s eyes are more gold in color, while the other’s were more of a cream yellow. I was able to get a picture of the one with the gold eyes.
Are yellow-eyed cicadas as rare as blue-eyed ones? Mitya, Falls Church, VA

Still eagerly awaiting

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
Lived through a large emergence in the 70’s in Clinton County, was thoroughly fascinated. We have three children looking forward to brood X. Sadly, there have been no signs of any. Nancy Sakowski, Unityville, PA (Lycoming County)

Ryan in Towson

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
Hey Ryan, if you can’t find a good place to record around Towson, come to Allegany County! They were pretty quiet the last few days, but today was hot and humid, and they were singing their little hearts out! They are flying all over the place all of a sudden. I had to clean my windshield twice today, it was so covered with bug guts. (I didn’t mean to hit them…honest!) kiersa, Cumberland, Md

The Cicadas are here….still

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
We’ve had the invasion of the cicadas in our area for almost a month and they seem to be getting louder and louder. We hear then 24/7. They are all over the trees surrounding our home and every time we venture out of the house, we usually have one fly right at us. We’ve counted at least 50 of them at one time resting under the deck of our house. They make a horrible sound too when you pick them up or swat them away. When will they go back to their underground homes? Kathy H, Mertztown, PA, USA

On their way out

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
They are mostly gone now. I don’t see them flying around anymore. The noise sounds quite distant now. But I do see lots and lots of corpses. Dennis, Silver Spring MD

They’re back…

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
Friday, Saturday & Sunday were cold and rainy here. Sunday afternoon we got a little sun and a bit warmer, and the reward was some half-hearted Cassini’s. But today (Monday, 06/17) it is nice and warm and the Septendicum are back with their chorus (a bit less volume), and the Cassini and Decula are in full swing. While photographing some I noticed a Septendicum male with bright YELLOW eyes, that matched his wing veins! I got some good photos of him by himself and with some red-eyed Cassini & Decula. If you’re interested, I’ll send a few photos for your site. I don’t know how common a yellow-eyed specimen is. The trees around here are showing serious flagging, and the girls are steadily inserting their loads in the branches. The weather is supposed to be warm this week, so hopefully we’ll have at least another full week of chorus. Fred Berry, Alexandria, VA.

cicada destruction

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
They have been here since May 12-my yard is full of millions of cicadas.The noise is deafening,the smell is awful, they have destroyed more than half of the annuals and perennials in my garden by laying eggs in their stems.The theory that they only do damage to small tree branches was way off.Apparently they will lay eggs on any type of plant they can.I am so tired of people saying they wish they had them,or that they love the noise they make.PLEASE.I can’t wait until they leave and I hope to never experience this horror again. Floralgirl, Maryland

I drove 500 Miles to see them!!

Date: Tuesday, Jun/8/2004
Hi There, This may sound strange to some but, this past weekend, 6/4 – 6/6 I drove over 500 miles from Northern Massachusetts to just outside Martinsburg WV just over the Maryland border to see the Cicada’s. I grew up in Baltimore but unfortunately, in 1987 which supposedly was there previous appearance, I moved to Massachusetts and I do not remember the previous appearance back in 1970 so I’ve been missing them. Anyway, I figured if I didn’t go down to see them now, the next time they arrive I’d be 57 years old (I’m 40 now) so I just had to go. I was glad to discover that there are two different species currently out, Magicicada Septendecim and Magicicada septendecula. I have identified these from their songs and coloring and I think I got it right. Anyway, I was in bug-heaven. When I was a kid, I collected the annual Cicada’s and ever since then I’ve been in love with them. They are the coolest things ever, not too bright but still cool. So I just had to come down to see the brood this year. Anyway, I managed to collect about 20 specimens. 10 of each species and broken down into 10 males and 10 females. Man what a bunch of noise the Magicicada septendecula made on the drive home from WV Today!! Anyway, when I brought them home, I took tons of pictures. I wanted my pictures to be in sort of a natural setting so I went in my yeard and cut a piece of bush, stuck it in water and shined a 1000 watt light on it and placed some cicada’s on it. I was happy to report that the Magicicada septendecula started doing their chorus right in my house hoping to entice some of the females!! It was pretty cool. After a while I placed some of the Magicicada Septendecim females on my natural – looking bush and am happy to report that several of them actually started to lay eggsI I don’t know if they mated with the males in my specimen container or they mated previous to me collecting them. I suspect the latter. Anyway, I have tons of great pictures and also some AVI files of songs, and alarm sounds and also of the females laying eggs. I’m going to hold onto this little piece of bush for a while to see if the eggs hatch. You never know, by me doing this we may experience an emergence of these cicadas up here in Massachusetts in 17 years!! Also, I am also sorry to report that approximately 1 out of every 10 Magicicada Septendecim that I looked at seemed to be infected with the fungal parasite Massospora cicadina. Most were alive but I suspect it wouldn’t be for long. The actual places I went to to see, listen and collect cicada’s is Route 9 in Hedgesville which is Exit 16W off of I81 south and also Spring Mill Road which is route 901 I forget the Exit number off of I81 but it is the second exit in WV after you cross the Maryland Border. Gerry, Northern Massachusetts


Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Their here in our part`s of OHIO ,,, We`re 18 miles east of Richmond Indiana ,,,, And these screaminnnn Cicada`s are all over here! ,,, My yard is FULL in the Tree`s ,,, Bush`s ,,,, fly`in all around!!!!
When drive`in on these back Country Roads ,,, In the Woods You can hear em
and VERY THINK in sum parts! Jas, Lewisburg Ohio

Lots of Them, AND a Bonus

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
Since posting my other message, I’ve gotten to see lots of activity and taken tons of pictures. One thing I didn’t figure on was the “buffet factor” – many different kinds of birds chowing down on the flying feast, from bluebirds to starlings. Nicest surprise was a flock of cedar waxwings (never saw this kind of bird at my house before). They set up shop at one of the cicada hot spots in the yard, and gorged themselves for a couple of days. One pair liked it so much, they moved in. I spotted them building a nest in a tree just ten feet from the front window. This has been a great experience! vbert, Kintnersville (Upper Bucks County), PA

cicada sightings

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
I have yet to see or hear any in my neighborhood, but this morning coming through the parking lot where I work in Plainsboro, one came flying up and landed on me. I was surprised at how much smaller they are than the yearly cicadas, and the coloring with the red eyes is really something. I have been watching through my office window and see quite a few of them flying about. Jennifer tee*ts, Roebling NJ

Have seen them in northern surburb of Philadelphia

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
Last Tuesday I saw hundred of them in the state park of Lake Nockamixon, about an hour drive to the north from Philadelphia. It was at the marina in the northern part of the lake. They were everywhere in the wooded area and were very noisy. Tonny, Philadelphia, PA

Reply to “West Michigan Cicadas?”

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
To Freddy of Grand Rapids MI, I was just out visiting my parents in Muskegon (on Lake Michigan) and they have found a couple dozen cicada shells in their 10 acre oak forest. Growing up there, I remember we could hear them every few years… but NOT the sound of a UFO! You could actually hear the individuals calling to each other. So they are there, but you really have to look for them. Kathleen, Ann Arbor, MI

Cicadas in Long Island

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
Hello all
We are up to a balmy 67 degrees today. It has been a cool spring so far. THe emrgence here has probably been delayed. Supposedly the heaviest numbers should be in Ronkonkoma. A few days ago, I was there and heard nothing. Then it rained and went down into the 50’s. If any one spots any cicadas in Long Island, please post here. Thanks! Elias, Long Island NY

A few show up on S.I.

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
On Staten Island, our big emergence is from Brood II, which last occurred in 1996. Brood X has generally been represented in the past by only a few individuals. On June 3, my co-worker Ray had 3 decim and 1 cassini singing in the woods in Blue Heron Park. That will probably be about it for us. Can’t wait until 2013! Ed Johnson, Staten Island, NY


Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004

Cicada sighting

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
Try going to Anarundel Mills Mall. Across the street from the mall at one of the hotels, they were swarming everywhere 2 weeks ago. They were very noisy too. There were tons and tons of them. DT, Washington, D.C.

Still waiting…..

Date: Monday, Jun/7/2004
Still no sign of cicadas here in Northwestern Indiana. Either it’s been too cold, or they have been killed off. If and when they do show up, I will post it on this site. Dan, Valparaiso IN


Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Their here in our part`s of OHIO ,,, We`re 18 miles east of Richmond Indiana ,,,, And these screaminnnn Cicada`s are all over here! ,,, My yard is FULL in the Tree`s ,,, Bush`s ,,,, fly`in all around!!!!
When drive`in on these back Country Roads ,,, In the Woods You can hear em
and VERY THINK in sum parts! Jas, Lewisburg Ohio

Where are they?

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
I am director of a day camp in Hatboro and we were hoping to spend a whole week talking about and observing cicadas. I have seen NONE in the area – just north of Philly in Montgomery county. Anybody close by seen any besides in Jenkintown???? PLEASE tell me they will come!!!! JoAnne, Glenside PA

cicada noise near towson

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Ryan, try Lutherville. Lotsa big old trees. You shoulda been there last week, but there’s still some around. greg, towson

drooping branches

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Ann, yes that’s the cicadas. They slit the tree branches near the end and deposit their eggs. This causes the rest of the branch to die. Since it’s near the end of the branches it doesn’t harm mature trees in the long term any more than pruning does, but it does look like some kinda disease. The eggs would be in the underside of the branch just before the droop. I think they drop to the ground in a couple months. greg, towson

Canton Michigan

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
I am going to Canton Michigan and i was wonderfing if there are Cicadas there?
Thanks Renee, North Carolina

cicada sighting

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
if anybody is looking for cicadas in the berks county area, i heard that there are some up at Nolde Park in Kenhorst on the watershed trail. im going to go up there this week on a nice sunny day and look for them myself. stephanie, Reading, PA


Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
they’re not where i live yet but i went up to Alexandria for a soccer game and they were there… not a lot but they were there. Just a warning to you guys… they stink (as in smell). Lyndsay, Virginia

Emergence in Ann Arbor

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
I have been waiting for brood X with baited breath, wondering if one of those little blips in the Michigan area would be a big emergence. It was. I was in Ann Arbor today and everything in Marshall Park was covered with them. (Corner of Plymouth and Dixboro rds.) If you are in the area, do yourself a favor and check them out. I heard that they are also along the Huron River in Superior township. Brett, Ann Arbor, MI

Scared Sister Will be OK lol

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Looks like I am safe on Staten Island, my friend says im cicada obsessed.. I will say this much, i dont like the bugs but this website sure is fun..

Yuck [AT] cicada pizza Lisa , Staten Island NY

Today’s Golf and Cicadas in southern IN

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
I don’t usually follow golf, but watched today’s coverage of the PGA event on CBS because the cicadas could be heard in the background. Loud! Heard both Decim and Cassini.

Am headed to Indiana in a few days for the purpose of hearing the cicadas, so someone please warn me in the event they’ve stopped singing there. I’ll be on 64 between the IL border and 37, and north and south within the national forest.
Eric, Eastern MO

Cicada Hypothermia

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Went back to Green Lane to visit the Brood. It was cold & rainy all weekend and they were just sitting under leaves, barely moving. I was afraid they were going to die if it got much colder. Some were just sitting on the pavement ready to be run over so I started “rescuing” them & letting them crawl on me to warm up. I carried so many cicadas around I thought I was gonna turn into a big cicada myself! I also noticed something else: this was a very quiet state park, and when a car came by, the Cassini chorus would get way louder (causing the Decim to sing louder too.) I wonder if they thought the car engine was ‘competition’! Um, maybe that’s why they are so deafening in places like DC… so they can hear themselves over the traffic! Laura, Green Lane

Michigan/Ann Arbor Cicadas

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Was just out in Ann Arbor today. There was some loud cicada activity all along Warren Road which runs sort of parellel to M14 just north of it. Most of the Action was Between Dixboro road in the west and some other road I cant remember on the east (where Warren Road dead ends into a big cemetary.) It goes without mentioning along that same stretch of road they are all over plants, trees, signs, mailboxes, etc. Josh , Detroit

Where Are the Eggs? Why All the Dropped Branchlets?

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Everywhere I walk I see small branchlets that have fallen from trees or drooping on shrubs. I think they are connected with the egg-laying cicadas. But how?

I want to try to see the eggs and perhaps some nymphs hatching. Where should I look? And when? And what do I look for?

I love the cicadas!!! And I mourn their slow passing as their songs are dimming. Ann, Chevy Chase, MD

Dexter-Ann Arbor cicadas

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Anyone else here do the Dexter-Ann Arbor half-marathon run this morning? Quite a cicada-choral accompaniment there in the middle miles! Sounded like they were north of Huron River Drive west of Maple in several areas. Jim, Ann Arbor, MI

cicadas around here?

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Last night when I took our dog out I heard this sound, at first I was clueless, later I had my dad hear it, he looked at me curious and said “cicadas??” later a couple popped up on our patio they were 1 1/2 inches (about) clumsy, fat in appearance, but looked like they were still in a “shell” anyway I looked it up and they matched to the description of the okanagan species, is this possible here brian, emerado, north dakota

It looked like a cicada,

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
I was in Westwood where a bright green bug about the size of a pencil eraser it had red eyes and its wings were translucent, didn’t appear to have a mouth at all.

I’ve seen cicada’s before around my house but this bug looked like a more colorful and smaller version of the regulars.

Could this be a cicada also or did I find a leaf hopper of some sort? Zara Fabian, Massachusetts

Come Back Cicadas!!!

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
For the last week, it has been rainy & a bit on the chilly side, and it seems to have affected our little friends. I have not seen ANY males, or heard them for that matter, I have spotted a few females in the trees laying eggs or just sitting there very quietly. I have also noticed alot of males are dying off. Are they coming back when the heat returns (they are supposed to be around till the end of June, right?) or has the weather shortened their already short stay with us?? I have a sandwich bag full of cicadas of all species that I am going to pick from & preserve them. I hope they come back, even if it is just for a few more short weeks…… Staci, Beltsville, MD

loudest area around baltimore county?

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
Hi I am hoping to get a nice loud recording of the cicada chorus ( i know i waited a little too long) somewhere in the towson md area. anyone have any tips for loud areas? are they starting to die down in md?

ryan, MD ryan, jarrettsville, md

no cidadas yet

Date: Sunday, Jun/6/2004
in dauphin county, hershey, pa, no sightings here yet (june 6, 2004) kate, hummelstown, pa

cold affecting cicadas

Date: Saturday, Jun/5/2004
It’s been pretty chilly and rainy around here for the last two days and the cicadas were silent. Then today as the clouds started to give way a bit, I heard a few trying to chorus. Funny thing was they sound like an electrical device shorting out — as if all the dampness affected their noisemakers! I’m expecting they’ll be back in full noise tomorrow Jane, ashburn, va

bluebird eating cicada

Date: Saturday, Jun/5/2004
Saw a bluebird eating a cicada today- (about 2 miles south of Wwashington Crossing State Park). It was not easy for the little bird; kind of like a person eating a live lobster with no utencils. CW, Pennington, NJ

nearest Cicada site

Date: Saturday, Jun/5/2004
I read the message that Cicada have been sighted in Punxsutawny, PA. which is probably a 4 to 5 hour drive from us. We would like to find the nearest locale so we can view them next weekend or later in June.

Yesterday I called several state parks in PA, and a professor at UCONN recommended this site. I am grateful for his input, and any other. Thank you for the detailed directions.

State College would be even closer than Punxsatawny but when I called the nearby Bald Eagle State park, the person who answered the phone had not heard Cicadas. He suggested I contact the naturalist there.

I did find out that Cicadas are abundant in Gifford Pinchot State Park, PA which is a little south of Harrisburg. The person I spoke with expected them to be abundant at least until the end of June. She also said they are very noisy when it is sunny but real quiet when it is rainy.

I thank anyone for any information. Janet, near Buffalo, New York

Light-eyed cicada!

Date: Saturday, Jun/5/2004
I found this cicada on a tree off a bike path in Arlington (Lyon Village). Almost yellow eyes! Phil Yabut, Arlington, Virginia

Cicadas on a golf course in China

Date: Saturday, Jun/5/2004
I played golf at Zhongshan, the first golf course built in China, yesterday.

I saw and heard a lot of cicadas at holes 1,2 and 3 of the Arnold Palmer Course.
Paul Tsang, Hong Kong


Date: Saturday, Jun/5/2004

hi, i want to know why does cicadas shed there skin every certain time

Jose, beirut

still nothing and happy about it

Date: Saturday, Jun/5/2004
Still waiting for the invasion. We live in a very wooded area with lots of birds and other small animals. Could this be part of the reason for no sightings? How long before its safe to say they wont be here? Even the dog is not digging anymore so are they dying in the ground? Seems strange they are in Haverford which is so close by. D.C., Devon, Pa.

To Fred in Alexandria and anyone else being invaded by the Cassini

Date: Saturday, Jun/5/2004
I’m so glad someone else finally noticed the cassini and their synchronized chorus. I think they are amazing and they are my favorite Magicicada species by far. If anyone else has the cassini cicadas out in force in their area, they should take the opportunity to watch them in the upper and outer branches of the trees while they are in chorus. The best time to do that is mid afternoon. Later, Nick Nick, Cicadas of Arkansas

None here…

Date: Saturday, Jun/5/2004
Haven’t seen one yet, just a few big dobsonflies. Anybody know if west Michigan gets a cicada hatch? Freddy, Grand Rapids MI

Cicadas still with us!

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
The cicadas started coming up from the ground up here probably about 2-1/2 weeks ago…fascinating to watch them emerge from their casings. They seem to be in very discrete locations here, you can tell when you’re driving by the sound of them where they are. We are lucky enough to live on about 10 acres with a lot of old, undisturbed trees, and they are out in force here. I’ll be sad when they’re gone. What a miracle of nature! Patty E. , Holland Township, NJ

No Bugs

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
I live in Northern Indiana and we have had no cicadas outbreak in our neighborhood at least Buzz, Elkhart IN


Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
How long do cicada’s last? Susan, Ohio

New cicada pics!

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
I have posted more cicada pics from Bloomington, Indiana:
What an amazing phenomenon!

They are actually quite sweet, as some other visitors attest. They seem to like people, like to crawl on us, and like to be stroked on their upper back, just above their wings. Janee, Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Here in force

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
I live in the 13th story penthouse of my building. I come home for lunch, stand on my balcony and look downwards to our tree-covered landscape. I see countless thousands flying back and forth. The have layed eggs in the branches of my fake trees on the balcony, most of their smaller branches have been slit on their undersides by the females. One of my fake trees experienced a Cassini gathering, wherein the males (about 30 or so) were all taking off to another branch, singing one song, then taking off for a short 6 inch flight to another branch and singing a single song, ALL IN SYNCHRONIZATION! These insects are NOT thoughtless robots like some people insist; I see a sort of joy in their actions! I have also become expert at picking off english sparrows around here with my hunting slingshot. These unwanted pests have devastated some cicada populations, making them fair game! I don’t bother native birds, although I hate to see one take a cicada! I narrowly missed catching an alert blue-eyed Cassini on a smaller tree on Edsall Road. He also had a blue vein on each wing, and what appeared to be blue spots on his legs. Not really a true blue, but a very pale bluish white. If I can catch one, I’ll photograph it. In 1987 I caught some cicadas and mounted them in glass cases. This time I haven’t harmed a single insect.
It is now June 4th, and overcast and cool. The regular Septendicum are silent, but I am hearing some Cassini & Decula across the street. Some of our forest trees are now showing ‘flagging’. I hope this doesn’t mean the fun is over. We started seeing them around the thirteenth of May.
Please keep up this wonderful site! I have been with it since its conception!
Fred Fred Berry, Alexandria VA.

CIcadas in Long Island

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
Hello All

Ajay – I wish I read your post yesterday. I read that same Newsweek article and took a drive to Ronkonkoma and East Setaucket this morning. Looked all around by ny forested area I could find. Not a peep! No skins found either. I will stay tuned for the mid June invasion. In 1987 – I missed them because I went in early July so I will stay tuned! Anyone with infromation on Long Island townships with true emergences – please post here Elias, Long Island NewYork


Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
yesterday I thought I was lucky, I got an upclose and personal look at one on a pole. But today, it’s like there’s a thousand UFO’s hovering in the sky! wow. Jen, Princeton, NJ


Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
Oh, God, can it be true? They’re all gone! This morning and up till now – 1PM – there is no sight, no sound of them! Are they really gone? Did they all die last night? Did the cold night kill them all? They can’t be asleep, can they? Elena, Fairfax, VA


Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
i am angry
i want a pefrect swarm
this sucks Dan Bissell, jounalism new providence

PGA Golf Cicadas

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
The cicadas have invaded the Memorial Tournament in Dublin Ohio this weekend, and you can hear (and maybe see) them on TV. ESPN on Friday 6/4 at 4pm EDT, CBS on Sat 6/5 at 3pm, and CBS on Sun 6/6 at 2pm. One of the bugs landed on Tiger Wood’s nose yesterday while he was putting, and on another golfer’s shoulders while he was putting too. The commentators mention them now and then, and you can hear the buzz in the background. I’m going to check it out in person this weekend !! Greg, Findlay, Ohio


Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
Love the guy building airplanes out of them…….finally, a purpose for the gross out, fat, sloppy, monsters. Jane, wilmington, de

Enfin! Les cigales sont voisines !

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
I have been waiting with mounting anticipation for the cicada’s emergence here.
Disappointed and thinking that none would emerge in this area because of all the new construction, I had almost given up hope. Today I rode my bike 3 miles north of New Hope along the towpath, between here and Center Bridge. The cicadas song excited me and I started looking. I found four adults before I had to turn back to go to work. I will return tomorrow to marvel at the magic of the cicadas! Enfin! Cicada Sara, New Hope, PA

Things I have learned about cicadas

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
I have been surprised by a few things….

– I expected our city to be completely covered with cicadas, but they are very localized. You can walk 5 blocks and move from heavy infestation to zero.

– Cicadas are more active in heat and quiet and less active in cool weather.

– There are several different sounds that can be heard from individual species. They can sound like a bird chirping!

– They are smelly when they die.

– Cicadas can affect a golf game (did anyone watch the tournament in Ohio yesterday?)

– most children have a natural curiousity and very little fear… but many/most adults are afraid of the size and movement and sound of cicadas.Anyone want to add anything? Holly, Indianapolis, In

They Are Here!

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
We have been seeing these unique creatures for at least two weeks now. More are showing up daily. Desiree, Fayetteville, TN

They are here

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
The Cicadas are here in Monmouth Jct, NJ about 5 miles northeast of Princeton. I love watching the birds dive bomb to eat them in mid air! Golfman, Monmouth Junction, NJ

Performing Outdoors with cicadas

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
To the actor from New Jersey-

we postponed the opening of an outdoor Shakespeare production in Maryland because of the invasion- we’re now reahearsing outdoors to open in a week, the great news is that by 8:00 PM, they get real quiet and stop flying around. As long as you’re doing a show in the evening- you’ll be fine! Ian, Ellicott City, MD

To Priscilla from Smithville

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
Hi, I posted to you previously…we would definately love to see the casings you brought back from students are beginning to think I’m imagining these buggers. I’m disappointed that we didn’t get any here! We are in school until the 16th of June…hope to hear from you! Kim kim, Smithville, NJ

The Cicadas scared my pet

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
Just a few days ago I was taking my pet wombat(a good friend of Punxsutawney Phil) for a walk in a nearby park when the sound of the cicadas became quite deafening. My poor wooly wombat Willy became very frightened. The only way I could calm him down was to hum the theme song from Leave it to Beaver( his favorite show). Hope these things leave soon! Clive Carbunkle, Punxsutawney, PA

WHen ??????

Date: Friday, Jun/4/2004
When can I expect them to be around MI and how do I scout for the nearest forest where I can find sheds. Is there a particular tree or something they like? Please help I dont wanna miss the show. Rob, Jackson , MI

Still no sightings

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
I havent seen any cicadas yet.Have been as far as Princeton KY and none spotted yet. In a way I am glad but I would like to see a few before the next cycle emerges. Adrienne, Hopkinsville, KY

Investigation on Long island

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Update on LI Cicada Hunt: Today I investigated an area in Port Jefferson Station where I had been told that cicadas were present in 1987. I found several hundred acres of old-growth oak trees, and a few possible holes in the ground. (I don’t know how long the holes appear before emergence) One longtime resident told me that his wife had stated that this was going to be the year for cicadas in their nearby backyard. A second resident described seeing cicadas flying around in 1970, two cycles ago. The weather here has been quite chilly (and will be so miserable this weekend I postponed a trip to Princeton) and unpromising but I remain optimistic, and will conduct an immediate investigation as soon as hot weather arrives. AJay, Suffolk Co. Long Island


Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
::shudders:: I cant belive I let one crawl
up my arm. They were noisey and all over
the Place Here in VA. I wonder
how old I will be for when they
ome out again in 2025??? Betsie Beadling, Fairfax, Virginia USA

no cicadas here either

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Like Greg in Brunswick I am wondering where are the cicadas just over the river here in Lovettsville? Christy, Lovettsville, VA

concert in Indiana

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Was planning to go to a Rush concert tomorrow outside of Indianapolis…suspect cicadas will affect my enjoying the show…and word on similar occurences? Vicki, Columbus, Oh

Black colour is definitely kind of protection

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Thanks, Joe from Vienna – you have confirmed my guess. I generally wear black – and I was spared so far, not a single cicada landed on me. There are several guys in my office with whom I regularly go outside for smoke breaks. I am seeing those buggers bumping into my smoking buddies every minute. They seem particularly like WHITE and RED. So – if you are as disgusted of them as I am – wear black colour. It is not 100% safe, of course, but it’s less attractive to the enemy. Elena, Fairfax Villa, Fairfax VA

Not here, thank GOD!

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Ok, so I’m in a “holding” pattern waiting for these things to come already. So far, so good..none to be seen. Sorry folks: I am a city gal, and bugs are evil as far as I’m concerned. Small bugs are ok I guess. I was living in Baltimore the last time they came (1987), and boy was I hating life. I cringed after reading the post about Jenkintown…that’s like 15 minutes from me…nooooo! I’m hoping against hope that they won’t show up. I just don’t have the physical strength to be ducking and dodging cicadas all dang day long (I am a dialysis patient with so-so health).

Crossing fingers and praying for a miracle! LOL! LadySycamore, NE Philadelphia

Still none Near Philly?

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Live in the burbs near Philadelphia, still no sign of any cicada’s. I work in Princeton where there are billions but nothing here. The noise is out of this world. Very active in Princeton, flying around, noisy, and happy. They seem to be very localized, . A few patches here and there near New Hope,PA. As I head home from princeton I’m starting to here more and more closer to Philly so we’ll see. I’m starting to lose hope for an appearance in my area, they are starting to die in Princeton. Tim, Abington,PA

Cicada location in Princeton and feelings about the buggers

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004

When the cicada’s first emerged, they were all at another part of the campus in Princeton and I was BRAVE, seeking them out, until the first one dive bombed into my neck. Now a week later, I don’t want any harm done to them, but I sure would like them to go away. At this point, all my co-workers have new routes to pick up mail, get lunch, and all the other things we did without fear of these little bugs (irrational fear, I know! but it’s not fun having them dive and splat all over the place). Anyway, if you really want to see them (millions I’d say), go to Princeton, to Alexander and College Road. You’ll hear them and know they have arrived!!!! Enjoy *s* Lori, Princeton, New Jersey

We went to Princeton…

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
I homeschool my children; we took a field trip today to Princeton. We’d read about the cicadas, and seen pictures, but there’s nothing like experiencing it yourself!

I got a good picture of a cicada with its wings outstretched…I hadn’t seen a picture like that before.

One cicada hitched a ride on the windshield wiper of our van…we probably made it about 40 miles or so before it lost its grip. So, if 17 years from now there’s an unexpected emergence around Route 195 in Jackson, NJ, we’ll know why! Rhoda, Toms River, NJ

Not a single Cicada in site!

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Not a single bug or any noise in the Brunwsick, MD area (in Frederick County). I am begaining to wonder if we’ll have them at all. I am near /along the Potomac river so I would have thought they would be here by now. Anyone know if they are just “sleeping in” ? 😀

Greg, Brunswick, MD

what is that?

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
why does white stuff come out of the cicadas body when they mate? jensen, ohio

Scared of them

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
if you are scared of cicadas i think that they dont like black clothes.ive watched at my school and they dont go on people with black clothes.write back if you have any thoughts about it. joe, Vienna VA

Will they be here?

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Does anyone know if they will be hitting Central PA, around State College? If so, when?

Tom, Central PA

Cicada locations in MD

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
I heard them in Hagerstown during Sprint Car races last Sat night, but not in Deep Creek Lake area (1&1/2 hrs West) on Sun & Mon?
Dick Dick Bolt, Bowie MD

Cicada airplane with two cicada engines

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
I just built two balsa model planes using cicadas as engines. They printed the story with photos in todays Bowie Blade.
During early engine testing, I found out the males fly upward & the females land down ward. I think 2 out of 11 females did go up.
Planes are 2$ each at hobby store.
Super glue is slow to dry & results in less fingers being used for a few hours!
% minutes in freezer kills them. 15 Minutes in a refrig makes them act like dead, but they come back to life in few minutes. Its for easier gluing.
They were mostly removed from my fruit trees where the females are killing the
tips of my nut & fruit tree branches.

For results, tune in at 10!
Dick, NASA Engineer in MD Dick Bolt, Bowie MD

Missin hind quarters possible answer

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
A possible answer is a fungal disease. If you go on to University of Michigan cicada site in the links it has listing of diseases and deformities. It states that Magicicada are subject to infection by the specialized fungal parasite Massospora cicadina Peck. Cicadas infected early in the emergence develop asexual spores, which become evident as the rear of the infected individual’s abdomen breaks off, exposing a white, chalky mass of spores. This infection sterilizes the cicada but does not kill it immediately. These spores spread among the population, infecting other cicadas who will develop a secondary infection and whose abdomens will later break open, releasing sexual resting spores to infect the next generation of cicadas. This site is very good it has a lot of wonderful information about periodic cicadas. I hope this helps.

Heidi Hubbell, Arlington, VA

washington crossing

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
I was there just last weekend and there was no sign of them so don’t count on seeing them there. joe, nj

Just go to Princeton already!

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
If you live in Jersey or New York, just go to Princeton within the next 14 days. This weekend is prime! Dan, Cicada Mania Headquarters

performing with cicadas in Washington’s crossing?

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Is anyone out there from the Washington’s Crossing State Park area? Did our little friends invade the Park in a big way 17 years ago?We’re about to open in a show in the Park’s open air theatre, and we’re wondering how much we’ll be sharing the stage with them! There were no signs of them last week, but who knows? Any recollections would be very much appreciated! An actor prepares! JQ, NJ

Where Will They Be?

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Am I too late to catch an emergence with my son? Where will they be on June 5/6th? on June 12/13th?

Are they still emerging in Princeton?

Thanks! Paul Rader, Canton, NY

Alive & missing hind ends….????

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
To Shirley in Silver Spring…I have noticed several cicadas alive & flying around but missing their backs as well, they have all been males..Anyone know why this happens?? Bird attack?? Staci, Beltsville, MD

cool weather and cicadas

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Seems like with the weather affects cicada sound and movement–we’ve had cool days here for a week, and they’re much calmed down. Disappointing, cause I thought they’d be here much longer.

But thanks to this list, I find cool weather does have an affect on them, as so amny are reporting it. Great! We’re extremely heavily infested, and though the smell in some areas is picking up, that’s OK, it’s part of the process.

Behnke’s Nursery here told me they wouldn’t hit the crepe myrtles–WRONG!!! Branches are dropping like flies!

This is a wonderful event-I am eagerly awaiting any brood we have coming next, though I regret having to wait 17 years for the next Brood X.

Merry Merry, Chevy Chase (Rock Creek Forest area), MD

Have arrived here!!

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
After visiting Princeton for lunch everyday, I was wondering if we would see them around here. We are only 5 miles from Princeton. The started emerging 2 days ago and are now in full swing. I love it !!! it’s starting to ebb in Princeton and starting here. I wonder if I will see an emergence in my home town of Keyport? Ed Hawley, Monmouth Junction


Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
This is the gyst of what I TRIED to say before I hit the wrong key(s): WHERE are they emerging so my son and I can see them on the weekend of June 5/6? June 12/13th?

Thank you.
Paul Rader, Upstate New York

17 year cicadas at Haverford College June 1

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004

Walked by Haverford College and saw
red eyed cicadas on side walk and
heard loud squealling sound like
a fan motor with a bad bearing.
But it was coming from all directions.
and for miles. High pitch steady
not quite as high pitch as Hor Osc
of TV set [16KC]. Jeff Justin, Philadelphia Pa

still nothing

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
Still seeing holes in the ground but no cicadas.We have had tons of rain and was wondering if that was the reason. If they don’t appear soon does that mean they arent coming at all? It’s amazing they are so close by and we haven’t seen any, yet. D.C., Devon, Pa.


Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
I am the hope-I’m -not-too-late father of a 14-year old who still thinks bugs are cool. Paul Rader, Upstate New York

Noise level

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
I had a speaker in my classroom last week Friday. He had a decebel meter because he was giving a talk about sound to my students. With my windows open, it was 60 decebels from the cicadas. Shirley Jefffods, Silver Spring, MD

theyre everywhere

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
We have them all over. they are covering the trees, they’re everywhere. if you want to see them come to dayton theyre everywhere! Tim, Dayton, OH(miamisburg)

To Chelsea in Ellicott City…..Got Wings?

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
To Chelsea in Ellicott City, MD….can you save me some well preserved cicada wings that you find lying about. This board will not allow me to post my email address so we’ll have to figure out some way to hook up…for now, I just want to know that someone is saving some wings for me…maybe 5 or 6…their wings are so beautiful. Thanks ever so much! Debbie, Seattle

Don’t Give Up on Long Island

Date: Thursday, Jun/3/2004
I investigated a false report published in NY Newsday about cicadas in Setauket. I went to the precise streets mentioned: No shed skins, no holes in a nearby park, not a single chirp. HOWEVER I was told today by a fellow in a nearby Circuit City that there was a massive and deafening invasion in Port Jefferson Station a long while back. His wife INSISTED it was the year before his 16 year old son was born. That means 1987. (Wanted to be sure it was not brood XIV) He told me that they did not appear until MID JUNE and stayed beyond July 4. Will carefully investigate the location tomorrow. Hoping to have a tasty cicada pizza and some nice video is a couple of weeks! I hope my informer was correct! Meanwhile I am jealous of my friend from the Travel Channel who lives in Silver Spring, MD. They invading his house, yard and even his office bathroom) AJay, Suffolk Co Long Island

Nationalistic Cicadas

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
I just returned from my weekend vacation to D.C. for memorial day, and I did not march alone in the parade. Everywhere I went, there were these monster size bugs flying off people, leaves, and cars. Being a city girl, a little house fly can creep me out. Good luck to all those who actually live in the heavily populated cicada areas. Mikai, Brooklyn, NY

For you folks near Philly: Green Lane is the place!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
For you guys in Philly, Jenkintown, other parts of Montgo county PA: If you want to see some cicadas, get a map of Western Montgo County. Go up Rt 29 toward Green Lane Park. (Formerly called “Upper Perkiomen Park”.) Turn L. on “Deep Creek Rd.” There is a parking lot on the Left and a big lake a bit farther up on the Rt. As you approach this area the rattle-buzz of the Cassini species (the ‘weed-whackers’) will be unmistakable. Once you get out of your car you can hear the Septendicim (the “UFO’s”) singing as well. At least, that is what I heard on 5/22. (I will warn you I saw a LOT of dead ones clustered around a few trees. PA must not be as healthy for them as VA and MD.) I took a ride up the Perkiomen Bike Trail, and as soon as I passed Spring Mountain I began to hear them. Not in the quantity that Arlington VA has them, but certain groves were rockin’ and I could also hear individual calls. If I were you I wouldn’t delay. I’m going back this weekend–hope the Brood is still hanging in there! (I hear they are also plentiful near the Haverford train station on the Main Line. Haven’t gone there.) Laura, Oaks PA

They’re All Over Princeton, NJ

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
I work in Princeton, NJ and they are all over the place. We go walking at lunch and the noise from these bugs is so loud, it gives me a headache after about 10 minutes. My sister in CT came here for the weekend and I took her to Princeton so she could see them. Yet, as soon as you leave Princeton, there’s none. Pretty neat. Victoria, Hamilton Square, NJ

We are moving in 15 years!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
I am sick of this. Since the invasion, we sweep our back porch EVERY day. We are now using the snow shovel to heave them into the mulch pile. Boy do they stink! I now have to mow the lawn with shoes since the mower doesn’t move them, and when I’m done the lawn flutters with their wings. And what is up with their attraction to our Blue recycle bin and my blue tarp they are swarmed all over it? I have advised my better 1/2 that we will move before they return… Ross Clemens, Silver Spring, MD

I have now seen 2 species in my brood X emergence

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
I have now seen two species: M. cassini as well as M septendecim here at my property. I am still looking for the third species. I have pictures at

The pictures I have of the cassini are all females because the cassini males
keep getting away but I plan to catch one tomorrow. Bonnie Dalzell, Hydes Maryland, north of Baltimore City

wonderful occassion

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
I think it’s wonderful that so many people are communicating with each other! The cicadas bring out the good in us! ilona, grove city

No Cicadas Sightings on Long Island

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
It has been raining here, still haven’t seen yet a one. Have given up and have taken the netting off my small shrubs. Kathy, Long Island, New York

Found A Nymph Skin!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
I’ve been searching on a daily basis around my home and in some woods nearby for signs of cicadas. I finally found a nymph skin in the woods today. I am about 15 minutes from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I hope more are to come! I lived in Springfield, Virginia the last time they were around and it was a spectacular sight and sound. Hoping to see it all again in Michigan this time! Lindsey, Canton, Michigan

They’re everywhere!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
If you wanna see a lot of Cicada’s come to good ol’ Indiana University, I guess human’s aren’t the only one’s who know that IU is known for parties, the trees here are a magnet for the lil buggers. When walking through campus more often than not you will see girls screaming and running in zigzags or guys trying to “deke” them out. It’s actually really funny, however it’s starting to become a pain because whenever you walk there’s a distinctive crunch sound that follows you around. Not to mention the noise that cannot be completely drowned out by loud music. Oh well, I’m thinking there’s only going to be a couple of weeks left b4 they start to die off! Amos, Bloomington, IN

Blue eyed Cicada

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
My husband has found a blue eyed cicada. Who is requesting them for research?

Thanks Cindy Cindy, Oella, MD


Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
Cicada’s are really nasty when they splatter all over your windshield. Miranda, Tennessee

Now we’re seein ’em

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
In Hagerstown they are not too plentiful, I have seen some on the wing but I have not heard any large gatherings. However cicadas are very plentiful on the mountains to the East & west of here, as well as on the
Potomac river. BTW for those of you who fish, they will make great bait. I am going to preseve some by freezing and we’ll see how it works come late July or August…
Greg M., Hagerstown, Wash. Co. MD

Cicada Love

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
I really enjoy reading everyone’s messages! I have a suggestion: why don’t we change things around? Why can’t we have cicadas every year and mosquitos & ticks once every 17! LOL!!! Now since someone else mentioned he watched a Cicada Mama laying eggs, let me describe a tender moment. I saw a male & female positioned face-to-face. He seemed to be holding hands with her & stroking her w/his orange front legs. Maybe he was crooning some sweet nothings? Then I went back to look a bit later and they were positioned end-to-end. Aww, how Romantic! Laura, Oaks PA

Close up in Va.

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
Last week, went to races in Charlotte NC. On the way down, in the Eastern panhandle of WV (Martinsburg WV/Winchester VA area) they are out by the millions. From Edinburg southward I saw & heard no evidence, and in NC I only saw one- a male -decim. Brood X apparrently is not active in the central/upper Shenendoah valley. Today I went to Clearbrook VA (WV/VA border) and spent some time in several places where they were gathered by the millions. I observed their behavior close-up. I find it fascinating! In one brushy area, the sound was nearly deafening and one could see them flying in such great numbers it looked like snow. (Cicada-blizzard!) I observed 3 seperate species, identfied on the net as M. Septendecula, -decim and cassini. I can also make out some of the song differences I am spending some extra time with this phenomenon since it is so rare, but God willing I will see it again.
Greg M ., Clearbrook VA

Nowhere to be seen in Jenkintown Pa.

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
We are just outside Philly in Eastern Montgomery County and I have yet to see any Cicadas

Anyone had any sightings in this area?? Greg, Jenkintown, Pa.


Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
My husband brought home a friend from work today. Apparently our lil “Brood Xer” found my hubby attractive enough
to land on the back of his neck. The only one we’ve seen so far. So thrilled he stopped by for a visit! B&L, SP,NJ

To Holly in Indy

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
Thanks for the post on Skiles Test Park. I took my children and my grandmother there this morning (Wednesday), what a wonderful experience. I can’t believe that my oldest will be 23 when they come back. I sure do hope that she remembers this and is as excited the next time they come around. It is truly awesome!!
Kim, Indy, Indiana

to Lisa Hornel from ny

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
If you want to see them go to wilkes barre pa. I was there and I guess its the closest to you so far. They are in the woods next to a Best Western on route 115. Take route 115 and turn on wildflower ave. When you get to the top off the hill there will be woods to your right. Go threw the woods cross another little road and they are right there. You will here them so just follow the sound. Ray , NJ

I’m Overwhelmed!!!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
They are definitely here and are starting to wear out their welcome.

I have alot of trees and they are loaded with them. Their dead shells are all over the place.

But I have noticed that everytime it rains, they go away for a while.

Lisa, District Heights, MD

Woo Cicada Hoo!!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
Thanks To Buzz at CM..we went to Princeton.. Nassau and Vandeventer.. it was awsome! The hover sound was unlike anything we ever heard! The chirps were neat too but the “ufo” hover sound was really something to write home about. My four kids had mixed reactions.. but my oldest daughter had them on her back, her legs.. her hair.. in her shirt.. it was great. We took lots of pictures. Well worth the trip. My twins.. Emily and Maria call them tickle bugs : ).. My lil man Anthony just kept saying Bug.. Bug! Mom & Dad had a swell time watching thier reactions and experiencing another one of Nature’s great awes! YaY Brood X! The Steitz Family (Nicole & Company), Westfield NJ

The Howard County Swarm

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
I grew up in College Park and was there in 1987, but I think there are more in the Ellicott City/Columbia area. Mowing my lawn has become fun, dodging them as they come at me. I have loads of dead ones (and the smell too), but there are just as many if not more flying about. My backyard will seem kind of boring when their gone. I can watch them for hours because they have no sense of direction. But, they are getting better using those wings. John, Ellicott City, MD

Cicadas attempting to leave Baltimore!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
After suffering withering losses on the killing fields of the 695 Beltway, it appears that the cicadas have begun to defect via BWI. Massing on and around the parking garage, a few can be seen inside the terminal. One was spotted on the shoulder of a gentleman about to leave for South America. Alert security prevented this from happening. Homeland Security has upgraded the alert to “Red Eyes”. Mike, Lititz PA

cicada behavior

Date: Wednesday, Jun/2/2004
Shirley: They definitely make less noise when it’s cloudy and cool. When the sun comes and it gets hot they will resume raising hell. greg, towson, md

None in Philly region = predation or delayed emergence?

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
I took a trip up to Lake Nockamixon today to see and hear the cicadas. They were out in full force near the boat rental parking lot on the north side of the lake. I’m still puzzled that they haven’t been seen closer to the Philly suburbs and wonder if they a) have been overcome by urbanization and the remaining few eliminated by predation 17 years ago, or b) some climatological event has occurred to make them wait another 1-4 years before emerging. If so, would we have a new brood on our hands, specific to the Philly area??? Mike, Chalfont, PA

Milky White on my wall

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
There it was, a perfect description of the Brood X phenomenon. One inch, milky white and stuck to the side of my row house. The transforming cicada. Who would have thought that these guys life cycle could survive in an urban atmosphere. I only seen one. We have a large tree and a few bushes in front of the house. I will asume he survived off one of those. To think three life cycles ago our houses weren’t here. I wondner if there are more to come there sure are alot of holes in my yard. Johnny Johnson, Philadelphia/Mayfair

Do they sing only when it is warm?

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
We had colder weather (60’s and 70’s) this passed weekend and there was little or no singing at times. Do they sing less if it is cold? My students and I noticed some cicadas with their back portion missing but they were still alive and moving. What happened to them? Shirley Jeffords, Silver Spring, MD

Scared Sisters

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
Can anyone tell us where we can get up to date info as to when the Cicadas are supposed to arrive in our areas.. Im on Staten Island and my sister is in East Stroudsburg PA. We are both freaking out at the thought of these meaty little buggers landing on us or in our hair! Yes we are 31 and 37 respectively.. lol…

Any advice. Lisa & Diana, Staten Island NY & East Stroudsburgh PA

Friendly cicadas…

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
There are a lot of cicadas in this area; the poor things litter the sidewalks and roads. There are a lot of places where the ground is littered with wings only, their bodies long gone… quite weird.
Saw a deformed cicada today, with three wings… unfortunately, my hands were full, or I would have taken it home to photograph!
Anyway, there are still plenty of living cicadas; sometimes I find them lying on their backs and flailing their legs, so I pick them up and right them. Often they will cling to my finger for a good period of time, or will crawl about… They really seem very sweet, somehow, despite their limited intelligence. They’re quite possibly the friendliest bugs I’ve met, and I’ve grown quite attached to a few despite myself. I let them all go free, of course, but it’s nice to hold them for a little while. There’ve been plenty of run-ins with cicadas. I’m very glad they’re here. Chelsea A., Ellicott City, MD

To Bob in Baltimore

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
Take a good picture with a good camera. The eye color will disappear when the cicada dies, no matter how you preserve it. Nick, Cicadas of Arkansas

Cicadas are Princeton’s school colors 🙂

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
Laurel, that’s interesting…I don’t remember them singing at night in 1987…I thought they all went silent…they just want to sing you to sleep ;)…..My friend is back from NJ and said they were all over Princeton, who’s school colors were black and orange. Since the cicadas are black and orange, they were used in a school reunion theme 🙂 The other day I saw a news story out there that they are breaking the law in MD…their legal noise limit is 90 decibels and the cicadas come in at 92! Am still looking for a way to get some cicada wings….. Debbie, Seattle

The Party Has Resumed

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
My Cicada friends in Elkridge, Md have resumed their cherubic chatter after three straight days of sub par weather. Uh oh, I see storm clouds moving in to threaten the fun. George, Elkridge, Md, USA

Pesky Cicada Critters

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
What is all the excitement about these pesky little bugs. I must take cover when leaving my house. When !! anyone!! will these creatures leave my area? Sharon S, Indianapolis Indiana

Where are they?

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
I know not to expect an answer but I am still hoping that I will get one… I would love for my kids to experience this. BUT where are they? We live near Rochester/Elmira New York… We haven’t seen any? What is the nearest location that they have been spotted, we are willing to travel.

Thanks & I’ll keep looking! Lisa, Hornell, NY, USA

my beagle and kids love them

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004

New Englanders: Go To Princeton To See Them!

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
Sunday, May 30: From what I could gather from the experts at Uconn, UMich, local officials, this messsage board (Thanks!), and others, the closest place to New England to see Brood X is Princeton University, NJ. All OVER campus – 1000s alive and dead, can’t miss them. Land on pedestrians, cars, sidewalks, etc. Not present just two miles away. Dave Norris, Princeton, NJ

Good Riddance!

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
I am not quite a prisoner in my house, but I would prefer to stay indoors. I’ve lived through the emergence of the cicadas, pulled the shells off my trees and shrubs (with gloves), and am now trying to cope with them flying around all over. I cut the grass this morning and had to wear a hat and swat at them to keep them off me. We have a lot of them, but from what I can tell, no where near the number that are elsewhere in northern Virginia. I can’t wait for them to disappear as they are ruining the spring and early summer for me. I want to take my grandchildren to the park but too many cicadas are flying around. Does anyone know when they will really be gone??? I don’t mind the noise, just the flying BUGS! Alice, Vienna, VA

Cicada Calendar

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
Well, this has been the longest three weeks of my life (except for the last brood X attack 17 years ago). I have an extreme fear of cicadas. And, yes, I know it’s irrational. Does anyone know how much longer we have until their numbers start to dwindle? Is their an up-to-the-minute calendar on the Web somewhere that tracks the current progress of this invasion? I read that the emergence was about a week early, so I was hoping that the end was near. Is it?
Scared to Death, Fairfax, Virginia

Can hear them from the mountains

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
I haven’t seen any in my backyard but if you go up into the mountains of Western NJ in Warren County they are everywhere. Sound is so loud you can hear them from my back yard which is over a mile away. Merril Creek is a great spot to see/hear them for anyone interested. Jimmy, Warren County NJ

For folks in DC area

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
I have read some messages from people around the DC area like Fairfax, Wheaton, Silver Spring, etc etc who were really grossed out by these nasty things (much like I am). Some people asked where to go to escape them, and I have good news. While I work in Rockville and have to run to and from my car with arms flailing to avoid the nasty buggers, once I travel out 66 past Centerville, they are gone. Have not seen or heard a single Cicada in Manassas. So there you go, that’s where you can move 🙂
Make it stop!, Manassas, VA

Cicada infestation wrecks havoc on HVAC

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
According to the building engineers where I work on Eaton Place, a cicada infestation in the HVAC system has shut down our air conditioning today (June 1). They are currently working on the problem. It feels like 90 degrees in my office and it’s only 10 am. Luckily I have a small fan to circulate some air around me, otherwise it would be unbearable. This building was constructed in 1988, one year after the previous Brood X emergence. Maybe these cicadas are mad because their previous habitat was destroyed, and this is their way of getting even. Mike, Fairfax, VA

well where are they???

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
All the hype said end of May. Well…it’s June and none in sight. What is up with that? susan miller, somerset county, new hersey

Loads of them here!

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
We were in this town 12 miles south of Baltimore this past Saturday. My car had several plastered on it. We were watching a soccer game and the players kept running into them. They were also landing on the spectators. It was a funny sight! Dave, Ellicott City, MD

Are Cicadas Blind

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
are Cicadas blind? Some people have been telling me that is why they fly so poorly, but I can’t find anything to prove or disprove this. Ken, Gaithersburg, MD

Where are they?

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
It’s already the beginning of June and I still haven’t seen one little cicada. Any sightings anywhere in Metro Detroit or Livingston County? I really want to see these little guys and I’ll drive to see a large number of them. Please let me know… Peggy, Plymouth, MI

Invasion of the cicada’ s (while on riding mower)

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
Does anyone find it impossible to mow, particularly with a riding mower. The Cicada’s attack!! We have a mowing service and my 21 year old (former football) player son is finding it impossible to mow the baseball fields because of the invasion of the cicada’s…We’re talking 50 to 60 landing on us and swarming around. Any tips you can offer. I’m sure it’s the noise but what can we do???! vikki, Covington, Kentucky

Maryvale Castle Events

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
For anyone having a wedding or event, during the day the Cicadas are definitely singing a loud song, but not flying around – (we were scared at our wedding rehearsal which was at 3:30 pm). But, the wedding day (May 30), at 6:00 pm, the Cicadas were quiet! Night time and cooler temperatures really make a difference. Good Luck! Julie Maguire, Brooklandville, MD


Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
where i captured blue/gray eyed individual the m.cassini outnumbered m.septendecim 10 to 1.i have many extra cassini.thanks. robert gardner, red lion penna

Washington DC

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
We saw thousands of them in Washington DC this past weekend. Gross! Svante Pettersson, Malmo, Sweden

Cicadas emerging in Michigan

Date: Tuesday, Jun/1/2004
They’re finally coming out in Ann Arbor! The trees around Oak Trail School (that Jim mentioned below) were teeming with them today. Tons of larvae were climbing up the tree trunks with many in the process of climbing out of their skins. The lower leaves were filled with hundreds of adults, just sitting there quietly. The ground was littered with shed skins. But so far no noise. That should come soon when the adults fly up into the trees to sing. Marshall Park off Dixboro Road is another place to find them. There’s not quite as many of them there but they are still abundant on the trail near the parking lot. Neil Richards, Ann Arbor, Michigan

I had the ride of my life!

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
I was in Maryland over the weekend riding my bike and so many cicadas flew on me and started flapping their little wings that I became like Elliot in the E.T. movie and flew around about 15 scenic miles. It was awesome! I love those little guys. Joey Shnook, D.C. Metro

blue eyed cicada

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
I found a blue-eyed cicada! It is in my bug box-but it died. Carly, Cross Junction, VA

Where to find cicadas in Indianapolis

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
I posted a couple of days ago about finding big numbers if cicadas on the east side of Indy, north and south of 56 street just west of 465.

We have also discovered that you can visit these noisy friends in a couple of public places… Skiles Test park and Skiles Test Elementary School. Also, if you drive toward Fort Harrison, you will likely find a few public places to experience the sights and sounds.

We discovered that their singing cooresponds with temperature as well as light. They will not sing if it is chilly, even if it is light. Once it warms up, they are singing, chirping, buzzing and hummmmmming and flying around.

My oldest daughter found one that sounded almost like a chirp when she held it… the next day (in a different place), many of them made a loud buzzing sound when they were touched. I wonder if the chirping one was a different species or one with a malformed buzzer. Has anyone heard one of the big ones make a chirping/blurping sound?

If you want to visit these swarms, be aware that they like to crawl up your legs or land on the tallest object around (which with me and my girls is usually me!). I love these creatures, but I still get creeped out when they come buzzing and flying at me like tiny out of control airplanes.

My personal goal before this is all over is to be able to not scream and duck when one wants to land on me. I’m in awe of my children who (rightfully) have no fear. Holly, Indianapolis IN

North of the Turnpike, Dinosaur Rock

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
Well, I finally found some cicadas. If you live in Lancaster county in Pennsylvania, go North of the PA Turnpike. Also if you know where Dinosaur rock is, take a trip there, there are tons there. Josh, Manheim, Pa

cicada sightings

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
i dont have any cicada’s in my area but i just got back from visiting family in baltimore and they are all over the place there. we watched birds flying around haveing a field day catching them and eatting them. one even flew in our moveing car and hit my husband in the cheaek while he was driveing tabitha, virgina

I Have Heard of them before – Finally saw them!

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
I have been hearing a lot about Cicaddas in the past few months but have never seen them. My mom, brother and I went to Springdale, Maryland to visit my aunt & uncle. The sound was incredible, they were flying (blindly) everywhere, on every tree. I will never forget it. We took some dead ones home with us. I am writing a report for school. Isabelle Jackson, Blackwood, NJ

Cicada Count: Zero

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
Nothing yet. Jim, Bridgewater, NJ (Somerset County)

Not here but tons in in southern West Virginia

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
I just returned today from a trip up north. I took 81 South through Maryland and West Virginia into Virginia to 66 East. I could hear and see them in the in the last 10 minutes of West Virginia on into Virginia. I must have hit at least a dozen with my car. I left interstate 81 to head east on interstate 66, and then I exited interstate 66 for a McDonald’s at Front Royal. There were swarms of them in the trees and bushes surrounding the restaurant and gas station. I am originally from upstate New York and have never seen nor heard anything like it! Based on the fact that they kept flying in my face and hair – I hope I don’t see them near where I live – I was happy to get away from them. Kelly, Richmond, VA

Not a Sound!

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
Not one sound of the pests here in Ballsville. Just waiting for now.Jack Pollio. Virginia Jack Pollio, Ballsville, Virginia

Kind treatment of Cicadas and egg laying.

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
I am a science teacher in the Maryland/DC area. My 4th and 5th graders have been going outside to study these unusual insects. They are not allow to hurt them. They are allowed to handle them gently. I also work in our after care program so the same rules apply. All the teachers are making sure that the students do not hurt them.

Today I saw several females laying eggs on the tree in my yard. My husband took some great pictures. I should have taken movies but I wanted to watch. After the female inserts the body part (I forgot what it is called)into the branch, she pumps her abdomen up and down. It take about a minute. Hope you all can see it.

Shirley Shirley Jeffords, Silver Spring, MD

Cincinatti is loaded with Cicadas!

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
My family spent this past weekend in Cincinatti… it seems that the Cicada love the Cincy area. We just heard the Cicada in the masses while driving, but we were almost attacked by the hordes of Cicada at the Cincinatti Zoo. A Zoo worker said it best “This is Ground Zero for Cicada”; I think she was right. Tons of Cicada flying around, landing on people, freaking out little kids. Once jumped in my van and hitched a ride to Columbus. They were neat and you could hear them while driving (with windows up and with the A/C and radio on). Truly amazing. Erik, Columbus, OH

Bike Riders Beware!

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
We have plenty of cicadas around here. When riding bikes on the bike path along the Big Miami River the cicadas are flying everywhere and their singing is quite monotonous! You’d best not open your mouth for any reason or you just might experience a nice tasty cicada snack! Karen , West Carrollton, OH

Another bathroom cicada encounter!

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
I work on the south side of Capitol Hill in DC, in a fairly new building. I have seen only a couple of cicadas around there so far – which didn’t surprise me, since the ground has been torn up quite a bit around there in the past 17 years. What DID surprise me was that yesterday, in the bathroom at work, I felt something on my shirt, which I went to brush away – and then looked down and saw I was holding a cicada, and jumped about a mile! I’m not really afraid of them, he (she? It was the women’s bathroom) just startled me.
My home is in Cleveland Park, DC. I haven’t seen that many on my street – maybe 20 total. Just a few streets away, though, my neighbors say they have tons. Elizabeth, Washington, DC

Any in Long Island Yet?

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
Planning a trip to see (and hear) the cicadas. Was hoping to hit Long Island bacuase it is a shorter trip than New Jersey, but I have not heard of any showing up there yet. Any sightings at all? Al, Westborough,, MA

Pssing Through

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
On a road trip from middle tennessee to monmouth county NJ, we used interstate 81 north. We left Roanoke Va at 9:30 am, May 30th, didn’t see any cicades until we hiy West Virginia around 1:30pm. They were lots as the highway wound through the more wooded areas. Once until Maryland we saw very few and once in PA, we saw none. West Virginia had plenty. I do not know how to estimate, but through many miles we were hitting a cicada about every 2 or 3 seconds. (was driving a truck).
Bob, Aberdeen NJ

No Cicadas here !

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
We are still waiting here. There were exploring in a few areas and noticed just west of here in Berks County. Heavily infested pockets seem to be the rule. Steve, Pottstown, E.Coventry Township PA

Can anyone explain this??

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
We have had cicadas emerging here since at least May 12th. We are in the middle of a 500 acre forest at 2000 ft altitude just west of Murphy and near the TN border.
The mystery IS that we have not heard any of the cicadas singing in the trees surrounding our house although we see them flitting from tree to tree, but we have heard them for a week or so in the distance to the east of us.
Why don’t they make noise in our trees or anywhere around our house???
We usually feed hundreds of birds here with our feeders but they have been gone the last few weeks apparently on an Atkins diet of cicadas instead of our sunflower seed so I can’t see that the cicadas would be afraid of our bird population…they aren’t here!
Can anyone venture a theory? We’re mystified. We want to hear them up close and personal. 🙂 Hope, Murphy, NC

Located in North Georgia Mountains – Amicalola Falls

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
We hike at Amicalola Falls State Park almost every weekend… 05/23 and 05/30 we saw many holes in the ground, the Cicada Nymphal Skins on the trees and Cicada Periodical adult bodies on the ground… then of course, the mating calls in the trees. All very cool! I grew up in Delaware with the Dog-Day Cicada which I saw/heard every year. It is fun to learn about the different species.

No Cicada Periodical sightings in Gainesville GA (just 35 miles away) C Dew, Gainesville, Georgia

Protect your ears

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
I have somewhere between 30-50,000 in my area and have found the sound interesting but uncomfortable. I decided to measure how much sound they were producing.

Standing on my deck mid afternoon the din is a steady 85-90 dBA.
Per O.S.H.A’s guidelines 8 hours/day is the limit before hearing damage may occur. Many audiologists believe hearing damage may happen in a shorter period of time.

If you are working out in an area where Cicada’s are bountiful you may want to consider hearing protection for the next few weeks.
Karl Freudenreich, Columbus, Ohio

A lot of Cicadas

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
Near the University of Cincinnati Ryan, Clifton, Ohio

Are they gone already?

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
I went away last Friday to the mountains where there were no cicadas, when I left they were chirping as loud as ever, when I returned home yesterday, I heard no chirping & saw many dead or dying cicadas…I was able to catch a few males & a couple of females. Today, it’s rainy & only in the upper 60’s, could the weather have something to do with this??? Anyone?? Also, how can you tell that a male has mated? Or can you? I have heard that males can only mate once then they die… Staci, Beltsville, MD

WARNING: Cicada’s and Skirts

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
I don’t know how many other women have had this experience? I’m tired of it. I can’t until they are all gone. These nasty bugs keep flying up my skirt. It seems to happen mostly when I’m about to go into my car. I start driving, have to pull over and get them out. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Only a few more weeks and it will be just a memory. Lori, Pikesville, MD

New photos of Terpnosia vacua

Date: Monday, May/31/2004
New photos of Terpnosia vacua (Japanese name is Haruzemi, which means ‘Spring Cicada’) are available from my Cicadae in Japan website:

Please enjoy them. Yasumasa SAISHO, Hiroshima, JAPAN

Cicada Panic

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Has anyone heard if they are headed for Staten Island? You guys in PA are freaking me out! I have never seen a cicada and I am not looking forward to it. I may have to live under a bug net for the rest of the summer. Karen, Staten Island

They are in Gettysburg…I heard them today!

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Today, my husband, son, and I drove down to the Boyds Bear Country Barn in Gettysburg, PA. On the road to the Barn, my husband said, “do you hear that?” Well, our windows were all rolled up, our airconditioner was on full blast, and my son had his CD player blasting (headphones half off his ears, of course). Heck no, I didn’t hear THAT! Then, he slowed down the car, turned off the air, and my son got quiet also. When we rolled down the windows, it sounded like a million crickets in the creek gone haywire. A non-stop buzz that could drive you nuts if you lived in the midst of it. A gleeful grin came over my husband’s face…CICADAS!!!!! We have been waiting for them for the last month…talk about media hype….but have had no signs whatsoever. I truly hope that today’s encounter will be my one and only experience with these bugs. Heard but not seen! Nancy, PA

VDOT Against Cicadas?

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Prior to the emergence of the cicadas, I noticed VDOT workers every morning (I drive 150 miles round trip on 81 South everyday) spraying some kind of liquid on the medians and hillsides.

Was this intended to reduce the number of emerging cicadas? They certainly weren’t watering the plants.

Just wondering.

Cardo, Winchester, VA

in my neighborhood, finally!

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
When the cicadas were first to emerge, i went out everynite with my flashlight and hoped to see one emerge from its shell. i gave up hope, and realized i was just going to have to listen to them at work, in severna park. but two days ago, i started to hear them in my area, and now they are everywhere. I say that i am very brave, because i actually go outside during the day. For the last 3 days the weather was very warm and sunny, and those little guys were singing their little hearts out, and flying everywhere. today was cool and overcast so they were not as loud or active. i did have a close encounter at work on friday, i heard this growling noise behind me, and when i turned around i was eyeball to eyeball to one. boy did i run.
carolyn, glen burnie, maryland

To “Unique Blue Eyed Cicada”

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Release your cicada so it can breed more blue eyed cicadas. If it is already dead, bring it to your local university’s biology department and ask the teacher there most likely to know about insects how best to preserve it without harming the eyes (an entymologist, or other biologist). We have no cicadas here in the triangle. I’m disappointed. SG, Triangle, NC


Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
I have seen so many cicadas and dead cicadas in my yard! before I used to be freaked out with them but now they are ok. Im 9 yrs old so the next time ‘I see cicadas is when I’m going to be about 26. Im trying to enjoy the first time I meet cicadas because I wont see them again for a very long time! Mary, Maryland

South Jersey cicadas

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
For the person who asked about cicadas in South Jersey: There are not many sites in that area for this brood, but there is a decent population along Woodstown-Alloway Rd., S. of Woodstown, NJ, and mainly north of the Timberman Rd. junction (and in that general area). You can also look along Pierson Rd. off Commissioners Pike. Those locations are in Salem County, NJ. There are also odd spots scattered around NJ to the northeast of that, but I do not know the specifics. Much of NJ, including the northern areas connecting with the Hudson River Valley of NY, belongs to a different brood (Brood II) which emerged last in 1996, so most New Jerseyans do not have them this year.
Dave Marshall, Evansville, Indiana, for the next few days

None In Hagerstown…

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
I left my cicada ridden neighborhood for the mountains of northern MD & not a SIGN of even one cicada…..It was much cooler there than it is here in the D.C. suburbs. They may stink, but it was nice to come home to their singing…..This happens only every 17 yrs, that’s alot of time, I think we should make the best of them for the short time they are here…Buy your child a “bug cage” or a “Critter Keeper” available at any pet store. They are pretty cool to watch & listen to when there are only 4 or 5 in the cage….Make sure you put plenty of sticks & leafy material for them to eat & drink from, I change mine daily, let the cicadas go & catch new ones & fill the keeper with fresh branches & shrubbery. I keep a water squirt bottle close to spray them occasionally. I think this is really a very interesting time, they may stink, but they are harmless & cool to watch! My 3 yr old will be 20, omg, when Brood X appears next!!!! Does anyone know hoew to keep the dead cicadas on some kind of display behind glass?? I would like to keep a few males & females & compare them the next time they come around, God willing I am here 🙂 Staci, Beltsville, MD


Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
According to the Michigan website, I won’t be getting any cicadas… I’m so bummed. Can anyone confirm or deny this? I’m about an hour north of the PA border. I’ve been soooo anticipating this, too. Sebastian , Binghamton, NY

None in Rochester but alot in D.C.

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
I was just in D.C. last weekend this weekend and there was thousands of cicadas. Especially in Arlington Cemetary. There are none in my part of New York. Probably never will be. Brendon, Rochester, NY

None here but plenty there!

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Still none in my area, but I went to Hagerstown MD yesterday and heard none down I-95. Heard some around Baltimore, but not on I-70 and none in Hagerstown. Went from Hagerstown to Artemas PA and started hearing and seeing them as we traveled on I-70. When we got to Artemas we saw plenty! We then went to Hannicey-nice MD for dinner and saw plenty there also by the canal. It was great to see them. Today we went to Antietam National Battlefield (a great place to visit) and saw a few there but heard many in the surrounding area. On the trip back I heard them all the way until the Newark DE exit on I-95. David, Media PA

Found Them!!

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
Kept waiting for these things to show up at the house and they didn’t so we went looking. Found them in Southern Lancaster County. Loads of them driving on 340 tword Pinacle Point in Holtwood. Stopped at Pinacle and got dive bombed! Loved It!!The sound is amazing, so incredibly loud. So, if your hunting, just take a drive in the southern end of Lancaster, keep your ears open and pull over when it gets really loud. Kelly, Lancaster, PA

Plenty on the Mountain

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Lots of cicadas in the western part of Hillsborough, especially up the Sourland mountain. Sounds like a million tiny little chain saws buzzing in the trees! christine, Hillsborough, NJ

To Kelly in Columbus, Dated May 24- White Cicada

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Hi, Kelly!
Yes and yes! I have seen and photographed an albino cicada, too! Isn’t it exciting?! The white body really shows up the striking red eyes, doesn’t it? Makes it look rather alien. 😉
In my necka the woods, the cicadas have peaked in noise level and are now dwindling down a bit. We are having coolish weather, now, so I wonder if that has anything to do with it, because when it was hot last week, boy, the cicadas really buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzed and flew around!
If anyone knows the answer to this question, please do post it: Now and then, we’ll hear, above the “running water” droning sound, a sudden burst of a low, buzzy, WEEEEEEEEEEEEohhhhhhhhhh, WEEEEEEEEEohhhhhhhhhh sound, like it’s from an individual cicada. Does anyone have any clue what that means/is? THANKS IN ADVANCE!

+Becki, Who will miss them when they’re gone! +Becki, Landover Hills, MD


Date: Sunday, May/30/2004

When will they arrive? Not here yet….

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
I’m anxiously awaiting their arrival here in the Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania, VA area. Can anyone tell me if there were here 17 yrs ago or if they are coming? Terri, Spotsylvania, VA

So fascinating to watch them up close

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Am I lucky to be visiting Cumberland MD this week (was in Arlington 2 weeks ago. I get around!) The mountains are echoing & vibrating with their incredible song. I stood under a small tree and watched them closely for the first time. I saw the females laying eggs with a long ovipositor that she inserts into the twig. And I saw the males fly in & land on a twig and start singing, lifting their abdomen and making their “whee-oh” call. The “oh” part is when they relax their abdomen at the end. It is a soft, mellow call…hard to believe that ambient whistle in the woods is just millions of insects making this little noise all at once. This really is a magical phenomenon. The guy who named them “magicicada” had it right!! Laura Woodswalker, Visiting Cumberland MD


Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
TOO MANY CICADAS!!! The sound is INSANE, and they are flying EVERYWHERE!
I fled to my parent’s this weekend to get away from the deafening noise, and to hopefully get some sleep. I have a few that attatch themselves to the screen on my bedroom window and sing to me all night long!! Lucky me. Lauren, Reston, VA

To Priscilla of Smithville

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
We will certainly all be disappointed if we do not see the cicadas here. That would be wonderful if you could share with us your exoskeletal “bounty”. My class and I would greatly appreciate it! I still have hope that they will come….but starting to doubt! Kim Kim, Smithville, NJ

still waiting

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
I have seen holes in the ground for weeks but no signs of any cicadas. Don’t hear any either. We live in a wooded area and expected, still do, to be covered. Would like to get this over with. Any sightings near here? D.C., Devon, Pa.

TO CHRIS, Carlsbad, CATO

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Would you like to move into my house? Would you like to be imprisoned in the house with windows and doors tightly closed – so you wouldn’t smell decaying “friends” from outside? Would you like to drive in rush hour being bombed by these lovely creatures, and then spend an hour washing the mess off your car?
That’s very good of you to be such a wise guy, who is reading about cicadas from afar. Come and stay here, then we’ll see how you feel about these “friends”.
Elena, Fairfax Villa, Fairfax VA

They’re here!

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
Thanks to Mike, my kids and I went to Middle Creek last evening (Kleinfeltersville, PA, just North of PA turnpike)And they’re there by the millions, I would say. The ground is peppered with their holes. We saw a whole lot of cases, adults, but no freshly emerged ones. You have to look UNDER the leaves mostly, and surprisingly, not on the big trees, but the small vegetation (mind the poison ivy!) So, we had to drive 30 minutes to see them, but my kids were impressed. A nice outing, with a happy ending. Steve, Leola, PA

my new friend

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
i was driving home yesterday on a beautiful day and had all my windows open, and next thing i knew a cicada flew in my car! i guess i’m not too much of a girly girl cause i think cicadas are the coolest things ever so i closed my windows and brought him home with me. i showed all my friends my new cicada friend but they weren’t as impressed as i. then i set him free but he only made it a few feet before a bird ate him. poor little booger… Leah, Dayton, OH

Where are they???

Date: Sunday, May/30/2004
We were covered up with them when the 13 yr. brood arose. I have not seen a single one yet this time. Are they coming to this area? Theresa, Southern Middle Tennessee

1987 Cicadas

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
We lived in Reading (Berks County) from March-October 1987. I can honestly say I NEVER saw one cicada that year. Since that was 17 years ago, the sidewalks should have been literally covered with them. We lived near the museum and used to go there several times a week. Saw lots of chipmunks but no cicadas. And I *KNOW* I would have remembered swarms of ANY kind of bug. This whole cicada cycle thing is very puzzling to me. Mindy, Las Vegas, NV (formerly Reading, PA)

For Kim at Smithville School

Date: Saturday, May/29/2004
No cicadas here yet, but my sister and I took a ride up to Princeton today to see them. They were everywhere! And that noise! It was like a million crickets over our heads. They were quite clumsy, and even friendly, as they allowed my sister and I to pick them up and carry them around.

I don’t know if we’ll be seeing them here, but I have a feeling we won’t (too many pines and not enough deciduous trees). If not, I brought home a few exoskeletons and can drop them off at the school for you and your class. Let me know if you want them. You can post it here. Priscilla, Smithville, NJ

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May 23, 2004

May 19th – May 23rd 2004 Cicada Comments

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None Yet!!!!

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Kinda want to get it over with! Alan, Hauppauge. Long Island

Where are they

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
I have been watching for them everyday. Nothing yet here =( Frank, Toledo, Ohio

Awaiting the Wonderous Cicadas

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Many storms here over the last week, lots of flooding in S.E. Michigan, cool soil tempertures. Hopefully the babies are in waiting. Envious of those who are now in the midst. Searched in southern Washtenaw County..none so far. Can’t wait for an emergence of Brood X nearby my location in western Wayne County. Has anybody seen them yet in S. E. Mich? And shame on the Humans that are doing the Magic Cicadas harm…watch that your Karma doesn’t whip back around at you. Respect their life. Deb, Western Wayne County, Mi.

airport invation

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
hey they are at cvg (airport) they love apu’s on planes and ac units drew, hebron ky

TN Cicadas…

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Hey, East TN – if ya’ll don’t care,
just keep them there – it’s quiet
in southern middle-TN, so far!
(fingers crossed, of course!) Annette, Summertown, TN (Lawrence County)

Cicadas are still awake even at night

Date: Sunday, May/23/2004
Its almost Midnight on Saturday Night.I went outside and just observed at least a Hundred or more still Singing on the pavement of my street in front of my house under the Street Light.It seems that they are attracted to light at night which explains why there are so many out on my front step in the Morning after leaving the front light on all night.I Dont remember this in 87 Ron and Mary, Annandale, Virginia

Noise is peaking here in southern Indiana

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
Incredible noise in some areas of town today. Out in the Hoosier Nat’l Forest today the background drone gave the eerie feeling of a Japanese monster movie. I suppose it might get louder yet, but it’s hard to imagine. Mike, Bloomington, IN

epicenter in princeton new jersey

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
Took a ride through Princeton today and opened the window…could hear them buzzing and vibrating like there was a UFO hovering overhead. I got out of my car and walked around. I looked at this one tree which may just have been the epicenter of all cicada activity in Princeton…there must have been upwards over 100000 cicada casings on just one tree…other trees in the vicinity were also mightily covered. I saw lots of dried dead cicadas on the sidewalk and driveways. I also saw something interesting…dead cicads which were half way out of their molting process…they were dried up…I guess something happened during the molting process that prevented them from finishing it and they just dried out.

I was quite amazing to hear their shrills in the air. It sounded like two distinct waves of noise…one was the general chirping and the second was the UFO type noise like it was hovering overheard and vibrating back and forth. I live about 10 miles north in Belle Mead and none have made it there so I think Princeton and Skillman which is a couple miles north is as far as they will get. mark, belle mead, nj


Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
I live in the Cresent Hill area of Louisville and we are crawling (and flying and crunching). They are everywhere!!! This area of Louisville and the Highlands seems to be very popular with brood X. Must be all the old houses. We have been seeing more of the bats from Cave Hill flying around. Soon they will be too heavy to fly from all the crunch and munch. Lisa, Louisville, KY

I still haven’t seen any cicadas!!!

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
In response to the 5/18 entry from Debbie from Middlesex, NJ: Have you heard of anybody seeing them around here? I haven’t seen any and I’m not looking forward to it at all. In the paper it said that the epicenter for them is Princeton. Has anyone heard anything similar? Thanks. Tracy, Middlesex, NJ

Strange cicada emergence in new jersey

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
You can go a full circle around princeton, NJ and not find a single cicada but in and around the university campus there are millions of them. Maybe there’s some kind of funny microclimate there? Or perhaps they’ve died out in areas around princeton? alan w., new jersey

Green Lane Park PA–They’ve Arrived!

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
Last week I was visiting Arlington VA–and they were hatching. Next morning they were in full cry. I couldn’t believe their awesome sound!! I was thoroughly enchanted by these weird lovestruck critters. But I didn’t think we’d get them here in Suburban Philly area because I don’t recall them from 87. Today I went up to Green Lane Park and there they were!! It seemed to be a different species. The ones in VA had a lovely mellow tone–these sounded more shrill. They were very heavy in this one field by Rt 29, and I went to look. I saw a huge number of dead ones around the bottom of trees. A lot of them looked deformed. I was kind of worried, maybe the environmental pollutants are harming them? Laura , Oaks PA

None here.

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
There are no signs of anything Cicada here. Planning a trip to Cincinnati next weekend to hang with the cicadas instead. Josh , Ferndale, MI (Just north of Detroit)

Do cicada’s smell?

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
We have tons of cicada’s in our yard and we have been noticing a terrible smell lately. We are worried that there is an animal that died that we can’t find but is is possible that it could be an odor from all of the cicadas? We seem to have noticed it in other areas of our neighborhood as well. Does anyone have any info? Kristen, Rockville, MD

Can’t wait to see you!

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
I’m not a friend of creepy crawlies, but I’m excited to see them emerge.
So far I haven’t seen even one. I will take pictures of this event and send them to friends all over the world!

Ilona, Grove City,Ohio

Tey’re everywhere, they’re everywhere

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
There seems to be millions of them. I live in a wooded area and they are all over everything. We saw a lot of them comming out of the shell last night & it looks like they have none or almost no wings at all. Saw a lot of them in different stages, was a very interesting show! Carol, Coopersburg, PA

Pump up the volume

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
They really cranked it up today just north of Baltimore. I live on the 6th floor of an apt. building right next to the beltway and they were louder than the traffic. The noise seemed to start to taper off around 7 pm and they were silent by sunset (8:20 here today). Interesting creatures and all, but the noise is gonna get old pretty soon I suspect. greg, Towson, Md.

Millions!!! Cicada

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
Unbelievable! Louder than a chain Saw!!! Trees That were 25 ft apart appear now to connect! This is my 3rd time I’ve seen them in my life. There are so many at my place of employment they cannot all fit into the trees. They have spilled onto the roadway to be pulverized by autos. I have never witnessed so many. It is only their 3 rd day coming out. Dayton Ky is 3 miles southeast of Cincinnati Ohio. runninmn, Dayton, Ky.

What is so awesome about these ugly things??!

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
My daughter and I went walking around Ft. Benjamin Harrison, and they were everywhere! It wasn’t until I remembered reading an article earlier this week that I realized what they were. Some of my daughter’s classmates were telling her about them as well. I don’t like the summer bugs that come every year, let alone these nasty things! So, I am limited to the outdoors until the end of June! Traci, Indianapolis IN

Small emergence-Delaware

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
We have had a small emergence of cicadas here in my backyard, but so far, I have heard but one or two. I think that most may have been eaten by birds? Have tons of birds out back. About 2 miles away, just on the border of Elkton MD and Delaware, there have been many, many more. The loud humming sound is audible from a mile or so away. shishypat, Newark, DE

They’re here

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
I read a message that the Cicadas weren’t visible on campus two days ago. I just moved here from Minnesota and we never have Cicadas. But they are definitely visible now! Holy cow! MG, Miami University

None here!

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
Someone from this area posted these 17 year cicadas in Massachusetts, but as far as I can tell there are NONE in New England. Not even sure if there are any as far north as NJ. Tom Aloisi, Bridgewater, MA (southeastern Mass)

So loud

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
I woke this morning to the sound–I was sure someone had left the water running somewhere. I searched all over the house, but no faucets were running. I opened the front door and sound hit me. I live within 200ft of a major Interstate highway, yet the cicadas drowned out the sound of the traffic. Amazing. Anita, Arlington, Virginia

There here

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
Finally found my first cicada’s here on Long Island……….yippy Paul, Deer Park NY


Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
Finally arrived on the northeast side. State Road 37 and 71st Street. Small emergance so far, we will see how it goes. Kim, Indianapolis IN

Big emergence ’round here

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
The cicadas started emerging about two weeks or so ago in Annandale (suburb of Washington, DC), and I think they may have hit their peak this weekend. There are literally millions of them – you cannot walk down the street without running into hundreds and hundreds. And the discarded shells are also everywhere. They are so LOUD!

This is pretty cool, but I am also glad to know they will be gone by the end of June. Squished cicadas are pretty icky. And one crawled up the leg of my jeans – ugh! Siobhan Green, Annandale, VA

kevin rasmussen, where exactly?

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
just where are the across from belle isle? anywhere in particular? i need to go and find some… minda, detroit ‘burb

Thank God!!!…

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
I’m very glad we don’t have them around here — swarms of insects like that, however harmless they may be, just creep me out!!! Kristin, Everett, MA

They’re FINALLY here!

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
Last week I posted that I haven’t seen or heard any and was VERY disappointed about it. I’ve been walking my dog every day searching for them in the woods nearby.
This morning, I opened the front door and could hear them VERY well coming from the wooded hill nearby. It’s an AWESOME sound!!!
We drove this morning around town to look for them. They can be heard very well on Riva Road in Annapolis.
I wish I could get some photos of them emerging out of their exoskeletons.
Varda, Arnold, Cape St. Claire

Cicada Invasion

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
Our back yard is full of cicadas. I was surprised to see so many since we live in town. Our home is 100 years old though and we have an old oak tree in our back yard. At night our yard is fully covered with them with only an inch or two between them. Of a morning our back door and steps are covered with them. They are on everything. The worst part is that the smell of them is starting to get nauseous. Debra, North Vernon,IN USA

Stonewall Manor filled with cicada crooning

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
Today (May 22) the cicadas were in full song in my Stonewall Manor neighborhood. Sitting on my deck, I could barely hear the neighbor’s lawn mower over the cicada singing. We are near the I-495/I-66 interchange, and normally the interstate traffic can be heard from my deck, but not today. Even the noise from the jet airplanes heading to National Airport are mostly drowned out by the cicadas. I was in Falls Church in 1987, but don’t remember them being this loud. It’s very impressive. Mike, Vienna, VA

Cicadas are Here & Noisy!!

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
Hi everyone…during the past two days the number and noise level of the cicadas have increased dramatically in the woods behind our house. Their symphony is at the highest level at the hottest part of the day, about 3 to 4 p.m. or so. Our Border Collie ate his first cicada last night on the porch…apparently, he really enjoyed the experience!

It continues to be absolutely fascinating. I’ll be sad when it is all over!! Cheryl VanDaalen, Falls Creek, Louisville, Kentucky

Cicadas on key.

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
The cicadas have been singing their song here in this part of East TN since around May 22. Their steady song seems to fill the nearby wood. TennTom, Blount County, Tennessee,USA

I haven’t seen any here..

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
I wonder if I’ll be seeing any cicadas around here. Part of me finds the fact that swarms of these things taking over my town is kind of cool. Another part of me is creeped out, because one bug alone is creepy enough! If they end up showing up here in high numbers, I will totally freak out! Ha-It’ll probably look like that movie “The Birds!”lol!-and at least my cats will have fun! Cait, Bergan County, NJ

How much longer????

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
Does anyone know when our unwanted visitors will be leaving or at least becoming dormant? These things are driving me nuts – they’re just plan nasty.

Elan, Fairfax, Virginia

You can have mine, I have plenty!!!

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
The Cicadas have taken over my property!!! I dont even want to cut the grass right now!!! I should wait till they quite down and do it at night to see how they like that!!! If anyone wants to take these bugs for research you are more than welcome to them. One condition, YOU MUST TAKE THEM ALL!!! David, Knoxville TN

cicadas everywhere

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
today has been the most exciting day so far… they are busily buzzing all over the place, its very loud. I live off a golf course with lots of trees and I can’t imagine how the golfers are concentrating on their game. My friend and I went for a walk and practically had to yell to be heard! nikki, reston, va

Noisy Cicadas

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
First week of May i did not Know what this noise was,and it was very loud and you new there was alot of them. I thaught at first bats but then i saw a story on good morning america. I then took a good look out in the back yard and sure enough it was cicadas. Hundreds if not thousands…This was the first week of May and they only started around dusk and went till 5 in the morning…Now you still hear them but theres not as many, you can tell the differnce….The Cicadas are in a garden that has a few trees around it on one side of the house but there not any where else around the house.I’ve never had such a noise keep me up through the night,the bed room windows are on the side of the house that looks into the garden…. michelle, (nonquit,)So.Dartmouth.Ma.

Cicadia Sighting

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
Saw a few starting about a week ago.
This morning there were several hundred on and around the sycamore trees in our front yard. Walt Mills, Springfield OH


Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
This is the first time I’ve experienced this chaos. They are freaking me out. They don’t really serve much purpose, but I suppose this is pretty cool:
My husband called our local fly-fishing shop and asked if they thought he could use them as bait & if trout (and the like) will eat the cicadas….He replied “The trout should be pounding them once they figure it out!” He also said they should be huge in the fall. I imagine several other species of animals will enjoy gorging themselves and having a good healthy year. So at least they are good for something.
At the very least, just think of it as a ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT BUFFET FOR MOTHER NATURE!!
Paula, Reisterstown, MD

Tool using cicadas??

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
I live in an old sea captain’s house on Barnegat Bay. There is a 130 year old Elm tree in the yard and from the amount of mud chimneys, we are expecting a shipload of bugs. However, our chimneys have sticks pulled into the holes, and even some green leaves. The sticks are up to 8 inches tall, some are little twigs,pointing staight up, very unnaturally, all over the place.The sticks go into the ground at least an inch. Our soil is sandy, could they use these sticks to maintain an air tunnel when it rains? Heide, Waretown, NJ.

They’re Here

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
They have come to Bedford. Although my house is a new construction and I feel many were killed during excavation, I have talked to folks to have tons around their homes. Erick, Bedford, PA

None Yet?

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
I live in Mooresville, IN about 40 miles north or Bloomington and I have yet to see any. I am starting to get depressed because I am pumped up for the invasion. The way everybody (media) talked is that they all come out pretty much the same time. The ground temps are far past 64 degrees and we have had lots of rain this week so the conditions are prime. I just hope they save the best for last. Good Cicada Hunting. Tyler Martin, Mooresville, Indiana

Cicadas in Dandridge

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
I’ve been actively searching and the only concentration of Cicadas that I’ve found in Tennessee were 30 miles or so southeast of Knoxville in Dandridge. Even there, thry were mostly spotty and while definitely loud they were for the most part all in the treetops being camera shy. Fred Hallman, Nashville, Tennessee

Cicadas on South Mountain

Date: Saturday, May/22/2004
We’ve been hearing Brood X for about a week or 10 days now, all over the mountain. I wnet into an area where many are emerging, and their nymph ‘husks’ are on trees by the hundreds per tree. I don’t think it’s at a peak yet. So far, I have neither seen or heard them in the valley nearer Hagerstown. I don’t know why, just probably havent found the right place. Greg , Hagerstown, Wash. Co. MD


Date: Saturday, May/22/2004

this is not the huge emergence we were hoping for but for the last two nights we have seen several thousand in a small cluster of woods next to our property. nymphs, adults, and all in between on low shrubs headed for the treetops. they’re getting louder, it’s a nice sound. Big Daddy G, Gambrills, MD

See what?

Date: Friday, May/21/2004
I have seen where a few people in my surrounding area have seen a few, but nothing here so far, I do leave outside of town in the country area of D-ville, but nothing so far.
I have been waiting, so I can show my kids what I got to see when I was their age!
On another note, I do think dogs can hear them coming! My dog seems to dig a lot lately too, she has been nose to the ground, digging since last week or so. Being as she is only a little over 4 pounds, she will be more scared of them then they are of her, it should be good for a laugh if she gets to see them in full force! Kathleen, Duncansville, Blair County, Central PA

cicadas are weird

Date: Friday, May/21/2004
hi, i woke up one morning to find shells all over the tires of my car. and that droning sound is so annoying. i live in front of a wooded area. anyways, i think they are on the trees somewhere now because i dont see them crawling in the grass anymore.

also, i’ve always wondered what was the point of the cicada life cycle. they are born larvae, live in the ground for 17 years, come out and die. that must be a great life… Drew, Rockville (Montgomery CO), Maryland

Sitting Ducks

Date: Friday, May/21/2004
I have been closely observing the emergence of cicadas here over the past few nights. I am struck by how vulnerable they are for such an extended length of time – molting out in the open. I figured that since most of them emerge at night, they avoid most predators, like birds.

Tonight I found one emerging on my screen door, with a large droplet of dark, almost black fluid dangling off it. Closer examination revealed that they are, in fact, succeptible to predators. While the Cicada was partially emerged, a soldier beetle simply began feeding on it, releasing a lot of liquid. Undoubtedly, the cicada must use that fluid to expand it’s body, cracking and emerging from its shell –

There must be a lot of soldier beetles feasting this week! Richard, Rockville, MD

Dead cicadas everywere

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
Ugh, the sidewalks are disgusting with smashed cicadas everywhere. At one point I looked down today and there were at least 20 cicadas within inches of my feet. Taylor, Washington, DC

they are everywhere

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
Well, I’ve got about 20000 in my back yard, and the yards not the big. Don’t go out there barefoot! They are crawling everywhere tonight and falling out of the trees. Awesome, but creepy too. Zach Winning, West Carrollton (Dayton), Montgomery CO, OH

Woo-hoo!!! At last they are here!

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
Yesterday I saw my first Brood X cicada near Berea, KY in a wooded area — could hear many singing, but only found one down near the ground.. It seems a pretty light emergence so far in central KY. Then today (after appearing on the morning news as a cicada “expert”) I found my first live cicada here in Lexington, right on the lawn of the Living Arts and Science Center! I took it inside to show it to my fellow workers — they had decided I was making up this whole story of cicadas, since we’d seen none so far. I breathed a sigh of relief since I am creating a small cicada exhibit to interpret the emergence — I was worried we’d see nothing here.

So this all got me so excited that I went and got my son out of preschool early and drove up to Cincinnati for the evening to see the BIG emergence in my sister’s backyard near College Hill. Thousands and thousands of cicadas everywhere!!! What a thrill. Now I have dozens of nymph shells to put in the exhibit. We’re having a cicada celebration on Saturday at the Living Arts and Science Center — we’ll be making “cicada time capsules” and cicada origami, among other things. Hopefully I’ll have completed my giant paper mache cicada by then! Roberta Burnes, Lexington, KY

I’ve seen a few, but mostly just wings…

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
I first posted on May 16th and I hadn’t seen one. Then a friend that lives in Hyattsville brought one over in a water bottle so I could see one up close and personal. The red eyes creep me out, but they are kind of cute. I’ve seen a few near Route 1 and Cypress Street (near Best Buy and Safeway), but none near my house. I think the birds know where they are though because every night I come home from work there are dozens of wings and heads on my sidewalk, walkway and front step. I haven’t heard them yet, but if they are in Beltsville like some of the posts say, I’m sure I’ll be able to hear them in the distance once they start their mating call. Ayanna, Laurel, MD

Cicada Shells spotted at Miami University grounds

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
Crunchy shells underfoot on my way to class…they look just like the photos…haven’t heard or seen any flying during the day however, YET! 🙂 A.M. , Oxford, Ohio

No Cicadas yet 🙂

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
Have yet to see or hear any emergence in the area. I wasn’t here in ’87 but it seems like a place that would have them. Its an older fully wooded community. I have several trees that are well over 100 years old. Maybe all of the shade keeps the ground cooler. I’ll be bummed if we don’t have any…. Steve, Cape St Claire, MD (Bay Bridge)

they’re here ….

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
The cicadas started emerging here on May 12, started flying and “humming” on the 17th.Every day the noise gets louder and the shells and newly emeging cicadas litter my garden. The sound could drive me over the edge.I live in a heavily wooded area, and the noise is deafening. Let me just turn my radio up a little louder.. Megan, Sharpsburg, Maryland

Nothing to report

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
I’ve been looking but not a one seen in yard or in parks near by. Dave Douglas, Grove City, OH

When are they coming?

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
Can anyone say when they will emerge here in North-Central Jersey? Kevin, Morris County, NJ

None Yet

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
If anyone has seen any in Yardley, PA, please give your section and what you see! Sharon, West Acres in Yardley, PA

Whre can I find Cicada’s in Ohio

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
I live in Medina, OH 30 miles southwest of Cleveland.
I am looking for the closest spot whre I can find Brood x cicada’s.
Gary Gary, Medina

They’re here, too

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
I have hundreds of them around my house. They started coming out within the last few days. We’ve had a lot of storms the last week and I’ve found the poor things hanging backwards from the trees, knocked off by the rain. They don’t appear very smart, and can’t navigate during flight worth a darn, but it has been fun watching them. Sure, they are making a mess in the yard and my dog is barfing them up on the couch, but I guess can handle it every 17 years.

Natalie, Winchester, VA

Think I might have seen my first…

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
Looks like there’s a nymph dangling from a leaf just outside the entrance to my office. I just hope I don’t have to clean up the walkway every day to rid my path of shells and carcasses! Dr. Jayson Levine, Cincinnati, OH

Waiting patiently and hoping

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
According to the news reports, the Cicadas have been seen in the Scranton area and Mountaintop. But none here yet. I’m about 50 miles north and east of Scranton. I’m hoping they will emerge here. I love the Cicada, and their “summer chorus.” We don’t have the common variety up here either, that is why I’m hoping this brood will arrive. The Cicada brings back many good and happy memories of my childhood, down in the countryside a little north of Philadelphia. I really miss them. Sandra Knapp, Lake Como, Northeast Pa.

Haven’t seen one!

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
I keep waiting for the gross, red-eyed buggers to appear around us since everyone else I know has been infested for a few days now. I’m guessing maybe the northeast suburbs are slower to emerge… hopefully that means we’ll have fewer! Jamie, Loveland, OH

Cicada eater!

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
I read the article about the yellow wasp that lays eggs in the cicada, but I have seen a BLACK wasp attacking a cicada. It clung onto it and bit off one of the wings, then flew away. It came back and wrestled the cicada off its leaf and subdued it on the ground. It thn proceeded to rip off legs and fly off to eat them, then scissored open the abdomen. When I came back later I saw only a hollow thorax with four legs. I dont theink the wasp laid its eggs in it… ^_^ Luke, Howard County, MD

Coming out in moderate numbers in Valley Forge

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
First couple showed up on 5/15 in the sunniest SE-facing spots here (Valley Forge Mountain.) For the last few days they’ve started to emerge in the shadier areas above the slope and under the trees. Still not in huge numbers, but just walking past the gardens this morning I saw 10 or 15 drying their wings, and many more cases. This is mostly-undisturbed oak forest (last logged >70 years ago I’d guess), so I’d imagine it’s close to ideal habitat. Randell Jesup, Malvern, PA

Still no Cicadas

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
Still have not spotted a single cicada. The rains over this past week have probably kept them underground for now. I’m sure that once it gets sunny again, they will be on the move. Mike H., Phoenixville, PA (Valley Forge, PA)

They are all over

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
We are next door to a orcard and they are all over this place. Rebel, Elkton Md

They’re here

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
I saw a few in my yard last night for the first time. I am at zip code 19539. Sue, Fredericksville, PA, Berks County

Ode To The Cicada

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
Who’s ‘afraida’ a little old Cicada?
We only get to see ’em every 17 years– Kinda makes ya wanna break out in tears!–So fear not when you behold their beady red eyes–For soon enough you’ll come to realize–The insect that tunnels its way through the ground–Just a little while longer will not be found–And if you should almost step on one accidently–Just pick it up nicely and say to it most gently: Oh Cicada, I’m sorry I almost squashed the life from you–And be very glad, for there’s no cicada goo on yer shoe!–The Cicada gets out there and sings its mating song–For it knows deep down it doesn’t have long–You see, the Cicada needs to be findin’ a mate–And it can’t be wastin’ precious time… no, it can’t be late!–So when you hear the Cicadas all ’round you there–Just keep your head down and them outta yer hair–For they will clumsily flutter into your path–How many of ’em you see?–You do the math! I’ve heard it said that they’re fine for cookin’–Man, they’re so ugly they’re kinda good lookin’!–But to eat the flesh of this beady red-eyed bug?–I’d rather fry me up a slimy garden slug!–Oh Cicada, Cicada… as you fly though the air–It’s okay, you can alight on me… if you so care–For I won’t be ‘afraida’ a little old Cicada–So see ya ’round next time…
See ya ‘lata’ Cicada! Lauri Clapper, White Post, VA

are we gonna get some of this X

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
hey, i was wondering if anybody knows if the brood will reach Western Long Island? The news around here mentions it, but there doesnt seem to be much action. If someone could leave a message to let us know it would be great, WE want in on some of this action 2! Joe , Nassau County, Long Island NY


Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
I am in lower York County Pa right above nicey-niceeysville Md and I have not found a single one!! We are waiting anxiously!! I did find some yesterday in Reistertown Md outside the Boston Market. They were all over the trees and ground but not an insane amount. Vicki, GLEN ROCK YORK COUNTY PA

Cicada free

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
Not a one here. Not that I’ve seen, at least. I lived in PA 17 years ago and remember them well. Tony, Raleigh, NC

Brood X in da house

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
Well, not really ‘in da house’, at least not yet. Hasn’t stopped my 4-year old from wanting to bring in some of his ‘buddies’ as he calls them. His daycare in Delhi is inundated with them, all over the parking lot, their playground area, etc. The birds are getting confused as they don’t know which one to chase next, they are a bit overwhelmed (and probably full). I bought a Cicadanator just for kicks. beer_advocate, Cincinnati, OH

Heard them but yet to see them…

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
I’ve heard them but I have yet to see them.. Actually yes I saw one flying arounf buts that it. When are the cicadas going to take full effect?! I am waiting and keep going outside to see whther there all around or not haha! Please let me know if there are any sightings around cause I am right by the Somerset border so we should get some here! Jason, Union County, NJ

first cicada

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
I saw the first blimpy, bumbling cicada yesterday evening but the surround woods resound with their noise. marianne, ashland, va

im still waiting………

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
hello, has anyone from the lancaster county area spotted any cicadas yet? im anxiously waiting to catch one! im in the city so maybe i need to get out to the county? thanks…. fasteddie, lancaster pa

Cicadas have taken over my yard!

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
I noticed a bunch over last weekend clinging to grass and the house,but now they have absolutely covered the ground and trees in my yard.Oddly enough i haven’t seen many in the front of the house but the backyard is covered.They’ve been emerging from their shells over the past few days but not much noise yet.The sheer number of them is amazing and i guess i still have the noise and smell to look forward to. Mike, Newark,DE

hatching on the rivers edge

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
i heard one on monday may 17th and then several today the 19th. i live on the Detroit river across from Belle Isle.

kevin rasmussen, detroit, mi,

Why Are People Happy About Cicadas?

Date: Thursday, May/20/2004
I can’t believe some of the posts here. How can anyone be excited about seeing something so ugly? All cicadas do is make noise, fly around and make our lives miserable until they mate and perish.

The cicadas i have seen in reston have been dead.

However every morning you can hear the loud roar.

I will be glad when this is over. joe, reston, va

No cicadas yet

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
I have not seen any cicadas yet. I have heard them since Monday and they are getting louder. Maybe they will skip my area. One can only hope. Debbie, Severna Park MD

Any Delaware sightings yet?

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
I was hoping we’d get them here, though we’re just on the border of the area indicated by the maps. Has anyone heard of any sightings in lower Delaware? When is the last date we can expect them — as in, if we don’t have them by that day we’re not going to get them? Leslie, Sussex County, DE


Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
They are starting to appear, i have them all over my barn. Tate, white hall,md(harford county)

None yet….

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
So far I haven’t seen any here in Corvette City. My apartment complex is pretty new, though, so I’m guessing that moving all the dirt around probably got rid of brood X in this area… I don’t hear any outside yet. I’m moving back home to eastern KY this weekend. We’ll see if there’s any more over there. Haven’t heard anything from my dad about them yet. I remember Brood XIV from 1991. They were really thick then. Ty Martin, Bowling Green, KY

Here But Not Hear

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
Here in East Tennessee we seem to have a rather spotty emergence going on. Some areas, esp. in parts of Knoxville, are seeing the predicted hordes, and hearing the din. However, at my location, there is little to get excited about yet. I went out driving today, and found a somewhat sparse chorous about 2 miles to my east, at Haw Ridge. I am told that slightly further east (Powel), things are buzzing. I have my fingers crossed, but am afraid there may be no calls of “Pharrrroooo” in my neighborhood. John DeMelas, Oak Ridge, TN


Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
Does anyone know whether or not the Cicadas are native to Brown County? I am looking forward to seeing them in my own home town, but I am not sure as to whether they are even in this particular area. Any help with this question would be appreciated! Darrin, Brown County, Oh

ground zero?

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
ann arbor, ground zero? wow. i’m near there. havent seen anything. maybe more south, towards the ohio border there are some? minda, detroit ‘burb, michigan

cicadas 10 miles south of here, but not here….yet

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
my mom lives 10 miles south of here and has had cicadas for about 5 days. We have some park areas nearby loaded with oaks and maples and no cicadas yet. Could that be because we’ve had more rain recenlty? Do you think our cicadas will be sounding out soon?
Joanne Joanne, Bel Air, Md

cicadas in New York

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
starting to see cicadas in Warick New York Ken, Warwick, New York


Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004

for Debbie in Seattle

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
Hi! There’s a TV station in Philadelphia (WPVI) that broadcast a cicada story from Princeton, NJ last night at 5 PM. The cicadas were everywhere and singing quite loudly (very cool)! I know they have a website, but don’t know if there are video archives of stories. Check it out and see what you get. Good luck! Priscilla, Smithville, NJ


Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
I have seen tons of Cicada’s where I work in Fairfax. Just this morning one was sitting next to me on the front steps of my office building. But I haven’t seen any out by my house in Leesburg. This worries me, does this mean they will come in droves?
I better be ready for them to make an appreance soon! Anne, Leesburg, VA

Any one in NYC see then yet?

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
Has anyone in New York City, especially Brooklyn, seen any Cicada’s yet?
Just wondering. I hope we’ll get them here. Allison, Brooklyn, NY

Memorial Day Weekend in Darien, CT

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
My daughter’s getting married outdoors on May 30 in Darien, CT. Are we likely to be cicadaless? Craig Miller, Milwaukee, WI

Memorial Day Weekend in Darien, CT

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
My daughter’s getting married outdoors on May 30 in Darien, CT. Are we likely to be cicadaless? Craig Miller, Milwaukee, WI

they’re coming!

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
I went and walked the dog this morning and there are hundreds of chimney holes under the trees! Haven’t seen any cicadas yet but I’m gonna go looking tonight. Should see them any day now. Kyle, North Wales, PA


Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
This is great. each day my apartment has more and more. still metamorphasizing at dusk. at night the sidewalks look like its moving BECAUSEe soooo many mymphs crawling. this is unreal. i was a skeptic at first the the scientists were right cincinnati does have all 5 billion of 3 species of brood x this year. go bengals!, go REDS, Go BROOD X CICADAS!(SMILE) misscube, cincinnati ohio(pleasant ridge)

those things are everywhere

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
where do they go after the emerge? we seen 100 crawling to the trees hae not seen any flying yet tho bobbie saylor, cincinnati(landen) deerfeild township

only one lonely cicada…….

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
I saw my first cicada yesterday morning. I found the shell clinging near my back door, and then looked up to find the culprit who came out of the shell. I see reports that they are out in Howard Co, but I have not seen anything except this one. When will the madness begin? I hope not during my party Memorial Day weekend! Kim, Glenelg, MD

cicads crawling everywhere!!!!!

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
im a 31 year old mother of one..yesterday me and my son was sitting outside moms and i knew the bugs was coming and all so we had just got talking about the bugs when we looked on some flowers and saw the shells i was some exited but it gave me the chills… well later on that night my moms whole entire block was outside and we came out with flashlights and i mean everywhere they was coming out of the ground all over the pace .. me i was creeped out because its been since i was 13 or so since i remember them and i never remembered this,..,. but they was everywhere crawling to find there ways to the branches it was like ants back to back going up the tree like 20 at a time and they was everywhere………… bobbie, maineville ohio (cincinnati}

Update From North Springfield, Virginia

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
I first reported back on 9 May. My yard is now a virtual blanket of Cicadas and their shells are covering everything (walls, trees, brooms,rakes, shoes). I swept up a 2-foot wide pile the other day, only to awake the following morning to have the patio covered again. Their mating call is now at a low roar. Their novelty has worn off, and I’m OVER THEM. Angie, North Springfield, Virginia

None here

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
We were camping in Elizabethtown this past weekend and the cicadas were emerging everywhere. Me grandchildren got to see one actually emerge from the shell and ‘evolve’. But, here in Spring Grove near Hanover, PA we haven’t seen a one, and our property is completed wooded. Helen, Spring Grove, PA

People, if you don’t get them – consider yourselves lucky

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
Now – it is not a joke. We are seeing adult cicadas here in Fairfax for only about 8-9 days. And already I can’t open windows in my house. Because the whole neighborhood stinks of week-old meat leftovers thrown outside to rot in the middle of the summer. How cool is that? And what it’s going to be like in 3-4 weeks, when they start dropping dead by thousands? I read somewhere that they have “a peculiar smell” when dead – it is a humongous understatement, trust me – they STINK. You all can be very happy about watching them out of shells, and flying around and about. But I doubt it very much you’ll be enjoying this divine fragrance. Elena, Fairfax. VA

Will we be effected

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
I was wondering if anyone know how we will be effect in Florida. I have yet to see one. Becci, Port St Lucie, FL

Cicadas have hatched

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
During the morning of May 17, 2004, thousands of cicadas emerged in our yard, 17 miles northwest of Columbus, Ohio. Thousands of cicadas were hanging on hostas, trees, bushes and flowers and their shells were left behind today. My wife reported that she could not see the green on the leaves of our 15 hostas because of the number of cicadas. Mark Koogler, Dublin, Ohio

disgusting cicadas

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
They are really bad around here. You see them on all the trees and tires.At night they are coming out and you can here a crunching noise.They are sooo gross. Michelle, Camp Springs, MD

first sighting

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
First sighting of the cicadas in Fallston, in the woods behind Fallston High School. I’m so excited, I’ll probably eat some! Yummy! Brian, Fallston, Maryland

It’s raining cicads in KY

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
Cicadas are EVERYWHERE! They emerged last week and have since multipled by the hundreds. The just love my apartment, I can’t even get into teh place without getting frisked by a few of them. I have recently decided to move. If only I could get out of the house….. Lauren F, Louisville, Highlands

When Are They Coming To Long Island?

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
I haven’t seen one yet. Kathy, Long Island, New York

It’s raining cicads in KY

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
Cicadas are EVERYWHERE! They emerged last week and have since multipled by the hundreds. Strange thing is they seem to be mostly around my apartment. Lauren F, Louisville KY

No Bugs Here Yet!

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
Have not seen anything yet! Does anyone have an idea when they may emerge in North Carolina?

I lived thru them in ’79 with two screaming toddlers – now my older girls are still dreading them! Lisa Reinhardt, Charlotte, NC

Brood X Emergence Current Status

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
As reported in earlier messages, the emergence in the DC suburbs of Northern Virginia began a week ago last Monday night (May 10-11). It reached a peak at the beginning of the weekend and yesterday morning (Tuesday morning) I was still seeing a few nymphs crawling along the grass heading for the trees. This morning, for the first time, I saw none, but did not look carefully. At any rate, it appears the emergence has more or less run its course. There is now a steady “flying saucer” din throughout the area, particularly loud in them morning, less so in the evening. This morning, also, for the first time, I saw significant numbers flying about. Up until now they appear to have mainly been roosting in the trees. Now they are on the move. jmgradon, McLean, VA


Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
hey all i was wondering if anyone has seen them near Corbin I have some scouts that would love to see them i sure wish they would show up in my yard . Linda , Corbin Ky

Cicadas in Indianapolis

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
Monday I found two exoskeletons. Today I found over 25 exoskeletons and a lot of wings!!! Do birds dislike cicada wings? I still haven’t seen a live cicada, though.

I was told that in 1987, Indianapolis wasn’t hit as hard as other, more southern places. Does that mean that we won’t get hit hard this year? The temperatures have been in the 80’s for weeks now, so the climate should be favorable. Lori, Fishers, IN

They have finally emerged here!

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
Last night’s rain must have done something to speed them up, because until this morning, there were very few in this area & no singing to be heard. I walked outside this morning & there were literally thousands of their shells stuck to my house & the 2 large trees in my front yard…Many still emerging. It was kind of interesting to catch one of the nymphs & watch it emerge & harden it’s shell.
My 3 year old daughter likes watching them, but is terrified of touching them!
Staci, Beltsville, MD

Still nothing here…

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
It’s been exceptionally cool and rainy, especially cool at night–probably delaying them. I hear we are supposed to be Ground Zero… Carol Shepherd, Ann Arbor, MI


Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
I have only seen one, flying round. I’m on pins and needles waiting – or maybe they’re not coming to Herndon!! dede, Herndon, VA

First Sighting This Morning!

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
Today was the first day that I have seen the cicadas on our property. I have only seen about 20-50 per tree, though I think the birds are eating them. We use about 40 lbs. of bird seed every two weeks, but we have not had to fill the feeders for the past two days! Maybe there will be more tomorrow. Kristen Miles, Martinsville, IN


Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
They are here, everywhere in my wooded yard. I had seen the holes a month ago so knew they were coming as we had them 17 years ago, also at the same location. Today they are all over my peonies, azaleas, side of my house and elsewhere. Ugh! They can’t leave soon enough! I remember 17 years ago, the awful deafening noise they made. Jan, Solebury, PA

Lots Of Shells But No Cicadas?

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
In the grass around a large tree, there are hundreds of cicada shells but there is no evidence of the adults. Haven’t seen or heard one of them yet. Not really sure where they are? Hope to see them soon! KJ, Wilmington, DE

Under Siege

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
Thousands of them. Everywhere. Wonderful and amazing to watch. I highly recommend early morning forays to watch them in every state of metamorphasis to fully appreciate them. They started emerging here on Saturday (5/15), and despite their vast numbers, I’ve yet to hear their song. Anxiously awaiting… Deborah, Stewartstown, PA

found set of cicada wings

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
I found a half of a set of wings 2 days ago. I know they were cicada wings because I matched them up with a specimen from the 1991 hatch.I’ve been looking for them everywhere but none found. stimely, central pa

Double ugh

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
In response to Sally from the same area, I was glad to hear that I am not the only one creaped out by the thousands, maybe millions of cicadas in our yard. We have seveal very old trees in our yard and neighborhood, and the bugs are everywhere. We have to sweep them off with a broom several times a day from our porches and garage door opening. They also seem to like the tires on our cars as they attach themselves there too. I do appreciate nature, but this is a bit rediculous. I am definately feeling “invaded!” Heather, Louisville, KY(highlands)

Brood X

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
What’s controlling them from being hee sooner?

What’s Brood X been doing all these years?

How many Brood X’ers will be “invading” ? Kimyatha White, Eastpoint, Georgia

Spotted our first one!

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
How exciting…I found the first one in our driveway this morning! I Picked it up to look at it more closely…fascinating! Love their bulging red eyeballs!! We live in a heavily wooded lot so will check out back to see if more have arrived.

My husband saw what must have been several hundred cicadas crawling up the side of a building in downtown Madison, Indiana yesterday.

How fun!! Cheryl VanDaalen, Louisville, KY


Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
I live in southern Blair County, PA. The Cicada have begun to emerge here on the night of the 17th. John, Roaring Spring, PA


Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
We saw several cicadas emerge from the ground last night after a hard rain. There were a few empty casings attached to tree limbs in the same area. Kristen H., Dublin, OH

Milford, NJ

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
Today I took a drive to Milford, NJ after reading a post on here. Well they are definatly out there. Saw hundreds of shells and heard a few calling. Also caught 1 adult male cicada. And took lots of pictures. I just hope they emerge here in Scranton very soon. Rick, Scranton, PA

Our first sighting of the cicadas

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
My husband and I had our first sighting of the cicadas this morning(1am)it’s our first time with this type of cicada.
He’s from TX and I’m from WA state. We’ve lived in Bloomington for almost 2 yrs. now. I thought I’d be really grossed out by them(with all the internet pics I’ve seen)but I’ve found I’m more intrigued with watching them shed their shell and head for high ground to dry out. Hmmmm….wonder how I’ll feel in a couple of days when they start their singing……… Marci Smith, Bloomington, IN

Ed’s cicada pics

Date: Wednesday, May/19/2004
Edward, your pics are *fantastic*…so clear….I am still hoping to catch a news story on them or at least here them in the background of a news report from the east coast….I’m enjoying reading the mixed reactions posted here….they’re really okay…they won’t hurt you if they land on you although the first time one does it will give you a fright. I was 16 in 1970 and remember hearing this loud chirp right in my ear and having one in my shoulder…got really spooked but after that, I was fascinated with them. I keep imagining that I’m hearing them out here. Debbie, Seattle, WA

Nothing yet

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
I have yet to see anything in my area but I am hoping that with first sighting taking place in Louisville, KY and Bloomington,IN that we are still a few days away as we are a little farther north.

Anyone seen our guest yet in the Indy area? Kenny, Indianapolis

Cicada sitings

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
I live on the western side of Annapolis (away from the Bay). Last night and tonight the cicada’s have begun to emerge. I haven’t seen a lot of adults, but I think that will change soon. I work in Bowie, MD and you can hear them all day all around the City. David, Annapolis, MD

Picture of Cicada

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
5/18/04 -I just caught this one on my patio. How can I send a picture to get the brood identified. John Lottinger, Houma, Louisiana

first cicada

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
Saw my first member of brood X tonight- It came buzzing right at me….but only one. He must have been the scout. CW, Pennington, NJ

They’re here!

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
My son and his scout troop found the dried shells everywhere on our walk tonight. I grew up around brood V in sw PA, and these shells looked small to me. I’m curious to see how brood X will compare! LMB, Denver, PA

They’re Finally Here!

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
First sighting this morning, maybe a couple 100 or so in my yard, just coming out of their shells. This afternoon when I got home from work, they were all gone! I guess the birds, etc. got to them. I later went to a cemetery a half mile from my house, there were quite a few live ones there still. None of them fly or sing yet though, I guess that comes after they molt again. David Kirk, Brokkville, IN

Here they come! Watch Out!

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
Loads of them today coming out in Crofton Park. We shall see how many there are tomorrow. Kevin Stratton, Crofton, MD

None in Pasadena yet, but hoping

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
Haven’t seen any in Pasadena where I live, but they are everywhere in Howard County where I work they are wonderful and the sound is incredible Meg, Pasadena Md

First Cicadas

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
Found our first Cicada shell today in our yard along with a dozen or so holes in our mulch bed! Lisa, Deerfield Township, Ohio (Mason area)

No sighting yet

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
There is nothing here but the dogs have been going crazy digging for a couple of days. Do they hear them coming? Lyn, Tobyhanna, PA

Finally they arrive today.

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
We had our first sightings today. Because we have no direct trees in our yard, we had no nympy holes, but today there are adults flying everywhere. From next door to across the street. My baby is 18mo old, I’m taking pictures and putting in a keep sake box to see when he’s 18 years old. Its kinda neat to see him run after the little critters. He is not afrain one bit. Isaiah’s mom, Evanston, Cincinnati Ohio

Hoping this is a good sign…..

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
I am reading many messages of cicadas emerging in other states and some in NJ, but I have still not seen any – and I have been looking. I know this is all very exciting, but I am hoping that the fact that I have not seen any yet is a good sign that they won’t be coming out around here. I remember them from a few years ago when I lived in Edison and I remember how much I hated going outside. If you are from this area and have seen any, please let me know…….I’ll need to start planning indoor activities. Debbie, Middlesex, NJ

Nothing Here Yet

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
Can’t see any evidence here yet. This is a new development, but wetlands have been undisturbed. Will check my parents house in Birmingham. I remember finding empty shells there years ago…. Sue, Novi, Michigan


Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
They are all. Over. The. Place.
I was walking the dog last night and made the mistake of looking down… only to see the sidewalk CRAWLING with them. And they are all over our back deck and yard– clinging to fence posts, hanging on to the rails on the steps, there was even one attached to out stone house by the front door this morning. And the noise? Deafening. Reading other people’s messages about having them fly into their shirts or hair has just about completely freaked me out. I may not leave the house till July. Who needs a job, anyway? Sally, Louisville, KY (Highlands)

Coastal Cicadas?

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
I live very close to the coast, and I am wondering if cicadas are indigenous to coastal areas of NJ. If not, I’d like to hear of any sightings in inland Atlantic County. Thanks. Priscilla, Smithville, NJ

Out in force in Towson, Md.

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
The li’l buggers started coming out over the weekend and are now all over the place in wooded areas. Today is the first day they’ve really been making noise. One even hitched a ride into my apt. with the plumber. He was promptly evicted, in a firm but gentle manner. The cicada, I mean. greg, Towson, Md.

My Bullfrog’s Gonna Explode!

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
The cicadas have been out for a week now. I have a fish pond in my back yard. My frog has been sitting on the edge of the pond every day and he’s been gorging himself. Ellen, Falls Church, Virginia

saw one

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
saw the first one today Trey, Chambersburg PA

ED: Please only submit cicada sightings. If you have a question — email us instead.

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
Ed, that’s why we have this note on the “Add your sighting page”: “Please only submit cicada sightings. If you have a question — email us instead.” admin, Cicada Mania Headquarters

Any Emergences in GA Yet? PLEASE NO!

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
Has anyone seen (HEARD) emergence near me? Went thru 2 years in a row in NC during late ’90s; don’t want a repeat. Thanks. CV Roberts, Martin, GA, Franklin Co., USA

Any answer

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
I think the site admin should talk to some expert to visit the message board and answer questions. I see a lot of questions but no answer. Ed, Ga

Thousands and Thousands!!!

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
It all started about 3 weeks ago with the mud chimneys, but this week they are everywhere. Probably 10 thousand or so. They seems to like lily of the valley, butterfly bushes, and tiger lillies before they climb the trees. The shells are about 3 or 4 thick on the ground!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Karen, Randallstown, MD

None Here Yet

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
We have not seen any cicadas here yet. Saw some shells a week ago, but no noise, no bugs. Maybe the storm we had in the fall (all the flooding and salt water) jolted their rebirth! One can hope! John F, Annapolis MD

They just keep coming!

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
Rates of emergence here have increased at an almost exponential rate since last Tuesday, except for Saturday (15th) when we had unusually cold weather. They are particularly heavy on dogwood, red maple and pin oak. Heavy chorusing began yesterday morning; today it woke me up. I *am not* the Bloomingtonian who ended up in the hospital … although I finally try several tempura battered tenerals Thursday night. Very tasty, but I prefer watching them and listening.
INCREDIBLE NUMBERS!!! Keith, Bloomington, IN

we’ve seen our first

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
we found our first cicada this afternoon – our chicken thought it was a yummie treat! i didn’t think they’d be emerging this far north yet. joanne, tyrone, pa

my cicada emergence picts

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
some of the night photos I think are pretty cool. Edward Delaplaine, Highland, Maryland (howard county)

Hills are Alive with the sound of CICADA’S

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
Since May 13th the cicada’s have been breaking through the ground, hustling up the trees and emerging from their shells. There are millions! Each day the mating calls get louder and louder – it is incredible! The only time they quiet down other than at night is when it rains.
We had a “cicada party” on Friday night where all the bug geeks in the neighborhood hung out and watched them climb, emerge and hang.
One question though, when will they stop coming out of the ground??? Theresa Lock, Harpers Ferry, WV, Jefferson County

Is this Normal???

Date: Tuesday, May/18/2004
Well our little friends came out in a swarm the other night and I thought it was pretty cool, but now they seem to be following me everywhere I go….oh No why are they coming at me….they are attacking!!!! Call the national guard!!! They are eating my brain and spine!!! Helllppp!!! Jim S., Woodbridge, NJ

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May 11, 2004

May 1st – 11th 2004 Cicada Comments

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Was planning to mulch…

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
Was planning to put down mulch around some of our trees this weekend but I’m afraid I my hurt the ciacdas chances of getting out? Does anyone know it this is a valid concern?

Thanks! Peter, Princeton, NJ

Cicadas are finally here!

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
I spotted 2 this morning in Lanham. I’ve waited a long time for this day!
Their cute little red eyes! Jinxy, Lanham, MD

They’re heeeeeeeeeere!!!!

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
I wanted to let you know they are here in New Carrollton and the Beltsville Agricultural Center as well. Here’s a real kicker: I’m entomophobic! But I’m actually caught up in Brood Xitement (hey, that’s good…I should use that…) Anyhoo. Right now, there is a squirrel in my front lawn. I think he’s poaching! It’s the same one that was in the street sitting in one spot and I couldn’t figure out what he was doing. But now I understand it. He’s looking for the cicadas! I can actually hear them outside some. Despite my entomophobia, I’m a little excited to hear them at high roar as I was 7 the last time they were around. Now, time to go look at the cool shop…I may have to get one of those nifty shirts… Jennifer W., New Carrollton, MD

Not in Central KY

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
No Roberta. I have been to the arboretum and raven’s run the last 4 days and haven’t seen any evidence of their coming. Ed, Lexington, KY

Any Kentucky sightings yet?

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
I am so bummed — I have seen no signs of cicadas yet! The only thing I have noticed is a lot of bumpy ground in my front lawn, but when I dig I find no nymphs at all. I’ll simply CRY if we don’t get them! I’ve been creating a small exhibit on cicadas at our science museum here and it will be pretty pointless if we don’t get any. Anyone in central Kentucky seen them yet? Roberta Burnes, Lexington, KY

How far north do these things make it?

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
I remember being a kid about 17 years ago having a massive infestation of bugs in Montreal that covered every available vertical object (trees, telephone poles, walls) for about 2 weeks then disappeared. The kids called the Chad flies. I have always wondered what those were and now I guess they must have been Cicadas.

Seemed like the furthest extent of their range was New York State based on most sites I have seen. Does anyone know if these things make it as far North as Montreal?

If so, I will post any details of the Northern invasion… Robert Cole, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

They’re here

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
Saw several in my front yard this morning! Tom, Chantilly, VA

Have seen them for a week now!

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
Not a whole lot, but there I began seeing shells last week, and beginning Friday, they were flying into our sliding glass door. Friday night has been the loudest….there were probably 5 or 6, and it sounded as though there were 500. I haven’t heard them since, but they are still trying to fly into the glass door! Anthony, Waldorf, MD

If you’re still waiting, here’s a tip!

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
If you haven’t been blessed with the sight of any cicadas yet, here is a tip on how to find some. If you know the location of a piece of slate, a large rock or a wood pile that can be easily moved, look under it! They burrow up under said items and you can make out the tunnels they’ve dug too. Matt, Bethesda, MD

No cicadas as yet BUTTTTT

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
I haven’t seen any cicadas yet. But I have had an emergence of those nasty earwigs this weekend. I’ve never seen so many at one time. Maybe they arepredators to the cicadas.And they DO have a good pinch! I’ll take the cicada ANY time over the earwig! Pam Mortimer, Glen Burnie, Maryland

Hordes of Cidadas

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
Our 60 year old house and the surrounding yard are now covered with them. It was quite amusing watching my wife (who has never experienced the cidadas before)sprint to her car with an umbrella over her head! David, Silver Spring, MD

Spotted Two This Morning

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
I spotted two cicadas this morning, that apparently emerged not too long ago… They won’t last long, they came out on the ground beneath my bird feeder…. okay, make that one cicada, and one bird with a full belly. Bill Blum, Springfield, OH

Little Freaked Out!!

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
I’m sorry, I just can’t wait for them to all die and go away for another 17 years. I wish I could be enthusiastic and appreciate them but I have been stressing out for weeks now, I don’t want them bumping into me, blocking my front door and I don’t want to step on them either! I was 9 when they came last and my sister got one stuck in her hair! Yuk, I’m desperately thinking of ways to cover myself and avoid them all together!!! Shelley, Annapolis, MD

They’re heeeere

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
I saw a couple hundred this morning on my way to work – on trees, telephone poles, car tires, shrubs, grasses, mail boxes. All in different stages of emergence. And the birds are having feast. Very, very cool. Dan Bannon, Takoma Park

they’re heeeeere !

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
my boss found her first one this morning, clinging to her garage. tess, edgewood, md


Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
Does anyone have any good recipes for these tasty creatures. It is tradition that I eat a couple every time Brood X makes an appearance, that being said this will be my second time. What is the frying technique, are the wings pulled of first. I am thinking about a nice garlic buttered cicada on the grill. David, Falls Church, VA

First sightings

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
I have a cicada shell sitting on my desk this morning, compliments of a co-worker who lives in Sulphur Springs, TN. (Northeast TN – just outside Johnson City). He has spotted holes in the ground on his property, and found this shell on the ground. They’re not on the trees yet. It’s just a matter of time now. Eeeewwww!!! I’m freaking out! PL, Sulphur Springs, TN


Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
If dogs can die from eating the cicadas, does that mean that dead squirrels will be falling out of the trees? Sissy, Burke VA


Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
Well, after letting the lawn get to Great Plains proportions, I finally mowed yesterday. And I came across these holes in my yard… I asked what they could be… NOW I get it! Of course. So, I should indeed be expecting the little creatures sometime soon. The earth bears her children, if you will.

This will be cool! A couple of things i am thankful for: 1) my neighbor killed my japanese maple last year (no need to worry about it this year) 2) I have a REALLY old car…no need to worry about dents, and smished creatures 3) The constuction on the house is almost done!

ENJOY! Deb, Takoma Park, MD


Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
I’m originally from New Zealand and we have similar cicada’s but they are green instead of brown but still with the beautiful red eyes. Haven’t seen any yet, but will be keeping my eyes and ears open !!! Julie, Fairfax, VA


Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
I’ve been dive-bombed twice (not intentionally, just walked out the front door at the wrong time). They are HARMLESS, but it’s still creepy to be hit by one flying by. Their little carcasses are stuck to my walls. I swept away about a dozen off the front porch yesterday. I awoke this morning and one of my large Hosta plants in the back yard is covered (1-2 perched on every leaf). They first appeared last Saturday, 8 May. Angie, North Springfield, Virginia

We’re hearing them now

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
Last night we heard our first two very loud cicadas in the wooded area next to our development. We had seen some emerge from the ground on May 1st. Traci, Germantown, MD

They’re here

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
I saw 3 or 4 last evening around 6 pm on my patio. I could tell something was up, the birds were chirping excessively! Bob, Fall Church, VA


Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
I can recal being in High School when they last came out. I just remember the LOUD noise was everywhere. I am living in a new neighborhood in DC now from when I was in High School, so I am not too sure that it will be that bad in my area. I’ll have to wait and see. I think that the crickets are bad enough, OOF where are my ear plugs.


NW, DC jose, NW, DC

my dog is digging for them!!

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
I saw about 3 cicadas this morning!! But all yesterday evening my pup was going nuts digging everywhere. he was on a serious excavating mission!! they are coming. he is excited but has no idea that his totally unsupervised backyard playtime has ended for a few months!! dp, Potomac, MD

Cicada invasion

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
This morning was the first that I really noticed them emerging in large numbers… on the side walk, in the air, the front lawn, and all over the car. Anyone know how long they were around 17 years ago? Chrissy, Cheverly, MD

Cicadas on the porch

Date: Monday, May/10/2004
today, May 10 there were a few cicadas on our porch here in the woods. Many could be heard in the distance george, NE Georgia Mountains Blairsville

they’re here!!!!!

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
my cicadas appeared yesterday – monday 5/10/04. i had about 30, and i have another 30 or so today. they are on a patch of tall weeds (about 2 feet tall) on the east side of the house. when i first saw them, i was excited, interested, yet somewhat repulsed. today, i’m just excited. Pam, Kensington, MD

Shell in my drive way

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
As I was going to work this morning at 7am I noticed a shell in my drive way. They’er here!!! Mike, Arnold, Maryland

Brood X Emergence

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
I live in McLean VA in suburban Washington DC. Last evening (Monday) after getting home from work my sons and I counted about 30-40 empty casings on the older trees in our front yard. Last night the big explosion began, however. When I got up this morning there were dozens of empty casing on the trees and we spotted lots and lots of cicadas crawling toward the trees and several more on the trunk and actually in the process of emerging from their casings. One was actually doing so on one of our cars. I also saw the first flying cicada, which my son picked up and carried around on his shoulders after it had landed. The empty casings, by the way, went well up into the trees. I saw some up more than 20 feet. jmgradon, McLean, VA

am observations

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
My kids and I went out on our porch this morning to watch some birds feasting on the cicadas, and to collect some shells.

What a great science lesson! Sean, Takoma Park, MD

They’ve Arrived!!

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
I have seen quite a few in the yard this morning. 5 or 6 of the creatures were attached to my car which is parked under a tree. That isn’t counting the shells in the yard. It hasn’t reached overwhelming proportions yet, which is good because I have a tremendous fear of insects. Nellie, Falls Church VA

They’re here

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
This past weekend, I noticed a few shells around and Monday noticed a few more. Got up this morning and my driveway had about 50 shells and about 10 cicadas (some looked dead, some moving slowly). The tires on my car looked polka dotted with all the shells left on them. I noticed on the street in front of my house probably 100 shells and lots of run over cicadas, however, when I drove down my street, other areas didn’t seem as affected. I must be ground zero for cicada in my neighborhood (Falls Church in Fairfax County, VA, near Annandale and Arlington). We’re moving to Tacoma, Washington today – I’m hoping everything gets loaded into the truck and makes it across country without getting covered in cicadas! Heather , Falls Church, VA

Sqealed with delight

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
This morning while out to get the paper, I nearly squished the first one. I brought it inside and showed my wife. She got so excited, she squealed with delight, jumping up and down and clapping her hands with childlike enthusiasm. I thought for a moment that she had been transported back seventeen years to the last emergence. Good times. Brian Williams, Falls Church, VA

A few!

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
Last night, while walking the dogs, I saw several cicada carcasses… I’m on the lookout in my backyard now. I wasn’t in Maryland the last time and so I’m looking forward to the emergence with both trepidation and excitement…! Michelle, Hyattsville, MD

They’re in our yard!

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
We spotted a few cicadas in our yard yesterday (5/10), and caught one in a jar. Didn’t see any other western Fairfax County messages, so I thought I’d contribute. Liz, Reston, VA (west of DC)

hundreds and hundreds up

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
Hundreds of cicadas up in the neighbor’s sunny, south facing yard yesterday and hundreds more today. They have climbed the stalks of unmown grass at the foot of an old maple and cover some of the small bushes. Then they take flight to nearby trees (and telephone poles.)No noise yet, except for the excited calls of the birds. r, Annandale, VA

First sighting

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
Saw a great big perfectly formed, ugly cicada this morning on the outside of my screen porch. All five eyes were alert and he (she?) was ready to fly out and buzz someone. Beautiful!!!
Peggy Douglas, Washington D.C.

I’m jealous

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
I’ve been reading with envy all the accounts of spotted cicada and I have to admit that I’m a little jealous. I haven’t heard one or seen one yet! I’m actually so ready to see one that I mistook a frog in my garage for one of the red-eyed buggers! I was 10 the last time the X brood swarmed the area and if I recall correctly, I used to pick them off my shirt and shake them out of my hair. I’m not saying I am ready to relive such an experience but now that I’m 27 I think, despite the fact that I’m not a fan of bugs, I am ready to appreciate them for their sheer magnitude and perseverance to sustain life in the ground for 17 years. Where are they already?? Jen, Anne Arundel County


Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
I looked at the Reston Home Depot and Sterling Home Depot and Lowes; none of them have any netting. In my neighborhood, it seems like I am the only one concerned with protecting my young japanese maple trees. I think I am going to create a box out of old window screens held together with bungee cords. At least that will give them a fighting chance against egg laying in the woody stems.

Stacey, Reston, VA

Cicada Hole Siting

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
Have seen lots of large holes in our lawn (under some plant pots we moved), but haven’t yet spotted an actual cicada. I love the way the creatures sound, but I can’t say I love the “crunching” under human feet. Will try to be careful when they’re out in force! Jinny, Bethesda, MD


Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
Okay, first of all, why are people facinated by these aliens?! They are SO gross! I am 17 years old, and the last time these monsters were here I was just a baby. My mom remembers running me into the car as fast as she could so they woulndt feast upon my body no bigger than theirs. And now.. as I approached my car this morning.. I was “delighted” to find 3 on my little black camry. I freaked out and screamed… there were THREE… And there are supposed to be thousands?? I can’t handle this… *cries* Mollye, Rockville, MD

Silver Spring Sighting

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
I saw my first cicada this morning — a full-grown adult in all its black and red glory. It buzzed its way across my front porch before crashing into the side of my house. Soon, they will be crashing into me . . . Gaston, Silver Spring, mD

Wire Mesh

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
Saw no cicadas, yet.

I, too, found Home Depot dropped much of their wire screening line. However, the Lowes at Dulles Town Center has a large selection with various opening sizes and gauges. It was quite effective at large keeping out large rodents. If you want something heavy, try Lowe’s. Peter, Sterling, VA

Faulty eclosion

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
Cicadas need somewhere to perch and hang while they shed their skins (undergo ecdysis). If there are no good vertical surfaces (like that case below where the old tree was destroyed last year) many will not get the wingss expanded properly. David Marshall, Raymondsville, TX until Thurs

They are here

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
I saw about 4-5 cicadas starting to come out of my lawn this morning when I was walking to my car. Time to get ready!!! MK, Silver Spring, Maryland

More then a 1000

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
Indiana…An easy 1000…just this morning! I have been watching them in all stages under 2 oak trees.. over a 1000 doing the cicada dance. My dog had a added treat…looks like I buy a muzzle today! It is so amazing and thrilling. We have been much warmer here…mid 80’s and looks like it came early. The grass is so heavy under the trees with no signs of hills. Harriet, Nashville, Indiana ( South-Central)

Arrival last night

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
The 11 o’clock news showed the emergence in College Park, MD, so I went outside with a flashlight to look for bugs on our four mature trees. Sure enough, the front yard, with its red maple, were /swarming/ with them. But we couldn’t find /any/ on our ash and two maples in the back yard. A neighbor speculated that because it was so rainy last year, and our back yards are so marshy, the larvae may have drowned. Any thoughts on this? Jason R Tibbetts, Falls Church, VA

Many Emerging

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
We started noticing the nymphs emerging Friday morning. This morning our oak tree had hundreds of the red eyes getting ready to sing…. Cicada Watcher, Ellicott City, MD

I miss the cicads!!

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
I was born in DC in the summer of 1970 and my mother recounts what it was like to be pregnant with the cicadas swarming and singing all around her. It breaks my heart that I’m currently living in New England, and will miss the fascinating, hypnotizing, wonderful little creatures. Anyone want to FedEx me one? Ren, Cambridge, Mass.

I won!

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
I’ve counted at least 8 cicadas in my yard this morning. I moved out from CA less than 10 mos. ago, my wedding (partially outdoors) is planned for next month, and it’s just my freaky good luck that these creatures are timed to emerge now! My fiance left for a week-long business trip yesterday to boot, so it’s just me, our dog, and the cicadas. We made a bet as to when we thought the bugs would come out, and I won! You can be sure I’ll be cashing in on my bet when he comes back. Julie, Washington, DC

No ugly bugs here!

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
First, let me start off by stating my own preferred name for cicadas is ‘ugly bug’ because they look like mutant house flies.

We normally get the late summer variety of ugly bugs but I haven’t seen any of this brood X yet.

When I moved into my house 12 years ago, I had a large Elm tree in my back yard that was always full of ugly bugs in late summer, I couldn’t even go out my back door at night without stirring up a bunch of them. In Feb of 1994 a devestating ice storm hit our area and the Elm tree didn’t make it. Each year after that, the siting of ugly bugs in my yard has dwindled to near nothing. If I have/had any brood X ugly bugs in my yard, would they have died when the Elm tree was removed? Or maybe our area doesn’t even have any brood X to begin with? We’ll find out soon enough, I suppose. Jeff, Lynchburg, VA

Saw my first yesterday

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
They aren’t all over the place yet, but I have spotted a few. The first was drying off about 10:30am yesterday on my garden hose. Ruby, Lorton, VA

they’re here

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
Out this morning in Arlington and there were about a hundred on one tree alone. The birds were enjoying a hearty breakfast, and the hum has begun in heavily wooded areas. Pixie, Arlington, VA

Holes and Wings

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
Have spotted holes in the ground. A few Cicadas in the trees. One on our front porch and one very nearly dropped in my mouth. Goose McKraut, Oakton, Virginia

These poor guys, by the thousands

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
Lots of the poor guys wandering around on the sidewalk where a huge tree used to stand before the hurricane took it out last fall.

Why do so many of them–about half of the thousands that have emerged since last Thursday–why are they deformed? Typically, their wings don’t unfurl all the way and wind up drying half formed. They flap them so hard but can’t get off the ground and instead wind up rolling in the dirt. It’s so sad! They have a hard life, these guys.

Alex , Side street in Chevy Chase, MD–Montgomery County

Cicada sighting in DC

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
I saw about 10 cicadas huddled along a big branch on an old fruit tree out in the lawn next to my house yesterday.

I’d like to screen off my porch. Does anyone know where I can get 1/4inches netting in the DC area (10’x20′)? Home Depot didn’t carry it. Ben, Washington, DC

sstillll waiting

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
were are they i think there being sneaky this year owell ryan demoss, tn nashville

Nothing yet….

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
But still awaiting ! I don’t remmeber the last “attack” so now that I’m 37, I should appreciate this summer event enev more ! Frank, Harrisonburg, VA

Saw first one yesterday

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
Yesterday I saw our first cicada. No singing yet. I wasn’t sure they would hit our area since it looks like we’re on the fringe of the map. Jerri, Ellijay, GA USA

I think this will be the week!

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
Well, we are expecting rain in the afternoons this week, and temps in the 80-90’s…….I have unearthed one nymph, ( I put him back) and my husband found one also, I keep checking for chimmneys, but havn’t found any….What gives? I grew up in Florida, and have only experienced ugh….Palmetto bugs. I am so excited to experience this natural phenom.! My friends are even having a cicada party!!!!! Complete with Sweet Cicada Pie! (It will just be Sweet potatoes, but maybe some nuts to make it crunchy! MMMMMM! I’ll let you know how it goes! Becky, Annapolis, Maryland

Bring ’em on!

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
I was 10 in ’87, but now I’m 27 and ready to appreciate the coming invasion. Let’s see how many of these bad boys can make it out in 2004! Jason Baumgartner, Bel Air, MD

Spotted in Arlington, VA

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
Probably about 30 or so on the sidewalks in the area near Wilson Blvd and George Mason Drive in Arlington, VA — at around 1:30 am 5/11/2004. Andrew Nuckols, Arlington, VA

Green Cicadas???

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
I grew up in Southwestern Oklahoma and they do have many many cicadas there during the summer months. I have never seen a black cicada before or even heard of one until now, when i was reading about the brood x happenings on

The cicadas I alway saw in oklahoma were green, not black, I dont see any pictures of green ones on this site. Have any of you seen green cicadas as well? Scott, Salt Lake City Utah

a spotting

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
Saw about 10-15 cicadas crawling around and shedding their skin tonight. Evan, Princeton, NJ

They are here

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
Counted 10 to 15 this morning in the yard. Yippie!! kamie, Alexandria, VA

Cicada Sighting

Date: Tuesday, May/11/2004
We saw and heard cicadas tonight at Delhi Park in Cincinnati. Not to many, but they are finally emerging! Looking forward to the next couple of days. Bill, Western Hills; Cincinnati, OH

None yet…..

Date: Monday, May/10/2004
No cicadas have emerged here yet. They are fascinating to me, but only from a DISTANCE!! Last time they were out, there was one standing on my patio near the back door. I was too afraid to go out the door, thought it would jump up onto me or something. It just stood there all day. Finally a friend who came over went out to chase it away, and it turned out to be nothing but an empty cicada-shell! Maryann, Central NJ

Aftermath of Hurricane Isabel

Date: Monday, May/10/2004
Last night we noticed dozens of cicada nymphs on the sidewalk in front of our home, near where a tree came down during Hurricane Isabel last year. We think that they were living on the tree’s roots and are now not sure where to go. The wandering nymphs are fascinating, but I can’t wait to see them after they’ve shed! MMM, Washington, DC

At Last!

Date: Monday, May/10/2004
The Cicadas emerged today at my house today, only about 100 of them but I can’t wate to see what tommarow brings. Ian, Morristown TN. ~Hamblen County~


Date: Monday, May/10/2004
Something very unusual happened this evening (May 10th) while sitting on my front porch.
There was sawdust on various portions of the floor of my porch. After looking around, I noticed small holes above me in the cedar ceiling of my porch. It was then I also heard unusual sounds. I flushed out the holes and lo and behold, three cicadas dropped out from the holes. NOTE: My house was built 17 years ago.
Lynn G., Jamison, PA


Date: Monday, May/10/2004
It’s good to see that other people are freaking out like myself. I thought I was the only one who was afraid. Bugs are not “cool”, and anyone who thinks they are I envy. I started panicing weeks ago and trying to think of ways to cover myself. Today on I bought one of the “bubble umbrellas” of the 70s. Other scared people should buy them too, and we can start a cool new fashion statement! Simone , Silver Spring, MD


Date: Monday, May/10/2004
I do not want these cicadas to come out! im deathly afraid of bugs..and this isnt going to help! everyone is telling me that they wont hurt you…but i dont care…it still flies, and its still a bug! grr..anywho..enough of my complaining! hope everyone has a fun time dealing with these things;).
Kim* kim, Westminster,MD

Cicadas on the porch

Date: Monday, May/10/2004
today, May 10 there were a few cicadas on our porch here in the woods. Many could be heard in the distance george, NE Georgia Mountains Blairsville

A real odditie…

Date: Monday, May/10/2004
There is a hole, a borrow hole about the size of a golfball along side of the railroad tie which boxes off my parking pad. Last nite we saw something unusual at least to us anyway. Instead of Cicads coming out of the hole a thing that looked similar to a midget lobster popped his head and claws out just far enough for me to see it’s 1 inch crab like claws and it had 2 feelers or antenni on it’s head. It wouldn’t come out any further. I know we don’t have scorpions here in central Maryland or at least there is not supposed to be.
Is there such a thing as a cicada Killer?? It really has me puzzeled..
Well I was just informed by a 15 year old boy that these are crawfish.. Now I never know crawfish to live in a residential neighborhood… Thansk
Harry Chavez Sr, Edgewood, Maryland

The Cicada have finally emerged in the nations Capitol

Date: Monday, May/10/2004
It’s Monday May 10, 2004 and I observed my first Black-bodied, Red-eyed Cicada today! These are the first I’ve seen in DC this year. I captured it in a cup, showed it off to everyone I could, then named it Ralph and brought it home to Manassas, VA for the family and pets to see! And play with! Jeff, US Naval Observatory, Washington DC

adult cicadas

Date: Monday, May/10/2004
this morning I woke up to find several dozen cicada nymphs covering the bush in my front yard…many were still coming out of there shells. There were also several cicadas that had already emerged. Janell, Fairfax, VA

Emerging in Rockville, MD

Date: Monday, May/10/2004
The cicadas started coming out Friday morning, May 7th in an area where we get lots of sun. Today (the 10th), I’ve been watching them emerge all day long. They are crawling all over my hostas, daylillies and shrubs as well as up the brick facing of my townhouse all around the door which is a little freaky. I’m both horrified and fascinated! Rose, Rockville, MD

Two in my backyard right now

Date: Monday, May/10/2004
I have two cicadas in my yard right now. One is still drying one wing, and the other just flew off. Last night after my angst at not seeing any holes, I found one adult in the front yard. Yes, I am happy. Dona, Bethesda, MD, USA

First sighting

Date: Monday, May/10/2004
I just saw my first cicada while walking the dogs this morning. My daughter is getting married in two weeks and we are completely calm about this natural phenomenon. The ceremony is outdoors (reception indoors) and I just hope one of them doesn’t fall into her hair as she walks down the path but otherwise, we’re looking on their arrival and presence as a sign of good luck. Trying to be very “meditative” about the whole thing since there’s not a lot we can do at this point. Mireille, Bethesda, MD

Adult cicadas

Date: Monday, May/10/2004
This morning one of my students brought in an adult cicada. With my 4th grade classes, we took a walk around the school. We found another adult on a tree. They are predicting that Wed. as the mass time. We are in Silver Spring in the Four Corners area.

Shirley Jeffords Shirley Jeffords , Silver Spring, MD

Saw one this morning

Date: Monday, May/10/2004
A freshly-hatched one too. It looked like a jewel carved out of ivory with carnelian beads for eyes. It was laying in the gutter with its nymph shell nearby and I helped it onto a tree to dry out. What a great way to begin a trilling week! Christa, Alexandria, VA

They are here!

Date: Monday, May/10/2004
Last night at 10:17 pm we witnessed the first mass emergence near the College Park Campus of the University of Maryland. This was the “hundred cicada per tree” kind of event spoken of by folks like John Cooley. Cicadamaniac Paula Shrewsbury said “It was that kind of special, magic night entomologists dream of but rarely get a chance to experience”. Needless to say the rest of the Cicadamaniacs are nearly org*smic over the arrival of Brood X. MIke Raupp, College Park, MD

Good snakes

Date: Monday, May/10/2004
I don’t get it – why you all folks so happy about this horrible event, which is going to spoil half of the summer?
Well, anyway – we are not seeing these celebrated ugly things here in Fairfax yet. HUNDREDS of holes, though. But we are seeing SNAKES. I live in Fairfax almost 10 years – and I haven’t seen anything but GARDEN snakes here before. Now – there are something entirely different, something that looks dangerous. So – here we go, predators are coming for a generous meal! Be excited – if you can. Elena, Farfax

They are out in full force here

Date: Sunday, May/9/2004
The last few days, we have seen hundreds of cicadas around our house. I have had to sweep them off the back porch before stepping out. They are still emerging and if they keep coming out – it will be truely amazing. So far they have been quiet…not sure when they are suppose to start “singing”. Bennie, Knoxville, TN

Nymph sightings

Date: Sunday, May/9/2004
I posted earlier with my sighting of a fully emerged adult male. After finishing my yard work for the day I can say I think they will begin to emerge in full force this week in suburban Maryland. I have seen several nymph holes in my yard by moving stones and pieces of wood. I don’t even have a big tree in my yard but my neighbor does right by the fence. With temps in the high eighties and the chance of late day thunder storms to soften the ground even more, I think this is the week to see a mass emergence! I am taking photos with my digital camera and may post them on the web.
Later! Sean, Kensington, MD (Suburban Wash. DC)

Saw my first brood x cicada

Date: Sunday, May/9/2004
UGH! I saw the one (and only one) at Blue Lick State Park in northern KY today, Mother’s Day.

Jill, Kentucky

No longer waiting in Bethesda

Date: Sunday, May/9/2004
Me again.

After I sent the last, sad message, that I had no evidence of cicadas on my property, I started planting some flowers in a vine covered shade garden and saw a cicada nymph. Then I noticed some holes nearby and my children overturned some flagstones to uncover dozens of holes and nearly emerging nymphs. Whew. I thought I would be left out. Dona, Bethesda, MD, USA

First sighting (for me anyway)

Date: Sunday, May/9/2004
I was pruning shrubs and trees in my back yard this morning and I was startled by a large buzzing insect which flew into my head and landed on my shirt. I was overjoyed to see that it was a small male cicada recently emerged, it’s wings and other body parts were just rigid enough for it to attempt flight. I carried him up to my deck to finish drying. Later I went up to check on him and he flew off as I came close. Brood X is not far away Washington! Get ready and bring your ear plugs! Sean Coleman, Kensington, MD (Wash. DC suburb)

Waiting in Bethesda

Date: Sunday, May/9/2004
I am disappointed that there are no signs of cicadas in my yard. The local school has lots of cicada holes around a huge old tree, but my yard has nothing. Our trees are old and I don’t think there was a lot of construction done in the past 17 years, so where are my cicadas? (Although I believe this 1940’s house was added onto *in* 1987. Perhaps the construction made the insects uncomfortable and they all went into neighbors’ yards.

I am so excited about this emgergence. I was fascinated with the 1987 cicadas. I was teaching in Arlington, Virginia at the time and it was thick with the little critters there. Alexandria, where I lived at the time, had few…at least in my neighborhood.

Sorry about your message boards. I was looking for my old post and saw that you needed to change formats. Some people are just plain mean. Dona, Bethesda, MD, USA

Waiting and dreading

Date: Sunday, May/9/2004
They are not officially here, but I see the holes around the trees and other places. It has been 80 degrees for 3 days and the ground should be warm enough soon. Having lived through at least 3 sieges of cicadas (one may have been the 13 yr variety), I am terrified, they fly right into a person. Blindly driven by that mating call. I have bought 4 ponchos, the dollar variety, hoping to cover myself with a non stick surface on route to and from car. I HAVE to work or I would stay in house for a month. At night, the last time they came the ground would ripple under the trees where they were erupting. YUCK. Thanks for this board, I love reading the other experiences. Micki, Nashville TN

awaiting emergence

Date: Sunday, May/9/2004
I have not yet seen an adult, but have encountered an enormous number of nymphs just below the surface on my property. From doing some careful digging, overturning logs, etc., I think that I have an underground cicada nymph density of about 30-50 per square yard – this is not a surprising number given that almost all of the ten acres I own is old, virgin forest. It is going to get crazy here shortly.

I am expecting emergence within the next few days, especially since we are going to be having high temps in the 80s for at least the next week, which will get the ground warm. Am planning on videotaping much of the emergence, and then moving my bed to a windowless basem*nt so that I can sleep through the noise at night. Greg Lehmiller, North Baltimore County, Maryland

Not here yet…..

Date: Sunday, May/9/2004
But I’ve been watching! Will go to the Furnace Hills today and see if we can find any. Mike Frey, Lancaster PA

Cicada video – emergence from shell!

Date: Saturday, May/8/2004
2 years ago I saw (for the first time in my life) a cicada emerging from its shell. I ran & grabbed my 8mm video camera & shot almost all of it. I shot 90 min before my camera broke down. I edited it down to 15 min & put a Tool song behind it. You can watch the movie free on my website here:

You need a newer version of Quicktime to watch it as it’s in mp4 format. Quicktime is a free download from

Dim the lights, crank the volume, have fun, & let me know what you think. And watch out for the crazy ant ;^) weedmeat, Chicago

How can I preserve cicadas?

Date: Saturday, May/8/2004
I teach 4th and 5th science and would like to preserve some of the adult cicada. How can I do it? To preserve the nymphs just let them dry out. Shirley Jeffords, Wheaton, MD

Emergence in Fort Aberdeen

Date: Saturday, May/8/2004
Our neighbor was attending an outdoor ceremony in a tent in Fort Aberdeen, MD on May 6 when the Brood X came out in large numbers. We have cicadas one inch down in our soil waiting for the right moment which should be soon. David Olson, Columbia, MD

first sighting in DC?

Date: Saturday, May/8/2004
It’s 2:15am and there’s a cicada sticking to the frame of the door of my apartment complex. I am *so* staying indoors this weekend. AG, Washington DC


Date: Saturday, May/8/2004
how big are adult cicadas? Adolf, baltimore,md

Do these cicada’s come to Massachusetts?

Date: Friday, May/7/2004
I do not remember seeing these things. Are they like locusts? Diane Marshall, Wrentham,Ma

Protective Cicada Gear

Date: Friday, May/7/2004
For anyone who is absolutely terrified of these buggers, you might want to invest in clear bubble umbrella like the ones from the 70’s. They cover the top half of your body. Even though the cicadas can fly up underneath, at least you can prevent them for landing in your hair or splatting in your face.
I look forward to seeing the month of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good luck everyone!! Angie, Cincinnati, Ohio

Cicadas at night

Date: Friday, May/7/2004
Are cicadas active at night? Are they attracted to lights? Will it help to put yellow bulbs in my porch lights? Gaston, Silver Spring, MD

Run for your life

Date: Friday, May/7/2004
I can’t believe I have to endure these things again! Isn’t anyone else out there frightened to death? Where can I move that’s within an hour or so to DC to escape these little nightmares!?!? Mr Bug, Bethesda, MD

me so scuuurreedd

Date: Friday, May/7/2004
i HATE bugs, but more than that, they scccaaarreee me! eeewwwww – how long are they here for? i’m in the dc area – and where can i go for a month that they won’t be?!?! lisa, dc

First Cicada

Date: Friday, May/7/2004
When dropping my daughter off at daycare this morning I almost stepped on a cicada. It’s wings were not spread yet and it just rolled off the step as I moved by.

I didn’t get a picture but it looked exactly as I remember it from my childhood.

My wife is going to be so unhappy that I saw one first. 😉 Mark, Wheaton, MD (just outside the Capitol Beltway)

Cicada Image from 17 Years ago.

Date: Thursday, May/6/2004
I took this image in Maryland 17 years ago, during the last periodic appearance of these pests.

Bill Angel, Silver Spring, Maryland

Cicada Function

Date: Thursday, May/6/2004
Try this website for more information about Cicada’s and their purpose for life on earth. Erin, Columbia, MD


Date: Thursday, May/6/2004
I saw one flying around my window at work around 3:00 pm today. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW yuck, Columbia

Do they sing at night?

Date: Thursday, May/6/2004
Do they sing all day and all night? Do they ever stop before they die? Sheila, Baltimore,MD

What is the purpose?

Date: Thursday, May/6/2004
I can’t find anything to document the function or purpose of a cicada? Anyone out there know anything? Kim, Baltimore, MD

Hurry up, cicadas!

Date: Thursday, May/6/2004
I remember the “invasion” in 1987. One of my co-workers was outside having a smoking break and a cicada flew up her skirt and got stuck on her pantyhose. It has been a long 17 years and I need another laugh of that magnitude.

Seriously, my best friend was out looking for spring peepers and found a lot of cicadas underneath rocks, just waiting. My guess is that when we start having warmer nights, they will come up.

Suggestion for fun — have an office cicada pool! Everyone contributes a dollar and the first person who sees a cicada wins the pool!

Have a trilling day!
Christa Christa, Alexandria, VA


Date: Thursday, May/6/2004
Roberta Burnes makes an excellent point. I hear about at least one pet dying per year after eating cicadas which were sprayed with pesticides. If you love your pets, or neighbors pets, don’t spray. In addition pesticides meant to kill pests can kill other insects as well. Guess what happens when you kill too many bees: plants don’t get fertilized, they die off and no more food for you and me. Dan Mozgai, Cicada Mania Headquarters

DON’T SPRAY! Spraying cicadas poisons cats and dogs!

Date: Thursday, May/6/2004
I’ve read so many posts from scared people who talk of spraying the cicadas….please people, THINK about where that poison goes once it hits the cicada. These insects are food for many, many other creatures including songbirds, cats, dogs, squirrels, snakes. Poison does not get magically washed away — when you spray insecticide it enters the food chain. One cat or robin gorging themselves on cicadas (which is what they do during emergences) can ingest enough poison to cause paralysis or death. I’ve seen it happen with songbirds when I worked in a wildlife rehab clinic. Please don’t spray the cicadas — it won’t stop them coming into your yard from other areas, and you’ll wond up poisoning many other creatures unintentionally. Roberta Burnes, Lexington, KY

just a question

Date: Thursday, May/6/2004
ummm well i have been hereing that cicadas can pinch you and leave a scar or something. are they so loud that you can here them when your window is closed? unone, Maryland

Won’t be long now!

Date: Thursday, May/6/2004
My wife and I were planting a bit in the garden yesterday and found them about an inch down. I imagine DC is ready to break with Baltimore right behind. The soil temperature should be perfect after this weekend as we’ll be in the 80’s (pushing 90). We’re leaving for Ireland tonight and we fully expect them to be out when we get back next week.

As far as your plants, not to worry. The evergreens are also relatively safe. Your young trees, however, will get some attention. We also have a young Japanese Maple. Just don’t prune anything until after they’re gone as they’ll kill some branches. The cheesecloth or some mesh is a good idea as it reduces the probability of them making it to your tree. They’re really dumb, but when there’s a million of them, chances are they’ll make it no matter what!

Have Fun! JS, Baltimore, MD

Harm to Plants

Date: Thursday, May/6/2004
I would like to know other than the small fruit trees in my backyard that I have covered with cheescloth, will the cicadas harm azaleas, rhodos, japanese maple or red leaf maples that are 4 years old? Will they touch small evergreens – like blue spruce or douglas firs? How about shrubs like holly?

I want to cover everything that might be affected in my landscape in southern Maryland. Can someone give me these answers or point me to a place that I can get these answers?

Thanks in advance! Heidi , Waldorf, MD


Date: Wednesday, May/5/2004
Breaking off the turrets is not likely to hurt them, although no one really knows for sure what the turrets are for. The cicadas sometimes just seal such openings back up until it is time to come out. David Marshall, Univ. of CT (Land of Basketball Domination)

Mud Chimneys

Date: Wednesday, May/5/2004
I was trimming my hedge in front of the house, and when I was raking up the trimmings, I broke off a bunch of mud chimneys! Sorry little dudes! Will this hurt the nymphs at all? Maybe not because they stay in the ground? Thanks for any info! David Kirk, Brookville, IN

Time of Cicada arrival

Date: Wednesday, May/5/2004
Today I found several all white cicada under logs and brush. They were right at ground level and out of there holes. Can anybody give an approximate date for the emergence in the Washington D.C. area? Richard, Sandy Spring, Maryland

How bad will they be in Dayton?

Date: Wednesday, May/5/2004
I went through this in 1999, when Brood V hit northern WV. Now, I’ve moved to Dayton, and it’s not fair that I’ll have to deal with another round of cidadas only 5 years later.

What I remember from WV was an astonishing plague of biblical proportions. People didn’t want to leave the house. You couldn’t make it 10 feet outside your door without getting hit by 2 or 3 of them.

I’ve heard that Cincinnati will be very hard hit. But does anyone know what they’re like in Dayton (southeast side, specifically)? Do they blacken the skies like I remember Brood V doing?

What, exactly, am I in for? Please tell me something good. Dave, Dayton, OH

Incoming cicadas

Date: Wednesday, May/5/2004
Many people have asked about pesticides for these periodical cicadas. I would like to post my opinion: Deal with the temporary inconvenience of the cicada invasion. History shows that humans have been less-than-responsible in our use of pesticides and their long-term negative impact on the global environment. These bugs are basically harmless, although a nuisance, and before you know it, they’ll be gone and we can enjoy another 17 years (!) with no cicadas. Siobhan, PG County, Maryland


Date: Wednesday, May/5/2004
It’s pronounced “magi – cicada”– no “k” sound. I wondered the same thing until I went on my internship with UConn’s cicada team for Brood XXIII two years ago. =) Nick, Cicadas of Arkansas

pronounce “magicicada” please

Date: Wednesday, May/5/2004
Is it like “magic” with a “k” and then “cicada” or just “magi” without the “k” sound? Also, is the plural of “cicada” also “cicada” or is it “cicadas”?
Thanks! Terri, Silver Spring, Maryland

Their pinchers

Date: Wednesday, May/5/2004
Now I know they dont bite you but can they pich you? Jean, Lebanon,IN

My first cicada and UM T-shirts

Date: Wednesday, May/5/2004
I saw my first cicada yesterday – I was weeding my flower bed and pick up a rock – there was a large, pale insect with red eyes pushing up out of a newly-dug chimney. It quickly retreated – aaaaggh! The light! The light! I then started looking around my yard and noticed a lot of chimneys, all over the place. I haven’t seen any more cicadas yet, though.

For another topic, does anyone know if you can purchase the University of Maryland Entomology Department T-shirts online? JenB, Alexandria, Virginia

Non-periodic cicadas

Date: Wednesday, May/5/2004
I hear loud buzzes on some nights while driving past thick woods in North Florida, and these rise and fall in volume and pitch in exact unison. Is this news to anybody? It seems remarkable to me that the bugs could stay in time tho spread out over a mile or so of woods.
And are these sounds from cicadas at all, or could they be katydids or some such, even though they are very loud and easily audible from a car speeding past the woods.
I’ve heard these synchronized sounds many nights, and am not sure they are caused by PERIODIC cicadas.
Are there nonperiodic cicadas in North Florida that emerge at random times, thus having some in the woods at all times?
Thanks for any helpful info. Paul PAUL, bRADENTON FL USA


Date: Wednesday, May/5/2004
Does anyone know where in Indy I may take my children to enjoy this event.. I have heard that they may emerge around the Fort Ben area. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks. Kim, Indianapolis, IN


Date: Wednesday, May/5/2004
How long do Cicada’s stay for? Nathan, Lebanon, IN, Boone Country


Date: Wednesday, May/5/2004
Tehe last time the Cicadas were here one flew into my hair and I have been scared to death of them ever since. If the market has spray to kill other insects, why doesn’t someone come up with something to get rid of these horrible things? True they can’t hurt you but there so many of them that it seems something could be done. Linda M., Cincinnati, Ohio

Oh my, could it be?

Date: Wednesday, May/5/2004
I’m no expert, but I think I saw a new adult while removing sheets I had put over my roses. At first I thought it was a strange grasshopper! Michael, Maysville, KY

cicada sighting

Date: Tuesday, May/4/2004
Saw cincada for first time today. Was moving mulch off flowers emerging from ground. When I moved the mulch maybe a 1inch under was two cincada still white in form . Polly Weber, Elkton, Md , Cecil county

The Message Board is back up

Date: Tuesday, May/4/2004
Due to fact that we were getting too much spam and family-unfriendly messages, the board is now moderated. Send in your message, we’ll review it and post it. Dan Mozgai, New Jersey

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March 31, 2004

Cicada Comments from March 2004

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for PG Residents

Date: Wednesday, Mar/31/2004
I hate bugs. The cicada thing was AWFUL in DC. One got down my back and I almost pulled my blouse off on downtown K Street!However, in PG County, where I lived, they did not seem to be that bad. I don’t recall any getting in apartment or being particularly afraid outside. bughater, Temple Hills, MD

Bee Keeper Outfit (Plastic)

Date: Wednesday, Mar/31/2004
Where can you purchase Bee Keeper Outfits Vannett, Cincinnati, Ohio

Periodical Cicada Broods

Date: Tuesday, Mar/30/2004
We’ve got cicadas here every year (in fact this year they lasted through the mild winter we had).Does anyone know if the Houston area experiences a large scale cicada brood hatch? If so, what is the period (13 years, 17 years) and when is the next brood expected?Thanks! Chuck, Richmond, TX (near Houston) U.S.A.

Cicada Facts

Date: Monday, Mar/29/2004
Facts: The 17-year cicadas will emerge this year with their ugly red eyes. The adults live 2 to 6 weeks and are very clumsy flyers. So if one happens to land on you or fly into you it can’t help it.
The male cicada will be the only one singing its mating call for the females are totally silent.
Cicadas do not eat leaves, fruits, or vegetables. However what the adults do eat (or rather drink)is the juices inside of the branches of trees, etc… The females saw their way (using the back of their abdomen)into twigs and branches of trees and lay rows of eggs usually around 400. They lay the eggs in a line which will look like a slit of about 2 to 3 inches long on the branch. At about the time the males stop singing the egg infested twigs/branches will have died and fallen to the ground or the branch will just die. Then the eggs hatch and the cicada nymphs(babies) dig themselves into the ground where they live off of the tree’s root juices for the next 17 years and then it happens all over again. The nymphs do not cause any significant damage to the roots. It’s only when they emerge that the destruction is done.
Neverthelesss I hate these bugs, I can sympathize with Lisa from Kentucky for 17 years ago (when I was about thirteen) I was walking for the March of Dimes and a boy stuck one of these male monsters into my hair. While “rachelling” ( the term used to officially describe the noise these bugs make) it tried to fly out with no success. After screaming my lungs out someone finally took mercy on me and removed the insect from my then tangled hair. Later, I felt sort of sorry for the bugs when I saw the same boy catching them then pulling off their wings. JD, Maryland


Date: Monday, Mar/29/2004
My ex wife made funny noises and her name was Rachel.Does that mean she was rachelling ? Daryl, logan county


Date: Monday, Mar/29/2004
Rick: cicada have no interest in water, but they may fall into your pool if there are trees growing above it. You should be able to take care of the issue with a pool skimmer net, and a good sense of humor. Dan, Jersey

Should I delay opening my swimming pool?

Date: Monday, Mar/29/2004
Do they gravitate to water? I’d imagine that they end up there whether they intend to or not! Rick, Ellicott City

Location, Location

Date: Saturday, Mar/27/2004
Does anyone in Indy remember the X brood here??? I am curious as to where I may take my kids to see and hear this historic event. Thanks for any info, Kim. Kim, Indianapolis IN


Date: Saturday, Mar/27/2004
I work outside and i am really not looking forward to this. Any ideas for some sort of cicada suit or something to wear that is lightweight and breathable? I cant stand the thought of them sticking to me while i am watering or unloading trucks….yuck B, Cincinnati

Nasty little creatures

Date: Thursday, Mar/25/2004
Last year I spotted one or two of what appeared to be these nasty creatures. I figured it was a premature sign of things to come. How long will it last? I don’t plan to leave my house until they’re all gone!!!! Margie, Baltimore

Help for Those Who are Afraid

Date: Thursday, Mar/25/2004
When I moved to the Washington area 17 years ago and saw the cicadas, I was lucky to have been living in Lorton, VA, where there weren’t as many flying around as compared to the District. But I SWORE I that would rather find another job (or some out-of-town assigment) than to get caught in the middle of the next infestation. But alias, I am still here, 17 years older (middle-aged), now married (so I can’t leave), unable to run as fast as I used to, and only 15 mintues from DC, and therefore, much closer to the ‘zone.’ I’m in a lot of trouble: if I don’t get myself killed trying to run from them (or wreak my car should one be inside), I will most likely develop vascular problems from weeks of constant stress and anxiety. I can only ask that those who are not frightened of them, please have some passion and understanding for those who do. It is an irrational fear, but a fear nevertheless (ususally brought on by an emotional event or trauma.) (Everyone has fears; this one is just more difficult to hide.) I’ve worked on my problem for years (including therapy 22 years ago), so I haven’t been just complaining or feeling sorry for myself. Progress has been quite slow, but steady. (I can now garden but still have a generalized fear of large flying, mostly stinging insects.) I think that reading and learning about their habits will help in some small way, but not enough, I’m afraid, to deal with what’s to come because there will be so many of them. If there is anyone out there willing to share how they’ve resolved their phobia (short of flooding), please do so. You will be helping a lot of folks, including those too afraid to speak up. I also have a couple of questions about the habits of cacidas: Do they fly around in the dark, and do they favor any particular flowering or vegetable plant? (I may decide to skip the gardening this year.) Thanks. Chay, Prince Georges County ,MD

1998 cicadas in Tennessee

Date: Thursday, Mar/25/2004
Dick – Yes and no — the ones in Tennessee in 1998 were the 13-year species (Brood XIX). Also, this year’s brood will mostly appear in different locations in Tennessee, not the same places as in 1998. Dave Marshall, Storrs, Connecticut


Date: Thursday, Mar/25/2004
The scientific sound of the cicada is termed “Rachelling”. Buzz, Cin

name of circadia’s sound

Date: Thursday, Mar/25/2004
does anyone know the scientific term applied to the sound the circadia makes? dennis, poughkeepsie ,ny

Say It Ain’t So

Date: Wednesday, Mar/24/2004
guess what sucks? I have no a/c in my car. so not only will those gross, retarded bugs be flying into me, I also will be sweating to death in my car on the way to work. I hate bugs, and they hate me. I was six the last time they were here in abundance, and can’t remember how bad they actually were. I’m in denial right now, and pray every day they won’t rise from the ground. I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to be in a sci-fi movie, though. I’m so lucky. Julie, Cincinnati


Date: Wednesday, Mar/24/2004
Is it possible that we saw the same bugs in Tenn. in 1998? Dick, Grand Rapids, Mi.


Date: Wednesday, Mar/24/2004
How far do cicadas fly? Laura, Fremont, Michigan

Those Creepy Critters

Date: Wednesday, Mar/24/2004
I am terribly afraid of all insects. Please make them go away. Cynthia B, Prince George County -Forestville

Wouldn’t want to miss it

Date: Wednesday, Mar/24/2004
Am thinking of planning a trip home to coincide with the Cicadas in Cincinnati this summer. Has anyone nailed down the exact dates that they are supposed to start and peak?By the way, responding to Lisa (previous message), I’m thinking you are probably class of ’88, Highlands? Me too. I’ve got some bad memories as well, particularly from my lawn-mowing summer job (the engine noise really got them interested), but I just couldn’t bear to miss the spectacle. Especially when I think about how old I’ll be next time… Rhodri, overseas

Terrified of Cicadas

Date: Wednesday, Mar/24/2004
I’m 34 years old and I’m embarrassed to say … I’m terrified of Cicadas. While I am somewhat of a bug-phobe, it’s never forced me to stay indoors. I am, however, planning on converting to hermit status mid-May to late June. Don’t know how I’m going to do it, just that I am. Many of you are probably wondering what caused this fear, so let me share. I was 17 years old and taking driver’s ed at my high school. It just happened to be my turn to drive – with 4 other classmates and a teacher, mind you – when, all of a sudden, Larry Riley stuck two cicadas in my long hair. As I was driving, one of the little suckers crawled into my ear opening and screamed. Needless to say, I swerved the car and nearly killed everyone aboard. I recall throwing the car into park, jumping out of the car and running, running, running … as far and as fast as I could. I’m happy to report that Larry Riley got detention that day! I, on the other hand, have never recovered, as you can see. I’m considering buying a bee keeper’s suit for those times when I absolutely have to show my face to the world. Fortunately, I’m laid off right now! Any suggestions? My husband and I live in a condominium overlooking Cincinnati with woods all around us. They’re going to be everywhere – and I mean everywhere! Lisa, Ft. Thomas, KY

opening swimming pools

Date: Tuesday, Mar/23/2004
when would it be a good time to open the swimming pool. should we wait until mid June? mike, cincinnati

Protection from Cicada

Date: Tuesday, Mar/23/2004
I have planted small pines and some birch trees in the last week. Should I spray these trees. What can I do to protect them. Barb, Nashville TN


Date: Tuesday, Mar/23/2004
What is a brood and how many broods are there? Cait, U.S.

How will gardens weather?

Date: Tuesday, Mar/23/2004
will they eat our tomatoe plants,squash
greenbeans,onions,lettuce you get the idea. Does anybody know Thanks- Christy Christy, Springfield, Virginia

My tree not there anymore..

Date: Tuesday, Mar/23/2004
What happens if I had my huge maple tree in my front yard cut down that was there 17 years ago????? Marsha, Kentucky

Yes, you can work outside

Date: Tuesday, Mar/23/2004
No matter how big the cicada event, anyone should be able to work (or do anything else) outside.The biggest danger is if you’re on a ladder or roof and a cicada suddenly gives a distress screech near you. This is quite startling and it’s possible to fall off if you recoil in fright at the sudden noise and sight. Be prepared not to be surprised by sudden distressed cicadas.There’s also the slight surprise of an occasional cicada crawling on you. This shouldn’t be a problem to anyone who doesn’t have a huge phobia of insects.
Eric, Missouri

To Christy in Maryland

Date: Tuesday, Mar/23/2004
Christy, if the 17-year cicada emergence is a “once in a life time thing”, and you were 6 years old last time, guess what? You are going to die, “cause you had your “once”. Sky, Mason

Bugs is good to feast on..i reckon

Date: Monday, Mar/22/2004
I eated many a bug in ma life. But the cicadda is da best to chew and chew ,,oh yea i had tummy ache 2 days oh yea, I reckin all da bugs is good though kentucky lost yeserday to UAB Troy Vespie, Amelia Ohio

Can i work outside

Date: Monday, Mar/22/2004
Can anyone tell me please is it going to be possible to work on the constraction and to do framing job in May or June. Sergei, Cincinnati, Ohio


Date: Sunday, Mar/21/2004
In my last messege I had some typos and or misspelled words. I actuallt ment to say, to make it clear as these cicadas do not bite or sting. I hope you all don’t get to confused by may last messege and read this one instead. Christy, Maryland

I Can’t wait till these once in a life time flying noisy bugs arrive

Date: Sunday, Mar/21/2004
Hey everyone, I came to this website before, because I was looking for cicadia sounds on the internet. I came accrose this site instead. Well bottom line is I was 6years old when they came out of the groud flying and buzzing about. I remember it well. I was over my grandparaents house when i had just got back from visiting Ghettesburg. I look forward to seeing thse bugs as it is once in a life time thing. Thse bugs to not sting now bite. They will cause a horrible time with yard plants. However as for myself I’am not a bug type person as I don’t like bees, spiders, or creepy crawley things. Well this is all for me. Just wanted to leave my mark. Christy, Maryland


Date: Friday, Mar/19/2004
Hi, i see your expecting a mass emergence of Magicicada’s. I was hoping that someone there may be able to collect me some and send them on to me here in New Zealand. Or if someone is keen to swap your American species for our New Zealand species.
you can message me at nzcicada [AT] Kees Green, Auckland, New Zealand

For goodness sakes

Date: Thursday, Mar/18/2004
Mia,Do not let anyone play to your fears (or their pocketbooks) . The cicada is a harmless insect. They may cause some minor tree or bush damage, but basically they are just out to reproduce. They do not attack in a sworm, nor do they go out of the way to attack anyone. These neat bugs can be an inconveniece because they are terrible flyers and may bump into you, however, they mean no harm and do not bite…. I hope I have helped…
Klamarr2, Indy, Indiana

Date: Thursday, Mar/18/2004 > Metro > Virginia

In Brief
Monday, March 15, 2004; Page B03
THE REGION Infestation of Brood X Cicadas Forecast Millions of cicadas are expected to infest the nation’s capital and parts of Maryland and Virginia this spring. Periodical cicadas, who’ve been underground for 17 years, will tunnel out of the ground, fling their winged bodies through the air and sound off day and night. Bug experts say their coming will be of biblical proportions.

Some cicadas emerge annually in the eastern United States. Others come out every two to 13 years. But this variety, known as Brood X, invades every 17 years. The last time they covered the Washington area was in 1987, when remnants of cicadas covered roadways and sidewalks. Residents pulled them out of their hair. And the bugs drove some outdoor events, such as weddings and graduations, inside. When exactly they emerge will depend on the weather. The Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History is planning a cicada exhibit in May, complete with sounds and live specimens.

� 2004 The Washington Post Company
Rusty Kochka, Arlington, Virginia


Date: Thursday, Mar/18/2004
Thanks Eric for the formula. I remember now that “my” formula was something like T = x(n-y)+ z, where x, y and z were some arbitrary constants. The resulting temperature T was in Centigrade. Maybe that explains the structural difference in the formulae. Ajit, Knoxville, TN


Date: Thursday, Mar/18/2004
My son is very afraid of flying insects. He would run out in front of a speeding car before he let one get close to him. I have been trying to find some kind of repellent or something for him since he has to walk to school. I don’t think the school will allow me to home school him for 6 weeks. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Lear, Cincinnati,OH


Date: Wednesday, Mar/17/2004
I live in prince george county MD.DO cicadas stick to you threw your clothing,about how big will they be and do they sworm you? mia, prince george countyMD


Date: Wednesday, Mar/17/2004
I live in prince george county MD.DO cicadas stick to you threw your clothing,about how big will they be and do they sworm you? mia, prince george countyMD

May 22nd, wedding

Date: Wednesday, Mar/17/2004
I am getting married on May 22nd, 2004, which is in 10 weeks, Its planned as an outdoor wedding. How bad will the cicadas be, is it wirth it to change the wedding. I read in the paper that Williamson and Davidson Counties, which is where the wedding will be will not get hit as hard as others in Tennessee. How does that work? ANy answered questions will really help me and my angered/frustrated fiancee. Thanks
Greg Greg, Nashville, TN, Williamson County

Bob from London, England

Date: Tuesday, Mar/16/2004
Hey, I was looking up info on the England cicada on the web and came accross this posting (below). If “Bob” is still out there could you please tell me where you heard/saw these cicadas? Was it in England, or were you overseas? My email is cicada900 [AT]
Thanks…Date: Tuesday, May/28/2002
i saw all these cicadas and they f***ing rule!!! tssss tssss tssss tssss tssss tssss tssss tssss tssss they went! YO! — Bob, England, London Kathy Hill, Willimantic, CT

say it aint so

Date: Tuesday, Mar/16/2004
This isn’t really happening — right? Say it ain’t so… I don’t do bugs… not liking life, Silver Spring, MD

To Christy Eicher

Date: Tuesday, Mar/16/2004

Christy, I personally would not plan a wedding outdoors at that time. However, I’d suggest contacting them, and find out if there was someone that was there 17 years ago. If so, maybe they will be able to tell you if that area had much infestation.Good luck and congrats! Jules
Jules, Louisville, KY

say it aint so

Date: Tuesday, Mar/16/2004
This isn’t really happening — right? Say it ain’t so… I don’t do bugs… not liking life, Silver Spring, MD

To Christy Eicher

Date: Tuesday, Mar/16/2004

Christy, I personally would not plan a wedding outdoors at that time. However, I’d suggest contacting them, and find out if there was someone that was there 17 years ago. If so, maybe they will be able to tell you if that area had much infestation.Good luck and congrats! Jules
Jules, Louisville, KY

Swimming Pools?

Date: Tuesday, Mar/16/2004
A few of us over at were wondering if the Cicada will have any effect on our pools?If they are gone by mid-June, should we leave our pools covered and wait until after they are gone to open the pool for the season?Thanks for any info you can give! Jules Jules, Louisville, KY

New to cicadas!

Date: Tuesday, Mar/16/2004
Does anyone know if the cicadas will be bad in the Stafford/Fredericksburg area? We just moved here and bought our home! (of course!) WHat do we need to do to protect our property, landscaping, etc.? I’m a bit nervous about this outbreak. Jennifer, Stafford, VA

Noisiest Insect

Date: Tuesday, Mar/16/2004
While looking up the temperature formula, saw the next question: what is considered the noisiest insect? “The Cicadas are usually considered the noisiest, but it has been said that the European Cricket (Brachytrypes megacephalus) is louder still and that its note can be heard a mile away”.I’ve been around periodical cicadas and cannot imagine anything louder. The Cassini are almost deafening, and they synchronize their calls to make themselves even louder. The Decim “Martian” call, when in large concentrations, must be audible for at least a mile.
Eric, Missouri

Formula for Temperature

Date: Tuesday, Mar/16/2004
The Katydid formula seems to work, though it suggests they don’t sing below 53 degrees, and I believe I’ve heard them on colder evenings (their call is _really_ slow when it’s cold). In my area the Katydids usually start in early July, when it’s usually so hot, the chirps are too fast to count!As to Cicadas, there’s such a variety of calls, one might need a different formula for each species.
From _1001 Questions Answered About Insects_:Count the number of chirps in a minute, represented by the letter “n” below.For the Katydid (Cryptophyllus perspicalis):T = 60 + ((n-19) / 3)For the Snowy Tree Cricket (Oecanthus niveus):T = 50 + ((n-40) / 2)T is the temperature in Farenheit.
Eric, Missouri

Anyone know how bad this can get????

Date: Tuesday, Mar/16/2004
Anyone know how bad this can get in Baltimore, MD I am moving [AT] the end of May and this is the first time I will ever experience any thing like this…. Please shed some light on this! Thank You! R, Baltimore,MD


Date: Monday, Mar/15/2004
Anyone know the likely timing for the emergence in Tenn? I had planned to go camping there the last week in April & they just aren’t my favorite camping companions. Plus we don’t want to move them around on our truck – the old invasive species thing. Meg, Ellicott City MD

Will they ruin my wedding (at Farnsley Moreman Landing, Louisville, KY)?

Date: Monday, Mar/15/2004
Anyone know if the Cicadas are likely to be in Louisville, KY? More specifically, at Farnsley-Moreman Landing…10 mins southwest of Louisville, on the waterfront? I’m getting married there June 5th. Christy Eicher, Louisville, KY

Cicadas and ambient temperature

Date: Monday, Mar/15/2004
To Eric in Missouri,
So what is the mathematical formula for the katydids anyway? It might just jog my memory. Have you ever tried it for Cicadas? Ajit, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA


Date: Monday, Mar/15/2004

Stop The Cicada!

Date: Monday, Mar/15/2004
We Must Put A Stop to the Cicada!!!! on 5 – 1 – 04 we will all Get Together A Build A giant Flame Thrower. Kill Them All!! Before They can start to take over the world.when They begin to come out the ground thats when we start Ed, Baltimore County, MD

Are they coming here this year

Date: Sunday, Mar/14/2004
I need to know if the bugs are coming here this year.Please let me know. Dawn, Charleroi Pa.

Motorcycle Downtime

Date: Sunday, Mar/14/2004
Has anyone ever hit a cicada doing 45-50 miles per hour? It sucks. Feels like a big rock thrown up by a truck in front of you…..smmaaack. I don’t have a windshield, and I’m just bummed because I won’t be able to ride from the middle of April to the middle of May without worrying about knocking one of my eyes out when they hit my sunglasses and implode the lenses. Splaaat!! Michelle D., Cincinnati, OH

When did the cicadas swarm in the 1950-1960’s?

Date: Saturday, Mar/13/2004
I’m trying to remember how old I was when cicadas swarmed here in southern Virginia, and my evil older cousins made me stand still while they “hooked” the shells all over me! I was born in 1954 and I figure it was sometime in the late 50’s or early 60’s. Anybody know? (thanks!) Katie, Henry County, VA

Several things about Cicadas

Date: Saturday, Mar/13/2004
The host of a radio garden show made ignorant remarks today about Cicadas. He claimed 2004 has a convergence of 17 and 13 year classes, that they’d emerge around Quincy, IL (a small green patch on the UM page), and that they damage trees. A guest politely explained that trees have strong immune systems and the best way to handle Cicadas is to let Nature take its course, and that their holes are beneficial, aerating the ground.I’m probably going to south central Indiana the second weekend of June in search of cicadas. Anyone who hears them in that part of the country, please post when you hear them.I have an insect book that gives the mathematical formula for the temperature based on the frequency of Katydid songs, but not for Cicadas. The book has an amusing poem about Cicadas, obviously written a long time ago before “political correctness” set in:”Happy are the Cicadas’ lives,
For they live with voiceless wives!”
Eric, SE Missouri

Memories of last emergence

Date: Saturday, Mar/13/2004
I lived in Cincinnati the last time they emerged — we created an exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History all about them. I don’t know what was more amazing — seeing and hearing them everywhere, or watching the insectaphobic people freak out about these harmless creatures. I can still remember walking down Ludlow Ave. with cicadas flying everywhere, landing on people, crunching them underfoot (it was impossible not to). We had to keep the car windows rolled up on the highway in some areas because the sound was so deafening!If you’re freaking out already about the coming emergence, let me reiterate: CICADAS DO NOT BITE OR STING. THEY ARE HARMLESS. PLEASE DO NOT tax our already overloaded environment by trying to SPRAY POISONS to kill them — it’s pointless, there will be too many off them, and you’ll only wind up polluting the streams and rivers (due to runoff) and poisoning songbirds, cats, dogs, and other creatures who will be eating the cicadas. Chill out people! Roberta Burnes, Lexington, KY

you’ve been fooled

Date: Saturday, Mar/13/2004
there is no such thing as a cicadanotor. i bet it if you find it, it will be a very expensive fly swatter, available by mail order only. some one is trying to make a buck out of this hysteria! i lived in baltimore, in 1970, and lived thru the spring. yes, its unpleasant, but it doesnt last long. just keep your car windows up! michele, charlotte nc


Date: Saturday, Mar/13/2004

Rarotongan cicadas??

Date: Saturday, Mar/13/2004
Does anyone no if there are cicadas in Rarotonga, you can message me at nzcicada [AT] Kees Green, Albany, Auckland, New Zealand


Date: Friday, Mar/12/2004

NJ Cicada Schedule

Date: Friday, Mar/12/2004
Your Chart Says NJ is 1970, 1987, 2004. I grew up in a town in EssexCounty NJ. I Know we were swarmed in 1978. They were coming in our fireplace like a bad sci-fi movie. !
Is there any steadfast rule to 17 year cycle or are anomilies in schedule normal? Ralph, Maplewood, NJ

First Cicadas showing up

Date: Friday, Mar/12/2004
During the last week I have seen two early risers. Not long before they will be everywhere.Interesting note:
You can tell the temperature outside in Texas from the singing of Cicadas.They all sing at one time together when the temperature hits 78 degrees, 86 degrees, 94 degrees, and at 102 degrees. This is fairly consistent. They are loudest at the 78 degree and 94 degree marks. John, Houston, TX

can’t wait

Date: Friday, Mar/12/2004
this is going to be cool. cept there has been so much building in Maryland, i bet lots of them will not be able to emerge. gary, montgomery village maryland

Eaten Alive

Date: Friday, Mar/12/2004
I was told a story about a man that died in 1987 while mowing his grass during an infestation period. Apparently, these bugs overtook him and while trying to drive his John Deere mower to safety, he inadvertently swallowed about 30 of them. An autopsy performed later showed that the bugs were still alive in his throat cavity and where feeding on the chewing tobacco that he had in his mouth. (true story) Amber, Georgia

Cicada spotting circa 1963

Date: Friday, Mar/12/2004
Madison, NJ was the ground zero of a cicada happening. I was a high school kid and when changing classes, had to put coats over our heads to avoid being covered with the 3 inch bugs. And they would die in big piles and smell really bad. they don’t bite, but they get all over you, smell bad and the noise never stops…Run to your home! Peg, Georgia

Baltimore, Cicadas

Date: Friday, Mar/12/2004
I was in the Baltimore suburbs in 1987 and the cicadas were everywhere. I remember them so vividly because I was just visiting from New York,where we don’t get them. Tmac, Connecticut

Cicadas Are Comin’!

Date: Thursday, Mar/11/2004
They are suppose to start emerging in May around the 21st and only be around six weeks. So for the Bride worried, I wouldn’t be. 🙂 They are harmless bugs, they stay predominately in trees, and on grass. The West side is supose to be heavily hit. Don’t freak out it’s only six weeks. 🙂 I’m not even native here in Cincinnati, and I can’t wait for them to come up! This is going to be cool!
Mary, Cincinnati-East Side

Cicadas and ambient temperature

Date: Wednesday, Mar/10/2004
When I was a kid, an Uncle had given me a simple formula for determining the ambient temperature of the moment by counting the number of cicada chirps per minute. The formula was wonderfully accurate, for I used to verify it from the thermometer hanging in the porch. I can’t remember the formula now. Does anyone know of such a thing? Ajit, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA


Date: Sunday, Mar/7/2004


Date: Saturday, Mar/6/2004

can cicadas see?

Date: Saturday, Mar/6/2004
Another teacher in my building told her students that cicadas are blind which accounts for them running into everything (and everyONE) in sight. I told the student who asked me about this that I thought they could see….their eyes are surely BIG enough but would search the net for reliable information!
BTW…your site is fantastic!
kinderteacher Kinderteacher, Cincinnati, OH, USA

Cicada summer?

Date: Saturday, Mar/6/2004
Will someone PLEASE tell me when these cicadas are supposed to take over? This summer? Where specifically? I don’t want them to attack my August wedding reception. Thank you, concerned bride Lisa, Millersburg, OH


Date: Thursday, Mar/4/2004
How might one deal with them attempting to eat the grapevine leaves? lynne, darlington, MD, USA

cicadas at the shore

Date: Wednesday, Mar/3/2004
I’m planning a trip to the Maryland Shore(Ocean City) in June. Will cicadas be found there as well?
If so, I may need to cancel. The flies are bad enough! susie, Maryland

When exactly are the expected

Date: Wednesday, Mar/3/2004
Would really like to know when the cicada’s are expected this summer in Ohio as I am trying to plan a summer outdoor wedding for my daughter. was thinking of either late May or August. Any idea which would be better? Vickie, Trenton, oh

sounds of cicadas

Date: Tuesday, Mar/2/2004
I”ve only lived here for 2 years.I’ve been hearing awful stories about these animals.I admit I”m scared.I want to know if anyone knows of a sight to hear there sounds.They say were being invaded with 5 billion this year.Help what are these creatures? What purpose do they serve? stacy parker, kentucky

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August 30, 2002

Cicada Comments from August 2002

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IT’S INPORTAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Saturday, Aug/31/2002
I have a homework assigment heres the question: Insects called cicadas spend moast of there lives underground. Many come above ground nley every 13 or17 yrs. In North Ameica people call 13 & 17 locusts. 12 14 or 16 year locusts?
EMail me at erinleigh [AT]
Thanks Erinleigh, Helena MT USA

JZ responds to Rebecca from VA

Date: Saturday, Aug/31/2002
The three little dots on the cicadas head are actually eyes called “ocelli”. They are only sensative enough to be able to distinguish between light and dark. It is believed that they assist the insect to distinguish shapes and large objects while in flight. John Z, Maryland

Thank you

Date: Friday, Aug/30/2002
We found a cicada and were able to watch and video tape its coming-out-party. Our fourth grade daughter was able to take it to school today with the video tape to share with her classmates. I printed out your frequently asked questions and sent it with her as well. You do a great job with answering the questions and adding some good humor. We thoroughly enjoyed your web page. Thank you. Gale , Illinois

? what are the bindi like features on a cicada’s head?

Date: Thursday, Aug/29/2002
In Fredricksburg VA cicadas are dropping out of the trees…well like flies. I’ve seen hundreds, and I’m curious as to what the 3 small copper colored shiny dots are between the insects eyes. I couldn’t find an answer at the library.
Rebecca, Virginia

T. linnei now abundant in the evenings

Date: Tuesday, Aug/27/2002
Over the last week, the transition of T. lyricen being the dominant caller in the evenings to T. linnei as the dominant calling species has taken place here in Southern Maryland. Also of note, T. chloromera has been calling more this year in the afternoon and into the evenings than compared to the past few years. My guess: the very high humidity and continuous high temperatures (many 90 deg days) starting in the early morning hours. Whenever a cold front comes through and the temps get cooler, that evening and the following morning chloromera doesn’t call. John, Maryland

Australian cicada website

Date: Tuesday, Aug/27/2002
Hi. I’m based at the University of Queensland. This is a comprehensive site with information on Australian cicadas, images, sounds, links etc.Enjoy! Lindsay, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Looking for their husks

Date: Monday, Aug/26/2002
Great sight! I am an artist in RI and have for the past two years been collecting the husks of the cicada- this year I have found over 200 – I am interested in making a sculpture with them- if anyone would like to collect these husks and send them to me along with your thoughts on the insect I would be very happy– my address is
11 Job st.
Providence RI 02904 Thanks Pat P Bennett, Providence, RI

The Cicada killer wasps

Date: Sunday, Aug/25/2002
The Cicada Killer Wasps have take over my hill…I havn’t seen a cicada in months and the wasps are scaring me…Send help and exterminater not telling, I’m near boston,MA

What brood would be emerging in MA this year?

Date: Saturday, Aug/24/2002
We’ve found evidence of cicadas outside our workplace in Burlington, MA, and it started me to look into them. I see that they cycle in “broods”. What brood would be appearing in Massachusetts in August, 2002? Kim Avery, Chelmsford, MA, USA

Found One!

Date: Friday, Aug/23/2002
Hi there,Out in the park with the kids and found this massive bug, a bit wounded, struggling through the grass. I am pretty sure that it is a Tibicen Auletes, does this make sense? Dark green, brown and black markings that I must say look extremely cool. It’s underside has what looks like a white dusting surrounding dark brown/black and green; legs are light green.Send me some info as the kids and I are nursing this critter back to health in a box. What do they eat? I am assuming leaves and grass.thanks,rod rod cohen, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

cicada found

Date: Friday, Aug/23/2002
We found a live cicada.MY first graders and I had already talked about them. We brought him into the classroom,thought he was dead, but twice he began to sing, but he looks dead, wont move. Was he dying when we heard him? We all felt sorry for him. We want some info for 1st graders. linda moore, Wilson N.C.

Cicadas and hot weather

Date: Friday, Aug/23/2002
So far I have found it to be true that cicadas singing in the morning is consistent with hot weather. Some cicadas, Tibicen chloromera and T. lyricen in particular, love the hot mid-afternoon hours for singing, and if the morning is really hot, they will often get an early start. On the other hand, if it is cool and/or cloudy in the morning, they will usually wait until it heats up to start calling. Nick., Cicadas of Arkansas

Answering questions

Date: Friday, Aug/23/2002
Hello everyone,I’ve been asked to assist Dan in answering your questions on this board. Since Dan will be unavailble for at least another week, please feel free to forward your questions to me at les_daniels [AT] yahoo.comI’ll do my best to answer your questions as quickly as possible.Les Les Daniels, Fremont, Ohio U.S.A.

Gonna be a hot one

Date: Thursday, Aug/22/2002
Is it true that if you hear cicadas in the morning that means it’s going to be a really hot day? Thats what I heard as a kid and it seems to be true Al, New Jersey

Dog is eating cicadas

Date: Thursday, Aug/22/2002
My dog is chasing and eating the cicadas in our back yard. It is disgusting!!! Barb, Washington, DC

Relationship of “Singing” and Temperature?

Date: Thursday, Aug/22/2002
The frequency and tone of their calls is related to the temperature, and the time of day. What exactly is the relationship? What temperature does it have to be?thanks
George Boccanfuso, Sarnia Ontario Canada

cicadas and drought

Date: Thursday, Aug/22/2002
can cicadas appear early because of drought conditions jesse einstein, potomac md


Date: Wednesday, Aug/21/2002

Found two!

Date: Wednesday, Aug/21/2002
I’ve always heard them around, but never seen a live one, until today. There was a male on the street light pole outside my house. He was making his racket, and then a female arrived at the same pole. Kenneth Tucky, Ontario

New Cicada Enthusiast !!!

Date: Wednesday, Aug/21/2002
Hey Everyone,
I’ve recently become amazed with cicadas. I’m learning so many cool new facts. Unfortunitly I haven’t seen a real live one. So if anyone has any tips on finding one please email me at karej429 [AT]
& Good Luck 🙂 Kary Johanesen, New Jersey

Live Adult Cicada Found

Date: Tuesday, Aug/20/2002
I found a live adult cicada this morning on the front stoop of our laboratory building. I live and work in the Catskill Mountain area of NY for a water supply reservoir. The area is rocky & forrested mostly white pine, and hardwoods.
There was a trace of rainfall on the morning I found it. I found it 8/20/02 at 10:00 a.m. Jeff Helmuth, P.E., Shokan, NY (Ulster County)

please answer

Date: Tuesday, Aug/20/2002
for a project i need 5 interesting facts about cicadas…. has anyone got any good ones???? please email me at fairydust8000 [AT] thankyou katie, australia

is the 17 year cicadas here?

Date: Monday, Aug/19/2002
i remember i think it was in 1985, my son was about 14. he was mowing the back yard and these cicadas were atacking him, he wore a football hat and was trying to run from them. i was driving down the street and they would fly inside the car while i was driving!!
was wondering if this year is when they will be like then? not sure of the year. it was either 1985 or 1986.
thank you,
paula jane paula jane, dayton, ohio


Date: Monday, Aug/19/2002
I have so many cicadas in my yard it is driving me crazy what can i do? I have alot of black ones and i saw one green one. i want to spray. i had a tree company come out because they are every where Help!!!! jill, bloomfield, michigan

Response ….

Date: Sunday, Aug/18/2002
Response to:
slakers up in the piece!
Date: Sunday, Aug/11/2002do you guys ever answer these questions — Penis, State of the Crabs….
They’re on vacation from July 31 till Sept.. read the front page of the website!
WebPageReader, PA

Cicadas everywhereeeeeee…..

Date: Saturday, Aug/17/2002
There are hundreds of cicadas in the trees near my house and I need to catch one for a Zoology project for school next year; thing is, they are too fast! I was so close to cathing one, nevermind being deafened by the buzzing noise and it flew off before I could capture it…anyone know a good way to capture a cicada?Adema3496 [AT] Candyce, Baltimore, Maryland

All the cicadas live in my yard!

Date: Saturday, Aug/17/2002
When I see these bugs…I want to be sick! They are sooo huge…what is their purpose? I saw a little finch fighting one, even the birds think they’re sick! When I go out at night, they find me! I think they like me, kind of like a person who hates cats and the cat rubs on that persons leg. I was in my basem*nt, ironing and there was one attracted to the light (I just came in because one kept flying around my porch.) This second one, kept bagging into the slotted window of the door (no screen). So I went to close the window so it was open just a crack and a few minutes later that bug came flying through the teeny-tiny opening, like a freaking bat out of hell! NO LIE! I screamed like a banshee! Poking around for a few minutes with no luck I went back to my ironing–Low and behold a couple of minutes later who comes crawling up from underneath the ironing board, but this nucluear sized fly! I almost DIED. Well, I found a mason jar and screamed for my husband, he took it and put it outside the other basem*nt door and he could not close the door fast enough the determined disgusting bug flew in before the door shut. Well, that bug, unfortunatly lost. To say the least we have many more. What do the females look like? Kruzen [AT] put cicada in the memo area. Lisa, Northern Chester County

Is it dead?

Date: Friday, Aug/16/2002
We saw a big cicada at work today on the outside stairs. It was just sitting there on the ground. We thought is was dead so we poked it.
It started to crawl a bit.
I think it’s still out there.
Is it dying?
Anna & Angie, Canada

Large amounts of Cicadas

Date: Thursday, Aug/15/2002
Have lived in the Bucks County, PA area for 13 years and by far this year in Washington Crossing there is an abundance of cicadas everywhere! Mayb the drought conditions have brought morre out than usual? Carole D., Washington Crossings, PA

Cicada Killer Wasps

Date: Thursday, Aug/15/2002
I was very surprised when walking to the subway to see this huge “mutant” thing carrying another large bug. I stopped in shock. Well now I’m calmer as I have identified it as a Cicada Killer Wasp (or at least I think I’m calmer!) Anyone else every see these in Brooklyn? Amanda, Brooklyn, NY

Cicada picture

Date: Thursday, Aug/15/2002
I have a pretty good picture of a cicada I’d like to send you.Thanks. ronoquinn [AT] Ron O’Quinn, Ladson, S.C.

Tyler from PA

Date: Thursday, Aug/15/2002
Give your email address and I’ll tell you what I can about keeping cicadas alive. Or just send me an email and I’ll send a reply that way. Mine is stnick127 [AT] Nick, Cicadas of Arkansas

Dog Day Cicadas

Date: Wednesday, Aug/14/2002
Wow — is it hot in Jersey. Plenty of Tibicens too. Dan (Cicada Expert!), NewJersey

Raising Cicadas

Date: Wednesday, Aug/14/2002
I’ve always been interested in catching bugs. It all started with catching Japanese beetles in my grape vines. When I first saw a cicada shell, my friends said that is was locust shell. That was in 1999. I didn’t see one untill this summer. I found them all over the place! Every tree I looked on had them. Finding them has became my hobby. One time when I found a shell it seemed a little heavy. I couldn’t belive it! It was a live locust! I tried to raise it, but some of the mean bully kids squashed it. I was so sad that day. A week later, I found another live one. It got away. The next day, I acually caut one. I have it in a jar as I’m typing this. I want to know how to raise and take care of one. I hope you have some info! Oh, and thanks to this site I know that it’s a cicada. Hope your vacation was fun!!! Tyler Marini, Greenville, PA

Attention: Brian J. Prichard

Date: Wednesday, Aug/14/2002
Brian, please contact me at my email of les_daniels [AT] yahoo.comIt is important and I’m hoping you can help. You’re original email I have in my address book is no longer valid. Thanks – Les Les Daniels, Fremont, Ohio U.S.A.

2nd sighting of cicada

Date: Wednesday, Aug/14/2002
last night my co-workers and i had a cicada in the breakroom this was the 2nd time we had come in contact with it. the first time we saw it, our female employees claimed that it was attacking them. (it was just flying around and they were in it’s way) ken, Cleveland,Ohio

Found a stange bug

Date: Wednesday, Aug/14/2002
We think we found a cicada in our front yard but we aren’t sure. We’ve never seen one here before but we just visited Chicago & learned about them. Why are we now seeing them here? Nancy, Meghan & Emilie, Royal Oak, MI 48073

Definately not Giant Ticks

Date: Wednesday, Aug/14/2002
We started seeing these strange exoskelletons on the trees outside our house and were very curious as to what they were. I jokeingly said they must have been giant ticks, and my wife thought they must be locusts. I never saw what came out of them untill the other night when I went out to walk the dog and found one drying it’s wings. I promptly ran inside and and got the digital to take some pictures and got some real doozies. At this point I thought they might be cicadas but I had to be sure. After a bit of research, I came upon this site and it proved what the beautiful green bug with the glassy wings was. I am so excited and hope I get to see more. Is there a season for these in New Jersey? and if so, When can I expect them. Also, what kind are these bright green ones and are they on this 17 year cycle I keep hearing about? Please e-mail me with any information at ltockman4 [AT] Thanks and I appreaciate any info anyone can give me. Lee Tockman, Princeton NJ


Date: Tuesday, Aug/13/2002
Got to see my first Cicada last week. Really neat. Marilyn, Gardiner, Maine

male or female

Date: Tuesday, Aug/13/2002
how do u know if a cicada is amale or female? dude, whitby ontario canada

Silver Spring and Brooklyn Cicadas

Date: Monday, Aug/12/2002
I’m from Silver Spring. The 17 year cicadas will be back there in 2004, but you have other cicadas every summer. Does anyone know if there any cicadas in Manhattan? Margaret , Brooklyn

Re:Killer Wasps

Date: Monday, Aug/12/2002
I know what you mean about having them all over your lawn! I have them so bad, you can’t even walk outfront. They have come after us(my husband & I) and after my dogs. I guess they are protecting their nests, but still. We too have tried everything, the only thing that works is cool weather. We had a few days of nice temps, and we did not see one!! I can’t wait til fall!!! Then, we are going to try & kill the larve in the holes. The strange part, we never ever hear ciadas around!!! Go figure! I can’t help w/info on killing cicads, I don’t think that is the answer. You can call an exterminator, they can treat the lawn, but it’s coslty & you may need several treatments. Good luck!!! B, PA

i just now at age 37 held my first live cicada

Date: Sunday, Aug/11/2002
a neighbor was over and happened to see it clinging to a tree in the yard. we held it and looked at it for a bit then let it go. i sure wouldnt mind knowing what sort we have here. i have seen the word broods many times here tonight but the bugs are here every year. are they still the sort thjat hatch every 7 or 17 years? the cicada was grayish except for some very dark green markings on its back. Gerald, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

slakers up in the piece!

Date: Sunday, Aug/11/2002
do you guys ever answer these questions Penis, State of the Crabs….

Brood IX stragglers?

Date: Sunday, Aug/11/2002
I’ve seen a few cicada exoskeletons laying around this year and I’m looking forward to a huge infestation next year! I remember the last time they came– I was only 8 and I used to dream of what I would be like 17 years from then… Would I be any fun? Would I still climb trees? Would I still play with the cicadas? I can’t wait to introduce my little son to the incredible cicada phenomenon! And yes, I still climb trees! Julia, Reston, VA

cicadas in Maryland

Date: Sunday, Aug/11/2002
When will cicadas emerge in Maryland? David, Silver Spring, MD


Date: Sunday, Aug/11/2002
I moved here to PA from CA last spring and am discovering all kinds of new critter life here (like the centipede on my dining room wall but that’s another story!)
Found this ugly beautiful creature on my doorstep this morning, unfortunately, dead. Neighbor said it was a June bug but when I checked bug websites, it wasn’t a match. Then I remembered hearing about Cicadas from my grandparents in Kansas. Ta-Dah! Thats what it is and that’s what all the racket is in my neighborhood!Great website ! Thanks for all your information Sandy, Enola, Cumberland County, PA

Thanks for having the web site

Date: Sunday, Aug/11/2002
I awoke one hot August morning to my 5 year old son adn 3 year old daughters question – WHAT is that noise.I explained that it was a bug. A minutes later I was in the front of my house very excited to see a cicada that was recently hatch, with great excitment I got the kids and brought them outside to see what bug made all that noise. That lead to even more questions.I immediately went searching on the web and came up with your website.You had all the answers and the best pictures, we even downloaded some sounds.So thanks for helping a mom explain what all that noise is.Keep up the good work. Eileen Signorelli, Staten Island NY

cicada singing

Date: Sunday, Aug/11/2002
The cicada singing is deafening in my neighborhood. I just finished making an outdoor video and we couldn’t hear the people speaking because of the cicada ‘chat’.If anyone needs more cicadas, go to Northbrook Illinois. You won’t be disappointed. Wendy, Northbrook, IL

heard lots of ’em – first sighting last night…

Date: Saturday, Aug/10/2002
One crawled out of the flower bed onto the kids’ li’l tikes play slide. We watched it split its’ back, creep out of its’ skin, extend (and dry) it’s wings, then change color and sit in the sun waiting to be eaten by a bird… Ray, Plainfield, IL – 35miles west of Chicago

an old Ojibwe tale about the cicada

Date: Saturday, Aug/10/2002
Cicadas usually appear around the Great Lakes area in August. I thought I would share one of my favorite stories told to me when I was a youngster. (Folklore is an imortant part of the Ojibwe culture.) Winiboozhoo is a common character in our folklore; he was one of the first human-like beings made by the creator (Gitchimanitou). THE CICADA AND WINIBOOZHOOFrom the beginning of time, children resisted eating vegetables and fruits, objecting that cabbages and such were such a disagreeable and unappetizing green. To persuade children to eat vegetables and fruits, Winiboozhoo stumbled on the idea of dying them hundreds of different shades to confer beauty and flavor on them. But before he was half done with this enormous task, an enemy came along during the night and stained everything with a film of fine cold, white dust. Winiboozhoo was forced to start over not once but many times before he learned who his enemy was. From the beginning he suspected it was his brother Pukawis but it wasn’t until he heard derisive laughter, muted and disguised though it was, that he was sure. Finally, unable or unwilling to put up with the despoliation of his work by frost or snow even if it was done in jest, Winiboozhoo caught a cicada and put it to work, painting the fruit and vegetables so he could devote his time and energy to pursuing the enemy.
The cicada took up the assignment readily. However because Winiboozhoo’s instructions were rather vague, the cicada painted everything, including the grass and leaves. Winiboozhoo was so preoccupied with overtaking his mischievous brother Pukawis that he forgot about the cicada.
To this day the cicada can be heard on hot days, sometimes as early as mid-July, starting the duties that Winiboozhoo assigned him: painting the land to usher in autumn. Abbey, Mankato, MN

Cicada Killer Wasps

Date: Friday, Aug/9/2002
Each year, our yard is over run with Cicada Killer Wasps which burrough in the ground, lay their eggs and find Cicadas from the trees to deposit in the burroughs for their larve to eat.This year, the infestation is worse than ever. You may walk into the yard and see literally hundreds of Cicada Killer Wasps flying around. They
do not bother humans but these burroughs they dig are similair to that of
mole crickets and they are generally annoying. If they were to sting someone, it would be a very painful ordeal.Anyway, we have attempted some of the suggestions made on Cicada Killer Wasp websites to discourage them from coming to our yard to no avail. We have used lime around the yard, flooded the yard with water
and generally tried to rid the yard of these wasps.The only other solution is to next take away their motovation and kill the
Cicadas in the nearby trees. What would it take to do this and would it
rid our yard of Cicada Killer Wasps finally?BHW Barton Workman, Tampa, Florida USA

Information Please

Date: Friday, Aug/9/2002
I was startled the other day when watering as a cicada nearly the size of a sparrow flew out of the bushes. I had never seen a cicada, nor any insect of that size for that matter, that large. It was dark, almost black with yellow spots. Does anyone know what that describes or where I can find more out about them?Thx… Dallas BKK, Dallas, TX, USA

Lots of em

Date: Thursday, Aug/8/2002
Over the last few days we have had lots!
of noise….they are all over the place.
do they come out every 13-17 years?
we have been here 12 years and this is the first time we have heard them.
scoozer66 [AT] Sarah Bauer, Fountain,CO

Tibicen linnei

Date: Thursday, Aug/8/2002
I have a few questions regarding T. linnei. The first concerns the range in which it is found. Does this creature inhabit northern Texas? Also, does its call sound similar to that of a rattlesnake? Any info would be greatly appreciated. John V., Wichita Falls, Tx

Cicadas in 2003

Date: Wednesday, Aug/7/2002
Please help! I am planning an outdoor wedding reception in July 2003. It will we held at Sharon Woods Village in Sharonville, Ohio. WIll there be an infestion of cicadas at that time? I certainly don’t want them invited to my big day! Please E-mail me at SKrehb5754 [AT]
Amy Amy Krehbiel, Cincinnati, Ohio USA

Cicadas attracted to Lights at night!

Date: Monday, Aug/5/2002
Over the past four years, I have been keeping track (species & sex)of any annual cicadas that are attracted to any of my three outside lights. I usually have about a dozen cicadas that will come to the lights during the summer. This year however, I guess because of the heat and humidity, I am having an abundance of cicadas coming to my outside lights! Just a few days ago I had 6 cicadas come to lights in one night! (4 lyricen and 2 chloromera). I usually hit them hitting the glass doors (a very distinct sound) and find them hanging on the screen or on the ground. Since July 10, I have had 26 attracted to the lights. This is double the amount during an average year and there is still a lot of summer left. Its interesting that most of the cicadas have been female T. lyricen! Anybody else have any similar experiences?
So far this year, John Z, Maryland

T. robinsoniana now locally abundant, T. davisi is now common & N. hieroglyphica is finished for the year.

Date: Monday, Aug/5/2002
Since we have been experiencing many 90 degree days, Tibicen robinsoniana has been extremely abundant in certain localities. Its very slow coarse continous “runt…runt…runt” is very unique and can be heard almost every afternoon (usually after 1pm and before 6pm). T. chloromera, T. lyricen & T. davisi (short, high-pitched whine lasting about 10 seconds) make up the morning and noon chorus. An occasional T. auletes may call around noon. Things seems to be quiet until around 6pm, when T. chloromera has been calling lately in the late afternoon/early evening. About a half an hour before dusk, T. lyricen (long monotone rattle lasting 40-60 seconds) and T. auletes (very loud chh..chh..chh…chh) begin to call and do so until just about dark.
Only one T. linnei called for a few days a few weeks ago, but as in years past I expect T. lyricen to start to decrease and T. linnei start to increase around the end of August. N. hieroglyphica was last heard on August 2 and is probably finished for the year. John Z, Maryland


Date: Monday, Aug/5/2002
I was digging today, trying to kill some vines that were climbing up my house. After about three shovels, I noticed an off brown lump sitting in the soil. Upon close examination, I believed it to be a Cicada skin, then it moved. I was worried the critter would die, so I had my six year old place him on a tree. Within a couple hours the Cicada had shed his skin and was ready for business! Incredible find and I took several pictures (hope they come out).
My son obviously became interested so I did an internet search and found your site. Incredible find! Thanks just for being here. Jim, Colorado

Tibicen auletes

Date: Monday, Aug/5/2002
I was just beginning to notice that these guys haven’t made a peep all year, when all at once, they’ve shown up rather convincingly in the last few days. As usual they gather in groups so you always hear them when they’re anywhere close! =) Nick, Cicadas of Arkansas

Cicada Sighting

Date: Monday, Aug/5/2002
We have tons of cicadas in our backyard. They frequently attach to our house or lay on our deck. I have to be honest, they are not in the least attractive. Perhaps they haven’t come out of their “shell” yet? Anyway, I have great respect and appreciation for them. Saw one on the bricks of the house yesterday; blue jay snatched it and ate it – very disappointing. This morning a new one is sunbathing on the deck. Ahhh, the circle of life I suppose. Shelley, Brantford, Ontario, Canada


Date: Monday, Aug/5/2002
Well, these wasps are no fun dealing with!!! I wrote about them awhile back, well, they are still all over my lawn, & keep making new nests… I have been able to find new info on them, but still nothing helps. Except… cooler weather… They may not ‘attack’ but when you have 10-20 flying around at your house, you still don’t want to walk through them. They have gone after my dogs. So, the only thing that seems to get rid of them will be the fall weather…. When that hits, I will have to find all the holes and ‘treat’ them so as to kill any eggs that were layed there. B, Delaware County,PA

Cicadas make me scared-y!

Date: Monday, Aug/5/2002
tonite i was sitting around not doing much and whatnot and then all of a sudden i heard a CRAZY noize and i looked over and saw this HUGE SCAAAAAAAAARY bug flying all about the room and into my face, chest and neck like a crazy person! i was so scared i almost pooped my pants right then and there (but i didn’t!). nope, i chased it around and finally caught it with some tongs and threw it back out the window. YAY!!! then i had an ice cream cone because i was so happy it hadn’t killed me and eaten my body (or filled it full of eggs or something). bye.(p.s– the scary bug i was talking about? it was a cicada. OH YEAH!)(p.p.s.– do you peoples like cicadas or something? I SURE DON’T!) Randall, NY

Scary Cicada Story

Date: Sunday, Aug/4/2002
Today I found a cicada attacking my pet poodle in the backyard. She was frightened so I hit it (the cicada) with my electrified fly swatter. It had no effect. It flew at my face and I tripped over the poodle. Cicada’a are scary. Your web site is cool. Will you send me a free t-shirt? tommy, mount holly, nj


Date: Sunday, Aug/4/2002
Two or three sighted in Red Bank, NewJersey in the past weeks. Sheila, Red Bank, New Jersey

Cicada Sighted

Date: Sunday, Aug/4/2002
On August 4, 2002 at about 10 pm, a cicada coming out of its shin hung over my door as I went into my house. When it finished coming out of its ugly skin, it spread its beautiful thin leaflike green wings. I took pictures with my digital camera.Do they really stay in the ground for 17 years?Logan Logan Cantu, Grifton, Nc

too many cicadas messing up my lawn!

Date: Saturday, Aug/3/2002
I bought my house a little over four years ago. Like clockwork, every year around late June and early July I find these little holes in my lawn, usually close to trees or my hedges. The holes are about 1/2 inch in diameter and up to 5 or 6 inches deep. Upon closer inspection I also find anywhere from 15 to 40 of these nasty looking bug skins/shells either in the grass at the base of the bushes or sometimes attached to my wooden shed or kid’s wooden swing set. The bug skins are usually split down the back at which point something obviously emerged in some different form. Being a reasonably intelligent person I figured that some form of insect had crawled out of the ground (hence the holes) and shed it’s skin. When I took these skins to my local gardening center I was informed that they were some form of grub. Three years and two bags of grub treatment later I still counted about 35 “grub” holes in my lawn along with the accompanying shells. One night last week I noticed a large insect burrowing into the dirt in my flower patch like a dog looking for a bone. The bug turned out to be a cicada bug as it was big and metallic green and had large wings that made a lot of noise. I chased the bug away and filled up the hole with a rock only to come back the next day to find a freshly dug hole next to the blocked one. I also hear them buzzing around outside almost every day. I even found one in my house (actually my three year-old spotted the critter). I then decided to do some research on the internet and to make a long story somewhat shorter I now think that I have a lawn full of cicada bugs that create these holes and then leave their skins all over the place. I even went on one website that showed one of these critters shedding it’s skin. It looked just like the skins I have all over my yard. But why do they keep coming back every year? Aren’t they supposed to be on some sort of 13 or 17 year cycle? Will they eventually destroy my lawn or shrubs and if so how can I get rid of them? I know they like to eat plants and roots and things. I’m open for any information or suggestions anyone might have. malbug [AT] Mark Bugbee, Baltimore, MD

Green cicada

Date: Saturday, Aug/3/2002
Saw a cicada buzzing around a streetlight near my house – then the next night found one skittering around a parking lot – he was olive green. It’s been real hot and humid the last few weeks! Steve Carpenter, Lafayette, Louisiana

Cicada sightning

Date: Saturday, Aug/3/2002
Aug 03 2002 sighted a green cicada in the garden..very fascinating… sandy, Buena Vista, Virginia

Cicada sightning

Date: Saturday, Aug/3/2002
Aug 03 2002 sandy, Buena Vista, Virginia

Cicada Killer Wasps

Date: Friday, Aug/2/2002
I just ran into these large wasps, and had a crash course on them. You can go to this web site to learn more about them. Very interesting creatures. Jodi, MI

cicada killers

Date: Friday, Aug/2/2002
Tonite my girls and I were walking to our next door neighbors and came across what appeared to be some type of ant nest, when the mutant bee flew out at us we quickly changed our tune. After finding a dead “bee” and doing a little research I am almost sure it is a cicada killer. Any advice on when to watch for one in action? The girls and I think it would be interesting to see the food chain at work. June, indianapolis


Date: Friday, Aug/2/2002
Ive been told that cicadas hibrinate for seven years, then they come out for a season, then hibrinate again for another seven years, so on and so forth. andrew schwartz, Chicago , IL

I saw a cicada on my porch

Date: Friday, Aug/2/2002
Hi i am 15 years old and i was outside of my porch and i saw this ugly big bug and it was laying still on the ground not moving. Then my dog went up to it and would touch it then it would flip around not flying but its wings or something made a lound sound and it was hop rolling around. Then my dog ate it but i had no clue what it was. The next day i found out it was a Cicada and i was wondering if they really do only come every 17 years and if so are they coming this year? Also is it bad that my dog ate it? If they are invading this year about how long do u think they would stay, and do they bite people like other insects? I live in maryland and i know that there is an insect that is coming within the next few years but should i expect to see Locusts or Cicadas? Thankyou,
Tallie, Olney Maryland

How long are cicadas around for each year?

Date: Thursday, Aug/1/2002
I am working on a science newsletter involving sounds in your backyard. I would like to include cicadas, but the letter will not be distributed until early to mid September. Will cicadas be around through September? Roxanne, Albuquerque, NM

Rachel from Texas

Date: Thursday, Aug/1/2002
There are several species of cicadas, and each one has its own unique call. The one you heard to the south was likely a cicada, just a different species than what you have in the Dallas area. Unfortunately I don’t have much experience with the western cicada species, so I couldn’t begin to tell you what kind it may have been. The western species are different frrom those in the east, and the changeover occurs roughly through the plains states and central Texas. Nick, Cicadas of Arkansas


Date: Thursday, Aug/1/2002
Hi. I’m stumped. I’ve just returned from the Brownsville area of the Rio Grand Valley in the south tip of Texas. Down there is a bug that makes one very loud, high pitched sound, almost deafening if too close. It slows down similar to the cicadas up here in the DFW area, sort of sounding like a chain saw comming to a stop, but the bug is much higher piched. Is this a cicada? If so what sort? Any help appreciated!!
Thanks Rachel, Texas

Cicada in my apartment…

Date: Thursday, Aug/1/2002
I have a cicada in my apartment… should I be concerned? It appeared to be attracted to my house light. How long do you think it will live? J, Baltimore, Maryland

Comments (1)

June 30, 2002

Cicada Comments from June 2002

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Note: June of 2002 would include Brood VIII and Brood XXIII.


Date: Saturday, Jun/29/2002.
We have swarms of those ugly things herewill be glad when they are gone, but in the mean time our 4 dogs love eating them. I don’t see how anyone can call them cute, they are a pain in the backside and destroy trees. HOW DO YOU MAKE THEM DEAD!!!! Patricia, Winnemucca,Nv

Cicadas in the north

Date: Friday, Jun/28/2002.
After looking at the photos on the Great Lakes Cicada Page, I believe the cicadas I saw here in the Peace Country of northern British Columbia are Okanagana canadensis. Some of this species are supposed to be desert dwellers and the site I found them in was a mini-desert area in the middle of grain growing fields of what is mostly considered boreal forest. I did not think cicadas could survive this far north with our incredibly long, cold winters. Anyway, I am really excited that they exist up here! Penny Johnson, Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada

They’re here!

Date: Thursday, Jun/27/2002.
Last Sunday we were moving solar panels & a pump jack in the hills. The cactus were blooming and so were the sego lilies. I asked my husband why there were SO MANY buzzing insects out there with us. Usually you here a few, but this was something else. We also have plenty of snakes, so it was very distracting! I looked around and immediately found several cicadas. These hills are considered high altitude desert- lots of sagebrush and greasewood. Well, this morning the cicadas were here – enjoying our irrigated fields and lawn! Whole lotta buzzin goin on! Karen, south central Montana

Invasion of Cicada

Date: Thursday, Jun/27/2002.
WOW! I had no idea what these noisy huge bugs were. Called the Cooperative Extension they gave me a two paragraph plurp-Cicada. All of the North Valleys sounds like your about to take off in a plane. So I went out a looked in our trees-WOW! There must be at least 10 cicada per branch. I’m told these will only last until the end of June. I’m glad I got to witness this phenomomen. It has been very interesting. Heidi, North of Reno, NV

Tibicen cicadas beginning to get more numerous…

Date: Thursday, Jun/27/2002.
T. pruinosa and T. chloromera are becoming more common every day. T. linnei has made a few appearances as well. Of course Neocicada heiroglyphica ia out. They have become quite numerous the last week or so. I captured a couple of Tibicens Monday and photographed them together with some of the Magicicada I brought back from Clinton Lake, Illinois. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen the two types alive together at the same time. Nick, Cicadas of Arkansas

Tibicen auletes joins the crowd!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/26/2002.
On the evening of June 24 at 8:49pm, Tibicen auletes was heard calling in Ridge, Maryland (82 deg). This is very early for this species whose average call season begins in mid-August. It is almost 6 weeks earlier than the previously earliest record for our area (July 31). T. lyricen is now abundant in the evening about a half an hour before dusk (last two nights). T. chloromera is now commonly calling during the morning hours for the past two days. T. auletes was heard again last night (Jun 25). With N. hieroglyphica calling in localized areas, there are now 4 annual cicada species calling in Southern Maryland. J. Zyla, St. Mary’s County, Maryland

A bug that appears to look like it is a small dragon fly

Date: Tuesday, Jun/25/2002.
I aasume that this is a lucust however I have never really seen them before Tom, Moncton New Brunswick Canada

Is there a 8 yr varitey of this bug

Date: Tuesday, Jun/25/2002.
We have these bug enmass right now and was wondering if there is a 8 year variety because they seem to show up enmass about every 8th year? L. B., Reno, NV

Periodical Cicadas in eastern PA

Date: Tuesday, Jun/25/2002.
I was rafting on the Lehigh River in Carbon Co. PA on June 23 when I heard scattered songs of periodical cicadas along a 13-mile stetch of the river. No real chorus, just individuals. This seems to be way out the normal range of Brood VIII in PA. anybody have any ideas on this ? Ed Johnson, Staten Island, NY

Cicadas in the far North

Date: Monday, Jun/24/2002.
I am thrilled to have found and heard cicadas up here in northern BC where we have very long winters and minus 30 degrees celsius in common. I live a year in Tucson, so I immediately recognised the sound. The place was a desert-like area that is quite rare up here, high above the Peace River. This is the only area I have spotted them. Is this unusual to find them so far north? Penny Johnson, Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada


Date: Sunday, Jun/23/2002.
Do Cicadas spit? I heard if you hold em by their wings they spit they sometimes spit? Vanessa, Toronto,Ohio USA


Date: Sunday, Jun/23/2002.
Do Cicadas spit? I heard if you hold em by their wings they spit they sometimes spit? Susan, Wintersville,Ohio USA


Date: Sunday, Jun/23/2002.
driving pittsburgh to cleveland this weekend, saw literally hundreds of cicada(e?) dead along side of pa 60 up through allegheny and beavery counties. also heard classic hum while walking on montour trail. They hover above your windshield, then make a juicy splat. Also saw a few on US 30 in eastern Ohio (Columbiana County) today… dan roth, robinson twp, pa

Two More Annual Cicada Species have begun calling in Maryland!

Date: Saturday, Jun/22/2002.
A Tibicen chloromera (Morning Cicada) was heard calling for the first time this season at 10:14am (77 deg) on June 19, 2002 in Ridge, Maryland. (This is a week early from the 7-year average first call date of Jun 26 in MD). A Tibicen lyricen (Lyric Cicada) was heard calling for the first time this season on the evening of June 20 at 8:39pm (72 deg)in Ridge, MD. (This is 10 days early for the 7-year average first call date of June 30). Neocicada hieroglyphica continues to call sporadically. We now have 3 annual cicada species calling sporadically in our area. J. Zyla, Ridge, St. Mary’s County, Maryland

Can cicada’s cause brances to seep sap?

Date: Saturday, Jun/22/2002.
I have a young Red Crimson Maple tree and noticed the tips of a few branches not looking healthy. I could find no insects on the trees but have had a ton of cicada’s. I did notice where sap had run down from the higher branches and was wondering if the cicada’s could have caused that? Terri Orkwiszewski, Apollo, PA USA

Daugher loves “Locust Hunting”

Date: Friday, Jun/21/2002.
My 2 y/o loves to hunt the little critters. She asks me every day, “Go locust hunting?” (Easier to say than “cicada”.) She enjoys holding them by the wings to feel them flutter, then gets the biggest kick out of feeding them to either of our two dogs. The dogs have taught themselves the meaning of my exclamation to my dtr “Here’s one!”, and they excitedly come running. 🙂 They haven’t eaten a full meal of dog food for a couple weeks now! Shari, Frazer township, Allegheny Co.

Time to Leave!

Date: Friday, Jun/21/2002.
Ready to drop and roll. Live in the country and love to be outside gardening, etc. We have many trees and they are constantly flying. Their noise sounds alien, they are just big ugly flying bugs that eat the trees and will bite you if you leave them on long enough. Unless, you have a bee suit on, a walk in the woods would be impossible. Sure will be glad when they leave so I can hear the birds singing again. No wonder they only come every seventeen years!!! C. Kralik, Fawn Township, PA

Cicada Population

Date: Friday, Jun/21/2002.
I am inquiring regarding the unusual cicada population emergence in the middle to North Eastern region of Jefferson County, OH. During the last few weeks, they have become quite audible, even deafning with their nocturnal, but beautiful chorus of nature. Subsequently, they appear very dense with respect to population.I happened to be in a small town in Columbiana County, Wellsville, OH on 26 May, 2001, when I noticed many dead cicadas but I did not hear any specific audible tones to lead me to any conclusions that these wonderful creatures were back. Last year, in 2001, I had seen the culmination of the last 17 year cycle with an almost exponential amount of insects & didn’t expect them to be present again for more than another decade at the very minimum.Can you advise me as to why the emergence is occurring so quickly again and what type of cicada are we experiencing? Additionally, is this a different emergence than the one witnessed in 2000/2001?Regards,Jerry Jerry, Toronto, OH

Still going strong

Date: Friday, Jun/21/2002.
This seems to be the third week in our area for these noisy, gregarious insects. We are facinated with them and ever so pleased that they don’t cause permanent damage. We live in the woods and the noise can be eerie at times! Coleen, Indiana, Pennsylvania

Reno cicadas

Date: Thursday, Jun/20/2002.
The cicadas you are experiencing in Reno are probably Okanagana utahensis, but might be another species of Okanagana. O. utahensis is found throughout the Great Basin area and sometimes occur in large numbers on the sagebrush. (The people experiencing the emergence of the 17 year cicadas would not be impressed.) I have seen large numbers out by Austin and Elko, NV in past years. O. utahensis is mostly black but have very pale marks on the pronotum, behind the head. They will be pretty much gone by mid to late July Tim McNary, Ft Collins, CO

What is the life cycle of the cicada in Nevada?

Date: Thursday, Jun/20/2002.
We have hundreds and hundreds of holes in our yard. The sounds are incredible! What type of Cicada lives in Reno, Nevada? What is the life cycle? Susan, Reno, Nevada

cicads found on luggage a airport

Date: Thursday, Jun/20/2002.
I found 2 adult cicadas on the luggage carosel at the Buffalo airport. The flight had come in Atlanta-But who knows how long the bugs had been riding around with the luggage. I scooped them up and brought them home. Took a couple of fuzzy webcam photos then turned them loose on a maple tree in my backyard. gary nelson, buffalo ny

Cicada grub found in Michigan

Date: Wednesday, Jun/19/2002.
My son and his babysitter were sitting in the yard when they saw a grub emerge out of the ground right in front of them. They had it in a jar for me when I got home from work. Also found a shell attached to a leaf. The babysitter knew all about them…I had never heard of them until now!! From reading your site, sounds like we will see many more of them in the near future. So far, I have not heard their sound, but it has been rather cool at night here lately, if that has anything to do with it. Pretty interesting creature! Evan, Oxford, Michigan


Date: Tuesday, Jun/18/2002.

Cicada in our sage brush

Date: Tuesday, Jun/18/2002.
It started with hundreds of holes appearing on the hill in our backyard. Then the buzzing started. After analyzing the dead ones that our cat brought into the house, we saw that they were cicada’s. What I don’t know is what kind and how often they will appear here. They aren’t living in our trees, they are in our sage brush. So far, I havne’t read anything about cicada’s that live in bushes like these, so low to the ground. Everything is about them being high in trees. Does anyone have any ideas? I most curious about their life span. From the number of holes (can’t walk for the number of them) and what I’ve read about how many eggs the females then lay, next time they come out could mean not seeing the back yard through the mass of them. I don’t want to kill them or even get rid of them, I just want to know what to be prepared for and when.Thanks,Troy Troy, Reno,Nevada

Near Car Cicada accident

Date: Sunday, Jun/16/2002.
I remember one day getting into my sisters car and after a few minutes of driving heard a loud buzzing noise. I looked up and on the dashboard was this Cicada that started flying around inside the car. My sister freaked out while driving and nearly got us killed.I did not know then what this insect was But remember it looked like a giant fly. Sam, Queens, NY

Cicadas are Popular

Date: Sunday, Jun/16/2002.
I Wanted to know more about these Giant “Fly Like” Creatures AFTER trying to describe one that fell in my pool.I personally have a fear of like roaches and giant flying Bugs. I am amazed that so many people like these Insects.. I am sure they are helpful, I just have a crazy phobia. Sam, Queens, NY

oh my god there here

Date: Saturday, Jun/15/2002.
well i don’t really have a lot so i’m glad there here alexa, New Brighton


Date: Saturday, Jun/15/2002.
They must be young (or small) plants. Or you may have just had an awful lot of cicadas concentrated in a small area. Still I think the azaleas will come back, as they grow from the roots, unlike some herbaceous flowers that actually do grow from the tips. They could die, but I don’t think they will. They’ll need time though. Nick, Cicadas of Arkansas

Nick, Cicadas of Arkansas

Date: Friday, Jun/14/2002.
Nick. The azaleas are dying. it isnt just teh ends. There are deep nicks made by the female from the tip all the way to the base of the branch. The cuts are so deep that many branches have broken already and not at the ends. Christine P., Center Twshp., PA

I’ll Miss Them When Gone

Date: Friday, Jun/14/2002.
I’ve been enjoying these guys for the last three weeks. I’ve spent all my time watching them, playing with them, and listening to their songs. I feel privileged to have so many of them here and I can’t stand the thought of them leaving for another 17 years. It’s going to be awfully quiet and boring! Any way to get them back sooner? Jan, Rural Valley; Armstrong Co., PA

My backyard

Date: Friday, Jun/14/2002.
Yesterday evening I heard my first annual cicada of the year. He was barely audible for a while, then loud for less than a minute. His call was steady in frequency. About two weeks earlier than I usually first hear annuals.Also in my backyard from about May 31 for about 5 days, I heard the lonely calls of one to several Decim in my backyard each morning! Searched the woods on my property but didn’t even find skeletons. But it’s better than nothing. I wouldn’t know if they were more likely XXIII who wandered from their main range, or XIX who emerged four years too late, thinking they were 17-year cicadas instead of 13.Travelled last weekend to Carlyle Illinois (flooded) and forests southeast of St. Louis; heard and saw zilch. Looks like I won’t encounter periodicals again until 2011. Eric, Missouri


Date: Friday, Jun/14/2002.
You might need an address to send the picture of the cicada pupa to, so here it is….terriblet272002 [AT] Thanks again. Tara Nicholson, Southeast Missouri

We found a pupa of something….

Date: Friday, Jun/14/2002.
My husband found a pupa and thought it might be that of a cicada. We have been trying to find pictures of cicada pupas, but can not seem to find any. Please if at all possible, could you send us a picture of one so we can see if that is what it is? Thank you. Tara Nicholson, Southeast Missouri

cicada leaving

Date: Friday, Jun/14/2002.
hi, i am wondering when these cicadas are going to be gone more sound, no more flying everywhere.please let me know very soon.i have a phobia of bugs,i need to know.thank you very much.bragom000 [AT] brandi gomez, midland,pennsylvania

Shrub damage

Date: Friday, Jun/14/2002.
Dude, the shrubs aren’t dying. Take a look, it should just be the tips. The egg-laying kills the tips of the branches but not the tree or shrub itself. It may look bad, but it doesn’t hurt them any more than pruning would. Nick, Cicadas of Arkansas

Shrub Damage

Date: Thursday, Jun/13/2002.
The “Quesion & Answer” portion of this web site made mention that cicadas do not damage shrubs but rather only small disiduous trees. I assure you this is not true. They are killing my azaleas. The female has cut notches into the branches everywhere. Can anyone tell me if the azaleas will make it? Thanks. Christine P., Center Twshp., PA

attacked baby

Date: Thursday, Jun/13/2002.
a cicada flew onto my baby’s face and when I hit it off of her it left a huge red, swollen and bloody mark on her. I can’t wait for this 17 yr. stint to be over. I hope I never see another one again!! h, boardman, oh

I heard them…

Date: Thursday, Jun/13/2002.
Yesterday I was driving, into Frazier Township (About 10 miles from my home) and I heard this humming sound. I didn’t change it’s tone, I heard this sound for about a mile or so. I thought it was may van making the noise, but to my wonderful surprise it wasn’t. It was created by a large group of Cincada. I didn’t see any until this morning, I went outside for my morning cig, and there was one, only one. Light green in color, clear wings, red eyes. Not the prettiest thing. Robert Aston, Cheswick, PA

Brood XXIII wrapping up in Arkansas

Date: Wednesday, Jun/12/2002.
Everywhere I went that has cicadas today has died down significantly. The decim are completely gone for all intents and purposes. The cassini are still there but greatly diminished. And the decula… well, they were never out in force to begin with, except Lake Poinsett and along Crowley’s Ridge, where I didn’t manage to get to. But I would suspect that anything east or southeast of here is even farther progressed than this anyway. Nick, Cicadas of Arkansas

They were cute at first…

Date: Wednesday, Jun/12/2002.
But now they are laying eggs in all of the young trees and ruining them. I read up on them and they are right, they are quite dumb insects. Why? Because there is so many of them that if a few get caught or killed there are always more to come. Seem sad that I’ll be 36 before I’ll see them again. Clinton, Armstrong County (Gilpin) PA

none here, but are they there?

Date: Wednesday, Jun/12/2002.
are they in the yough river valley yet? looking for some great fly fishing…. dave, irwin pa

Getting quieter…

Date: Wednesday, Jun/12/2002.
The noise is already starting to die down up here in Chippewa Township. I’ve noticed a major difference in noise level over the past few days. Sounds like we only have a short time left to enjoy the lovely sound 🙁 Brendan, Chippewa, PA


Date: Tuesday, Jun/11/2002.
As a young girl I recall finding the shells of the cicadas on the maple tree in the back yard. Their only significance to me at that time was how frightened I was of the ugly shell and having to check my bed at night as my brother would put them there to torment me. Now, the same yard the same OLD/HUGE maple tree continues to bring forth these interesting creatures. I’ve asked around the neighborhood and no one else is having a problem with them but the landscaping of my home is covered with the shells. I was in the area of Racoon State Park today (near Hookstown) and I have never heard such an almost deafening constant drone from within the woods. They were flying across the road, splating on my car and falling down into the wiper well. I’m certainly glad I was not outside in this! One last thing, one nymph left it’s shell on my shoe during the night, I looked around the porch for the live critter and couldn’t see it then I carefully looked in the inside of my other shoe before putting it on and there were two bulging red eyes looking back at me. I always thought these guys were green and square heads, this one almose resembled a large yellow jacket body and the red eyes…well he sure was creepy looking!! If anyone has any input on this ‘type of locust/cicada please e-mail me patterson [AT], as I’m beginning to really become interested in these things, Strange???????? Chris Patterson, Ellwood City, PA

13 Year Cicada has arrived!

Date: Monday, Jun/10/2002.
For the past week or so we have heard them in the woods all around us and now they have invaded our property to the point I have major problems doing anything outdoors without being bombarded by them. L D M, New Harmony, In.


Date: Monday, Jun/10/2002.
I wish the guy from the White River Bottoms had posted a few days sooner. Last Thursday (June 6) I was looking for the cicadas (particularly tredecim and neotredecim) in Knox Co., Indiana and couldn’t find them. Granted, the weather was bad last Thursday, but I should have heard something if I’d been in the right place. I guess the populations are spotty up there and I managed to dodge them all somehow… Nick, Cicadas of Arkansas

Brood VIII

Date: Monday, Jun/10/2002.
I was running on Panhandle Trail, and about a half mile toward Carnegie from Gregg Station, the woods are crazy with the 17 year cicadas. Big area, over a half mile wide. The noise is awesome. I was puzzled both by cicadas in early June, and by the local concentration, so I did an internet search. Now I know what they are! Frank, Carnegie, Allegheny County, PA

Don’t worry, they’re all W’s

Date: Monday, Jun/10/2002.
I’ve been told the old wives tale that cicadas have either a W or P. Since then, I’ve read that all of them have a W on them so let’s not get all worked up. Also, I’m lucky enough to have been peed on by the cicada. They can call it honey dew or whatever, but I call it gross. They’re beginning to die already and they smell terribly. That does not stop my dog from feasting on them however. Hopefully, I’ll live somewhere else in 17 years!! Tina, Sewickley,PA

When are they coming?

Date: Monday, Jun/10/2002.
Hi Everyone,I remember the 17yr cicadas in Jr High and I just wanted to know when they will be coming again? Is it about time?Could someone with this information let me know?Thanks Romulus, Baltimore, Maryland

The bugs are ruining my research

Date: Monday, Jun/10/2002.
I really never minded the cicada. In fact, I always enjoyed hearing from them on warm spring nights. Now, however, I “hate” them. I have reforestation research going on in West Tennessee and they are not treating my young seedlings very well at all.Oh Well… I’ll continue loathing the animal. Chris , West Tennessee

Large invastion

Date: Monday, Jun/10/2002.
While visiting my country home on Saturday June 8th, I was amazed at how many cicadas there were. They were buzzzing and hanging on the trees. I hadn’t been up there for two weeks, so I don’t know when they arrived and how long they will be around, but they were annoying. Dora Dickerson, Dayton, PA USA (Armstrong County)

Outer Limits

Date: Monday, Jun/10/2002.
Our back yard is over run my Magicicada Septendecim Brood VIII (30 miles N. of Pittsburgh). The little critters are everywhere. All the moles in my yard this spring suddenly make sense, what with the larvae getting ready to emerge and all. The local bird population must be taking advantage of this event too, as I’ve not filled the feeder in a week. The chorus has been steadily getting louder the past week, and is about 50-70 decibles now. They sound very “Outer Limits-like,” weird and yet wonderful! Jeff Thieret, Harmony, PA

Answer to PLF, Periodical Cicadas in DC

Date: Monday, Jun/10/2002.
Dear PLF, While annual cicadas will soon be out in the Mid-Atlantic area, Brood VIII of the periodical cicada does not extend south to DC. The next periodical cicada emergence for DC will be in 2004 when Brood X emerges. If you can wait two more springs, you will probably have plenty of them. John Zyla, Ridge, MD

Are there Cicadas in Wassington , DC

Date: Monday, Jun/10/2002.
I just moved to DC and I miss my Cicadas. An anyone tell me if I can expect to here them here in the capitol city?Regrds, PLF PLF, Washington, DC

Cicada Sighting

Date: Monday, Jun/10/2002.
We have those bugs EVERYWHERE!! Missy, Burgettstown, Pa


Date: Monday, Jun/10/2002.
Hi,Upon visiting the White River bottoms, I heard the unmistakable call of the Periodical Cicada over the noise of traffic. I had never seen this species of cicada in my life before last week. I was back again on Sunday, and they are still there just as in the week before. I’m 23, so it makes sense that I wouldn’t remember the first time I may have seen these guys. Just wanted to let you know that the brood is quite active near the White River and in wooded clumps in Southern Indiana. Thanks. Eric Holman, Knox & Sullivan Counties, Indiana

Cicadas with “holes”

Date: Monday, Jun/10/2002.
The hollowed out cicadas are victims of a fungal infection that affects the Magicicada. It is more widespread in some areas than in others, but as you noticed, it feeds on them until the entire abdomen, and sometimes part of the thorax is eaten out. The only places I’ve seen it this year are Lake Poinsett State Park in northeastern Arkansas and Harmonie State Park in southwestern Indiana. I saw some of it in north Arkansas during the Brood XIX invasion in 1998 too. Nick, Cicadas of Arkansas

Can I look forward to them here?

Date: Sunday, Jun/9/2002.
I live in the south suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. Are we going to get the cicadas here? I hope so, because my kids would love them! Please let me know where they are expected. Amy, Twin Cities


Date: Sunday, Jun/9/2002.
The Cicada’s started emerging about three weeks ago. The woods near us are full of them now, with their constant “singing”. Richard Rosey, Apollo, PA


Date: Sunday, Jun/9/2002.
My mother and I are sitting on our porch listenting to the cicadas. We wanted to know things about them so we found your site. I’m so happy now that I know cicadas pee. Ryan Ryan Talkington, East Liverpool Oh

Siting in Mingo Creek Park, near Finnleyville, PA

Date: Saturday, Jun/8/2002.
First my friend and I heard them as we were driving into the park. Then saw them swarming by the hundreds on tree tops, in trees, etc. Saw the little round holes on the ground, from which they emerge. Oddly, my mom had been at the park several days earlier, and the circadas had not yet emerged. These little buggers are LOUD! Jamie, Pittsburgh, PA (Allegheny County), USA


Date: Saturday, Jun/8/2002.
Oh my god, these things are everywhere. They seem as though they are going to take over my house. I live in the middle of the woods and i have been surrounded by locust now for two weeks. I just wish that they would stop making that annoying sound. chirs, Cranberry, pennslyvania, us

They are here but have holes!

Date: Friday, Jun/7/2002.
We have tons of cicadas in the yard. We have noticed that some of them have their entire end hollowed out. It looks like something has eaten them except they are still alive and flying. we have noticed also that some of them with the holes have what appears to be dirt like matter in them. What is happening to these bugs? Betsy Nix, Hernando, Mississippi

They look like hummingbirds everywhere!

Date: Friday, Jun/7/2002.
I heard them for about a week now but I didn’t really see any, but today they are everywhere here, flying from tree to tree. This is the 3rd time I seen them in my lifetime the first time I was about 11 and terrified of them now I find them fastainating, they look like hummingbirds everywhere. Jackie Mabin, Rochester Township, PA

First Annual Cicada of Season Calls in Maryland

Date: Thursday, Jun/6/2002.
FYI. A Neocicada hieroglyphica was heard calling at 5:43pm (86 deg) on June 5, 2002 along Rt 235 near the intersection of Turkey Neck Road in Saint Mary’s County, Maryland. This was the first annual cicada heard so far this season and it beats the previous earliest known MD record by 5 days (June 10,2000 & 2001)for this species. “Hear” we go!!! John Zyla, Ridge, Maryland

Cicada activity near Pittsburgh

Date: Wednesday, Jun/5/2002.
I work near the Pittsburgh Airport and just today noticed shells on the ground around a couple of the trees and cicadas singing in the woods nearby. From what I understand their emergence was delayed because of some cold weather we had in May. I live in the South Hills and haven’t seen any at all. We were right on the edge of the last emergence in 1999 of another brood. I’m wondering what other areas around Pittsburgh have them, I recently bought a motorcycle and plan to do a lot of riding starting now, but want to avoid areas where they may be. I don’t want to get hit by them, I would think they would hurt! Sandy, Pittsburgh, PA

Cicada Surprise!

Date: Wednesday, Jun/5/2002.
June 5, 2002 See our message of June 3. Since our research said that full adulthood occurs 4-6 days after emergence we went out to listen for the cicadas choruses. SURPRISE! We didn’t hear a sound. More cicadas. Humdreds of them. All stages again. Even some on the Hollys. Two on the Dogwood. They really love the big Oaks. More pictures taken: 15 of them. Research says they do not destroy, only occasional “flagging”. They do not bite. They do not sting. They have only sucking mouth parts. They do not transmit disease. They sure do FASCINATE!What’s going to happen next? O and E Montgomery , Natrona Hgts. Allegheny Co. PA

W = war

Date: Tuesday, Jun/4/2002.
Yep that’s right, locusts and cicadas know when there is going to be a war and they write “W”‘s on their wings. I’m scared… I hope the Indians don’t nuke us! Virgil, California

They are every where!!!!!

Date: Tuesday, Jun/4/2002.
Last week my wife askewd what is that noise. At first I said frogs, only becaues it rained the night before and I figured that was whatthey where until I started to notice all of the skins on the trunks of the trees. They where far off in the distance then this morning I noticed the sound closer and then looked up and to my amazement to see thousands flying in the air around the trees. I’ve been playing with the dead ones but wondered if they would bite or sting. Loked up on the net to find out more info and to find out that they are very harmless. Now my curiousity will be stronger. Here they are quiet at night but all day long they don’t quit! They are ugly but cute. Explain that!!!!! Ray , Sewickley, Pa


Date: Tuesday, Jun/4/2002.
Someone has aready mentioned a Godzilla-type movie sound, and I’m inclined to agree. While I don’t know too much about these little buggers (ha!), this variety (small, dark abdomen) seems different than last “awakenings” (large, green abdomen). Is there any truth to this? Mike Kartje, Carbondale, IL

It’s over in Clinton

Date: Tuesday, Jun/4/2002.
Brood XXIII activity seems to be finished here in central Mississippi. I have heard no songs and seen no fresh specimens since June 2. However, a Tibicen species has emerged here and is now producing a nice evening call. Bill P. Stark, Clinton, Mississippi, USA

Locusts Markings Indicating War or Peace?

Date: Tuesday, Jun/4/2002.
We heard of this story, but really didn’t believe it about the 13 yr old locusts until we saw one this weekned. The story is that if the locusts wings shows a visibl W or P that it indicates peace or war for the next 7 years. We saw one that dropped from the ceiling to the porch on Sunday afternoon and it was clearly a “W” on the wing. Anyone ever heard of this before? Pls email me if so at bonniejeancarter [AT] earthlink.comThanks! BJ Carter, Milledgville, TN

nature seems cruel

Date: Tuesday, Jun/4/2002.
Wow, what a strange and seemingly cruel world that we live in. These beautiful insects live beneath the earth for 17 years and emerge for only one week? I’ve always loved seeing the cicadas. When I was young, I used to use the spent cicada shells as clothes ornaments. The shells will hang onto your shirt all day. It freaks lots of people out, but it is a neat way to introduce children to this facinating insect. Gotta go now, we’ll talk in 17 years! valera hodill, West Deer,PA

Amazing Noise

Date: Tuesday, Jun/4/2002.
I live in the middle of town my parents live about a mile away at the edge of town. I have seen maybe on flying around home but my parents have tens of thousands. The sound is almost deafening. If you stay outside for a while it reminds me of the way your ears would ring at the end of a Ted Nugent concert. I wonder if they will damage the trees? It is kind of like an old Sci-Fi movie the way the sound goes up and down. Ken Wagner, Chester, IL

when are they leaving??

Date: Tuesday, Jun/4/2002.
We live near the woods and hear the cicadas all day and last night I kept waking up, either actually hearing them, or the sound is just buzzing in my head at night. It’s a little annoying, actually….when will they leave? DJ, Little Rock, AR


Date: Tuesday, Jun/4/2002.
I’ve never seen anything like it! It was my dog Willow that made me notice them emerging. Now we’re both fascinated by the numbers and the sound, though I have no desire to eat them, like Willow does. They’re certainly aerodynamically and navigationally challenged, so they’re fun to watch…but combine their incessant racket with a steamy hot southern Illinois day, and…enough, already! Thank you for this site! Lynn Winston, Carbondale IL USA

Millions of these things

Date: Tuesday, Jun/4/2002.
In 43 years, I’ve never seen so many of these things as I have this year. The sound is so loud, it’s almost frightening. Why are there a thousand times more cicadas around here this year than ever before? John Nemetsky, Carbondale, IL 62901

How do you kill these things?

Date: Monday, Jun/3/2002.
Please tell me HOW? Paul C., Hopewell, PA

brood xxiii

Date: Monday, Jun/3/2002.
Surfed the net this evening to find out what it is I’ve been hearing for about five days now. Brood XXIII sounds like a good title for a horror movie. The noise is deafening. We have about a dozen acres of woods. I trust they won’t do too much damage. It’s a bit creepy to look up into the treetops and realize that it’s no breeze that’s stirring them. aaron lisec, anna, illinois

It was like a horror movie!

Date: Monday, Jun/3/2002.
I live up near Erie and we haven’t spoted any yet. However this weekend we traveled down to my father’s in Beaver. As soon as we got out of the car we heard something…WEIRD. At first I thought it was a car alarm going off across the valley. I t soon became apparent that it was no alarm. I am 37 and can’t remember ever seeing them. There were thousands of them. My folks had a nice picnic planned for us but they kept flying around and falling out of the trees on us…Yuck! After I got over the initial creeps I started to examine them, they are pretty interesting. I am a teacher so was glad to find your cite so I could better explain to my students what I had experienced. Liz Barry, Beaver, PA

Where I’ve seen them

Date: Monday, Jun/3/2002.
There here in E. Liverpool, but patchy. Areas I remember them last time have none (yet?). I have seen them east in Beaver PA. and south toward Stubenville.This weekend went west and saw few toward Canton and none in the Loudenville OH area. Paul Weymouth, E. Liverpool OH

The latest

Date: Monday, Jun/3/2002.
Have reports of emergence in Austintown Township, west of Youngstown. That’s where I grew up and experienced them in 1968 (wasn’t here in 1985). Yesterday saw and heard very many in the picnic area below the dam at Jefferson Lake State Park NW of Steubenville. ray novotny, youngstown, mahoning county

17 year cicadas

Date: Monday, Jun/3/2002.
Emerged June 1, 2002. Hundreds of them. Holes 1/4 to 3/4inches in diameter. Front lawn primarily. Traveled up to 75-100 feet to our big Oaks. Very few paid any attention to our Dogwood tree. Ignored the Hollys. Pictures taken: 14, all stages about 10 am. on June 2. After returning home at 12:30 pm they had disappeared into the heights of the Oaks. Only traces were the holes, shells molted, and dead ones. We are excitingly awaiting the music of the adults in 4-6 days. O and E Montgomery, Natrona Hgts., Allegheny Co., PA

We got tons

Date: Sunday, Jun/2/2002.
Cicada were quiet in May because ofadverse weather. Arrived in fullforce May 23, O2. gil hoffman, Indian County PA, USA

where in Ohio

Date: Sunday, Jun/2/2002.
Where in Ohio are the cicadas. I have heard of Youngstown area and East Liverpool area. Any where else? Dan Kendle, Nortrh Canton,Ohio

they’re all over!

Date: Sunday, Jun/2/2002.
even tho i was only 3 the last time they were here, i remembered, and waited for them to arrive this year. well, they’re definitely here! they seem to think the brick on my porch is a tree and leave their shells behind there! then there are live ones crawling and writihing and doing all kinds of stuff right outside my front door. i think their noise sounds like something from the twilight zone! Mac, OHIO

The noise, the noise,aaahhhhhhhhhhh

Date: Sunday, Jun/2/2002.
Been workin in the yard, sound of them buggards drivin me crazy. All along the woods line are millions of em.They really don’t agree with my dog tho. He was eating them and then up-chucked a wad on our living room carpet. My wife isn’t too thrilled either when they land on her. Al , Economy Boro,Pa

me again

Date: Sunday, Jun/2/2002.
I have looked up the type of cicadas we are currently experiencing and we are not having the annuals we are having the ones that come along every 17 years. They are about 1 to 1 1/2 inches long and have black bodies and red eyes. priscilla, weirton, wv, hanco*ck county

they’re back

Date: Sunday, Jun/2/2002.
i don’t know about anyone else but we have hundreds maybe even thousands of the darned bugs and my flowers are suffering. they have been here about a week now and i don’t think they are in full force yet. They start their singing, to put it mildly, about dawn around 6:30 am and stop when the sun goes down over the hill at about 7:00 to 8:00 pm and as the day goes on they get louder and louder till you want to scream! The neighborhood cats are enjoying them they consider them a great snack food. I live in what we call a holler between two hilly ranges and the nieghborhood is mostly family. There are about 10 houses in our valley. We have decided not to put our garden in this year… if the flowers are any indication of what is to come we don’t want to loose all of our garden plants… good thing I canned enough last year to last alittle thru this year. priscilla, weirton, wv, hanco*ck county

Singing Times?

Date: Sunday, Jun/2/2002.
I’ll be visiting the Pittsburgh, PA area in the next week to see family and collect the cicadas that have recently emerged. Can anyone there give me some ideas on what time singing starts and stops during the day? Tim McNary, Ft. Collins, CO

I Saw 1

Date: Sunday, Jun/2/2002.
This morning on my way to get the mail I saw somthing unusual and when i took a closer look i knew right away what it was. There was only 1 and i found only 1 “shell” but i’ll be on the lookout for more. It’s actually very interesting what they go through to be here such a short period of time. I’m sure there will be more coming. Leanne, Indiana, PA


Date: Saturday, Jun/1/2002.

Catch one

Date: Saturday, Jun/1/2002.
Someone should catch a few for pets and keep em for 17 years. I’m gonna go do that right now, Im surprized no one mentioned doing anything like that yet. Jon again, PA

i have seen them

Date: Saturday, Jun/1/2002.
i’ve seen them. they are loud. they smell. they look wierd. i don’t like them. they are ikky. they suck large monkey balls. zach, pa


Date: Saturday, Jun/1/2002.
This is the first time for me seeing these things, of course, because Im only 13. The noise was annoying for about the first day but now I can fade it out in my head. Anyway, these things are crazy, I like it thought.I went outside a little bit ago with a hockey stick to scrape them all off our trees, we have about 5 acres. That was fun… not. I dont see how theyre scary, I made a Cicada Killa shirt, pretty cool stuff. I hope they don’t leave too soon! Jon S., Westmorland County, PA

thousands of cicadas

Date: Saturday, Jun/1/2002.
The noise of the cicadas is almost deafening. It isn’t even fun to go outdoors on this beautiful spring day. How long does this sound continue to go on? B Duncan, Carterville IL


Date: Saturday, Jun/1/2002.
Hello! They are here! Eli, Zelienople

So Many Bugs!

Date: Saturday, Jun/1/2002.
I opened my door this morning and heard the strangest sound, kind of like machinery running down the road. I asked my family if they thougth it was the cicadas and no one thought a few bugs could make that much noise. Then I went outside and found out that the few bugs we had yesterday had turned out to be a massive amount of bugs today! And I guess since the noise is still out there it is the cicada song. I think I will stay inside until they leave for the next 17 years! Connie Stenger, East Liverpool, OH

They are here.

Date: Saturday, Jun/1/2002.
Just moved to the area three weeks ago. Have a nice wooded 1.5 acre lot. Don’t think I’ll be out side for awhile. There are buckets full of cicadas everywhere. This morning the sound started. Lara from Beaver(neighboring town) Made me feel a little better. Can’t describe the sound as singing. Looking forward to July. Kate, Baden, Pa.

They are here!

Date: Saturday, Jun/1/2002.
We are swarming in the little darlings. I thought three years ago we were lucky not to have too many. That was just a preview. We have buckets now! Began appearing 5/26, swarms on 5/31, do you think we can safely plan an outdoor picnic on 6/8? Happy chirping to all! Jim, Toronto, Ohio

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Search Results for “what are cicadas purpose” – Page 3 – Cicada Mania (5)

Search Results for “what are cicadas purpose” – Page 3 – Cicada Mania (2024)


What is the purpose of the cicadas? ›

Cicadas are a valuable food source for birds and other predators. Cicadas can aerate lawns and improve water filtration into the ground. Cicadas add nutrients to the soil as they decompose.

What is the purpose of cicadas every 17 years? ›

However, they believe the cycle has evolved to help cicadas avoid predators.

What is the purpose of the cicada sound? ›

The sound is produced only by males, mostly for the reasons you might imagine. There are congregational songs, in which males synchronize their calls. The choruses establish territory and attract females. In addition, there is a courting call that is usually produced prior to copulation.

What is the job of the cicada What do cicadas provide upon death? ›

Cicadas also do the trees a service by dying and releasing a vast amount of nutrients back into the soil. When the cicadas die, it's like dumping bags of fertilizer around the roots of the trees.

What do cicadas live for? ›

In other cases, adult periodical cicadas live for just three to four weeks, according to Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Annual cicadas have lifespans of 2 to 8 years, with some emerging every year, according to the National Wildlife Federation.

What happens if a cicada bites you? ›

If the cicada tries to penetrate your skin, you may feel a mild, prickly sensation that resembles a bite. Generally, the sensation is short-lived, and it's unlikely to cause irritation like mosquito bites. Cicadas also lack stingers, so they are unable to sting humans as well.

How long will the cicadas be here in 2024? ›

2024 emergence map: Check out where Broods XIX, XIII are emerging. The two cicada broods were projected to emerge in a combined 17 states across the South and Midwest. They emerge once the soil eight inches underground reaches 64 degrees, expected to begin in many states in May and lasting through late June.

Do cicadas really sleep for 17 years? ›

Cicadas do not hatch out of the ground (they hatched from eggs in tree branches 17 years ago), and they do not “hibernate” (they are underground actively feeding). When they moult to become adults, the correct term for that process is “ecdysis.”

Do cicadas only come out every 13 years? ›

Periodical cicadas are insects that spend most of their lives underground as nymphs, feeding off the sap of tree roots. They emerge to transform into adults and mate. Some periodical cicadas emerge every 13 years and others emerge every 17 years.

Is it safe to touch a cicada? ›

Cicadas are not dangerous to people, animals, pets, or structures,” says Godfrey Nalyanya, Ph.

Why do cicadas fly at you? ›

If a cicada lands on you, it's by accident. Cicadas fly around looking for hardwood trees or woody shrubs to land on, where they hope to attract a mate and lay their eggs. In places like cities, there are often more people than trees and the cicadas might have to spend some time flying around to find the right spot.

What bug sounds like a rattlesnake? ›

Answer: I think what you may be hearing is a cicada. To learn more about cicadas, you can check out this page on

What was the purpose of cicadas? ›

One of the most important roles of cicadas is that they are very beneficial for other organisms, especially in terms of the food chain. When it comes to the food chain, most producers like a plant make food with the process of photosynthesis. Some organisms are called consumers, and they eat the plants.

Why do cicadas come every 17 years? ›

As trees go through their seasonal cycles, shedding and growing leaves, the composition of their sap changes. And when cicada nymphs feed on that sap, they likely pick up clues about the passage of time. The 17th iteration of the trees' seasonal cycle gives the nymphs their final cue: it's time to emerge.

What kills cicadas instantly? ›

Sevin Insect Killer Dust Ready to Use kills periodical cicadas in lawns or on ornamental shrubs and flowers. Apply a thin, thorough dusting to affected parts of the plant at the first sign of cicada damage. This dust starts working immediately upon contact.

What do cicadas turn into? ›

Periodical cicadas are insects that spend most of their lives underground as nymphs, feeding off the sap of tree roots. They emerge to transform into adults and mate. Some periodical cicadas emerge every 13 years and others emerge every 17 years. The males "sing" by vibrating a membrane on the sides of their bodies.

Why are cicadas considered a pest? ›

Periodical cicadas may cause physical damage to small trees or shrubs if too many feed from the plant or lay eggs in its twigs; such damage can cause “flagging,” or breaking of peripheral twigs. When these twigs die, they become brown.

Do cicadas eat mosquitoes? ›

Cicadas do not prey on other insects, are very unlikely to bite someone, do not suck blood, do not transmit any known diseases to people or animals and do not possess the type of mouthparts that enable them to consume the plants in your vegetable or flower gardens.

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